Masking the problem – “Once the needle goes in, it never comes out, But these people are addicts now. This does not go away. One slip, and they’ll be using again. One opportunity to “mask up because it’s the law” and they’ll be hooked again. For them, mask mandates are like compulsory parlay bets for gambler’s anonymous members.” – El Gato Malo  – GOOD ANALOGY FROM THE BAD CAT!!!!!

CDC Quietly Revises Covid Deaths In Kids Lower By 24%, Blames “Algorithm” For “Accidentally Counting” Unrelated Deaths – “While you were distracted by Ukraine and Russia, a major Covid “scientific data” revision was taking place. But hey, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain…” – Quoth the Raven

The Problem with Gene-Based Injections. Academia Catches Up – “The Autoimmune Reaction Hypothesis gets published in the medical literature.” – Remnant MD

41,834 DEAD 3.9 Million Injured Following COVID Vaccines in European Database as U.S. Military Deaths Soar 1100% – Brian Shilhavy

Supporting the Current Thing: COVID Mania adherents embrace the Ukraine narrative – “New poll finds that the more mRNA injections you take, the more likely you are to unquestionably endorse the government’s Ukraine narrative. To me, this speaks to an incredible divide in western society today. We are not so much split between party lines as we are between compliant and non compliant citizens.” – Jordan Schachtel  – MARK CRISPIN MILLER HAD AN ARTICLE ABOUT THIS AS WELL THAT WAS LINKED YESTERDAY. ARE WE DIVIDED BETWEEN COMPLIANT AND NON-COMPLIANT, OR IS THERE SOMETHING IN THE VACCINE THAT MAKES US EASIER TO CONTROL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Zealand’s discrimination against unvaccinated is rampant – Keean Bexte

They’re dying suddenly in Russia, too – “Is Sputnik V also a silent killer, causing Russians to “die suddenly,” as the Pfizer and Moderna jabs are doing to people all around the world?” – Mark Crispin Miller

Millions get AIDS from Vax by Fall (VIDEO) with Dr. Elizabeth Eads – “Yes, we are seeing vaccine related acquired immunodeficiency in the hospital now from the triple vaxed. . . . It is a vax injury, and we are not really certain how to treat this. We are kind of throwing the kitchen sink at it. . . . .We are trying to use everything we can think of to boost up the CD4 and CD8 counts and reverse this collapse or calamity of this immune collapse. It’s very stunning.” – Greg Hunter

Record Surge of COVID-19 Cases and Deaths in Heavily Vaxxed South Korea—What’s Going on? – TrialSite Staff

Vulnerable Democrats eye GOP transit mask repeal – “The chair of the House Democrats’ campaign arm and some of the vulnerable members he’s charged with re-electing are voicing support for a Republican-led mask mandate repeal bill. This would set up a potential showdown with the White House, which recently issued a one-month extension on the federal mask mandate for public transit and airplanes.” – Andrew Solender  – THEY ALL WANT TO FLIP-FLOP NOW, IF IT MEANS THEY MIGHT LOSE THEIR POWER. IT WAS NEVER ABOUT THE SCIENCE!!!!!


The Internet Is Next The war on truth in the race toward tyranny across the west. – “What’s happening in Canada will not stay in Canada. What’s happening in Russia will not stay in Russia. What’s happening in Czechia, The UK, Slovakia, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, New York Kindergartens will not stay there. Tyranny may have arrived with a bioweapon wrapped in a pandemic PR campaign and the pretense of a deadly threat, but it’s quickly mutating in virulence with a manufactured war designed to massage our lizard brains and pull our heart strings. In order for tyranny to gain a permanent foothold across the west with future Silent War fronts against humanity, it will require total control over information so that events can be framed through manufactured narratives.” – The Good Citizen  – ANOTHER GOOD READ FROM THE GOOD CITIZEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trans Women Are Men And Pretending Otherwise Is Cultural Insanity – “Let’s get a few points out of the way before anything else is said: There is ZERO scientific evidence to support the notion of gender self identification. There is ZERO scientific evidence to support the claim that gender is merely a social construct. There is more evidence that biology determines gender behaviors and manhood and womanhood are inborn psychological constructs. The vast majority of people develop gender associations directly in line with their biology. Men act like men, women act like women, and these behaviors have been established as biological fact from the beginning of recorded history. Men and women are biologically different in many respects, even down to how our brains function. Biological sex and gender related behavior are based mostly in nature, not mostly in environment.” – Brandon Smith  -BRANDON SAYS IT LIKE IT IS AS USUAL!!!!!

Bonfire of the Governments, Part Two – “For all its ramifications Ukraine is also easier to understand than Covid’s scientific complexities and unknowns. The Covid commissars hid behind them and peddled fear: You could die! That gave everyone a personal stake in Covid that’s lacking with Ukraine, which most Americans can’t find on a map. The Russians’ methodical military strategy drains the drama from the Ukraine story. An invasion with indiscriminate attacks on cities and civilians would have been over in a week or two and would have been far more spectacular. The Russian strategy has been the boa constrictor’s slow strangulation, not the viper’s venomous quick kill. The Russians want to break Ukraine and achieve their objectives, but they don’t want to own it.” – Robert Gore  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM ROBERT, PART ONE PREVIOUSLY LINKED!!!!!

Why the West Hates Putin – “Putin is a liberal in the old fashioned sense that no longer exists in the West. He believes in sustaining a network of laws and agreements that resolve disputes diplomatically instead of with violence. He believes that government should serve the people and not the economic interests of the elite. He believes that religion is an important element of social unity and sustains moral behavior on which society depends. He is constrained in implementing his beliefs by Washington and Russian leadership elements that are pro-Western. This leaves Putin frustrated and angry. Putin’s views contrast sharply with what passes for liberalism in the West today.” – Paul Craig Roberts

Biden’s national security adviser says more Russia sanctions will be announced this week and says president will confer with NATO allies before using nuclear weapons – “Jake Sullivan said President Biden will unveil fresh sanctions on Russia Thursday” – Rob Crilly –  SCREW THE NATO ALLIES. DON’T YOU THINK THAT CONGRESS SHOULD MAYBE DECLARE A WAR FIRST OR YOU SHOULD ASK THE AMERICAN PEOPLE IF THEY WANT TO USE NUCLEAR WEAPONS. GOD HELP US, THIS IDIOT IS GOING TO KILL US ALL!!!!!!

Biden Doing Everything Possible to Drive Up the Price of Oil, Some of It’s Illegal – “Despite claims of wanting to hold down the price of oil, President Biden’s actions speak louder than his lies.” – Mish

Putin Orders Ruble Payments for Energy, Says West’s Freeze on Russian Reserves Undermined Currencies – Ilya Tsukanov

The Lie of American Innocence – “Our hypocrisy on war crimes makes a rules-based world, one that abides by international law, impossible.” – Chris Hedges

Was the Azov Battalion Behind the Mariupol Theater Bombing? Or was it Russia? – “”Indeed: WHY would only civilians have been there? Why would no Ukrainian government forces (which control the city) have been there? What military purpose would have been served by doing this except to fool yet more people in The West to send to the Ukrainian government yet MORE weapons so they can kill the invading Russian troops? That city is controlled by Ukraine’s Azov Battalion. – Eric Zuesse

Ukraine Descend Further Into A Totalitarian Dictatorship – “Ukraine is taking the “conflict” with Russia as an excuse to further enslave those living within its borders. Zelensky continues to plead for “freedom” and “democracy” (even though the two are far from the same things) for the slaves to see, but yet, his first tendency has been to become an authoritarian master hellbent on controlling others.” – Mac Slavo

US helps build Russian war machine – Jon Rappoport

Tell Me How This Ends in Ukraine – “That leaves only to consider The Horrible Case, where someone in NATO tries for a no-fly zone, or sets up a refugee protected zone, as was done in the former Yugoslavia. Ukrainian propaganda is aimed at making this happen; Zelensky knows partisans with rifles are only going to get him so far. He needs direct Western military intervention to survive. And a non-partisan 74 percent of Americans say NATO should impose a no-fly zone in Ukraine. Consider the tinder in place. ” – Peter Van Buren

Is Ukraine’s Partition Zelenskyy’s Fate? – “Russian President Vladimir Putin appears less pressured to meet and talk. What does this tell us? Zelenskyy does not believe further fighting will benefit Ukraine as much as it will cost his country. And he wants the war over.” – Patrick J. Buchanan

Testing the waters: Could Turkey’s Russian relations sink over Ukraine? – “Neither friend nor foe, Turkey and Russia have backed opposing sides in several regional conflicts, yet managed to avoid direct confrontation. Now the Ukraine crisis poses a serious challenge.” – Yeghia Tashjian

Shut down by Twitter, Babylon Bee stands up to tyranny of Big Tech – “A few days ago, the Twitter locked the account of humor website The Babylon Bee for a post declaring transgender U.S. assistant secretary of health Dr. “Rachel” Levine its “Man of the Year.” This was a parody in response to USA Today naming Levine among its 2022 “Women of the Year.” Twitter cited “hateful conduct” on the part of the Bee, shutting the account down: Twitter informed the Bee that its account would be restored on the condition that the “offensive” tweet is deleted. But, admirably, the Bee’s CEO, Seth Dillon, has strode the difficult path of refusing to capitulate.” – Rajan Laad – WHY DID THEY CONSIDER IT HATEFUL CONDUCT ANYWAY. THE BEE WAS JUST ACTUALLY POINTING OUT THE TRUTH, IN FACT USA TODAY IS PUSHING MORE OF A PARODY THAN THE BEE ON THIS ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The coming bloodbath of the Democrats – “Joe Biden’s woke, green agenda will cost him dearly at the ballot box” – Joel Kotkin.

What AOC’s Latest Viral Instagram Rant Gets Wrong About Billionaires and Capitalism – “Capitalism leads to social benefit, not just individual wealth. Say what you will about Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, but she’s never shy to share her beliefs. The far-left Democratic congresswoman has been especially open with her dislike for billionaires, attacking them many times in the past.” – Brad Polumbo

Another Cryptic Thing . . . – “What is “MPGe”? It is – supposedly – the electric car analogy of MPG – sans the “e.” It is – so we are told – the measure of how far an electric can go on a given quantity of electricity. This is already confusing because while everyone understands what a gallon of gasoline or diesel is and also can readily understand that a gallon of it will take you “x” many miles in a given vehicle and that times however many gallons the tank holds gives you an easy understanding of the vehicle’s range, few non-electricians understand what a kilowatt-hour of electricity is much less the various variables involved as regards how far they can take you.” – Eric Peters

FDA Gives Green Light to Gene-Edited Cattle – “This marks the FDA’s first low-risk determination for enforcement discretion for an intentional genomic alteration in an animal for food use The animals have genes modified to make their coats shorter and slicker, which is intended to help them better withstand heat stress, allowing them to gain more weight and increase the efficiency of meat production” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

Prepared For A Time Worse Than The Great Depression? – “If there is to be another Great Depression (1930’s), you might call it the Greater Depression, because it will have far worse consequences for more people than ever before. In all likelihood, “worse” is putting it quite mildly… Today’s current events. You’re living through it. You know the mess we’re in. Or at least those of you know – who at least scrape the surface a little bit. There’s a global elite hurling us towards their Great Reset. They need the US at heel, in order to get this done. This lone experiment in world history, the US of A and all it once stood for, must, be, crushed. Upon adequate destruction, the resulting desperate masses will clamor to whatever ‘morsels’ and aid that their new masters may hand out – in exchange for their freedom, liberty, and independence. A new global slave class. But I digress…” – Ken Jorgustin

What Are the Best Backup Sights for Your AR-15? – Bob Rodgers


Seeing It All Come Together: Months of Predictions Closing in on Quick Collapse – “We’re at an inflection point, I believe, in the world economy, not just the world economy, the world, that occurs every three or four generations…. ” – David Haggith  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM DAVID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This “Everything Is Great” Attitude Can’t Last Forever (VIDEO) – “We’re no longer in this world where the Fed can simply pretend that there’s no inflation. Because inflation is so much higher now than it was at any prior point for the beginning of a tightening cycle. And the economy is also in a much more precarious situation than it typically is when the Fed is hiking rates.” – Peter Schiff

Control What You Can – “What’s our personal strategy for navigating tumultuous times? I’ve long advocated controlling as much as you can. We don’t control the availability of fuel and food from far away, or the government’s policies. But that doesn’t mean we’re powerless to affect our destiny. From the point of view of systems, the way to understand control is to examine each chain of dependency in our lives: how many links are there between you and the source of what you need? The greater the number of links, the greater the vulnerability of the chain, as once one link is broken, the entire chain fails.” – Charles hugh Smith

Oil Set for $150 on Supply Shock, Says Veteran Trader King – Sybilla Gross

“Gas Stations Will Run Dry”: Catastrophic Scenario For Diesel Emerging According To World’s Biggest Energy Traders – Tyler Durden

Ultimate No-Growth Industry: Electricity Generation in 2021 Rose to, Well, 2007 Levels, Eagerly Awaits Demand from EVs – “But the mix of how power was generated changed dramatically over the years.” – Wolf Richter

These 3 Charts Strongly Suggest the U.S. Stock Market Has an Invisible Hand Propping It Up – Pam Martens

Petrodollar System Flirts With Collapse… What It Means for Gold, Oil, and the Dollar – Nick Giambruno

Why the US Dollar is Doomed (VIDEO) with Lynette Zang – GoldCore TV

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 11.57EUR


Psalm 61:3       For thou hast been a shelter for me, and a strong tower from the enemy.