“We didn’t understand” that COVID is “kind of like flu,” says Bill Gates – “Speak for yourself, white man” – Mark Crispin Miller

The FDA effectively withdraws the Janssen / Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 shot from the market – “The J&J shot is a disaster. But the Moderna and Pfizer shots are even worse. Why is the FDA pushing all in on mRNA??? More recently, Anthony Fauci has been trying to scuttle the Emergency Use Authorization application for Novavax — a Covid-19 shot that uses a traditional (inactivated virus) approach. In January he told Yahoo Finance: I’m not sure what people are waiting for when you say they’re waiting for something else. They are waiting for a shot that works and does not maim and kill people you knucklehead.” – Toby Rogers

Geert Vanden Bossche: “Unfortunately, the pandemic is anything…anything but over.” – “Geert Vanden Bossche largely predicted this incredible ongoing tragedy well in advance. This incredible mass vaxxing into the middle of a pandemic tragedy; an experimental mass intervention with experimental vaccines using the world’s population as experimental lab rats. He saw it coming like a train down the tracks. He was ignored. Not by me. I didn’t ignore him. By the WHO. By Build Back Better. By the Public Health Criminals. GVB explains that you cannot establish herd immunity unless you can dramatically diminish the level of transmission. The exp. injections don’t do this and now in fact, do the opposite. Which doesn’t stop our useless or sinister bureaucratic criminals from still relentlessly pushing them. Geert also posits that the number of current cases is tremendously underestimated due to the mildness of the current strains of the virus. People are just dealing with the infection and going on with their lives, no testing, no hospital visits. This is the goalpost shift that True Believer Covidians are hanging with for now. “Look at the reduction of disease and death!” As usual, this is a checkers approach, when the virus and Nature are playing chess.” – Sage Hana  – GOOD ARTICLE WITH SOME GOOD POINTS!!!!

Pfizer’s New 80,000-Page Data Dump Is A Nightmare – “Pfizer tested their COVID vaccine on rats and then let pregnant women take it. You probably didn’t know that Pfizer dumped 80,000 pages of documents this week. That’s because the American corporate media refused to cover it — and that’s because almost all of them took money from the Biden regime to promote the experimental vaccines and kill any critical coverage of them. Anyway, it turns out that Pfizer’s COVID vaccine was not 95% effective: the data shows it has a 12% efficacy rate. But wait: it gets worse. There were no human clinical trials to determine if the experimental COVID vaccines were safe for pregnant women. They were excluded from all the trials. None. Zero. Zilch. Nada.” – Emerald Robinson

More Than 8,000 New COVID Vaccine Injuries Reported to VAERS, CDC Data Show – Megan Redshaw

Think Kill Shots Are Safe? – “Indisputable evidence since 2020 proved otherwise. Some of the latest proof is as follows: According to the European Medicines Agency latest report last week: They’ve been over 4,190,000 injuries from flu/covid jabs and nearly 44,000 deaths. The latest CDC reported VAERS data through April 22 includes over 1,247,000 kill shot injuries and more than 27,500 deaths. The above numbers are a tiny snapshot of far greater numbers of adverse events and deaths following flu/covid jabs. The more gotten, the greater the harm to health.” – Stephen Lendman

The Vaccine Passport: Gaslighting of an Egregious Kind – ““New York City could bring back Covid mask mandates, vaccine checks if hospitals come under pressure,” reads a recent headline from CNBC. “New York City could bring back mask mandates and proof of vaccination status to go to restaurants, bars and other venues if Covid hospitalizations rise to a concerning level, according to the city’s top health official,” announces the article’s opening sentence. The city’s health official referenced above is one Ashwin Vasan, New York’s Health Commissioner. It is beyond astonishing that Mr. Vasan would contemplate bringing back vaccine passports.” – Vasko Kohlmayer

Can Vaccines be Dangerous to Pregnant Women, Babies and Human Reproduction ? – A Credible Mechanism of Action – “Vaccine Safety Myth – Occasionally vaccines can damage endothelial blood-to-tissue barriers leading to pregnancy dramas and to infertility” – Marc Girardot

Brain Fog A Stubborn Symptom of Long COVID – “The COVID pandemic lives on” – Joel S Hirschhorn

“Optimized” Russia – “They really care about us. What is the true cost of the Virus Scam? What is the total damage from more than two years of gaslighting, coercion, humiliation, and healthcare “optimization”? What are the long-term consequences of deciding that the meaning of life is to suppress the number of positive PCR tests? Incalculable. But Russia’s Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat) is doing its best:” – Edward Slavsquat 




The Government Wants Slaves – “Narrated by Andrew Tate and David Icke and Edited by The Good Citizen” – The Good Citizen  – VERY GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our World of Lies – “None of the narratives we are fed are true. The narratives serve agendas that are not disclosed to the public. It is a fiction that “Western democracies” are self-governing. How can people self-govern when they live in a world governed by false explanations serving hidden agendas?” – Paul Craig Roberts

Wealthy Americans are buying second passports as a ‘plan B’ for their families, citing the pandemic, climate change, and political turmoil – Hannah Towey – AND JUST WHERE IN THE F*CK DO THEY THINK THEY ARE GOING TO GO THAT DOESN’T HAVE THE SAME SO-CALLED PROBLEMS THAT MOST OF THEM HELPED TO CREATE!!!!!!.

REPORT: “90% of nations planning Central Bank Digital Currency “ – “As with all globalist agendas, the push for CBDCs is always part of “the current thing”. First, it was a response to Covid. Then they could help us halt climate change. Then they’re a response to the war in Ukraine. Using that method they have moved from a barely-discussed fringe idea to regular mainstream coverage and 90% of the world trying them out, all within the space of a couple of years” – Kit Knightly

Zelensky & World War III – “Zelensky has polarized the entire world. By him suddenly pretending to be a practicing Jew when his children were baptized Christian, he has ignited the threat of war again in the Middle East .Obviously, Zelensky has destabilized the world much more than people realize.” – Martin Armstrong   – VERY GOOD READ FROM MARTIN. THIS WAR HAS MANY IMPLICATIONS!!!!!!

The War For Globalism In Ukraine – “Washington’s proxy war in Ukraine is the globalist scheme to transcend the continuity of history, culture, and geography embodied in the nation-state.” – Douglas Macgregor

Psycho-Pervert Democrat Congressman: “We’re Fundamentally at War with Russia” – “Do you see how this works? They were claiming up until a few days ago that people at the Daily Stormer or the Grey Zone who were saying “this is a proxy war between the US and Russia” were conspiracy theorists. We were told that the entire conflict was about protecting the territorial sovereignty of the Ukraine. So we go on with this for a few months, this talk about the sacred nature of the Ukraine borders, then all of the sudden the US is announcing that we’re actually responsible for killing generals, shooting down transport planes, and blowing up major boats.” – Andrew Anglin

Ukraine’s Forces Are Told To Hold The Line Where Russian Artillery Is Pulverizing Them – “The Ukrainian artillery has been destroyed or lacks ammunition. The Ukrainian forces have orders to stay in their position and to hold the line. That only makes sure that Russian artillery strikes will destroy them. The order was given because the ‘west’ has pushed the Ukrainian president to not make peace with Russia. The consequence will be the assured destruction of the Ukrainian military.” – Moon of Alabama

Biden is sending Ukraine billions of dollars of weaponry it can’t use properly – “Kiev can’t maintain and repair complex US and NATO arms – if they break, they’re useless” – Scott Ritter

No, Hungary is not doing Putin’s bidding – “Stop using the war in Ukraine to bash Hungary. Hungary has said that it will not support the EU’s proposed sanctions on Russian oil and, potentially, gas. For some among the Western media, this is further proof that Hungary is too close to Russia, and that Viktor Orbán is ‘Putin’s puppet’. This is grossly unfair. Hungary’s president, prime minister and parliament have all condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as an unprovoked, barbaric attack on a sovereign country. They have also condemned the alleged war crimes committed by Russian troops. Does this sound like a nation that is too close to Russia?” – Attila Demko

Biden’s new press secretary raises serious conflict-of-interest questions – “However, there is a major concern with Jean-Pierre’s appointment, which few in the media have focused on, obviously. The media coverage celebrated Jean-Pierre’s sexual orientation, but there was scant mention of her domestic partner. Why? Because she happens to be prominent CNN reporter Suzanne Malveaux. A White House press secretary in a long-term relationship with a prominent media personality is a blatant case of conflict of interest in both appearance and substance. It is blatantly unethical of the White House to offer Jean-Pierre the job, and it was unethical of her to accept the position. But ethics and morals have no place in the world of Democrats.” – Rajan Laad – GUESS CNN’S REPORTING IS ABOUT TO GET MORE FAIR AND BALANCED!!!!!

The Hunter Biden Laptop Lawsuit: Heartlanders React – “How does CNN have any reserves in the lawsuit fund at this point?” – Sarah Cowgill

When Republicans take the House, we’ll finally get answers about Hunter and Joe Biden – Elise Stefanik – I DOUBT IT. ALL TALK FROM REP. STEFANIK. REPUBLICANS TALK THE TALK BUT DON’T WALK THE WALK!!!!

Biden DOJ sets up a new ‘Office of Environmental Justice’ — headed by another fanatic – “As if we didn’t need yet another government agency in this age of behemoth federal spending, the Biden administration has saddled the U.S. with a new one, the Office of Environmental Justice. It will be headed by one Cynthia M. Ferguson, whose title is acting director. And you can bet it’s going to be a problem.The set-up of this phony-problem agency follows from the Biden administration’s bid to set up a speech regulator at the Department of Homeland Security, in its Disinformation Governance Board, ” – Monica Showalter

Proper pronouning – “Them/they never fail to provide a perfect heuristic. I have never seen a community so thoroughly and gleefully badge themselves as irrational and toxic. Put pronouns in your self description and you pretty much suck.” – El Gato Malo

Terror from Balochistan: a menacing tool to disrupt Sino-Pakistani economics – “A Baloch suicide bombing targeting Chinese workers in Karachi comes a mere month after the US-backed ousting of PM Imran Khan. Pakistan is a critical BRI hub in Beijing’s vast Eurasian connectivity project, and it looks like CPEC is the ultimate target of this disruption.” – Pepe Escobar

Meet Jacques Attali, Another Globalist “Prophet” Who Predicted Pandemic, Genetic Therapies and World War III Beginning With Ukraine – Ruby Eden via Lioness of Judah Ministry




A Picture is worth a Thousand Words – “All the helicopter money dropped on the nation has quickly disappeared. Personal saving rates (in red) are quickly falling back to recession levels. At the same time, consumer credit (in blue) is spiking upwards, already well past previous recession levels. If the forecasts are accurate, it will be a terrible few years. However, we can all see where things are really heading.” – The Naked Emperor


Stocks Suffer Longest Losing Streak In 10 Years, Long-Bond Battered As Fed-Cred Crumbles – Tyler Durden

Collapse Is Happening Before Our Eyes – “It’s no longer a matter of a major event on the horizon; it’s occurring in real-time. Russia has just linked the ruble to gold at a rate of 5,000 rubles to one gram of gold. China is discussing with Saudi Arabia the prospect of paying for oil in yuan. Israel is likewise considering taking yuan in exchange for its high-tech exports. China and Russia are creating new payments systems to avoid U.S. sanctions. You get the point. Foreign Central Banks Aren’t Dumb.” – Jim Rickards

State of the American Debt Slaves: Borrowing More to Buy Less due to Raging Inflation – “Credit card balances up 3.0% from March 2019, but CPI inflation up 13%, LOL. Auto sales plunged, but auto loans jumped. You guessed it, ridiculous price increases.” – Wolf Richter

Settling Wreckage from the Past – “The world has changed markedly over the last 22 years. Certainly, the economy and financial markets have become twisted and warped. Without the proper perspective everything from the price of a gallon of gas to the price of a house is muddled and confused. The main culprit, no doubt, is quantitative easing (QE) and zero interest rate policy (ZIRP) employed by the Fed. The troubles financial markets and the economy are now facing are the direct result of decades of Fed market intervention. The main purpose of these interventions has been to artificially suppress interest rates. Ultra-low interest rates have the effect of robbing from the future. They pull consumption forward and mask business failures. They also reward risk takers while hurting savers.” – MN Gordon

Poor Crop Estimates Aggravate Food Shortages, India Resorts to Protectionism – Mish

80% Stock Crash, Credit Freeze, NO CASH In Banks (VIDEO) with Gregory Mannarino – Liberty and Finance GREG IS ALWAYS ALWAYS A GREAT LISTEN!!!!!!!



Ecclesiastes 11:8    But if a man live many years, and rejoice in them all; yet let him remember the days of darkness; for they shall be many. All that cometh is vanity.



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