The WHO Pandemic Treaty. A Backdoor to Global Governance: “Stripping Away Individual Rights and Liberties” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

Major Medical Mystery: Why Some People Despite Exposure Don’t Get COVID – “A longer article worth your serious attention” – Joel S Hirschhorn

“The ‘five pandemics’ driving 1 million U.S. Covid deaths” – “STAT News has a new article titled, “The ‘five pandemics’ driving 1 million U.S. Covid deaths.” Like almost everything they publish, the article is clever, well-written, and almost entirely wrong. In this short article, I’ve stolen his title (in hopes of messing with the search engines) and I set the record straight. Any honest assessment of the last two years leads to the inexorable conclusion that every facet of the pandemic is a direct result of the intellectual and moral failures of the “expert class” itself.” – Toby Rogers

Dr. McCullough/John Leake Interview – The Courage To Face The TRUTH About COVID-19 & Those Behind It (VIDEO) – “Joining me today is Dr. Peter McCullough & author John Leake, here to discuss the truth about COVID-19 and the many different ways that it has been hidden from us all. The withholding of that information has has catastrophic consequences to health of those unlucky enough to have been manipulated into taking a COVID injection, and even many who did not.” – he Last American Vagabond

Hypervaccinating gigamasker Bill Gates tests positive for SARS-2 – “Strange how this keeps happening. Maybe it’s time for celebrities, politicians and loser philanthropists to shut up about their infection status.” – eugyppius

Bill Gates wants to create a 3,000 person social media unit to quash “vaccine misinformation” – Cindy Harper

Russia & the WHO: Relationship status update – “It’s complicated?” – Edward Slavsquat

CG enrichment in covid vaccine mRNA – “Why the vaccines may have VERY different systemic effects vs covid virus” – El Gato Malo

Australian Children Are Dying Post-Covid Injection – “During a 17-day period in March 2022: 2 boys aged 6 and 7; and, a 9-year-old girl died after being injected with Pfizer’s “vaccine” – and there are many more victims” – Rhoda Wilson

Democrats Urgently Want to Hold “Covid Origin Hearings” before November Defeat – “What are they Trying to Hide?” – Igor Chudov

US Navy boots over 900 from its ranks for refusing to get experimental COVID shots – “Discharges of Navy personnel for COVID jab refusal came despite the fact the shots haven’t been shown to stop transmission of the virus.” – Ashley Sadler

Germany’s Top Hospital: Half A Million Germans Experienced Serious Adverse Events after COVID-19 Vaccination – “Serious AE’s in 1 out of every 125 vaccinated; 40x underreporting factor for severe adverse events; government urged to take vaccine injury seriously, find solutions” – Josh Guetzkow


Spreading Fear of ‘Climate Change,’ ‘Pandemics,’ Proxy Wars, and Planned Economic Destruction: The Ammunition Needed to Construct a ‘New World Order’ – “How can any sane person look at this country and the world today and not fully understand that everything going on has been purposely planned and staged, and meant to create an environment to allow for the implementation of global rule via a ‘New World Order?’ It seems impossible, but most are still oblivious to this truth, and have willingly become slaves, even if they have not the capability to understand their own complicity in this heinous transformation of humanity. What this means, is that most have little if any idea of the scope of this plot to rule the world, and are ignoring the indisputable evidence of it that is right before their eyes.” – Gary D. Barnett  – GARY ON THE BIGGER PICTURE AS USUAL!!!!!

The Pragmatic Musings of an American Nobody Trying Not to be Evil – “Furthermore, manifestations of good and evil have always coexisted in either circumstance of war or peace. For example, fighting to defend innocents against a tyrannical aggressor is not evil, per se. But obsequiously accepting a peace accord with the same aggressor out of cowardice, apathy, sloth, greed, or even pragmatism, could be considered as evil by some. But what if the tyrannical aggressor and the populations being infringed upon were all evil in different ways and varying degrees? What then?” – Doug “Uncola” Lynn

“Genetically Edited” Food – The next stage of the Great Reset? – “The Queen’s Speech was interesting this year. For all the people outside the UK who don’t understand what the “Queens Speech” actually is, it’s a farcical state occasion in which the Queen (or, in this case, Prince Charles since her majesty is ill/secretly dead/having “mobility issues”) makes a speech about what “her government” intends to do for the next 12 months. It’s the UK equivalent of the State of the Union, only done in Halloween costumes made out of shiny stolen rocks. But the part I found most interesting is the stated plan to “encourage agricultural and scientific innovation at home” via the proposed Genetic Technology (Precision Breeding) Bill.” – Kit Knightly – MORE ON THE SPEECH BELOW !!!!

A Picture is worth a Thousand Words – “In the speech Prince Charles announced that the government’s top priority was to help ease the “cost-of-living” for families. This coming from a man who is part of the richest family in the world and whilst sitting on a gold throne. Time to return the power and wealth to the masses.” – The Naked Emperor – SEE IMAGE FOR THE DAY!!!!

Imagine the Unimaginable – “When revolutionaries undermine the system, earn the antipathy of the people, face looming disaster at the polls, it is then they prove most dangerous—as we’ll see over the next few months.” – Victor Davis Hanson

The Slaughter of Babies Should Be Unfathomable – “Only God creates rights that are unconditional and integral to our humanity. The right to live is the highest right, as life is the greatest good. There is no right to kill, just the right to defend against a conscious aggressor. When confronted with an enormous evil — 63 million American babies killed in 49 years — should one do all in one’s power to stop this or can one do so incrementally? The Alito opinion chooses the latter.” – Andrew P. Napolitano

Five Major Stories You’re Being Distracted From While Roe V. Wade Dominates Headlines – Don Via Jr.

The Baby Formula Shortage Is Serious – “This is 2022, why are American babies and toddlers at risk of starving? Where are our leaders? What is going on? I’m sorry Biden administration, “we’re working on it” just isn’t good enough.” – Laura Rosen Cohen – THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE OR THIS COUNTRY, WHEN WILL PEOPLE GET THAT?  ESPECIALLY THE PEOPLE WHO VOTED FOR THESE CLOWNS AND THAT IS, IF INDEED THEY DID. THEIR PRIORITIES ARE ALL ABOUT THE WAR WITH RUSSIA, THE UKRAINE AND THE IMMIGRANTS!!!!!

Why is biggest baby formula plant in US STILL shut down after three months? Abbott says plant is safe and was not responsible for bacteria that killed two kids – but FDA refuses to reopen it as parents across US struggle to feed their babies – Natasha Anderson – BUT THEY WILL APPROVE KILLER JABS IN AN INSTANT. ARE YOU STARTING TO GET THE BIGGER PICTURE YET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pallets and pallets of baby formula for illegals, nothing on the shelves for Americans – “The Bidenites find the nationwide baby formula shortage these days literally a laughing matter.” – Monica Showalter – NOT SURE HOW FACTUAL THIS IS AS THE PICTURE THE CONGRESSWOMAN SHARES SHOWS FRUIT POUCHES AND SOME BABY FORMULA AND NOT STACKS OF PALLETS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Head of Biden’s ‘Ministry of Truth’ Previously Compared Free Speech to “Fairy Dust” – “Hinting she doesn’t believe it should even exist.” – Paul Joseph Watson

Still No Dramatic Global Warming – “A lack of catastrophic global warming is bad news for the climate-grifting industrial complex.” – Caroline Adana

Instead of Biden, the White House is Changing its Megaphone – “With the nomination of Joe Biden for presidency, the United States has become a kingdom of buffoons, where politics has become a comedy and a farce. As many US observers have pointed out, and as US public opinion polls show, Joe Biden has become one of the worst presidents in American history. Demonstrating a complete ignorance of the current world situation and incapable of making adequate diplomatic decisions, Joe Biden’s actions have contributed to a significant deterioration of the economic situation in the United States and, consequently, of the financial position of most ordinary Americans. The current occupant of the White House has managed to crash the stock market in just 15 months, triggered food shortages in the United States and lowered overall life expectancy” – Vladimir Odintsov

Pelosi Bashes ‘Big Oil’, Pitches Plan To Make Gas Price Increases Illegal – “Brilliant! During her weekly press conference, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi unveiled the Democrats’ latest plan to slow the surge in gas prices that is top of mind for Americans. Their solution is (drum roll please): price controls! Perhaps an ‘economist’ could explain what happens to supply of something is government enforces a cap on the price of that thing… (Hint: it does not go up!) Brace for more shortages if this bill passes!” – Tyler Durden

Fake Political Parties In A Fake Democracy – “I remember feeling such solidarity with Democrats who opposed Bush’s warmongering. I sincerely did not know it was just empty political posturing for them and they’d happily sign off on any war no matter how insane as long as the president doing it had a (D) next to their name.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Good Evening Vietnam – “By now, the Russian economy was supposed to be collapsed, the army in chaotic retreat and Putin awaiting execution by the revolutionary mobs. That was what the planners promised the Biden administration, who made the same promise to NATO and the EU. Not only have none of the promises materialized, but it is also becoming clear that the war against Russia was poorly conceived and executed.” – The Z Man

The Latest Media Assault on Freedom – “Prominent journalists are calling for the media to champion a “pro-democracy” bias in how they portray politicians and government agencies. But tub-thumping for democracy — or at least for politicians who claim to be pro-democracy — is a poor substitute for exposing the proliferation of government abuses. Freedom will be the victim if journalists grasp a new pretext to portray government as a trustworthy savior. When did Washington reporters became qualified to serve as Grand Inquisitors for Democracy, casting judgment on every politician and proposal? Most reporters have the same level of intellectual curiosity as the average lottery ticket buyer. Reporters react to the word “bipartisan” like cocaine addicts desperate for another political virtue signal.” – James Bovard

‘Russia Started the War’ and Other Fallacies – Mike Whitney

US/West Getting Fleas from Lying with Nazified Ukrainian Dogs – “Playing with matches risks getting burned. Associating with undesirables risks self-inflicted harm. Dominant Nazi-infested Ukrainians aren’t the type folks you’d invite to meet family and friends. Nor what individuals of good sense would want to hang out with. Yet hegemon USA and its Western vassals treat them like normal people, their extremism ignored, their war crimes and related atrocities encouraged. For how much longer will this go on if Ukrainian dogs spreading destructive fleas keep biting the hands feeding them.” – Stephen Lendman

Blinken, Austin Past Ties to Investment Firms Completely Forgotten by Media The Biden administration isn’t a revolving door to private sector riches, the door is wide open (VIDEO) – Gerald Celente

EU, U.K. Join U.S. in Launching Online ‘Disinformation’ Policies, Prompting Concerns About ‘One-World Governance’ of Social Media – “The EU’s Digital Services Act and the U.K.’s proposed Online Safety Bill are among the latest government policies designed to hold social media companies responsible for hate speech and “disinformation” posted by users, a move experts suggested could bring us closer to global government.” – Michael Nevradakis, Ph.D.

Planning Your Garden? Read This First. – “The first thing required for proper garden planning is a food list.” – Amy Allen

Fast Growing Vegetables For Quick Veggie Garden Results – Ken Jorgustin



More than $200bn wiped off cryptocurrency market in a dayBitcoin and Ethereum have plunged amid a broader crypto selloff. – Bloomberg News

Food, Rent, and Energy Prices are Totally Outside the Fed’s Control – “Let’s discuss food prices and other factors totally outside the Fed’s control.” – Mish

Inflation Crisis: People Facing ‘Real Food Poverty for the First Time in a Generation’ – Supermarket Boss – Peter Caddle

The Big Problems And Crash Dynamics Of The Spring/Summer 2022 Housing Market Crisis, Simplified (VIDEO) – “Is it good neighbors, well maintained lawns and rising home prices forever, or is the market about to crash like it’s never crashed before?” – Charles Hugh Smith and Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

Americans Are Using Plastic to Make Ends Meet as Prices Continue to Rise – Schiff Gold

Coinbase Shares Go Thunkadunk, -88% from High, amid Crypto Chaos, Plunging Revenues, Huge Loss: New Paradigm Where Gambling Tokens Blow Up the Casinos? – “You’re just “unsecured creditors” if we file for bankruptcy. But hey, CEO tweets: “We have no risk of bankruptcy.”” – Wolf Richter

The War on Gold Ensures the Dollar’s Downfall – Matthew Cortez

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 9.09EUR


Ezekiel 28:23    For I will send into her pestilence, and blood into her streets; and the wounded shall be judged in the midst of her by the sword upon her on every side; and they shall know that I am the Lord.