Between Natural and Vaccine Antibodies, When is Enough Enough? – “Haven’t we reached herd immunity at this point? Does COVID have an end, as in a final chapter or act? Or will it be like a movie theme that keeps spitting out sequels, each one worse than the last one, and none even close to the first movie that started the franchise? Think of Star Wars or Fast and Furious.” – Brian C. Joondeph, M.D.

Photos, Maskless Fauci Hangs Out With Leftist Media Puppets At Crowded Dinner Party – “The servants were masked” – Steve Watson

Vaccine Shedding Finally Proven! – “Statistically Significant Vaccine Shedding from Parents to Children. Even I believed that there was no plausible mechanism for vaccine shedding. I thought that it was a baseless conspiracy theory. Stupid me. It turned out that I WAS WRONG and vaccine shedding is real and can be measured.” – Igor Chudov

Judicial Watch FOIA: Pfizer/BioNTech Study Found Lipid Nanoparticles Materials Outside Injection Site in Test Animals; MATCHES the Japanese biodistribution findings – “This supports what we have been saying all along, that the vaccine and its content leave the injection site (we were told it would not) & DANGEROUSLY enters the blood stream and goes all over the body” – Dr. Paul Alexander

On What Basis Did Pfizer Claim 95%? – Sonia Elijah

Most Americans Don’t Want Those Shots – “Pay close attention to the numbers. 257.6 million (of a total 334 million Americans) got at least one dose of vaccine. That is 77% of the country. If you remove the 0 through 4 year olds, it is 82% of those eligible by age for vaccine. It seems like the vast majority of Americans went along with the vaccine program. But not for long. A surprising 15% of the initially vaccinated (and 11% of all Americans) never went back for their second shot. That is huge.” – Meryl Nass

The Relentless Banality of Bill Gates’s Mind – “Today is the day that nobody anywhere has been waiting for: Bill Gates’s wretched new book, How to Prevent the Next Pandemic, hit the shelves. In case you were wondering whether the world’s most malevolent philanthropist had learned any lessons at all from the past two years of absurdist apocalyptic catastrophe, multidimensional failure, and wilful social and economic destruction, wonder no more: The dusty, poorly illuminated beige space that is Gates’s brain thinks our response has been fantastic, and he wants to do all of it more and harder the next time around.” – eugyppius

Rheumatologist Robert Jackson: 40% of my 3,000 vaccinated patients report a significant vaccine injury – “Also, he’s had 12 deaths following the jab. Normally in his patient base he’ll see 1 or 2 deaths a year. So if there is a question of whether all-cause mortality goes up or down after the jabs rolled out, his numbers make it crystal clear.” – Steve Kirsch

Trust your gut – “New Research shows benefits of gut bacteria in fighting COVID” – Joel S Hirschhorn





Girls Just Wanna Have Bombs – ““There would be no more wars if women were in charge!” And here we are with women in power everywhere and closer to world war three and nuclear annihilation than we’ve been since the 1962 Cuban Missile crisis, and it’s all coming down to the belligerent actions of two female Prime Ministers near Russia’s border. The female leaders are all in their Schwab-made stables, fresh from their young global leaders’ etiquette courses and the future global leaders’ finishing school where they learned how to obey western Oligarchs with curtseys and bootlicking. New Zealand, Denmark, Estonia, Sweden, the unelected head of the European Union, and the clueless little lollipop of Finland, like a traveling band of 1950s doo-wop girls.” – The Good Citizen – FANTASTIC READ. ONE OF THE CITIZEN’S BEST!!!!!!!

Reckless and ruthless? Yes. But is Putin insane? No. – “Declaring someone irrational leads to a place in which no one wants to negotiate, because, no one wants to talk to crazy people.” – Anatol Lieven

This Time, NATO Better Take Putin’s Ukraine Warnings Seriously – Ted Galen Carpenter

Putin Tells Macron In 2-Hour Call: ‘Moscow Still Open To Dialogue’ – Tyler Durden

A Weird, Stupid Dystopia – “The last few days in the United States have seen a parade of wealthy freaks fellating each other’s egos and preening for the cameras in outlandish garb while ordinary Americans suffer more and more. The weekend’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner saw a gaggle of media celebrities congregate to congratulate one another on what a great job they’ve been doing bravely telling the truth and holding the most powerful government on earth to account. Of course there are people who’ve said things that US presidents don’t like who are not in fact fine. Julian Assange continues to waste away in Belmarsh Prison as the US government continues its efforts to extradite him to he can become the first publisher ever tried under the Espionage Act.” – Caitlin Johnstone

DELEGATION OF DOOM: Pelosi Visits Zelensky With Warhawk Dems, ‘Weapons, Weapons, Weapons’ (VIDEO) – “No talk of peace, just more war” – Gerald Celente

U.S. Director, Oliver Stone, warns of possible False Flag Nuke in Ukraine – “His thoughts on potential Neocon objectives, That guilt has been set up already in advance, regardless of who launched the device. This usage would certainly impact the remaining 50% of world opinion, which isn’t in the Western camp. Russia would be the Satan, the Beelzebub.” – The Naked Emperor

The EU Army is on the horizon – “The building blocks of supra-national military already exist…they’re just waiting for a reason.” – Kit Knightly

Putting Biden’s new whopping $33B Ukraine package into context – “His proposal ‘would make Kyiv the largest yearly recipient of U.S. military aid of at least the past two decades.’ The amount is more than twice the largest yearly total ever provided to Afghanistan — where the U.S. was actively at war” – Ben Freeman and William Hartung

The Department of I Told You So – “CNN – that TeeVee show with a smaller audience than Joe Rogan’s podcast – had an interesting story (for once) the other day. It was interesting – per usual – chiefly for what was not covered. The story was about those Dastardly Rooskies – the usual – and their “plundering” of Ukie John Deere tractors, harvesters and other equipment. At any rate, the “plundered” tractors didn’t work – because John Deere disabled them. Without ever laying hands on them. “The equipment now appears to be languishing at a farm near Grozny,” the CNN piece explains. It means that if John Deere – or GM – wants to do it, John Deere (or GM or any other purveyor of connected equipment) can render its equipment – or what you thought was your vehicle – inert, whenever it wishes. ” – Eric Peters

Europe, Not America, Should Keep Ukraine Afloat – “Other NATO Members Should Pay Up After Cheap Riding on US for Decades. President Joe Biden continues to spend with wild abandon. His latest plan to ensure Uncle Sam’s coming bankruptcy is to propose $33 billion “in security, economic, and humanitarian aid” for Ukraine. Why the US?” – Doug Bandow

And the Hits Against the American Food Supply System Keep On Coming – Jeff Thompson

Conspiracy theorizing about food plant fires – “Tinfoil or tinderbox?” – El Gato Malo  – PERHAPS NOT OUT OF THE ORDINARY, BUT TAKEN IN CONTEXT WITH EVERYTHING ELSE GOING ON, WHO KNOWS!!!

Weaponizing the Current Thing: Biden’s Ministry of Truth & its origins – “Far from tackling foreign disinformation, the DHS is targeting domestic dissent. Nobody really knows, but the timeline of its creation coincides with increasingly disturbing activities launched within Homeland Security to target not Russians, but American citizens.” – Jordan Schachtel

What Comes Next After Roe Is Overturned? Chaos On The Streets Of Washington Like We Have Never Seen Before… – Michael Snyder

The Irrational, Misguided Discourse Surrounding Supreme Court Controversies Such as Roe v. Wade – “The Court, like the U.S. Constitution, was designed to be a limit on the excesses of democracy. Roe denied, not upheld, the rights of citizens to decide democratically.” – Glenn Greenwald

Decoding the leak from the US Supreme Court – “So what purpose does this leak serve? The leak returns the issue of abortion to the forefront. Democrats have successfully characterized abortion as a civil right. This is an issue that fires up the far-left Democrat base, who most likely has been abjectly disappointed with Joe Biden and Democrat lawmakers.” – Rajan Laad – EVER NOTICE HOW ALL THESE LEAKS HAPPEN DURING ELECTION CYCLES AND ARE MEANT TO SWAY VOTERS TO VOTE DEMOCRAT. THEIR POLICIES DON’T WORK SO LET’S JUST GET THE PEOPLE RILED UP ABOUT SOMETHING. ABORTION, BLM, TRUMP COLLUSION, GEORGE FLOYD AND DEFUND THE POLICE, ETC,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Snitch Nation: DC public schools command 4-year-olds to identify the ‘racists’ in their families – “Looks as though Pavlik Morozov, the famous child snitch who turned in his parents to Russia’s commissars and became a Soviet hero for it, is still serving as a role model in woke public schools of Washington, D.C.” – Monica Showalter

Does Israel Permit Freedom of Worship? – “Palestinian Christians will soon be extinct” – Philip Giraldi

‘We Are Living in Pervasive Toxic Soup of Chemical Exposure,’ Carey Gillam Tells RFK, Jr. – “Kennedy and Gillam agreed that powerful companies such as Bayer, Dow, Monsanto and others use money and influence to control regulatory agencies that are supposed to be protecting the public. Farmers “can hardly find seed anymore that isn’t coated with these chemicals, because the big chemical companies now also are the big seed companies,” Gillam said.” – Susan C. Olmstead

Statins Suck – Cholesterol is Vital. – “The idea that cholesterol is bad for you is rooted in a rather comical and simplistic (to put it lightly) conception of what cholesterol is. Of course, this is mostly nonsense. It is not surprising, then, that these ideas came from the same group of charlatans (Ancel Keys et al) who pushed the notion that saturated fats are bad for you (also, nonsense). ” – Remnant | MD

I Wish I Had My Own Home Depot For Preparedness Sake – Ken Jorgustin





Russia Is Returning To The Gold Standard And China Is Going To Be Next – “The most profound seismic shift in the global monetary bedrock is happening right before our eyes, and no one seems to notice or care. Eventually, they will have to.” – Quoth the Raven

Here’s Why China is Likely to Have Over 20,000 Tons of Gold (VIDEO) with Alasdair Macleod – “Alasdair Macleod, Head of Research with Goldmoney, about the evidence pointing to China having accumulated over 20,000 tons of gold in their reserves. Alasdair also believes that Russia’s gold reserves greatly surpass the officially declared amount. What are the implications when China and Russia have this large hoard of gold?” – Silver Bullion TV

Diesel Spikes to WTF Record $5.51, Gasoline Jumps to $4.18 – “But wait a minute… crude oil futures are far below a record.” – Wolf Richter

A, B, Sea – “So, what did you miss if you were out for May Day? How about a flash crash in Swedish stocks; US stocks tumbling again, then staging a big rally at the end of the session; US Treasury yields up, with 10s +5bp and moving above 3% for a while; swings in oil prices and gas prices; gold down sharply; and CNH falling back to 6.67 again? Not bad for a Bank Holiday. We also had Mortgage News Daily say if US fixed 30-year mortgage costs, which started 2022 at 3.29% and are now 5.55%, rise another 50bp, or home prices 5% more, or some combo of the two, then home affordability would be the worst on record. And that’s before we even get the first serious Fed hike this week, apparently opening the doors to many more to come this year alone.” – Michael Every

How High Will 30-Year Mortgage Rates Go in 2022? – “Mortgage rates tend to follow 10-year treasury yields plus a spread. Let’s look at historical trends.” – Mish

GDP Spin Is Orwellian Doublespeak (VIDEO) – “If the economy is so strong, why is it contracting? How is a -1.4% GDP a strong economy?” – Peter Schiff

Gold Market to Look Past Fed Rate Hikes – Stefan Gleason

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 9.91EUR




Psalm 126:5-6     They that sow in tears shall reap in joy.  He that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him.