Kitten corner: typos -“Hey you guys, we’re on vacation so i was hoping that maybe you could do me a favor and please tell miss lady that she misspelled “being psychosomatic.” jeez, she sure is going to be embarrassed…” – Gatito Bueno  – ALL I CAN SAY ON THIS ONE IS READ THE COMMENTS!!!!!

Coronavirus Fact-check #15: “We know all the risks of Covid vaccines” – “TV Dr Sarah Kayat claimed that “we have all the data” on Covid vaccines for children, but is that true?” – Off Guardian

Please Don’t Call This ‘Science’: How FDA, CDC Justified Approval of Moderna’s Spikevax – Josh Mitteldorf, PhD

NY Times Latest to Mislead Public on New Ivermectin Study – “The New York Times on Wednesday sent an email to subscribers titled: “Breaking News: Ivermectin failed as a Covid treatment . . .” The Times was referring to a study in the New England Journal of Medicine, covered March 18 by The Wall Street Journal. In both cases, the newspapers failed to provide an accurate critical analysis of the study.” – Madhava Setty, M.D.

Was COVID vaccine fetal tissue obtained by the murder of an infant? – Jon Rappoport

Pandemic of the Vaccinated – “Raw numbers from the UK. As many have pointed out, the UK Health Security Agency will stop publishing many of their Covid figures. So whilst they are still available, I take a look at the latest vaccine surveillance report, published yesterday.” – The Naked Emperor

Fauci Flashback: “The Most Potent Vaccination Is Getting Infected Yourself” – Tyler Durden

Covid-19 hospitalizations hit a pandemic low in the US, but strain on hospitals persists – Deidre McPhillips





“Jettison the Animals!” – “March of 2022 sure was a humdinger. And, of course, April always begins with a joke, before the serious fun starts.  The “president” famously loves and admires his son — “the smartest man I know,” he’s said — but every once in a while, in those infrequent lucid moments between breakfast and the morning “lid” on his imperial duties, “Joe Biden” must smack himself in his Blarney Stone of a head wondering how the hell did that meshugganah kid of mine manage to lose that goddam treasure-map of a laptop! And just as quickly, the fugitive thought floats away like a soap bubble…. It’s easy to play dumb when you’re already senile. The fabled Hard-drive-from Hell apparently contains evidence of felonious misdeeds other than tax evasion ranging from treason, bribery, and wire fraud, to child sex-trafficking and the use of Air Force Two in the commission of crimes. That leaves AG Mr. Garland on a hot spot of dreadful discomfiture.” – James Howard Kunstler – MR. KUNSTLER IS ON TOP OF HIS GAME WITH THIS ONE!!!!

Insult Diplomacy: Does Biden’s Vilification of Putin Help? – “Since calling Putin a killer, Biden has progressed to calling him “a war criminal,” “a murderous dictator,” “a pure thug” and “a butcher.” It is difficult to recall an American president using such a string of epithets about the leader of a nation with which we were not at war.” – Patrick J. Buchanan

Vladimir Zhirinovsky and the Art of Political Predictions – “Most people know the colorful leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR) as something of a court jester who for year has got away with saying the things nobody else would dare. At the same time, however, he has a lesser known track record for predicting events, and his latest one should give the United States tremendous pause. Although many pages could be written about the LDPR leader’s notorious tirades that have become legendary (suffice it to say that his unfiltered opinions managed to get him declared persona non grata even in Kazakhstan, his homeland, after proposing alterations to the Russia-Kazakh border), the purpose here is to consider his predictions, some of which are startling in their accuracy. “Wherever there is a revolution, that means the leaders are idiots who don’t understand anything,” he remarked with his trademark blunt-force candor. “Ukraine too will have a revolution.”” – Robert Bridge


Jen Psaki Reportedly In Talks To Leave White House For Lucrative Gig At MSNBC – Tyler Durden – OH, BACK TO BACK BULLSHIT WITH RACHEL, THAT’S EVEN BETTER YET!!!!!

The Weakest Presidential Line Of Succession Ever – “New York University constitutional scholar Richard Epstein warns, “in the long run a nation that places a succession of fools and knaves in high places will not be able to survive unscathed regardless of its constitutional structure.” Under the Biden administration, that nation, with its presidential succession of fools and dotards, may not survive at all, even in the short run.” – I & I Editorial Board

Oops! Another ‘walls closing in’ narrative about Trump hiding phone records with a 7-hour ‘gap’ falls apart – “Bob Woodward got all pious and intoning: Worse than Watergate, they hollered. Except that … oops, they actually found all of the tapes. There was no gap. CNN tried to put a pretty face on it.” – Monica Showalter – HOW ABOUT THE GAP OF ALMOST 3 YEARS THAT THE FBI HAS BEEN HIDING HUNTER’S LAPTOP. KIND OF MAKES THE SO-CALLED 7 HOURS LOOK LIKE A NANO SECOND!!!!!!!

Rand Paul: Promoting negotiations over war doesn’t make you a Putin sympathizer – Kelley Beaucar Vlahos

Ukraine strike on Russian territory reported as talks resume – Nebi Qena and Yuras Karmanau

Meet the New, Resource-Based Global Reserve Currency – “A new reality is being formed: the unipolar world is irrevocably becoming a thing of the past, a multipolar one is taking shape It was something to behold. Dmitri Medvedev, former Russian President, unrepentant Atlanticist, current deputy chairman of the Russian Security Council, decided to go totally unplugged in an outburst matching the combat star turn of Mr. Khinzal that delivered palpable shock and awe all across NATOstan. Medvedev said “hellish” Western sanctions not only have failed to cripple Russia, but are instead “returning to the West like a boomerang.” Confidence in reserve currencies is “fading like the morning mist”, and ditching the US dollar and the euro is not unrealistic anymore: “The era of regional currencies is coming.”” – Pepe Escobar

If Ukraine Joins the EU, It Will Be the Poorest Member by Far – Ryan McMaken

When Our Mideast Friends Prove Unfaithful – “It’s time for the United States to look out for itself. It took a tragic war in Europe to demonstrate that America’s Mideast friends are not really friends. Ever ready to squeeze the U.S. for all the benefits it can provide, they won’t sacrifice for it in return. Even a little. Uncle Sam is like the lovelorn teen nerd who falls for a popular cheerleader. She happily accepts his gifts, treating them as her due. But for him, nada. Yet he won’t give up, convinced that she really likes him. And on it goes, until reality finally cools his ardor.” – Doug Bandow  – ISN’T IT THE EXPRESSION: “ALL IS FAIR IN LOVE AND WAR”?  WE WOULD DO THE SAME TO THEM IF THE TABLES WERE TURNED!!!!

What Would Have Happened if Russia Joined NATO in 2000? – Gerald Celente

Everything is a Lie, Ruble Rumbles, Inflation Rising (VIDEO) – Greg Hunter

This Is No Path to Happiness – “Recently I read a puerile and degrading article in Forbes, The article describes much of what the WEF has been touting for the past two years, what they call the Great Reset. Some of the scenarios described have already been implemented, or are in the process of being implemented, since Dr. Fauci’s “deadly pandemic” flattened the earth in two weeks. The Forbes article, like everything the WEF spews, literally smacks of someone talking down to a child–which is exactly what it is intended to do–appeal to a stupefied population socially engineered to be infantile in its thinking and reasoning abilities. The vaccine mandates were conditioning the herd for this innocent-sounding euphemism of totalitarian control. And you can bet your inhuman ass that everything you do, think and dream will be tracked and will absolutely be used against you. They promise.” – David J. Smith  – GOOD ARTICLE!!!!!!!!

World Government Summit Introduces the New Financial World Order – The Intent of the Digital ID That Follows the Vaccination Passport – “The World Government Summit 2022 took place on March 29 and 30 in Dubai, hosting more than 4,000 individuals from 190 countries including senior government officials, heads of international organizations, and global “experts.” A digital currency and digital identity is not a conspiracy theory, these “global leaders” are explaining it to us out loud. However, I am concerned that most will not hear it, or understand it, until it is too late.” – Sundance

German Chemical Giant Warns Of “Total Collapse” If Russian Gas Supply Cut – Tyler Durden

Apartment Prepping and Preparedness Recommendations – “There certainly are some significant challenges that go along with apartment prepping. According to latest US statistics from National Multifamily Housing Council, 44.1 million households are renters. And 37% of renters live in apartments. That’s 16.3 million households who live in apartments. If you fit into that statistic and if you are a prepper, you’re presented with certain unique challenges for your preparedness.” – Ken Jorgustin

Apartment And Condo Gardening Help You To Bloom Where You’re Planted – Amy Allen





After Huge Spike in Prior Month, “Real” Spending by Americans Dips to Second Highest Ever. But Income Walloped by Inflation – “Inflation is a massive problem and is eating up the substantial growth in income. But for now, consumers are still making heroic efforts to out-spend inflation, with many of them spending money they’d extracted from their homes through cash-out refis, brokerage accounts, and from other assets they could leverage, and from running up their credit card balances.” – Wolf Richter

It’s All the Aliens’ Fault – “As for our central banks’ defaulting on their lines of credit with the Martian Central Bank–that’s another alien intervention we’ll live to regret.” – Charles Hugh Smith

Countdown to U.S. Government Default – “Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) are coming. And they’re coming much faster than most people care to think about. Are you ready? At the moment, roughly 90 central banks – including the European Central Banks and the Federal Reserve – are either experimenting with, or are in varying stages of CBDC implementation. Moreover, these CBDC friendly central banks include all G20 economies. And together, represent more than 90 percent of global GDP.” – MN Gordon

Edging towards a gold standard – “Commentators are trying to make sense of Russian moves. However, there is a back story which differs from much of the speculation, which this article addresses. The Russians have not put the rouble on some sort of gold standard. Instead, they have repeated the Nixon/Kissinger strategy which created the petrodollar in 1973 by getting the Saudis to agree to accept only dollars for oil.” – Alasdair Macleod

The Halo Effect – “It’s not fair. It seems everything claims to be <something something> gold. Oil is black gold. Melted cheese is liquid gold. There’s even red gold, a tomato company. It’s just not fair! It seems like a one-way street. They get to use (without paying!) the good name of gold, but gold gets nothing from them. How would you even say it? Gold is metallic petroleum? Or precious pasta sauce? One Gold to Rule Them All Speaking of precious, gold will forever be tarnished by that evil old creature in Lord of the Rings, who lusted for it in a most unseemly way.” – Keith Weiner

The Crypto Capitalist Thesis One Year Later – Mark E. Jeftovic

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 11.71EUR




Psalm 107:17    Fools because of their transgression, and because of their iniquities, are afflicted.





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