‘Imagine The Compliance’: Pfizer CEO Pitches Davos Elites On WiFi Microchip Pills – “Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla may have forgotten he was on camera this week, as he dazzled the audience at the World Economic Forum in Davos with fantasies of ingestible computer chips that signal authorities when a drug has been digested.” – Tyler Durden – YOU WILL TAKE ZE PILL AND WE WILL KNOW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monkeypox is the new COVID – “Let’s watch all these media and national security goons shift gears again, Isn’t it rather convenient that just after everything started winding down and it looked like COVID-19 was due to become just another endemic flu, a few people out of billions potentially immunocompromised by vaccines just happen to start contracting and sustaining human-to-human transmission of zoonotic illnesses like Monkeypox and Hemorrhagic fever hantavirus that ordinarily have poor transmissibility?” – Spartacus

Pandemic 2: Monkeypox Madness – “Monkeypox – it’s the hip new disease sweeping the globe. Allegedly appearing almost simultaneously in over a dozen different countries on four different continents. As we wrote in the early days of the Covid “pandemic”, the only thing spreading faster than the disease is fear.” – Off Guardian

Hey Hey They’re The Monkees! – “People say they monkey around. But they’re too busy terrorizing.” – The Good Citizen

Monkeypox is coming, just as they predicted (and just as “Ukraine” started getting old)! – “Although they’re really bad at “keeping everybody safe,” the global guardians of “public health” are awfully good at prophecy. How did Dr. Fauci know, back in 2017, that a new respiratory virus would hit the world while Trump was still in office? And, some two years later, how did the participants in Event 201 foresee the emergence of “a novel zoonotic coronavirus” just a few months prior to its “outbreak”? We might know the answers to those questions, if anyone in “our free press” had ever thought to ask them, instead of working overtime to keep us in the dark, and thereby keep us stupefied with fear.” – Mark Crispin Miller

WHO Warns Summer Festivals, Mass Gatherings Could Accelerate Spread of Monkeypox – “Here we go again.” – Paul Joseph Watson

Dr. Paul Alexander: Smallpox Vaccine To Prevent Monkeypox Could Cause Global Smallpox (Variola) Epidemics – “Welcome to the Diabolical “GERM Games” where Humanity is a Germ targeted for elimination. The Monkeypox PSYOP is designed to scare people into taking smallpox vaccine, conveniently approved by the FDA in 2019 :” – Lioness of Judah Ministry

Are covid boosters causing more severe adverse events than previous doses? – “A look at historical VAERS data relative to vaccine dosing” – El Gato Malo

Took The Jabs? Welcome To Hell – “Oh incidentally, this was recorded and thus known before the widespread rollout, as it was analyzed during the Moderna original blinded trial in the summer and fall of 2020.” – Karl Denninger

Here is the Root Lie That Was Crammed Down the Throat of the Covidians – “Indulging the premise of this lie as some kind of “thought bubble” experiment is folly. Yes I will keep hammering this point. You engage the lie at the root.” – Sage Hana – GOOD SHORT VIDEO COMPILATION FROM SAGE!!!!!!!

The Facts About Pfizer mRNA Vaccine Risks to Unborn Babies -Linnea Wahl, Team 5 Data Group

Sweden’s Strategy Once Again Proven Correct – Ian Miller

VAERS Data Show New Deaths, Injuries After COVID Vaccines, As CDC Signs Off on 3rd Shot for Kids 5-11 – “VAERS data released Friday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show 1,268,008 reports of adverse events from all age groups following COVID-19 vaccines, including 28,141 deaths and 230,364 serious injuries between Dec. 14, 2020, and May 13, 2022.” – Megan Redshaw


I Do Not Give a Damn What Other People Think; This an Indication of Respect? – “Now that we understand one another, it is time to clear the air on a few matters. It is not that I do not have curiosity, compassion, or even agreement with some of the thoughts and ideas of others you see, it is simply that it makes no difference what you or I think about each other’s opinions, only that we are honest with ourselves. With that said, I will outline some of my positions so that there is no misunderstanding and no doubt as to where I stand.” – Gary D. Barnett  – ANOTHER GOOD ONE FROM GARY. READ IT AND YOU WILL SEE WHY!!!

The “Digital ID Is a Human Right” Trap Is Set – Don’t Fall For It! (VJDEO) – The Conscious Resistance Network with Derrick Broze

2016 Clinton Campaign Manager Testifies Hillary Directed Campaign to Push Fraudulent Russian Bank and Trump Story to Media – Sundance

The uncloaked mask exposes … Hillary – “If you’ve ever wondered why Hillary Clinton wouldn’t go to Wisconsin, a last-straw omission that apparently cost her the 2016 election, the answer might just be in the latest filings of special counsel John Durham, who has teased a doozy out from former Clinton campaign manager, Robbie Mook.” – Monica Showalter

It Sure Looks Like Joe Biden Is Trying to Purposely Destroy the Country – Bonchie

Vladimir Putin as Robert E. Lee – ” I often make reference to Putin’s forbearance, that is, to his tolerance, patience, and self-control. I admire Putin’s forbearance which persists despite Putin never receiving any recognition or credit for it. My concern is that Putin’s forbearance does not serve him or Russia well. The reason is that the Western world no longer recognizes or values the moral code that once defined Western civilization. Today in the Western world there are only two values–money and power. It has been a long time since any American or European military leader said anything resembling what Robert E. Lee told the soldiers who comprised the Army of Northern Virginia:” – Paul Craig Roberts

So How Serious is Ukraine’s neo-Nazi Romance? – “Increasingly, it does not truly matter what the “facts” are, but the question of “whose side are you on?” If that is what “reality” has been reduced to by those forces controlling the state, then any enemy to those forces controlling that state will be a villain, regardless of their actions, regardless of their ideology; and any ally to those forces controlling that state will be a hero, regardless of their actions, regardless of their ideology. And thus, in our shaped reality of today, what makes a “Hero” or a “Villain” will be determined by the simple question “whose side are you on?”” – Cynthia Chung

Western Media Run Blatant Atrocity Propaganda For The Ukrainian Government – “The Ukrainian government is quickly learning that it can say anything, literally anything at all, about what’s happening on the ground there and get it uncritically reported as an actual news story by the mainstream western press. The latest story making the rounds is a completely unevidenced claim made by a Ukrainian government official that Russians are going around raping Ukrainian babies to death.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Has Russia Already Won? Is it “Game Over” for the Rockefeller Empire? – “Russia/Putin & the West Parts 1 and 2 by Sam Parker. Sam Parker, writing for Behind the News Network, has just published the second part of a two-part article titled “Russia/Putin & the West” which is, by far, the best analysis on the current Ukraine conflict and world events I have read so far, as he puts it into historical context, and obviously draws upon intelligence sources that completely contradict what comes out of the western corporate media. Sam Parker obviously has access to very high-level intelligence, and “Sam Parker” is probably a pen name, so any searches you conduct to learn his identity will probably fail. This will take some time to read and digest, but it is worth it, as I am not aware of any other sources where you will read this.” – Brian Shilhavy – BRIAN REPUBLISHES BOTH ARTICLES BY SAM PARKER AND INDEED, IT IS AN INTERESTING AND WELL-RESEARCHED READ!!!!!!!!!!!!

Moscow does not believe in nationalization – “The economics of super-sanctioned Russia (Part I)” – Edward Slavsquat

Nato Expansion and Turkey – “I am in Turkey because, if there is to be movement in ending the war in Ukraine, it will happen here. Turkey retains the prestige of chosen venue and perhaps broker for continuing diplomatic contact between Russia and Ukraine. Erdogan’s robust stance on Finland and Sweden is necessary to maintain Russian trust. Turkey of course has its own lengthy and extremely complex historical and current relationship with Russia, which is much more important than Turkey’s role as a key NATO member might suggest. It is also worth bearing in mind that Turkey is a far more serious military power than Finland and Sweden combined.” – Craig Murray

Sweden and Finland: Tips of the Globalist Iceberg? – Jeremiah Johnson – GOOD ARTICLE FROM JEREMIAH. HAS BEEN AWHILE SINCE I’VE READ ANYTHING BY HIM!!!!!!!!

NATO Plans to Rip Off Americans Even More as Sweden and Finland Set to Join – “On Wednesday, several NATO members announced they would immediately extend NATO-like military defense to both Finland and Sweden. The Biden administration made an identical pledge, Joe Biden’s move expands the number of counties for which Americans could be expected to die and the number of countries that American taxpayers will be expected to subsidize with their tax dollars. Also within the Biden statement was the often-repeated—and false—claim that the expansion of NATO benefits Americans overall:” – Ryan McMaken

Finland, Sweden and our new divided world – “NATO’s northward expansion is nothing to celebrate.” – Tim Black

Gun Facts 101: An Epidemic Of Murder? – “The left calls gun violence an epidemic and a public health crisis – but is that justified?” – James Fite

“Who Cares If Miami Is Underwater In 100 Years” – HSBC Global AM Head Slams “Nut Job” Climate-Alarmists – “Amsterdam has been six meters underwater for ages and that is a really nice place. We will cope with it” – Tyler Durden

Lost Horizon – “National Geographic once represented the open mind and questing heart of classical liberalism at its best. Now, it’s content with woke platitudes. Today, National Geographic reflects an obsession with race, gender, and “equity,” dedicating covers to slavery, feminism, transgender ideology, and Black Lives Matter. In 2017, the magazine ran a special issue on “The Gender Revolution,” parroting the catechism of the transgender faith, with all the logical inconsistencies that go along with it. It’s no surprise that the Western world has gone native into wokeism.”- Mark Judge

3 Sustainable Ways To Reduce Your Dependence on the Supply Chain – Sara Tipton


“The Year of Breakdown” – “The stairs up and the elevator down. Today the stock market boarded the elevator… again…” – Brian Maher

Big Banks Call for Recession and Possible Stock Market Crash – Mike Gleason


Inflation Comes to Japan, amid Plunging Yen, Inflation Subsidies. Bank of Japan Blows it Off as “Transitory,” Throws Yen under Bus – “The Japanese people are not amused.” – Wolf Richter – MUST BE TAKING LESSONS FROM THE FED!!!!!!

Stocks head for another potentially treacherous week, as a slew of retailers report earnings – Patti Domm

GOLD AS CHEAP TODAY AS IN 1971 AT $35 – “Gold is not an investment. Gold is eternal money. As such gold maintains its REAL value whereas paper money loses all its value over time. For 5000 years gold has outlived all other forms of money including paper money.” – Egon von Greyerz

What’s Up With Gold? – “Somehow, with all its faults and foibles, the dollar is perceived to be an interim safe haven asset. Somehow, with its 75 basis points in rate hikes this year, the Federal Reserve is perceived as being hawkish on inflation. Somehow the dollar, and dollar based investments, have become attractive to foreign investors. What’s going on…” – MN Gordon


Obadiah 15      For the day of the Lord is near upon all the heathen: as thou hast done, it shall be done unto thee: thy reward shall return upon thine own head.


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