Locking Down Liberty – “Consider that prior to COVID, Pfizer was “the least trusted company in the least trusted industrial sector in the United States”, according to Nick Dearden, director of Global Justice. But we are supposed to have faith in Pfizer and disregard its lengthy corporate rap sheet and its unscrupulous profiteering practices regarding its COVID vaccine rollout across the globe. We are supposed to trust its products and its vaccine data that it is trying so hard, with help from the US Food and Drug Administration, to keep from the public. At the same time, to facilitate uptake of Pfizer’s injections, we hear a lot about ‘collective responsibility’. A much-maligned concept in a dog-eat-dog neoliberal regime. Joe Biden, Justin Trudeau and others spin vaccine sceptics’ talk of ‘freedom’ of choice regarding what is allowed to be injected into their own bodies as selfish and the domain of right-wing women haters and fascists. The right to protest, to free speech, to associate and so forth were (and often continue to be) suspended as people were locked down waiting for ‘the vaccine’ thanks to a virus that mainly targets those over 80 and those with compromised immune systems due to existing (serious) morbidities.” – Colin Todhunter  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM COLIN!!!!!!


When the science™ fails, invoke histrionics – “I see we have now entered the “performative pseudoscience is respect for others” stage of the pandemic. buckle up, the final spasms of those seeking to retain authority and credibility as the edifice of covidian impositions crumbles to dust will be pretty spectacular.” – El Gato Malo

In case of a nuclear explosion, FEMA warns to try to keep 6 ft social distance and wear a mask for covid. You can’t make this up – Libs of Tik Tok  – FEAR MONGORING AT IT’S: FINEST NUCLEAR WAR AND KILLER VIRUS COMBINED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

An Endocrinologist Theorizes the “Key Trigger” for Vaccine-induced Myocarditis – Trial Site Staff

Ozymaskias – “Ozymaskias is crumbling, but it’s not enough. These horrible, unscientific, illiberal, anti-human mandates must be sunk forever in the desert sands of history along with the rest of their Covid-excused tyrannies” – Jon Sanders

Recent New Zealand Data – “Yet another country showing COVID vaccines are ineffective” – Joel S Hirschhorn


Don’t Look Now – “Did “Joe Biden’s” handlers actually want to start World War Three? They are the same posse who contrived the Russian Collusion hysteria of 2016-19, then launched Covid-19 — and the even more deadly mass “vaccination” response to it — and have now successfully goaded Russia into cleaning up the international hub of grift and mischief known as Ukraine. The scant news coming out of Ukraine is so infected with propaganda that it’s impossible to know exactly what’s going on there these early days of the Russian invasion. There are no real functioning international news agencies anymore. The current CIA-approved narrative wants you to believe that Vlad Putin seeks to reassemble the old Soviet Union and will move next to capture the Baltic States: Of course, the EU members know that they can’t take a pass on Russian oil and natgas, unless they want to eat cold bratwurst and linguini in the dark. My theory of the case would be as follows: America’s Deep State provoked Russia in Ukraine to cover up its own massive crimes against American citizens which now verge on being fully exposed. ” – James Howard Kunstler

War Propaganda About Ukraine Becoming More Militaristic, Authoritarian, and Reckless – “Every useful or pleasing claim about the war, no matter how unverified or subsequently debunked, rapidly spreads, while dissenters are vilified as traitors or Kremlin agents.” – Glenn Greenwald

The First Casualty of War is Truth (VIDEO) – “Whoops!” – Paul Joseph Watson

Drumbeats of war, testicles of strength, Orwell of television – “Something is wrong. And I’m not talking about the screenshots going around purporting to show cardboard weapons in the hands of Ukraine civilians or the death of someone a few years ago dying again in the Ukraine; I’m talking about major in-your-face news outlets working overtime on WAR. I’m writing this Sunday night (2/27), so who knows what new gobs of insanity will be spit up by tomorrow morning, when we post.” – Jon Rappoport – GREAT ARTICLE FROM JON AS USUAL, NOTHING FEELS RIGHT ABOUT THIS SO-CALLED INVASION AND JON ASKS SOME VERY GOOD QUESTIONS ABOUT THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Single Most Important Question In The World Right Now – “There is one question today that is more important than any other question that could possibly be asked, and it’s this: “Is what the US and its allies are trying to accomplish in Ukraine worth continually risking nuclear armageddon for?”” – Caitlin Johnstone

The Next Empire – “Warfare is often the death knell of a declining empire—both in its extreme financial cost and in its ability to alienate the peoples of other countries. In the new millennium, the US has invaded more countries than at any other time in its history and appears now to be in a state of perpetual warfare. This is being carried out both militarily and economically, as the US imposes economic sanctions on those it seeks to conquer.” – Jeff Thomas

Russia-Ukraine talks begin – “The negotiations come after Kiev initially refused to meet on Belarusian territory – RT – SO WHICH IS IT? THIS FROM RT, OR BELOW FROM THE DAILY MAIL!!!!!!!

Kremlin ‘sends more than 400 mercenaries from private militia into Kyiv to assassinate President Zelensky and his government’ – with group told peace talks are ‘smoke and mirrors’ – Laurence Dollimor

Think Before You Jump – “Trying to walk the quicksand all around the Ukraine issue? Worried about coming off as “pro-Putin” in your silent perplexity? Feeling peer pressure to be a “good person” and, well, not exactly die for Ukrainian borders but hyperventilate over them? Feeling guilty about not wanting to go to war? Welcome to the troubled emotional state of the average, every-day-person, trying to make sense of a rapidly changing news environment (what covid?) that is still deeply hostile to intrusions of logic or even reality.** Alas, the last place to look for helpful facts and reliable information about Ukraine or Russia is “the media,”” – Diana West

Who Will Speak for the Oppressed in an Age of Corporate ‘Fact-Blocking’? – “Western audiences, completely in the dark as to the true nature of the Ukrainian standoff, have no idea to the back story that led to the events of February 24, 2022.” – Robert Bridge

Biden’s handlers want him to launch “massive cyberattacks” against Russia… ESCALATION of world war now guaranteed – “In retaliation for its invasion of Ukraine, those who pull the puppet strings of Geriatric Joe have reportedly presented him with a “menu” of options for carrying out “massive cyberattacks” against Russia. Four “anonymous insiders” told NBC News that fake “president” Joe Biden could be just days away from hitting the launch button on an array of preselected targets that Joe’s handlers believe would most cripple Vladimir Putin’s military operations in Ukraine.” – Ethan Huff – THE MSM ALWAYS HAS ANONONYMOUS INSIDERS FEEDING THEM INFO, BUT THEY SAY “QANON” IS A CONSPIRACY. HOW DOES THAT ONE WORK!!!!!

The Devastating Consequences of Cyberwarfare – “Almost every aspect of our lives is driven by our connection with technology. It is inescapable.” – Bryan Lynch

Frightening Scenario Of A Comprehensive Cyber Attack Which Will Bring A Complete Halt – “Pay insufficient attention to the frightening scenario of a comprehensive cyber attack which will bring to a complete halt to the power supply, transportation, hospital services, our society as a whole. The Covid-19 crisis would be seen in this respect as a small disturbance in comparison to a major cyber attack.” – Ken Jorgustin

Putin’s Nuclear Threat – “The disconnect between the Western and Russian narratives in the current conflict could prove fatal to the world, Vladimir Putin is a madman. He’s lost it. At least that is what the leaders of the West would like you to believe. According to their narrative, Putin — isolated, alone, confused, and angry at the unfolding military disaster Russia was undergoing in Ukraine — lashed out, ostensibly threatening the entire world with nuclear annihilation. Far from reflecting the irrational whim of a desperate man, Putin’s orders reflected the logical extension of a concerted Russian national security posture years in the making, where the geopolitical opposition to NATO expansion into Ukraine was married with strategic nuclear posture. Every statement Putin has made over the course of this crisis has been tied to this policy. When seen in this light, Putin’s comments last Thursday were measured, sane, and responsible.” – Scott Ritter

The Crowded Road to Kyiv – “The surreal progressive take on this crisis is that Winston Biden has corn-popped the “killer” Putin, metaphorically taken “the bully” behind the proverbial gym and given him a whomping, slammed his head on the global lunch counter, and in Biden’s deterrent fashion, called him a chump, one of the dregs, a junkie, fat, and a lying dog-faced pony soldier—and capped it all off with “You ain’t white!” Left unsaid are the years of rapacious Biden family profiteering in Ukraine, a decade of leftist passive-aggressive love and hate of Russia, from obsequious reset to greedy Uranium One to pathetic “tell Vladimir . . .” to unhinged vetoing of sanctions against the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. ” – Victor Davis Hanson  – NOT SURE I AGREE WITH VICTOR’S ASSESSMENT OF PUTIN, AFTER ALL HE IS A THINK TANK MEMBER.  BUT HE HAS SOME GOOD POINTS HERE, ALL THE SAME!!!!

A Picture is worth a Thousand Words Or a disappearing WEF entry – “Bye bye Vlad, the WEF disappeared you last night, KGB style -” – The Naked Emperor

The Propaganda War Is Not The War – “The western media are dominating the propaganda war in Ukraine as expected, and it’s serving as a nice distraction for the Borg. Handing out 10,000 Kalashnikovs to anyone who wanted one was probably not a very bright idea. Sounds like a hyena idea – stupidity and treachery.” – The Good Citizen  – GOOD OBSERVATION FROM THE GOOD CITIZEN!!!

7 FAKE NEWS stories coming out of Ukraine – “We’re only three days into Russia’s military operation in Ukraine, and yet the propaganda cogs are whirring fast as lightning, churning out “news”, opinion and content grist for the media mill. Possibly no politician in history has had a PR makeover quite as fast as Vlodomyr Zelenskiy. Twitter is dotted with people sharing photos of him in combat fatigues, comparing him favourably to Trump and Trudeau and asking “what other leaders would fight alongside their troops?” But the problem with that is the photos are all almost a year old, taken when he visited the troops last April:” – Kit Knightly  – AMAZING. THEY DON’T EVEN TRY TO REPORT REAL NEWS!!!!!

Just say ‘no’… It All Comes Back to NATO – “When the Bush Administration announced in 2008 that Ukraine and Georgia would be eligible for NATO membership, I knew it was a terrible idea. Nearly two decades after the end of both the Warsaw Pact and the Cold War, expanding NATO made no sense. NATO itself made no sense.” – Ron Paul

Robbed again? West “freezes” Russia’s reserves – “Well, we have to start somewhere. So let’s start with the unprecedented sanctions that could potentially trigger a global economic meltdown. On Sunday, the European Union, the United States, Great Britain and Canada jointly announced they would freeze the reserves of the Bank of Russia. So what? All of Russia’s delicious foreign reserves are safe and sound in an underground vault in Moscow, right? Wrong. The Bank of Russia’s mountain of reserves was allegedly supposed to protect from western financial trickery. Except… how does that work if you keep a huge portion of these assets in foreign securities or in banks that are vulnerable to sanctions? And that’s exactly what Russia’s central bank did. And now we have a problem. This is not good:” – Edward Slavsquat

The NY Times ran another hit piece on RFK, Jr. It’s time for us to hit back – “The article was standard paint-by-numbers drivel. And the angle of attack was the same, ‘oh dear, Kennedy’s-relatives-must-be-so-disappointed-in him(TM)’ line that we have now seen hundreds of times.”- Toby Rogers

Biden’s Approval Rating Sinks to Record Low Just Days Before State of the Union Address – Jack Davis

The Dangerous Brilliance of Ibram X. Kendi’s Child Indoctrination Plan – “Kendi isn’t merely a radical; he’s a marketing savant. And he’s got a plan to shift the culture—not merely to win over some politicians to pursue supposedly antiracist policies. Educators across the country usually spend February celebrating Black History Month. Now, it’s used to introduce radical Black Lives Matter lesson plans into the classroom. The month now belongs to BLM.” – Jason Rantz

Are North Americans getting comfortable with tyranny? – “Even if all North Americans aren’t getting comfortable, there is one sizable contingent in the United States that really likes the idea.” – Eric Utter

Francis: A Pope of the Poor? A Pope for the Environment? Or a Pope for the Global Elite? – “Or rather the pope of paradoxes? The pope of the Great Reset In addition to his role as a moral guarantee, Francis — but not quite as raucously — plays the same part in the game as poor Greta Thunberg with whom the Davos Forum likes to show up. In the same fashion as her, the present pope is a staunch critic of the actual economic system, and a champion for a net-zero sustainable world.” – Matt Smyth

Postal Reversion – “Looks like the Post Office won’t be replacing its fleet of 165,000 delivery vehicles with electric vehicles – contra the urgings (and injunctions) of the Biden Thing. It looks bad for him – and his regime – which have been pushing EVs almost as hard as “vaccines.” But it would be worse for the Post Office. Bad enough that mail takes forever to get from A to B. But if it never gets there, at all . . . The Postal Service doesn’t want to be out of the mail-delivering business. For that reason, it’s not going to buy electric vehicles.” – Eric Peters  – SMART MOVE!!!!


Russian Ruble In a Freefall, Plunges to Record Low Against the Dollar – “A liquidity plunge in the Ruble increases the demand for dollars. The Fed might have to step in.” – Mish

Moscow Stock Exchange Can’t Open as Russian Stock Prices Collapse on Foreign Exchanges – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Bank of Russia Resumes Gold Buying After Two-Year Pause – Eddie Spence

This Stock Market Is Coming Unglued Stock by Stock (VIDEO) – “The mayhem that has totally crushed one stock after another for a year breaks through the surface” – Wolf Richter

The Impact of a SWIFT Ban on Russia and the World – “However, Russian banks may bypass the SWIFT system and use other alternatives, mainly though a parallel system in China, called CIPS (Cross-Border Interbank Payments System), which facilitates transactions in yuan. According to CIPS, at least 25 Russian banks conduct yuan transactions through their system. Russian banks and the central bank may moderate the financial blow using alternative systems, but the negative impact cannot be underestimated. Banning Russian banks from SWIFT may cripple many Latin American and Middle East economies that have deep financial connections with Russia, but there is a risk for the United States that the CIPS alternative, which is marginal at best today, grows rapidly. The United States and Europe cannot fully ban SWIFT due to the importance of Russian oil, gas, metals, and wheat exports, and this may create numerous challenges that significantly limit the so-called “nuclear option”. The Russian central bank’s large gold reserves are also a differentiating factor compared to other economies.” – Daniel Lacalle

Why So Few See the Last Chance to Exit – “When the crash can no longer be denied, the drop is widely recognized as having been obvious and inevitable..” – Charles Hugh Smith

Move Over Geo-Politics? Gold, Silver & Markets To Face Fed Influencers (Plus A Jobs Report On Friday) – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

Gold Outshines Treasuries to Be Top Hedge Against Ukraine Risk – Masaki Kondo and Ruth Carson

If Putin Has Lost, So Have Markets – “Moreover, as the West gets back into the frame of mind for defense, decoupling, sacrifice, and self-reliance for its values, will it really end with Russia, or will it begin to *peacefully* extend to other potentially irredentist and revanchist powers to prevent any such future crises now? Markets really won’t like that.” – Michael Every

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 11.14EUR


Isaiah 59:3      For your hands are defiled with blood, and your fingers with iniquity; your lips have spoken lies, your tongue hath muttered perverseness.