Fauci’s United Front Is Collapsing – “There were hints of extreme measures in the CDC pandemic planning manuals since 2006 but the idea was hardly orthodoxy in the profession. It’s also true that there were elite scientists who longed for the chance to try out the new theory of virus suppression. But how did Fauci and Birx, to say nothing of Jared Kushner, become converts of the idea to the point that they were able to convince Trump to betray everything he believed in? This is quite probably where the lab-leak theory comes in.” – Jeffrey A. Tucker

It’s Not the Free-Floating Spike Causing Adverse Effects! – “Vaccine Safety Myth – Data show that the spike is absent after jab2, how could it be the cause of the damage?” – Marc Girardot  – SO SAYS A HARVARD STUDY, I’LL LET YOU BE THE JUDGE ON THIS ONE!!!

Snake venom and ‘long COVID’? – “Could snake venom similarities explain ‘long COVID’? Is COVID 19 man made and was this protein added in a lab.” – The Aging Viking

INVESTIGATION “This Shouldn’t Happen”: Inside the Virus-Hunting Nonprofit at the Center of the Lab-Leak Controversy – Katherine Eban

China goes Wuhan 2.0, forcing Shanghai under hard lockdown – “True believers or another PSYOP?” – Jordan Schachtel

FIFTEEN “fully vaccinated” players unable to finish Miami Open – “Someone tell the media!Think this is a major story? Think again. That FIFTEEN “fully vaccinated” players were too sick to finish the Miami Open can’t be a big story in the World According to Bill Gates, because it so sensationally reconfirms that those “vaccines” are poison, having by now brought on the mid-game collapse of 769 athletes worldwide (or more, since that’s the number as of March 30; and those are only the collapses that made news): ” – Mark Crispin Miller

Australia: Deadly Hong Kong Covid Variant Taking Over – “Heavily Vaccinated Country Facing a Double Trouble” – Igor Chudov

New “Transmissible” COVID Variant XE Dominates News Cycles – “Apparently, the powers that be have decided to panic the masses once again over another “highly transmissible” COVID variant. This one is called “XE” and reports of this variant dominated the news over the weekend.” – Mac Slavo

Berlin Physician Estimates Cases Of Severe Side Effects At 3%…Projected One Million Affected In Germany – The Liberty Beacon


A Theory of the Case – “You have been boldly lied-to by them with absolute consistency for years now. Common knowledge, which is common sense’s twin sister, has it that the CIA “owns” The Washington Post, the FBI owns The New York Times, and the State Department owns CBS-News. All are conduits for official narratives. And since the State Department is most of all responsible for the Russian clean-up operation now underway in Ukraine, you can bet that CBS-News is in on the info-grift to protect State, its patron. What Russia had to clean-up was the long-building after-effects of now Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland’s 2014 engineered Maidan coup against the elected government of President Viktor Yanukovych. The issue of that bygone day was a tug-of-war between the US and Russia, with Ukraine as the flag in the middle of the rope. Russia has been the all-purpose hobgoblin that every US agency and many political personages turn to when they are caught doing something nefarious.” – James Howard Kunstler

Authentic War-Reporting from Ukraine (VIDEO) – “This will be background and analysis that will help a viewer to understand and evaluate the reliability and truthfulness of the following video from the independent American journalist Patrick Lancaster in Ukraine:” – Eric Zuesse  – A MUST WATCH VIDEO. THIS IS NOT THE FALSE FLAG VIDEO FROM BUCHA. THIS IS ANOTHER ONE SHOWING MORE LIES!!!!

‘Don’t Be So Naive’: Netizens Divided After Bucha Video Appears to Show ‘Dead Body’ Moving Its Hand – “Some users expressed the opinion that the credibility of the video is highly questionable due to the alleged movement of one corpse’s hand at around the 9-second mark, whereas others also moved to flag a particular scene in the second part of the video. As it happens, the reflection from the car’s side mirror also appears to capture what is believed to be a corpse near the footpath standing up after the vehicle drives past. The incident can be viewed at about the 47 second mark.” – Kirill Kurevlev  – IF YOU WATCH THE VIDEO, YOU WILL ALSO NOTICE THAT ALL THE BODIES ARE PRETTY MUCH EVENLY SPACED OUT ALONG JUST ONE STRETCH OF THE ROAD. ALL APPEAR TO BE MALE ( NO WOMEN OR CHILDREN ), LAYING IN SLEEP-LIKE POSITIONS. AND THERE IS AN ABSENCE OF BLOOD AS WELL, ALSO WHY AREN’T ANY OF THE SOLDIERS CHECKING ON ANY OF THEM TO SEE IF THEY MIGHT POSSIBLY STILL BE ALIVE!!!!!

Outrageous MSM Russia Bashing Fake News Sinks to New Low – “What happened in Bucha, Ukraine over the weekend is the latest example. Despite no evidence linking Russia to dozens of bodies found in the town, others in mass graves, US/Western regimes and their MSM co-conspirators falsely blamed its forces.” – Stephen Lendman

Sunday Talks, U.S. Secretary General Blinken Outlines Civilian Horrors Northeast of Kyiv (VIDEO) – “Comrade Secretary Blinken appears on State Dept outlet CNN to discuss the atrocities that have taken place in Bucha, Secretary General Blinken is shocked, horrified and mortified that footage would emerge from Ukraine state media reportedly showing civilians lying in the streets amid the aftermath of regional war. If you wonder why she’s asking the State Dept and not the Defense Dept., you have not been following the evolution of U.S. conflict in the past two decades. The State Dept and CIA now organize the U.S. conflicts (Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan, Venezuela et al) and tell the Pentagon where to go.” – Sundance

Russia calls Security Council meeting over Bucha – “Moscow insists the incident was staged by Kiev to accuse Russian military of atrocities” – RT

NewsReal: Bucha False-Flag – Sanctions Gas Theater – BRICS Dismantling Dollar Domination – “Another week in the war in Ukraine, another atrocity falsely attributed to Russia – this time in Bucha, from where Russian forces recently vacated in order to regroup in the Donbass. To listen to the Zelensky regime, the Russians were chased out of the Kiev region, vindictively massacring civilians along the way – a scenario completely at odds with Russian conduct and strategy in Ukraine thus far. Beyond the wall of propaganda about what Russia is trying to achieve in Ukraine, what really matters for all is the impact US-led sanctions will have on our daily bread.” – Sign of the Times

Anyone Thinking Zelenskiy Is About To Sign A Peace Deal Making Territorial Concessions Is Delusional – Michael Every

‘Rublegas:’ the world’s new resource-based reserve currency – ” Rublegas is the commodity currency du jour and it isn’t nearly as complicated as NATO pretends. If Europe wants gas, all it needs to do is send its Euros to a Russian account inside Russia.” – Pepe Escobar  – PEPE WROTE A SIMILAR ARTICLE ABOUT THIS THAT WAS LINKED ON FRIDAY OF LAST WEEK!!!!

Compromised Biden Cannot Lead America or The World – “Last week the Russian government held a press conference where it aired accusations of breath-taking corruption on the part of Joe Biden and his family. Unfortunately, this event was no fake news Russian propaganda. The incriminating evidence presented at the event came straight from the hard drive that belonged to Joe Biden’s son Hunter.” – Vasko Kohlmayer

Biden’s ‘Absolute’ Defense of Hunter Leaves Media and Justice Department in a Muddle – Jonathan Turley

Will Biden Blow Up the World? – “If you thought that the neocon-controlled US plan to isolate and destroy Russia couldn’t get any worse, you were wrong. In a speech in Poland, brain-dead Biden said that Putin could not stay in power. This was not a slip.” – Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

Putin Driving Up Oil Prices Is An “Outrageous Lie”: USF Geology Professor Dr. Marc Defant – “I read a lot of the literature on global warming and for AOC to come out and say 2 or 3 years ago that the world was going to end in 12 years – that’s just hysterical craziness.” – Quoth the Raven

Russia Threatens To Limit Vital Exports Of Agriculture Products To “Friendly” Countries Only – Katabella Roberts

The Hungarian revolt – “The re-election of Viktor Orbán is a stunning rebuke to the meddling of the EU.” – Frank Furedi

DuckDuckGo Embraces Censorship, Destroys Brand – “DuckDuckGo, a search engine that formerly ensured users their privacy and produced relatively unbiased search results, on March 9 announced it was changing its policies to clampdown on “disinformation” campaigns stemming from Russia.” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

Pete Buttigieg smirks to Americans to ‘go green’ or get used to soaring gas prices – “Joe Biden’s transportation secretary, Pete Buttigieg, has a smarmy, smiling message for all of us pudknocker Americans who don’t quite buy into the ‘going green’ agenda of the Bidenites: And as par for the course, he doesn’t know jack about basic energy economics.” – Monica Showalter

Sacramento Bee asks big question in wake of mass shooting – “But what else can California’s lawmakers do to restrict guns that they haven’t already done — and have their laws survive the inevitable challenge by Second Amendment advocates? That kind of hits one of the big points in all this, doesn’t it?” – Tom Knighton

The Inevitable Arrives – “If one accepts the premise that electric cars must be mandated because non-electric cars are causing the “climate” to “change” alarmingly, then one has already accepted that nothing except electric cars is permissible, whether new or old. There will not be any grandfathering of pre-2030 cars that aren’t electric. There will be a growing chorus of noise calling for their banning years before then. It will not be long after then that this comes to pass. For it must. It is an inevitability.” – Eric Peters – YOU ARE GOING TO BE DRIVING AN ELECTRIC CAR WHETHER YOU WANT TO OR NOT AND WHETHER YOU CAN AFFORD OT OR NOT!!!!

“Fertilizer Is Out Of Control” – US Farmers Ditch Corn For Soy To Save On Costs – Tyler Durden

Biden pays farms to STOP – EU out of Feed – Meat taxes & Chicken permits – Up to you to GROW FOOD! (VIDEO) – “Even as Biden and Trudeau announce food shortages, farmers are being paid to STOP farming. Chickens are now “illegal animals” in more municipalities, requiring a permit, “due to bird flu.” The EU is culling livestock as they run out of animal feed, and the Netherlands is seriously considering a meat tax. — And yet, there is a resurgence of regenerative agriculture and community victory gardens, as people realize it is UP TO US to feed our families going forward!” – Ice Age Farmer

How to Navigate Hyperinflation and Survive – “The moment stuff disappears, social unrest starts bursting at the seams.” – Fabian Ommar

Youth’s Lessons: The Slingshot – Part 6 – J.M.  – THE FINAL PART OF THE SERIES!!!!!


De-Globalization: New Supply Chains Are Inefficient and Will Drive Up Inflation – Mish

German Retailers To Increase Food Prices By 20-50% On Monday – Tyler Durden

JPMorgan’s Dimon warns of possible $1 billion Russia loss – Elizabeth Dilts Marshall and Matt Scuffham – DON’T WORRY JAMIE. I’M SURE THE FED WILL BAIL YOU OUT!!!

My “Wealth Disparity Monitor” of the Fed’s Money-Printer Era: Holy Moly. April Update of the Greatest Economic Injustice in Recent History – “The wealthy got immensely wealthier. Everyone else paid for it via rampant inflation.” – Wolf Richter

Russia Makes Case For GOLD…But Nobody Noticed (VIDEO) – GoldSilver (w/ Mike Maloney)

In a Six-Day Span in March 2020, the Dow Crashed 5,676 Points; the Fed Responded with Almost $1 Trillion in Repo Loans to 24 Trading Houses – Pam Martens and Russ Martens 

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 11.86EUR


Psalm 144:11      Rid me, and deliver me from the hand of strange children, whose mouth speaketh vanity, and their right hand is a right hand of falsehood: