Fauci Sets New Records for Obfuscation – “on Wednesday, April 27th, there was no mention of Fauci’s statement anywhere in the printed version of The Times, let alone the front page. On that same day, Fauci “clarified” to The Washington Post that we were not out of the pandemic, just “out of the full-blown explosive pandemic phase.” God forbid anyone should think we were out of danger and able to go back to living our normal lives! Now, Fauci said, we are in “a deceleration of the numbers into hopefully a more controlled phase and endemicity.” Nowhere could I find any reporters or media outlets questioning Fauci about this incomprehensible gobbledygook or providing answers to obvious questions like: What is a non-acute component of a pandemic? How is a “more controlled phase” different from “endemicity”? And, of course, nobody asked the glaring question: When can we admit that Covid is now endemic and move on?” – Debbie Lerman

Is there any EVIDENCE that old people should get the shot? – “Some people claim that if you are old with multiple comorbidities, you should get the shot. But where is the evidence? Apparently, it doesn’t exist.” – Steve Kirsch

FDA Approved Remdesivir for 28 day old babies. – “What you need to know about this drug.” – Meryl Nass

Following the Science is Impossible and Stupid – “Institutional science follows politics; it will always endorse central regime policies.” – eugyppius

NIH study finds those with shots had fewer N antibodies even after COVID infection – Daniel Horowitz

CDC finds majority of Americans have natural immunity against COVID – “Infection-induced immunity is what CDC calls natural immunity gained from COVID infection” – Joel S Hirschhorn

Italian Court Rules Mandatory Vaccination Unconstitutional, ‘Fatal Side Effects’ too Risky (VIDEO) – “So, even if they are few, one fatal effect suffices to make this inadmissible. “And even in the case we accept the risk of — albeit rare — fatal adverse effects, this criterion would have sensitive ethical implications.” For instance, who would determine the percentage of disposable citizens? It is indisputable. Otherwise it results in Nazism.” – Amy Mek

Kickbacks, Corruption & Scandal: The History of the CDC – “Can the CDC be trusted? To ask the question is to answer it and the answer is not pretty.” – Michael Bryant


The Great Retard – “TGC Exclusive: our favorite Bond villain spills his guts.” – The Good Citizen – WANT SOME INSIGHT INTO THE DEMENTED KLAUS SCHWAB, THE GOOD CITIZEN HAS IT HERE!!!!

Talking past ANTIFA – “There is an ominously longstanding tradition in American politics whereby the name of any given act of action is the precise inversion of its effect an intent. The patriot act serves only to undermine the constitution. The affordable care act jammed up health care costs. The community re-investment act triggered the bubble that devastated minority home ownership when it burst. This has spread into an endless number of organizations and ethoses. ANTIFA is no different and worse than most. They are flat out fascists. There is simply no other way to put it. It’s their whole doctrine.” – El Gat Malo

The People Behind DHS’s Orwellian “Disinformation Governance Board” – “Mayorka’s response was the reveal of the DGB. He not only revealed that the DGB was in the process of being created but said that there were a number of other “different offices engaged in this critical effort,” one of which is the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency.” – Jeff Thompson

A World Leader Tells the Truth About the Western Elites – “The truth is that the current problems faced by millions of people in the West are the result of years of action, error, short-sightedness, and ambition on the part of the ruling elites of their states. These elites are not thinking about how to improve the lives of their citizens in Western countries. They are obsessed with their own self-interest and super profits.” – Vasko Kohlmayer

Barack Obama is the current real President of the United States; Joe Biden is his Puppet – “In a great Interview with Stephen Colbert, Barack said: And I used to say, ‘You know what, if I could make an arrangement where I had a stand-in, a front man or a front woman and they had an earpiece in and I was just in my basement with my sweats looking through the stuff, and I could sort of deliver the lines, but somebody else was doing all the talking and ceremony, I would be fine with that,’” he said. ” – The Expose – WATCH THE SHORT VID OF OBAMA SAYING THIS. LOOKS LIKE HE GOT HIS WISH!!!!!!

Why Europe cannot understand Russia – “Clash of Christianities: Western Europeans see the Orthodox and eastern Christians as satraps and a bunch of smugglers, while the Orthodox regard the Crusaders as barbarian usurpers bent on world conquest.” – Pepe Escobar

Inching Toward Direct East/West Confrontation – “If words could kill, East/West confrontation would already have begun by Russophobic US/Western regimes and their MSM press agents. Along with daily war of words, Britain’s BoJo regime said it’s deploying 8,000 more heavily armed combat troops to locations near Russia’s borders. They’ll join tens of thousands of other US/NATO forces already in locations on the phony pretext of combatting “Russian aggression” – Stephen Lendman

War lies… Iraqis’ Oil Did Not Pay for Rebuilding Iraq; Russians’ Yachts Will Not Pay for the US War on Russia. – Adam Dick

Media Are Now Whitewashing Nazis They Had Previously Condemned – “What was once “a Ukrainian neo-Nazi paramilitary organization” which even the FBI said is notorious for its “association with neo-Nazi ideology” was first relabeled as merely “far right” before it became a normal “unit in the Ukrainian military”. It is not that Azov has de-radicalized over time. It has in fact grown more extreme. Azov has infiltrated other organizations, especially some units of the Ukrainian regular military, the national guard, the police and the internal secret security organization SBU.” – Moon of Alabama

The Intelligence Community & the Ukraine War (VIDEO) with Phil Giraldi – “Latest on the Ukraine Russian war with Phil Giraldi, former CIA Case Officer and Army Intelligence Officer” – Judge Napolitano

Where Did the Rest of the Internet Go? (VIDEO) – ” Have you ever heard a Potemkin Village? Your search engine might be making you think there are millions of pages of results and you can access anything with a simple query, but we did a test and we were more than a bit shocked with what little we actually found. George Orwell didn’t even get to this part… the digital baby gate. Or is it the cyber wall ala “The Truman Show”? Or the online version of the Matrix pod? You just have to see it for yourself.” – Melissa Dykes – GOOD VIDEO FROM TRUTHSTREAM MEDIA!!!!!!!!

Naomi Wolf Eloquently Deconstructs the Terms Dis, Mis, and Malinformation – “The first principle in battling against the Alinsky crew is to not to accept their terminology. Controlling language is a specific tactic of the professional political left. We used to call it labeling, but modern leftists moved beyond labels into the creation of new definitions. Modern leftists now use two different strategies depending on their target: (1) create new words, the traditional labeling; and (2) redefine existing words. In this interview Naomi Wolf is one of the few people I have seen who correctly starts her discussion by dispatching the linguistics and framing her own baseline argument.” – Sundance


What if Joe Biden forgives all student loans? – “How about forgiving housing loans next?” – Rajan Laad – I BROUGHT UP THE SAME POINT ON THURSDAY!!!!!!

Student Loan ‘Forgiveness’? – “In a word: No. It’s too expensive. Its expensive because the government subsidized it and removed risk computation in lending.  This never happens in a free market because those who lend money in such a stupid fashion lose it when it can’t be repaid. Colleges do not care if they sell effectively-worthless educations. A college would care if it had to underwrite the loans and they were dischargeable in bankruptcy. If you want to solve the problem, in other words, the price has to come down and the lender has to take the risk of default and non-payment.”- Karl Denninger

Leaked Documents Expose How USAID Disguised Millions in COVID Relief to Fund Population Control, Abortion – “Exclusive receipts of a USAID grant agreement from 2020 show that the federal government sent millions of taxpayer dollars in funding for abortion and population control propaganda disguised as overseas COVID-relief grants. The grant, funneled to the notorious eugenics group Pathfinder International, appears not to be a one-off incident. Rather, it is part of a multi-million dollar federal scheme that stealthily used pandemic “disaster relief efforts” to advance population control abroad.” – Sophie Antenora – ALL A PART OF THE AGENDA!!!!

Incoming Carbon Taxes and Worldwide Climate Lockdowns (VIDEO) – Reese Report


Dow tumbles more than 900 points and the Nasdaq drops 4% on Friday to close out a brutal month – Hannah Miao and Tanaya Macheel

WHOOSH, Go Stocks, Make Mess. Amazon Leads. Biggest Stocks Fall Apart. Crappy April. Terrible First 4 Months. ARKK now -70% – “But the mayhem started beneath the surface in Feb 2021.” – Wolf Richter

Stock Market CRATERS Breaching A Key Level. Russia Threatens To Strike US Interests. (VIDEO) – Gregory Mannarino

Repricing a Market Priced for Zero – “Buckle up, buttercup. The most challenging financial event for investors in the coming decade will be the repricing of securities to valuations that imply adequate long-term returns, following more than a decade of reckless and intentional Fed-induced yield-seeking speculation. Indeed, measured from the recent market peak, I expect S&P 500 total returns to be negative, on average, for well over a decade – an outcome I also projected at the 2000 market peak.” – John P. Hussman, Ph.D. – LET THAT SINK IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IMF-obedient Bank of Russia rejects gold-backed ruble – “Nabiullina says the idea is not even being discussed. After all, it’s against IMF rules” – Edward Slavsquat

Is The Gold, Silver And Mining Stocks Bull Run Over? (VIDEO0 – “Short answer – no – next leg higher could be spectacular:” – Dave Kranzler


Malachi 2:9    Therefore have I also made you contemptible and base before all the people, according as ye have not kept my ways, but have been partial in the law.


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