China battles multiple outbreaks, driven by stealth omicron – Huizhong Wu

Pharma now kills more Americans every year than the Axis powers did in all of World War II – “This is normalized, monetized, and usually publicly-funded” – “FDA-approved drugs, when used as directed, kill about 100,000 Americans every year.” -Toby Rogers

Pfizer admit Ivermectin used as a COVID-19 therapy – “Its use is listed as a current therapy – The Naked Emperor

Did Corona Kill Climate Change? – “Preliminary thoughts on Corona and Climatism as competing ideological systems, and why that might be very bad.” – eugyppius

Rand Paul Introducing ‘Fauci Amendment’ To Prevent ‘Health Dictatorship’ – “Senator says action will “ensure that ineffective, unscientific lockdowns and mandates are never foisted on the American people ever again.”” – Steve Watson

Former US President Barack Obama Tests Positive for COVID-19, Urges Americans to Get Vaccinated – “”I’ve had a scratchy throat for a couple days, but am feeling fine otherwise,” Obama said in a Sunday afternoon tweet. “Michelle and I are grateful to be vaccinated and boosted, and she has tested negative.”” – Evan Craighead

mRNA “DNA Gene Editing” – no Longer a Conspiracy Theory – “Reckless “Gene Editing” with no Oversight is Very Dangerous” – Igor Chudov

The Thousands of Fetal Deaths Recorded After COVID-19 Vaccines that Nobody Wants to Report and that Facebook is Trying Hard to Censor – Brian Shilhavy

Pfizer Launches Paxlovid Clinical Trial Targeting At-Risk Pediatric Market – TrialSite Staff

FAKE VIRUSES LETHAL 5G (VIDEO) with Dr. Andrew Kaufman and filmmaker Marcy Cravat – “Evidence for a connection between coronavirus disease-19 and exposure to radiofrequency radiation from wireless communications including 5G” – SGT Report





RT OFFLINE TODAY DAY 9 OF INTERNET CENSORSHIP – (403 – Forbidden . That’s an error. Client does not have access rights to the content so server is rejecting to give proper response. That’s all we know.)

Playing Dumb – “It must be obvious by now that the biggest complainers about “misinformation” in the USA are biggest spreaders of it. When you hear “baseless” and “conspiracy theory” do you not automatically now scent the rot of propaganda working through the delicate tissues of reality? Eventually the stench of psyop is so sharp that it even wakes up the walking dead. Would our country be disappointed if Russia actually solves the problem of Ukraine? You have every reason to think so. For one thing, we would be stuck having to face our own problems, especially the ones caused by lying to ourselves, such as the nearly unthinkable obscenity of having possibly poisoned a majority of the US population with mRNA “vaccines” and killed hundreds of thousands of Covid-19 patients by withholding known effective treatments? What would you suppose we might do about that? the CDC still urges Americans to vaxx up and boost up. So, by the way, does allegedly “former president” Barack Obama, who tested positive for the virus over the weekend, despite being vaxxed to the max. Who will tell them to stop digging that hole they’re in before they dig all the way to China?” – James Howard Kunstler

Ukrainian White Helmets – “Manufacturing war propaganda in Ukraine looks a lot like Syria. ” – The Good Citizen

U.S. Biological Labs in Ukraine: What Could Possibly Go Wrong? – “As Russia confirms the existence of biological research laboratories on Ukrainian soil, one of the primary architects of the 2014 Ukrainian coup, Victoria Nuland, has sounded the alarm. With yet another ‘conspiracy theory’ debunked as reality, does the shocking revelation provide Russia with the ultimate casus belli? The fog of war is clearing fast in Ukraine, and what’s being discovered is profoundly disturbing.” – Robert Bridge

Big Brave Keyboard Warriors – “The only real anti-war position on the Ukraine conflict is support for de-escalation, diplomacy, and detente. Yelling “PUTIN BAD” and calling for escalations that could lead to a very fast, very radioactive WWIII are not anti-war, and indeed such sentiments are being exploited to prolong this war.” – Caitlin Johnstone

What Ukraine Secrets Does President Joe Biden Want Hidden? – “U.S. President Joe Biden has gotten himself in one hell of a mess this time. The Ukraine situation is not just out of hand, it’s an epic muck up. And we are not 30-seconds to Armageddon because Vladimir Putin went crazy. Here’s a take nobody west of the Dnieper River knows about, yet. I know, this seems a bit preposterous, but bear with me. The hideaway truthteller in Kyiv has suggested linkages between cokehead Zelenskyy, and fellow cokehead Hunter Biden, the son of American President Joe Biden. So, the question arises, “Are these linkages real?”” – Phil Butler

BATTLEFRONT Nato masses 30,000 troops & 50 warships for huge war games on Russia’s border risking Putin’s ‘roid rage’ wrath – Aliki Kraterou – IT IS TOTALLY OBVIOUS THAT THEY ARE TRYING TO EGG PUTIN ON, THIS IS JUST SHEER INSANITY. WHO REALLY WANTS WAR HERE? IT’S DEFINITELY NOT PUTIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Too Late to Revive a Sane U.S. Foreign Policy? The Roots of the Monroe Doctrine Revisited – “In truth, we may never know the specific cause of Putin’s decision, but one this is sure. A war was NOT begun on February 24 2022. The war against Russia was actually launched on February 22, 2014 when the USA finalized its regime change on the democratically elected government of Victor Yanukovych and began what some have termed a slow-motion Operation Barbarossa over a prolonged 8-year period with one objective in mind: The total destruction and subjugation of the Russian Federation as outlined in Zbigniew Brzezinski’s Grand Chessboard in 1997. With the shadow creatures having been forced to the surface, it has become increasingly clear that the virtuous image projected by the western alliance is anything but peaceful, or democratic.” – Matthew Ehret

Why Die for Biden? – “As you would expect from brain-dead Biden and the people controlling him, American policy has been moving in the wrong direction. Whatever you think about the situation in the Ukraine, one thing is obvious. It’s a crisis. Shouldn’t we try to stay out of danger? Instead, the US has led the way in imposing drastic economic sanctions on Russia, backing Putin to the wall. What if he gets desperate and uses atomic weapons? This could result in the end of civilized life on our planet. Is this what Americans want?” – Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

10 Signs the War in Ukraine is part of the Great Reset – Winter Oak

Is Washington Fighting Russia Down to the Last Ukrainian?- Ron Paul

Washington and Moscow Vie for the Stupid Prize – “Is it Washington or the Kremlin which is the most confused about sanctions and their impact? Washington and Europe have made it very clear that sanctions do not apply to payments for Russian energy and minerals. Only the US has banned the import of Russian gas and oil. As the US uses no Russian gas and only 7% of its oil is from Russia, the sanction is without effect. So, what do the Western sanctions do? They identify for Russia the pressure points where Russian sanctions on the West can severely damage the West. Why doesn’t Russia use this power? I think for two totally erroneous reasons.” – Paul Craig Roberts

Twice in a Century: Russia Faces a War of Annihilation – Mike Whitney

Mitt Romney accuses Tulsi Gabbard of ‘treasonous lies’ for tweet about hazards of US-funded biolabs in Ukraine – “Mitt Romney has disgraced himself by reacting hysterically to a tweet by former Representative Tulsi Gabbard” – Thomas Lifson  – LET’S SEE, MITT DODGED THE DRAFT WITH 4 DEFERMENTS AND WENT TO FRANCE  AS A SO-CALLED MISSIONARY DURING VIETNAM, HE THEN MADE MEGA BUCKS THROUGH BAIN CAPITAL AND IS NOW JUST A RINO WARMONGER. AND NOW HE HAS THE GALL TO SAY A PATRIOT WHO KNOWS THE HORRORS OF WAR IS MAKING TREASONESS STATEMENTS. BLOW IT OUT YOUR ASS, MITT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Revenge of History – “The war in Ukraine shows that we are never done with the past. Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine a little over two weeks ago, it has suddenly become painfully clear that the end of the Cold War did not mark the beginning of an era of permanent peace after all.” – Frank Furedi

China Amplifies Russian Claims About Secretive US Bio-Weapons Research In Ukraine – “Beijing claims supposed bio-warfare program is merely “tip of the iceberg”..” – Tyler Durden

Oh, Canada! Our Home and Native . . . Dictatorship! The WEF is “Trampling Our Freedoms” – “The current regime in Ottawa has become the most dangerous, lawless government in Canada’s 155-year history as an independent nation.” – David Skripac

Google Attacks Us For Reporting On Our Own Poll — Calls It ‘Harmful lnformation’ – I & I Editorial Board

Canada Is a Partner in the “Known Traveller Digital Identity” Project, a World Economic Forum Initiative – “If you wonder why the travel restrictions were not lifted, wonder no more.” – Lioness of Judah Ministry

Nearly 2.8 Million Birds (Mostly Chickens And Turkeys) Have Died In The First Month Of America’s Raging New Bird Flu Pandemic – “I knew that the bird flu outbreak was bad, but I didn’t know that it had gotten this bad. At this point, this pandemic is not just limited to one geographic area. Let us hope that it stays just in birds, because if it jumps to humans we are going to have a real disaster on our hands.” – Michael Snyder  – AND EVEN IF IT DOESN’T, THE AMOUNT OF BIRDS BEING DESTROYED TO CONTAIN IT, WILL VASTLY AFFECT THE FOOD SUPPLY AS WELL, ON TOP OF EVERYTHING ELSE!!!!

“Media Isn’t Warning You” That US Careening Towards Food Crisis – “It’s not whether or not there will be a food crisis. It’s how big that crisis will be.” – Tyler Durden

Biden’s Gas Prices Are The ‘Unity’ President’s Latest Way To Force You To Do What He Says – Kylee Zempel

Massive lawsuit: pesticide causes Parkinson’s; how lawyer-logic and medical-hustle perform stage magic – “No PD, no disease label, no neuron loss, no doctors and researchers on the witness stand. Just the plain facts. Because in the end, when you put all the medical and legal mumbo jumbo aside, that’s the best case anyone can make. It may not be absolute perfection—which is impossible—but it’s the closest thing to it. The worker, who was healthy, used Paraquat. Now he’s very badly damaged. Period. The young boy was injected with a vaccine. Then he checked out of the world and sat in a corner for the next year. Period. No disease labels. No magic tricks.” – Jon Rappoport





The Great Depression II – “The Great Depression of the 1930’s is seen by most people to be the be-all and end-all of economic catastrophes and there’s good reason for that. In the 1920’s, fortunes were being made by those who ran banks and brokerage houses – at a rate that greatly exceeded anything that had ever existed. Unfortunately, they’d created the greatest financial bubble in history and, when it popped, as all bubbles do, it popped in a very big way. Not surprising that laws were then passed to assure that such a disaster could never occur again. Of particular importance was the Glass Steagall Act. Then, in 1999, Glass Steagall was repealed.” – Jeff Thomas  –  AND HERE WE ARE AGAIN!!!!!

Serf-Expression – “You may have noticed the news flow beyond the hot war in Ukraine is largely focused on capital: financial capital (markets, liquidity, interest rates, commodities, central bank tightening, etc.) and political capital (geopolitical maneuvering, sanctions, revising energy and defense policies, etc.) Notice who’s left out, unnoticed and invisible? The serfs, the bottom 90% who have been decapitalized in the developed world and exploited in the developing world for the past 45 years.” – Charles Hugh Smith

The Dollar’s Status Could Decline as Rapidly as Its Purchasing Power – Clint Siegner

Used Car Are Prices Up 42 Percent in One Year, Have They Finally Peaked? – “Car prices new and used have been on a tear. What’s going on?” – Mish

Fed’s QE Is Over (Until It Comes Back.) – Lance Roberts

What’s happening with silver…OMG – Mike Maloney

About Those ‘Free and Fair’ Markets… – “Why has nobody paid any attention to LME’s suspension of nickel trading? The WSJ notes that there was a massive short-squeeze. To which I say: So what? You see, physical commodity markets exist for the purpose of providing sellers and buyers with a means of certainty in price. This is particularly true in the case of producers and is why these markets exist.” – Karl Denninger

Citigroup, Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Are in the Hot Seat: Sever Cozy Ties with Russia or Earn the Wrath of U.S. and EU Clients – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

The Precious Metals Sector Is Potentially Explosive (VIDEO) – “Though most investors expect some type of pullback in the precious sector to “reset” the various technical indicators that have become “overbought,” the geopolitical situation with Ukraine has given the sector a flight to safety bid. Interestingly, the response by the west to the Russian invasion of Ukraine to freeze Russia’s foreign currency reserves held by western Central Banks has started to shine light on the risk for Governments to hold fiat currency reserves in foreign Central Banks.” – Dave Kranzler

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 10.13EUR




Psalm 78:10-11    They kept not the covenant of God, and refused to walk in his law;  And forgat his works, and his wonders that he had shewed them.