Get Ready for More COVID Vaccines, Masks, and Lockdowns as Fauci Wants More Money for “New Variant – Brian Shilhavy  – AS YOU CAN TELL BY SOME OF THE LINKS TODAY THE COVID VACCINATION AND PASSPORT AGENDA ARE NOT CLOSE TO BEING OVER YET.  DON’T KID YOURSELF!!!!!

Biden taps pro-BLM advocate of vaccine passports for new White House COVID response chief – “Dr. Ashish Jha has said freedom concerns about vaccine passports are ‘nonsense.’ A review of Jha’s past public statements on COVID, however, suggests he will be every bit as radical as previous top Biden advisers on the pandemic,” – Calvin Freiburger

Connecting the Dots on COVID-19: The Origin – “The origin of SARS-CoV-2 is yet to be definitively resolved. Nevertheless, the following facts are indisputable:” – Antonio R. Chaves

It Takes a Village of Bureaucrats to Implement Despotism – “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is committed to a vaccine solution for COVID-19. Bureaucrats at the CDC believe you can’t be trusted to see “critical” data on COVID hospitalizations or the effectiveness of the COVID vaccine boosters; you might “misinterpret” the findings and be less inclined to get vaccinated or boosted.” – Barry Brownstein

BUILDING: MY MOST IMPORTANT FINDING TO DATE: DIED UNEXPECTEDLY SOLVED SUDEP AND “DIED UNEXPECTEDLY” – THE SPIKE PROTEIN, FIBROSIS AND THE BRAINSTEM PART I “A SILENT ENTRANCE” – “As you recall, the original spike caused a loss of the sense of smell, the medical term is Anosmia.” – Walter M Chesnut

UK Elderly: Double Vaccination Kills Immunity – “No Prevention of Illness or Long Covid; Almost no Death Prevention from Booster” – Igor Chudov

The CDC analysis on pediatric vaccines is pure garbage – “This is not public health, it’s public harm. One fact in medical care is unarguable: medical interventions are everywhere and always a risk/benefit calculation. And the CDC is, yet again, failing to do this or even acknowledge the concept. and as a result, they are selling poison as preventative. again.” – El Gato Malo

483 More Deaths After COVID Vaccines Reported to VAERS, as Pfizer and Moderna Push for More Boosters – Megan Redshaw

In Germany, Corona Limps On – “The Bundestag passes a new Infection Protection Act.” – eugyppius

Austria to Reintroduce COVID Mask Rules Just Two Weeks After They Were Abolished – “Despite new sub-variant proving milder than original Omicron.” – Paul Joseph Watson


Corporate-State Fascism Is Already Here Long live capitalism. – “When the man who was part of creating and funding the man-made virus that was “accidentally” released from a level four bio lab in China is put in charge of managing the government response to his own catastrophic failures, we do not call him a war criminal but a “public health servant”. He is paraded across the public airwaves for two years making contradictory statements while hailed by Corporate-State elites as a hero. The word “Orwellian” gets bandied about daily now, and rightly so. The people sense they are watching the boot of tyranny descend closer and closer to their heads. War is Peace. War criminals are heroes. Bribery is lobbying. Corruption is regulatory capture. Looting Treasuries is Quantitative Easing. In order to realize their new normal tyranny, dissent must be punished. Emergency authorizations must be enacted to stop protestors who challenge authority and power. Corporations must work hand in glove with states to realize whatever is needed. They simply can’t build a new normal, without destroying the old empire. 6uild 6ack 6etter.” – The Good Citizen  – QUITE LENGTHY BUT ONE OF THE BEST READS IN A LONG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did America Created A Real “Cobra Event” Scenario for Russia? – “In a paper by USAF Colonel Michael J. Ainscough of the Air War College, the author of Next Generation Bioweapons (PDF)talks about genetically engineered vectors and the potential for weaponizing pathogens. The paper suggests designer pathogens may already be stockpiled. And since 9/11, billions have been earmarked for so-called “biodefense.” The deeper implication is that the United States has been involved in creating a battery of bioweapons labs deployed in or surrounding the territories of perceived enemies.” – Phil Butler

Neutrality – “It’s almost slapstick that people call for Putin to be hauled before some international court for war crimes, but it’s true; they do. It tells you what you need to know about your media, and then some. Because, whether you know it or not, the last 4-5 America presidents have been responsible for the deaths of millions of people in Libya, Syria, Afghanistan etc etc. Just not in Ukraine. Wait, that’s probably not true either. The estimated 15,000 deaths in the Donbass over the past 8 years would likely never have happened without some US help. And we just see it all as par for the course.” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer

Pearl Harbor My Eye! – “We were already getting sick and tired of this Zelensky clown, but the sheer chutzpah of comparing Ukraine’s predicament with Pearl Harbor or 9/11 is just fricking outrageous. To the contrary, it is a cesspool of corruption, mal-governance and rank stupidity on the foreign policy front. For crying out loud, its situation is comparable to the drug cartels taking over Mexico, demanding the return of the Gadsden Purchase and then seeking to join a Russian-led anti-American treaty organization. That is to say, Ukraine brought the Russian attack on itself by poking the bear in its eyes repeatedly since the 2014 coup.” – David Stockman

Most People Calling for Nuclear War with Russia Would Never Go Fight There Themselves – Matt Agorist

Waltzing Toward Armageddon with the Merchants of Death – “The march towards protracted conflict with Russia and China will backfire. The desperate effort to counter the steady loss of economic dominance by the US will not be offset by military dominance. If Russia and China can create an alternative global financial system, one that does not use the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency, it will signal the collapse of the American empire. The dollar will plummet in value. Treasury bonds, used to fund America’s massive debt, will become largely worthless. The financial sanctions used to cripple Russia will be, I expect, the mechanism that slays us, if we don’t first immolate ourselves in thermonuclear war.” – Chris Hedges

Erasing History To Own Putin – “It enrages me that “westsplaining” is a word now. Fuck off you ridiculous NPR-addled shitbrains. The absolute gall to protect a murderous globe-dominating empire from criticism and accountability for its non-stop meddling and oppression using words disguised to sound like social justice jargon. Fuck you.” – Caitlin Johnstone – MORE GOOD OBSERVATIONS FROM CAITLIN!!!!

Our elites are an embarrassment – “Nancy Pelosi’s recital of Bono’s Ukraine-themed poem was deeply unsettling.Every week I witness some event that makes me think we have reached the bottom of the barrel. Surely, our elites cannot keep making such pathetic spectacles of themselves? And yet, every week, they manage to find a new, even dirtier barrel, the bottom of which they then dutifully scrape. ” – Jenny Holland

WH Gets Grilling on Hunter Related Conflicts and Joe’s Meeting With Russian Billionaire – ““This Yelena Baturina, she has not been sanctioned yet by the U.S. government. How is President Biden navigating conflicts of interest when it comes to sanctioning people who have done business with this family and can you explain to us what this $3.5 million was for?” Nelson asked. “I don’t have any confirmation of the accuracy of that report, so I have no more further details,” Psaki declared. How could you not know about the accuracy of the report? Either Joe Biden met with her or he did not. What did he meet with her for? That’s not a Hunter question; that’s a Joe Biden question. But Psaki refused to answer and be transparent.” – Nick Arama

How Dem officials, the media and Big Tech worked in concert to bury the Hunter Biden story – Kyle Smith

6 Years Of Being Manipulated By Manufactured Waves Of Outrage With No End In Sight – “Are you starting to notice a pattern by now?” – Michael Snyder

去死吧 (Qù sǐ ba): Go to Hell in Chinese – “On Friday, China’s Xi Jinping and dementia Joe’s double spoke by video link. According to China’s Foreign Ministry, “issues of mutual interest” were discussed. When readouts say “candid” and/or “constructive” views were exchanged, it’s code language for no change of policy by either side. It’s virtually calling the interchange a waste of time, achieving nothing. The US side should harbor no illusions or miscalculations of its position. If hostile actions are taken against China, it’ll respond with “strong countermeasures.”” – Stephen Lendman

In snub to Washington, UAE reaches out to Russia – “Washington’s geopolitical cards are dwindling rapidly. The high-level UAE visit to Moscow this week has consolidated OPEC+ support for Russia in the energy war now raging between east and west.” – MK Bhadrakumar

Are Russian Oligarchs Best Friends with Klaus Schwab? A Conversation with Riley Waggaman (VIDEO) – Tessa Lena

We Poked The Bear – “We can now add the lives of Ukrainians to the death toll of two decades of unnecessary war, spurred by Washington’s arrogance and myopia.” – Doug Bandow

Now Belarus Is Getting Involved with the War Between Ukraine and Russia – “While there is without a doubt a host of propaganda that is hitting the media heavily right now regarding the Ukraine war (is this the fog of war Clausewitz warned about?), we are going to give you some of the straight facts that we are seeing come out of the situation, a few of our thoughts, and what that may mean at the moment for you as a prepper.” – Aden Tate

Putin’s Invasion Shows Green Activists Still Red On The Inside – “The old yet always relevant joke is that environmentalists are like watermelons, green on the outside but red(s) on the inside. If there have ever been any delusions to the contrary, they should have been erased by Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, paid for by energy bought from Russia because eco-radicals have successfully cut fossil fuel production in the West.” – I & I Editorial Board

Food Supply Chains “Falling Apart” In Ukraine As “Imminent Famine” Risks Plague The World – Tyler Durden

Russia Isn’t Nearly as Isolated as Washington Wants You to Believe – “Some US policymakers and pundits are declaring that Russia—and its population—are cut off from the rest of the world. ” – Ryan McMaken – THERE ARE A LOT OF THINGS THEY WANT YOU TO BELIEVE ABOUT RUSSIA THAT ARE FALSE. THIS IS JUST ONE MORE EXAMPLE FROM RYAN!!!!!

Russia’s U.S. Biowarfare Claims in Ukraine Need Serious Answers – Strategic Culture Foundation

Germany to Begin Confiscating Guns – “This will begin the trend of allowing governments to disarm people based on their political beliefs. They only want citizens to have guns when they are used to promote the government’s agenda.” – Martin Armstrong  – HOW SOON THEY FORGET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Second Amendment And The Sovereignty Of A Nation – ” The right to bear arms has been viciously attacked in the past few decades as an archaic vestige of a bygone era. However, as many Ukrainians take up arms for the first time in their lives, it serves as a stark reminder of why our Second Amendment rights at home are critical for the survival of our nation.” – Dania Vizzi

Report: 8-Year Secret CIA Training Program in Eastern Ukraine Helped Prepare for Russian Invasion – “CIA paramilitaries had been training Ukrainian forces on the frontlines of the Donbas war against Russian-backed separatists since 2014 and were only pulled out by the Biden administration last month, Yahoo News reported on Wednesday, citing former US officials.” – Dave DeCamp


The standard of living is plummeting (VIDEO) – Tucker Carlson  – GOOD MONOLOGUE FROM TUCKER!!!!!

Ukraine crisis accelerating rise of Central Bank Digital Currencies – “Ajoint project between the Central Bank of Canada and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology will be researching the possibility of an entirely digital Canadian dollar, it was announced yesterday. The digital dollar would be a state-issued cryptocurrency, or “central bank digital currency” (CBDC). (For more detail on CBDCs and how they work, you can read our previous article here.) It’s not just Canada – countries from all around the world appear to be accelerating the research and implementation of CBDCs as we enter the second quarter of 2022.” – Kit Knightly

Federal Reserve Announces Tiny Rate Hike, Spooked by War Impact – Mike Gleason

Policy Error Committed, Gold Bubble Ahead – “The Fed went ahead and did it. The Fed’s Policy Error has indeed cometh. The yield curve is already inverting.” – David Brady

SILVER UPDATE! BofA Takes Delivery of 25M oz Forcing the US Mint to STOP COIN PRODUCTION! (VIDEO) – “You can’t make this up! The US Mint has a lifetime Human Resources professional acting as Director of the Mint and she is being PLAYED by the criminal banks! Bank of America has taken delivery of 25M ounces of silver in the last 3 months for their HOUSE account forcing the US Mint has decided to STOP PRODUCTION of some of the most popular silver coins they produce!! This is the kind of BS we need to stand up and fight against!!” – Bix Weir

“PREPARE FOR RECORD BREAKING OIL SHOCK!” Says The International Energy Agency… (VIDEO) – Gregory Mannarino


Ecclesiastes 3:22      Wherefore I perceive that there is nothing better, than that a man should rejoice in his own works; for that is his portion: for who shall bring him to see what shall be after him?