Covid Vaccines – 69,466 Deaths in England – “* Within 28 days of positive vaccination” – The Naked Emperor

Young Boy Died of Myocarditis After Pfizer Vaccine, Says CDC Before Signing Off on 3rd Shot for Kids 5-11 – “VAERS data released Friday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show 1,277,980 reports of adverse events from all age groups following COVID-19 vaccines, including 28,312 deaths and 232,694 serious injuries between Dec. 14, 2020, and May 20, 2022.” – Megan Redshaw

Japan and Covid: no Mandates or Lockdowns, but World-Class Results – “The USA for the years 2020-2021, according to the WHO, has an estimated Excess Deaths rate of 140 people per 100K — compared with Japan’s -8 per 100K. Yes, that is a negative 8.” – Data Humanist

School Closings and Violent Youth: A Potential Link – Dr. Paul Elias Alexander

Monkeypox A Scapegoat For Adverse Events? We’ve Seen This Before But You Never Heard About It (VIDEOS) with Dr. Peter McCullough and author John Leake. – “Did They Take the Vaccine?” – Zach Heilman

Gen. Flynn challenges Rand Paul to fight World Health Organization’s global vax passports – “After Rand Paul highlighted the WHO’s plan to develop a QR code-based digital ID passport, retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn replied, ‘The question is what do you, as a sitting U.S. Senator, plan on doing about it?’” – Emily Mangiaracina


“Law Enforcement” – “Law enforcement is a terrible idea. A worse idea is that we owe thanks to those who enforce laws. And that those who enforce them are “heroes.” Why is it heroic to enforce tyranny – which is the case with regard to countless – arguably, most – laws?” – Eric Peters  – THIS IS A VERY GOOD READ!!!!!!

Just Answer the Question, Ted: Why Do These Mass Shootings Only Happen in America? – “Actually, mass casualty events using rifles happen regularly in Europe, it’s just that those don’t count because they’re all done by Moslems. Well, there are a lot of things different about America – none of which Ted Cruz wants to talk about: America is the most “progressive” and “liberal” country in the world.  America has the world’s highest rate of prescription psychotropic drug use.  America has the world’s highest rate of untreated mental illness.  America has the ugliest manmade structures in the world, creating urban environments that are alienating and dehumanizing.  America is one of the most pornography-riddled countries, and also one of the least sexually active countries’  America has one of the highest divorce rates in the world.  America has one of the lowest marriage rates in the world.  America has the highest rate of children living in single-parent homes . America has the least social cohesiveness as a result of being the most diverse country in the world.  Perhaps most importantly: America has a mass intelligence apparatus with a well-documented history of running utterly amoral psychological operations against their own population” – Andrew Anglin – SOME GOOD POINTS FROM ANDREW!!!!!

Prepare yourself for another of Biden’s unseemly displays about guns – “It’s very clear that, in his own mind, Joe Biden isn’t the president of the American people. He is president only of those American people who support his agenda or who can be used to advance his agenda. Biden made that clear when, after ignoring the obviously race-related mass slaughter in Waukesha, he made a beeline for Buffalo, New York, where an evil man nurtured on leftist politics and racial obsessions went on a murder spree. Once there, Biden talked about gun-grabbing and race. Now, after not only avoiding Waukesha, but also avoiding the chaos he created at the border, Biden is finally heading for Uvalde. No matter how one slices it, this man is reprehensible.” – Andrea Widburg

Does “Gun-Free Zone” Legislation Really Work? – Mark Chesnut

Uvalde-Born Matthew McConaughey Strikes the Right Note in Visit to Hometown – “McConaughey also did something Tuesday that is rare for today’s Hollywood celebrities: He issued a moving statement that didn’t simply list Chuck Schumer’s talking points or blast Republicans for wanting children to die. Instead, his response was measured and even, and while some may not like it, is infinitely better than some of the hateful venom being spewed out by other Hollywood stars and Democrat politicians.” – Bob Hoge

Flyover Folks Don’t Care For Disrespectful Tragedy Grandstanding – “Beto O’Rourke: a desperate man hijacking a solemn and difficult event for his own political purposes.” – Sarah Cowgill

Yet Another October Surprise in May—But why Texas?! – “Biden’s Main Mission between Now and the Midterms is to Cancel the 2nd Amendment. Given the globalists’ insane strategy (after all they’ve been running this gun-grabbing game since the 1966 University of Texas tower shooting in Austin), it’s no wonder the Deep State perps always go back to the very independent Lone Star State. They know that if they can somehow galvanize a grassroots anti-gun movement in Texas, they can successfully do it any of the other states.” – State of the Nation – STATE OF THE NATION THINKS THIS IS ONE BIG PSYOP. IS IT? YOU BE THE JUDGE!!!!

They Want Us Dead, Let’s Call A Spade A Spade: Baby Killing Democrats Cry Crocodile Tears Over School Shootings While Promoting Abortion And Deadly Gun Free Zones – “They Are The Party Of Death And Destruction” – Susan Duclos

World Economic Forum Pushes Facial Recognition Technology – “The Panopticon Gets a Digital Upgrade. Canada, a country with close ties to the WEF, is actively considering the use of digital IDs. Catherine Luelo, Canada’s chief information officer, has also spoken about the need for digital identity. Canada’s plan is part of a broader plan, one that was initiated by the World Economic Forum. Resistance is futile. Digital IDs may soon be the norm. In the United States, as analysts at Reclaim The Net recently reported, the U.S. Postal Service is pushing for the introduction of digital IDs. More worryingly, the USPS has already partnered with the General Services Administration (GSA) and the FBI, two prominent “biometric data collection pilots.”” – John Mac Ghlionn

The best kind of virtue signaling is phony virtue signaling – “France edition. These are the global leaders, the WEF patrons and proteges who seek to dictate to you how you must consume energy and food and healthcare. They are the ones seeking to control information and censor speech.” – El Gato Malo – THE MACRON TWEET IS FROM 2017, BUT IT’S USED TO ILLUSTRATE THE POINT!!!!!

Yikes: The Brave New World of Genetically Modified People – Dr. Joseph Mercola

“Dirty Political Trick”: Bill Barr Says Hillary Clinton Guilty Of ‘Sedition’ – Tyler Durden

Biden Close to Approving ‘Game-Changing’ Weapon for Ukraine, Russia Responds (VIDEO) – “Zelensky has called on the West to provide even more support for Kyiv” – Gerald Celente – GERALD ON THE WAR, ECONOMY AND MORE!!!!!!

Urging Europe to War: Applying the Corporate Levers – “Well, the “Nazi makers” who stand behind this Ukraine proxy war are wielding massive profit levers against the Russians, the Chinese, India, and all nations opposed to their order. For instance, all those who wonder at Poland’s renewed lust for killing Russians, news that US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen in Warsaw is telling. I’m no economist, but I know there is no such thing as a coincidence. Yellen is in the eastern European country to push forward a new reformative tax regime that would benefit mightily rich nations like France, Germany, and even Poland, perhaps. As I said, I’m not a tax lawyer, but the “OECD Two-Pillar Solution” seems like a sort of bribery to me.” – Phil Butler

EU Proposes to Make Breaking Russia Sanctions a Crime – “The move would allow the EU to confiscate assets of companies and individuals that don’t follow EU sanctions on Russia” – Dave DeCamp

Fields Of Gold – “Eva’s Version” – Celia Farber  – GREAT RENDITION OF STING’S SONG FROM THE LATE, GREAT EVA CASSIDY!!!!

A Face Search Engine Anyone Can Use Is Alarmingly Accurate – “For $29.99 a month, a website called PimEyes offers a potentially dangerous superpower from the world of science fiction: the ability to search for a face, finding obscure photos that would otherwise have been as safe as the proverbial needle in the vast digital haystack of the internet.” – DNYUZ

Fury over plans for gene-edited GMOs to be sold unlabelled in the UK – “UK shoppers said they should be given a choice whether to buy such products The UK government’s “Precision Breeding Bill” that scraps safety controls around gene-edited GMOs was published yesterday.” – GM Watch

How To Own Land Without Breaking The Bank – “Most people believe land ownership is out of reach, so we make it that way. I know I did. Despite wanting my own little piece of the earth to hunt, plant trees on, and just enjoy any way I pleased, I never thought it would happen. When people ask me how I paid for the land I now own, most of them are shocked to hear how cheap less-desirable ground can be. This is because most of us don’t seriously consider buying recreational land, so we’re unfamiliar with the market. Of the folks who do check out the real-estate scene, most look for properties that have what they want in a dream parcel, which puts things out of reach.” – Bob Rodgers

Growing a Garden for Survival and Self-Sufficiency: Plant Selection – Mary Ward

6 Ways to Support or Train Tomatoes: Cages, Trellises & More – DeannaCat


It Is Worse Than We Thought – “The U.S. economy is slowing down more quickly than almost all of the experts had anticipated.” – Michael Snyder

Surging Meat Prices Push Summer Grillers to Order Pizza Instead – Michael Hirtzer

Memorial Day Gasoline Prices Are At An All-Time High – “Gasoline prices have reached a U.S. national average of $4.59 per gallon. U.S. gasoline prices have been setting daily records for most of May.” – Tsvetana Paraskova

THE COMING GLOBAL MARKET COLLAPSE: Why Protect Wealth In Silver (VIDEO) – “The overwhelming majority of the market and even precious metals investors still don’t understand what the world is facing…” – Steve St Angelo

Inflation Fears and Declining Buying Conditions Extend the May Drop in Consumer Sentiment – Robert Hughes

Powered by (Formerly) Huge Gains from Real Estate, Stocks, Cryptos, as “Real” Incomes Lag? “Real” Consumer Spending Rises, Spending on Services Jumps – Wolf Richter

Stores Flooded With Merchandise But Inventories Rise Again, Huge Discounts Coming – “Inventories are rising faster than sales across the board. Stores will soon be offering discounts.” – Mish


Psalm 21:10-11   Their fruit shalt thou destroy from the earth, and their seed from among the children of men.  For they intended evil against thee: they imagined a mischievous device, which they are not able to perform.