Monkeypox: Technocracy’s Next Wave Of Crimes Against Humanity – Patrick Wood

The Monkeypox Outbreak of 2003 – “I can’t believe I’m even typing the word Monkeypox. Given the pattern that we’ve been stuck in over the last two years, it is absolutely incredible to think that so far, according to the CDC, there’s just been a single case of monkeypox identified in the US. Despite this, the media coverage of these cases persists and cable news/ social media seems to be enjoying the fruits of the conditioning we’ve all been subjected to for constant Covid-19 updates for 2+ years now. Does anyone remember the 71 cases in the Midwest, almost 20 years ago? Apparently not.” – Josh Stevenson

Pandemic Monkeyshines – “It seems the WHO is planning for ten solid years of pandemics, from 2020 to 2030. How does WHO know what, why and when? Unless, of course, Gates’ minions—the WHO included—are feverishly planning and executing these pandemics. What better way to accurately predict the future than by controlling it?” – Cherie Zaslawsky

You Can’t Make This Up: WHO Recommends PCR Tests For Monkeyhoax. Moderna Starting To Work on a Vaccine – “Get ready for the Casedemic 2.0” – Lioness of Judah Ministry

The long and short of “long covid” – “PASC me no questions, i’ll tell you no lies. first, some priors to keep in mind: there is such a thing as “long everything.”” – El Gato Malo – GOOD ARTICLE. SOME BELIEVE COVID HAS NEVER BEEN PROVEN, SO HENCE, THERE WOULD BE NO LONG COVID!!!!

CV19 Virus & Vax About Control Not Health (VIDEO) with Dr. Michael Yeadon – Greg Hunter

Pills with microchips: Pfizer CEO is in love – “From a purely $$ perspective, the chip is a major advance. No pills left in bottles. People finish their meds. They go back to the doctor. He authorizes a new script or changes the drug. More pills taken, more money rolls in. But of course, the larger bonus is control.” – Jon Rappoport – FIRST LINKED ABOUT THIS ON SATURDAY. A GOO0D ONE FROM JON!!!!!!!

China doubles down on zero-soul policy – “Beijing has stressed that its zero-soul policy should be unwaveringly adhered to as robots roam Shanghai’s streets in search of souls to snatch. So these fancy unmanned swab-bots will continue to probe body cavities even after the “pandemic” is “brought under control”? Wait… Permanent Biosecurity is permanent? But what if the curve is flattened?” – Edward Slavsquat

German Vaccine Regulators Recommend mRNA Vaccination for Young Children – eugyppius

Microplastics From Masks Found Deep in Lungs of the Living – Dr. Joseph Mercola

Dr Naomi Wolf SLAMS Globalists for Tormenting Children With Masks (VIDEO) – Jamie Glazov

URGENT: The Pandemic’s Wrongest Man, an occasional series – “From the Department of Are You Fucking Kidding Me* CNN just ran a piece explaining that “scientists are urgently trying to solve” the question of whether the endless waves of Covid we now have “may be a result of the mRNA technology used to build some Covid-19 vaccines.” Not making this up: Oh? You don’t say? Now “scientists” are “urgently trying” to figure out if the “mRNA technology” is the problem and not the solution? Now? NOW?” – Alex Berenson


Gun Rights Are More Important Than False Security And Appeasing Leftists – “If there is one Holy Grail target that the political left obsesses over more that anything else, it is getting their hands on the 2nd Amendment and molding it to their will or erasing it forever. The pursuit of American gun rights is paramount to them, beyond critical race theory, beyond gender politics, even beyond the abortion debate. The problem for them is that ever since the Obama era they have consistently hit a brick wall in terms of convincing the general public to give another inch of ground when it comes to gun control. And, let’s be clear about what is really going on: The intention of political elites and the left is not “reasonable gun control.” Their purpose is indeed confiscation.” – Brandon Smith – A MUST READ FROM BRANDON. THEY WILL USE THIS LATEST TRAGEDY FOR ALL THEY CAN GET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mass Shootings: The Vicious Cycle Fueled By America’s Toxic Cult of Violence – “We are caught in a vicious cycle. With alarming regularity, the nation is being subjected to a heartbreaking spate of violence that terrorizes the populace, fractures communities, and gives the government greater justifications to crack down, lock down, and institute even more authoritarian policies for the so-called sake of national security without many objections from the citizenry. As expected in the wake of such tragedies, there has been a vocal outcry for enacting more strident gun control measures, more mental health checks, and heightened security measures. Yet surely there’s more to these shootings than just easy access to weapons and mental illness.” – John W. Whitehead & Nisha Whitehead

Don’t Surrender To Do-Somethingism On Guns – “Law-abiding Americans have no obligation to take ownership of a madman’s actions.” – David Harsanyi – THAT ONE QUOTE PRETTY MUCH SAYS IT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!

Davos reveals building blocks for “green” social credit system – “This morning, on one of the WEF’s live-streamed panels, Alibaba Holdings President J. Michael Evans claimed that the company is working on an app that could track an individual users carbon footprint. The Chinese company is the second-largest e-commerce company in the world after Amazon, with revenues in excess of 715 billion Yuan in 2021 (that’s over 110 billion USD). Essentially, in China if you want to pay for something on the internet, you probably use Alibaba. If you want to order something online from a small business, you probably use Alibaba. If you want to sell your stuff second hand, you probably use Alibaba. If you want to register a domain, go to a pharmacy, check into a hospital, send an email, use a map or GPS…you get the idea. Alibaba’s computing sector is also a market leader in AI services, being the first payment platform to start using facial recognition technology to confirm payments in 2017.” – Kit Knightly

George Soros warns of the end of civilization – “It was so important that George Soros said it twice: “Our civilization may not survive.” in a half-hour address that mostly ignored covid—and also climate change and inequality—Soros focused on the authoritarianism of Xi Jinping and the war-mongering of Vladimir Putin.” – Samanth Subramanian – SEEMS TO ME THAT THE AUTHORITARIANISM IS COMING FROM THESE 90 YEAR OLD FOSSILS LIKE SOROS AND KISSINGER AT DAVOS. EVER WONDER WHY EVIL LIVES SO LONG!!!!

Davos 2022: The Octogenarian Oligarch Cage Match – “I never thought I’d live to see the day when the “Too Old to Rule the World, But Too Young to Die Crowd” (apologies Ian Anderson) would meet at Davos and fight over what to do about Russia.” – Tom Luongo

Forget the Marxists: Here’s the Real Enemy of America – “To win any fight, we must first know our enemy. There are those who argue we are in a struggle with Marxism, though in reality, we battle the organizational and operational tenets of the Marxist tree, not the ideology itself. They seek power through chaos. It is the actual structure of Mussolini’s fascism — the partnership between governmental authority and economic syndical cooperation — that is the model for current attempts at using fascism to infiltrate and control global economic, political, and cultural institutions.” – Frederick Hink – GOOD EXPLANATION OF THE WEF AND WHAT THEY STAND FOR!!!!!

Do you know a psychopath? – Winston Smith

They Can’t Stop – “They are incapable of stopping; stopping is not in their character; standing still is defeat; slowing down is not acceptable; going backward results in an existential crisis. Even if they destroy all – including themselves – they can’t stop. They will not stop until everything you value – your family, your possessions, your way of life – is destroyed. This, of course, includes their desire to remove any reference of Christianity from public life – and, eventually, private life. They will not stop. So, eventually, there will come time for a decision, a choice, an action. ” – Bionic Mosquito – A GOOD READ FROM THE MOSQUITO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Russia Bashing in Davos – “Prohibiting views contrary to the fabricated official narrative, it’s all about exploitation, plunder and control. The WEF’s Great Reset agenda aims to transform the world community of nations into ruler-serf societies. It reflects the worst of what Orwell and Huxley imagined. This year’s gathering is at a time of Russia’s SMO in Ukraine. According to international con man, predatory investor, a figure infamous for expressing no concern about the “consequences of (his) actions,” 91-year-old George Soros defied reality by falsely calling Russia and China humanity’s greatest threats” – Stephen Lendman

It’s Time for Republicans to Be Proactive on School Shootings – “But while the left does what the left always does, which is to grotesquely blame their political opponents for tragedies, I’d suggest it’s time for Republicans to be proactive. Waiting for Democrats to demagogue the issue with emotional pleas for ineffective gun control while calling their political enemies murderers is not a strategy. What do I suggest? Well, let’s look at the history of the shooter, and perhaps we can glean some actionable steps to take legislatively. According to The New York Post, Salvador Ramos, the 18-year-old had just about every red flag in the book.” – Bonchie

“Sick Son Of A Bitch”: Beto O’Rourke Crashes School Shooting Press Conference – “Sir, you are out of line…” – Tyler Durden

Biden’s appalling response to the tragedy in Texas – “For the first two and a half minutes, Biden actually did sound like a statesman and decent person. But Biden couldn’t maintain that pose. Instantly shaking off his solemn lethargy, Biden launched into an impassioned rant that saw him demanding gun control; Yes, America has seen shootings with tragically high death counts (although none at the hands of an NRA member), but it’s fallacious to pretend America, the third largest country in the world by a wide margin, is the only one in which such tragedies happen. There’s one constant in mass shootings, in America or elsewhere: the gunmen target unarmed people. And as a reminder, there is no killer more dangerous than an armed government against its own, disarmed people.” – Andrea Widburg

FBI Reports an Over 50% Increase in Active Shooters From 2020 to 2021 – “FOLLOWING YESTERDAY’S TRAGEDY IN TEXAS, WE HAVE TO LOOK AT THE DEEPER ISSUE OF AN OVER 50% INCREASE IN ACTIVE SHOOTERS BETWEEN 2020 AND 2021.” – Joshua Swanagon

Video: Michael Moore Calls For Scrapping Second Amendment – ““We don’t need the sensible stuff. We need the hard-core” gun control.” – Steve Watson – I THINK WE NEED MICHAEL MOORE CONTROL. HE’S KIND OF LIKE A HEMORRHOID THAT FLARES UP FROM TIME TO TIME!!!!!

The accidental warmonger – “Joe Biden’s ineptitude is now a threat to world peace. Many frail, elderly folk like to be taken for a walk every now and then. With Joe Biden it’s a little different. Old Joe is forever being walked back.” – Brendan O’Neill

Will Midterms Be Biden’s Last Hurrah? – “Perhaps it is time to consider the prospects of President Joe Biden and the political future of his embattled presidency. But even before we reach recession, Americans have already been living with a Biden inflation of 8% that has lasted for months and affected all the necessities of normal life, such as groceries and gasoline. And the worst seems yet to come.” – Patrick J. Buchanan

Oh, Transition Eh? – “So our President thinks that praise is in order for high fuel prices? Is that so? Mind telling me exactly how you think the economy will survive that? I do note that we have a “tiny” little deficit problem which our government has serially made worse — on purpose. I might remind you that we’re shipping oil and other fuel resources overseas so as to blunt the impact of voluntary choices made by other nations and imposing the costs of those choices on our nation’s citizens by force.” – Karl Denninger

VP Harris Bungles Border Crisis Job – “President-in-waiting Harris flops at taming border chaos and flits about the country stumping for Dems.” – Sarah Cowgill

As Food Protectionism Spreads, India Limits Sugar Exports, Malaysia Halts Chicken Sales – Tyler Durden

30 Years With No Strategy Brought Us the War in Ukraine – Douglas Macgregor

NATO vs Russia: what happens next – “In Davos and beyond, NATO’s upbeat narrative plays like a broken record, while on the ground, Russia is stacking up wins that could sink the Atlantic order.” – Pepe Escobar

The Secret American Plan to Make Russia Great Again – “It is generally a good idea to avoid ascribing nefarious intent to actions explained by mere stupidity. But this is a case where mere stupidity cannot possibly explain the long, steady procession of foreign policy errors spanning three decades, all of them specifically aimed at strengthening Russia. It is not possible to argue that a surplus of hubris, ignorance, greed and political opportunism and a deficit of competent foreign policy analysts can produce such a result, for that would be essentially the same as arguing that some monkeys armed with drills, mills and lathes can produce a Swiss watch.” – Dmitry Orlov – AN INTERESTING THEORY FROM DMITRY WITH MANY POINTS TO BACK IT UP!!!!!!!!!

The Return of Gonzo Journalism – “Once-venerable newspapers have increasingly become mouthpieces of the prevailing orthodoxy. While there is plenty wrong with that orthodoxy, the real problem comes when news is blurred with opinion.” – Nikolai G. Wenzel

Cancer – “My history with it.” – Clif High – CLIF SHARES HIS CANCER PROTOCOL, VERY INTERESTING!!!!

Survival 101: Focus on What Will IMMEDIATELY Kill You, NOT Irrelevant Details – Daisy Luther


The Handbook for Debt-Soaked Nations: Lie, Print, Inflate & Finger-Point – “As we have warned from the very onset of this otherwise avoidable war in Ukraine, the backfiring of Western sanctions against Putin (de-dollarization, inflationary tailwinds and increasingly discredited central banks) were not only plain to foresee, but placed the West in an almost comical (yet tragic) scenario in which nations like Germany find themselves sending weapons to the Ukraine while simultaneously sending Rubles to Putin. How did the world become so hypocritical, dishonest, cornered and silly?” – Matthew Piepenburg

Powell Pivot II Is Closer Than You Think – Craig Hemke

“You Are Living In A Fantasy Land!”: Peter Schiff Eviscerates Ross Gerber In Debate Over Inflation – “Just when I thought I had seen it all after watching Alex Mashinky’s debate on cryptocurrency, Ross Gerber never fails to deliver some notable talking points.” – Quoth the Raven – INCLUDES THE FULL VIDEO!!!!!

New Home Sales Plunge 22.5% In April, 16.6% From Deep Negative Revisions – “New home sales have peaked this cycle and the bottom is nowhere in sight.” – Mish

Michael Burry Warns That The Economy Looks Like A House Of Cards… And He Is Right – Michael Every

Housing Bubble Getting Ready to Pop: Unsold Inventory of New Houses Spikes by Most Ever, to Highest since 2008, with 9 Months’ Supply, Sales Collapse at Prices below $400k – “Stocks of homebuilders swoon amid worst inflation in construction costs, shortages, and spiking mortgage rates that take buyers out of the market.” – Wolf Richter

How to Protect Yourself from Precious-Metals Market Manipulation (VIDEO) with Bill Holter – Gold Newsletter

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 10.35EUR


Luke 11:24-26   When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh through dry places, seeking rest; and finding none, he saith, I will return unto my house whence I came out.  And when he cometh, he findeth it swept and garnished. Then goeth he, and taketh to him seven other spirits more wicked than himself; and they enter in, and dwell there: and the last state of that man is worse than the first.