Neither True, Nor Strong, Nor Free – “Canada is an open air slave pen, and I miss my family – John Carter – VERY GOOD READ FROM JOHN CARTER!!!!!

Investigation Launched After ‘Mystery’ Surge in Deaths of Newborn Babies – “Health authorities say it’s not due to COVID infections.” – Paul Joseph Watson

Bar the Back Door – CDC Addresses Gun Violence as Public Health Crisis – “I’m not sure who needs to hear this, but guns have nothing to do with infectious diseases. So, what is the Centers for Disease Control doing poking their nose into gun violence research? Although it is doing it under the guise of gun violence as a public health crisis, it feels more like a back door attempt at gun control. Remember how much control they had during COVID? Imagine that, but with the Second Amendment.” – Joshua Swanagon – THIS IS JUST ANOTHER REASON WHY I ALWAYS SAID COVID IS JUST A PART OF THE BIGGER PICTURE. IT’S REALLY A LOT MORE THAN JUST COVID. THIS SECTION OF NEWS MAY SOON BECOME “THE BIG PICTURE EDITION” THE VIRUS HAS SERVED IT’S PURPOSE AND SOON THE ELITES WILL BE MOVING ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today In War Criminal Interviews that Didn’t Age Well Dec. 22, 2020: BioNTech CEO Uğur Şahin Touts the Promise of Six Week mRNA Exp. Injection Updates as Needed for Emerging Coronavirus Variants – “In my continuing efforts to make sure that you never forget the people who built the Exploding Gas Tank Pintos…and the shitty gleaming frauds of journalism and medicine who aggressively tried to buckle you into them…I now ask you to revisit an interview with a Global Biomedical Security State War Criminal. BioNTech CEO Uğur Şahin.” – Sage Hana

Bill Gates Says Adults Over 50 Will Probably Have to Get Covid Boosters Every 6 Months… Until We Get Better Vaccines (VIDEO) – Cristina Laila

Is Putin fighting to stop the clot-shots? – “An important question” – Edward Slavsquat

COVID-19 Deep Dive IX: Addendum – “And now, the finale” – Spartacus – GREAT RECOMMENDATIONS OF SUBSTACK PAGES, BOOKS, ETC. FROM SPARTACUS


Feeding the Narrative – “There’s apparently no question that one Peyton Gendron, 18, went out hunting for black people in Buffalo, NY, carefully documenting his crime every step of the way, from penning a book-length manifesto, to running reconn on the Topps Supermarket scene-of-the-crime, to mounting a GoPro video cam on his forehead to record his wicked act, which resulted in 10 persons shot dead and three more wounded. Gendron is a gift to the “Joe Biden” regime, which needed evidence for its claim that America is infested with “white supremacists,” who, “the president” has stated repeatedly, add up to the “greatest threat” the country faces. Will the dead of Buffalo serve as this year’s George Floyd, As with most issues these days, though, the official narrative is out-of-synch with reality.” – James Howard Kunstler

Buffalo mass shooting—say what? – “White shooter, black victims. Shooter had composed racist manifesto. The FBI was on the scene in two seconds. My point here is: What about the US cities where murders are served up for breakfast every day? The black VICTIMS of the black men’s crimes are of NO concern. They’re sacrificed on the altar of “exposing racism at the heart of American life.” In 2021, Philadelphia had 521 murders; New York, 443; Los Angeles, 352; Indianapolis, 246; Chicago, 739. And these numbers were reported with at least three weeks left in the year. But as far as the FBI and the DOJ are concerned, these numbers and these very real dead people don’t count. The agencies don’t show up in those cities, they don’t do photo ops, they certainly don’t put their own officers on the streets. They don’t push aside local officials who are obstructing local police from doing their jobs. No. They’re going to Buffalo.” – Jon Rappoport

Conspiracies about conspiracy theories – ” A little trip down memory lane” – El Gato Malo

Universal Basic Income: They will make you a serf (VIDEO) – “”Let me tell you how universal basic income will lead to serfdom and take your freedom away. Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Klaus Schwab say the 4th Industrial Revolution and automation means it is the only option we have. I believe they are wrong. – Bjorn Andreas Bull-Hansen – GOOD VIDEO FROM BJORN!!!!!

A Speech for the Ages: Oliver Cromwell Describes the Corruption of the Western Elites – “On April 20,1653, Oliver Cromwell came to the English parliament and gave a brief speech to his country’s assembled leaders. In that speech he condemned their self-seeking, greed, corruption, trickery, thievery, and venality. It is striking how accurately Cromwell’s words apply to today’s Western elites. It happened in Cromwell’s time, and we see it happening in our day in breathtaking abundance. The people Cromwell spoke to could well be Biden, Fauci, Trudeau, Walensky, Gates, Zuckerberg, Bourla, Zucker, Austin, Schwab, Schumer, Pelosi and all of their lying and manipulating globalist elitist ilk:” – Vasko Kohlmayer

The American Third World: We’ll Soon Be Living in It – Fabian Ommar

Are They Really Out to Get Me? – Jeff Thomas

How the SCOTUS abortion decision may impact the medical freedom debate – “A plea to uphold personal sovereignty via a middle path compromise” – Toby Rogers

Back to War: Biden reverses Trump withdrawal, sends ground troops into greater Middle East – “First Ukraine, now Somalia. It’s official: America is back at war in the greater Middle East. In addition to the ongoing defense industry enrichment project in Ukraine, Somalia has been added to the client list. America’s military industrial cartel is back in the saddle under President Biden. President Biden has signed a non-public executive order deploying hundreds of American soldiers into the failed state of Somalia. According to The New York Times, which was given exclusive access to the Biden order, the E.O. includes “standing authority” for the Pentagon to bomb the country on demand.” – Jordan Schachtel

Pentagon-Funded Think Tank Simulates War With China On NBC – “NBC’s Meet the Press just aired an absolutely freakish segment in which the influential narrative management firm Center for a New American Security (CNAS) ran war games simulating a direct US hot war with China. CNAS is funded by the Pentagon and by military-industrial complex corporations Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, and Lockheed Martin, as well as the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office, which as Antiwar’s Dave DeCamp notes is the de facto Taiwanese embassy in the US.” – Caitlin Johnstone – THE NEOCONS ARE GETTING READY FOR THE OTHER ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now We Are Being Told To Expect Food And Diesel Shortages For The Foreseeable Future – Michael Snyder

“Silence the Voices of Hatred”: N.Y. Governor Hochul Uses the Buffalo Massacre to Renew Calls for Censorship of Social Media – Jonathan Turley

Biden Just Single-Handedly Made the Gas Crisis Worse – “Instead of opening up the supply chain, the Biden Administration continues to restrict it in numerous ways—proxy wars in Russia, trade wars, and now canceling leases that would allow us to develop our own resources.” – Hannah Cox

Kamala Harris train wreck continues, this time at ASEAN Summit – “Vice President Kamala Harris was recently at the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Summit when she suffered another verbal malfunction. It was mission: accomplished for Biden’s handlers. Kamala made doddering old Biden, who struggles even to recall the names of his colleagues, look like the bright one. She presents no threat whatsoever to Joe Biden and has made him unimpeachable. It was a cynical but astute political move.” – Rajan Laad

Justin Trudeau wants freedoms for Ukrainians that he won’t allow Canadians to enjoy – “Freedom for Ukraine apparently matters more than freedoms at home” – Rachel Marsden

WAR, H’uh… What is it Good For? Absolutely Nothing! – “Here we go again. Neo-conned into another expensive quagmire. So congress approved WWIII? I hadn’t heard. I thought the Big Guy might have been influenced by the squad of posers surrounded him…or maybe he’s carrying out orders that came wrapped in oodles of cash…or maybe.. naw.. he couldn’t be that stupid to blunder into another war? The U.S. subsidiary of Ukraine is the stage, the hilarious Z-Man and his clown-car of unabashed actors in Kiev provide the drama and we get to pay for the whole production; a hot war with Russia.” – Capt. Randall

Live-Action Role Play in Ukraine – “Malcolm Nance, Dennis Diaz and Willy Joseph Cancel: Their experiences — one fatal — offer a sobering view of Americans in the International Legion of the Territorial Defense of Ukraine. It was — literally — a made-for-television moment. A former U.S. Navy chief petty officer turned cable news pundit, dressed in a fresh out-of-the-box camouflage uniform replete with body armor and magazine pouches, wearing matching camouflage helmet and gloves, and cradling an automatic rifle, stared into the camera and announced “I am here to help this country [Ukraine] fight what is essentially a war of extermination. A day before, Nance had tweeted a black-and-white photograph of himself, similarly clad, announcing “I’m DONE talking.”” – Scott Ritter – GEE, I HAVEN’T PLAYED ARMY SINCE I WAS A KID!!!!

Sweden joins Finland in signaling imminent NATO bid, ending 200 years of non-alignment – Peter Weber

Switzerland Joining the Warmongering Crowd – “The propaganda machine has been working at full speed. Sweden and Finland have been convinced to join NATO and now we have reports from within Switzerland that they too are contemplating surrendering their neutrality and joining the end times for Europe.” – Martin Armstrong

Are These Chemicals Part of a Depopulation Agenda? “Chemicals can Impact Fertility Directly or Indirectly”. Environmental Factors – Dr. Joseph Mercola

CBDC: A Country-by-Country Guide – “Now known as Central Bank Digital Currency, or CBDC, this programmable digital money offers the banksters numerous options, including the ability to combine the cashless society with the biometric ID grid and even a social credit system. If and when CBDCs replace other payment methods, the banksters’ control over society will be unprecedented.” – James Corbett

Should You Spend a Lot of Money on Prepping Survival Gear? – “Cover your most basic needs first.” – Bernie Carr  – SOME GOOD POINTS HERE. THE MAIN THING IS DO THE RESEARCH AND GET QUALITY NOT NECESSARILY EXPENSIVE GEAR, DON’T OVER PREP WITH SOMETHING YOU MAY NOT NEED OR USE!!!!

Tomato Companion Plants – Carrots, Marigolds, Petunias, and more… – ” When ‘companion plants’ are applied throughout the garden, they can be an effective form of pest management, allowing nature to do its’ job. Companion planting can discourage harmful insects and pests in your garden without harming the beneficial ones.” – Ken Jorgustin


Back To Square One – “Actually, the April increase is the highest PPI spike in the last 47 years, which, in turn, was the only time that April’s gain has been exceeded since 1948! So the inflationary locomotive was barreling down the tracks, but the Fed heads kept their feet on the monetary accelerator to the tune of $120 billion per month of bond purchases until the engine noise became deafening – even in the inner sanctum of the Eccles Building.” – David Stockman

There Are Whispers Of A Shift To Physical Commodities Being Used As Trade Settlement – Michael Every

The Politics of Sound Money: What’s at Stake – “An occasional critic will ask that we “stick to our lane” and limit commentary to metals and the markets. They would prefer we avoided politics. When it comes to gold and silver, that is easier said than done. There is no separating the metals markets from the world affairs motivating people to buy physical bullion. Good luck to a market commentator who sets out to explain the price action over the last few weeks without acknowledging the larger, unnatural forces at work. Rampant cheating, regulatory capture, and algorithmic trading have all but divorced market prices from fundamentals such as supply and demand.” – Clint Siegner

Blame the central banks, say the politicans..!!! – “Central Banks and Politics will be the dominant theme this week/month/year. Politicians are anxious to show inflation and recession are not their fault. Blame Central Banks! The Politics of Blame has profound consequences for markets.” – Bill Blain

Don’t Listen to What the Fed Says; Look at What the Fed Is Doing (VIDEO) – “Sometimes in bear markets, investors panic to buy. They don’t panic to sell until the end of the bear market. And despite the carnage, I have not really seen any indications of panic selling. I’ve seen more indications of panic buying, which in my mind indicates that there’s still a lot of downside to go.” – Peter Schiff

That Q1 GDP Drop Was a Freak Event that’ll Get Unwound in Q2 – “There has been a lot of confusion about that 1.4% quarter-over-quarter drop in “real” GDP. So let me just go through what didn’t cause it, and then what caused it. What caused it was a freak event, and this freak event is likely to start unwinding in Q2. We’re already seeing some evidence of it.” – Wolf Richter

Crypto’s Crash: 100-to-1 Leverage Goes Poof! – “If the words “pump and dump” are floating around in your head, you can be forgiven.” – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 9.23EUR


Isaiah 2:4    And he shall judge among the nations, and shall rebuke many people: and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruninghooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more.