Worst Fears Realized: Pfizer mRNA Integrates into your DNA mRNA Vaccines Actually are “Gene Therapy”, Study Shows – Igor Chudov

DR. ANNIE BUKACEK COMMENTS ON THE “DEFEAT THE MANDATES” RALLY (VIDEO) – “Our strategy as traditional American freedom fighters, when we advocate for freedom, we must mitigate fear, as fear is the currency of control. Anyone promoting fear warrants close scrutiny. I don’t care how credentialed, or how world renowned (they are). So let’s talk about what was missing from the panel discussion. Flawed PCR Tests for one” – LibertyFellowshipMT  – VERY GOOD 15 MIN. VIDEO, WHERE SHE SAYS YOU SHOULD BE SOMEWHAT WARY OF SOME OF THE “ALT” DOCTORS, SHE BRINGS UP SOME GOOD POINTS !!!!

A National Vaccine Pass Has Quietly Rolled Out – And Red States Are Getting On Board – “While the United States government has not issued a federal digital vaccine pass, a national standard has nevertheless emerged. To date, 21 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico offer accessibility to the SMART Health Card, a verifiable digital proof of vaccination developed through the Vaccination Credential Initiative” – Suzanne Rowan Kelleher

The Collapsing Covid Narrative is Being Replaced with Putin and Ukraine – “Game-changing news has emerged out of Iceland. As of this week, Iceland is the first country in the world to completely drop ALL Covid measures.” – Vasko Kohlmayer  – ALL A PART OF THE “BIG PICTURE”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why Are Hospitals Spending So Much On Ineffective C-19 Treatments? – “Remdesivir claimed the top spot for hospital drug spending in 2021, with sales earning Gilead $4.2 billion in the first nine months alone. The problem is that, at best, the drug doesn’t work. Moreover, Remdesivir was approved based on a single, small trial with questionable results. This should never be the basis for approving a medicine for mass use – even during a public health emergency. The same thing has happened with monoclonal antibodies, Pfizer and Merck’s antiviral pills, and, of course, the Covid-19 vaccines.” – Pierre Kory

These Are The Courageous Doctors Who Fought The COVID Farce And Paid The Price – Armando Simón

How prominent public health agencies are skewing vaccine effectiveness statistics in the US – #Denominatorgate – “The Centers for Disease Control and the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene are misleading us about the risk of being unvaccinated against SARS-CoV-2 . They are doing this through two basic errors.” – Clayton Cobb

France Deactivates COVID Vaccine Passports MONTHS Ahead of Expiration In Effort to Force People to Get Booster Jab Sooner – Adan Salazar

Pfizer for Kids: Dodgy Data and Conflicts of Interest – “In my opinion, for children to be described by Pfizer and BioNTech as ‘ongoing reservoirs of infection’ is offensive and epitomises the way they have been treated for the past two years-including being labelled as ‘super-spreaders.’ There have been several highly credible reports citing evidence, which state otherwise.” – Sonia Elijah

Canadian with 3 Surgeries Due to the AstraZeneca Vaccine Depends on National Compensation Plan—No Industry Liability – Trial Site Staff


All War; Hot Cold, Geopolitical, International or Domestic, Is Always War Against All of Us? – “When governments exist, constant war is inevitable. War takes on many forms; most of which are not openly discussed by the claimed ‘news outlets.’” – Gary D. Barnett

Davos and the Purloined Letter Conspiracy – “The Great Reset, which calls on world leaders to use the “opportunity” of the COVID-19 pandemic to fundamentally reorganize the global economy into a dystopian top-down version of the technocratic UN Agenda 2030. For those willing to do patient research, Schwab’s WEF reveals an astonishing degree of the current globalist agenda for a technocratic totalitarianism. Even more he has been developing hand-picked cadre to implement this agenda over three decades, with a select global “cadre school” for “future global leaders.” In effect it is what we might call the Davos Conspiracy, agents promoted around the world to infiltrate top policy circles and push the sinister Davos Reset agenda.” – F. William Engdahl  – HAVE SEEN ALOT OF ARTICLES AND RENEWED INTEREST IN THE “GREAT RESET” AND THE YOUNG GLOBAL LEADERS POPPING UP LATELY, AS IF IT’S SOMETHING NEW. IT ISN’T. HERE’S A LITTLE BACKGROUND FROM MR. ENGDAHL AND ANOTHER ONE BELOW!!!!!

Triumph of the Beast vs. Triumph of the People – “UN Agenda 2030 vs. The People. The financial reset and a new Global World Order would imply three major objectives: A massive reduction of the world’s population, A massive reduction of the world’s population, Digitization of everything – including the human brain – converting humans into transhumans. This is what Klaus Schwab (WEF) calls “Governance 4.0”. The completion of this three-step – or triple-objective – agenda is the Real Goal of UN Agenda 2030. The so-called UN Development Goals, euphemistically called UN Agenda 2030, are nothing but an unrealistic smoke-screen.” – Peter Koenig

A New Age of Barbarism – “Putin has given Western political elites a wonderful gift. He has created a template that allows them all to say in unison: there is something even worse than us. They can hope for a turnaround in their sagging polling numbers, new respect and appreciation for their strong leadership in a time of crisis, and more reliably depend on a deferential media machine that knows the ways of wartime require parroting whatever powerful foreign-policy experts say in public and private.” – Jeffrey A. Tucker

The End Of Empire (continued) – “The sharp decline in the competence of the Global American Empire is where the decline is most evident. The place to start is the blunders in the Bush years,” – The ZMan

What’s really going on in Ukraine – “Today, a key aspect of the situation is the fact that most gas exported by Russia passes through the Ukraine network. Still, petroleum looms in the background as always. the West needs unimpeded access to this petroleum, at least in the mid-term, or it’s a sitting duck, incapable of staving off immediate decline. The events up until today Basically, Ukraine has been targeted by the West for “regime change” since at least the “Orange Revolution” of 2004 which was a creation of the NGO racket and Western intelligence, ousting the pro-Russian Victor Yanukovych.” – Johan Eddebo – GOOD OVERVIEW THAT YOU WON’T HEAR OR SEE FROM THE MSM!!!!!!

Cold War Thinking Isn’t Working – “The failure of policy wonks to understand why Russia took decisive action against Ukraine is emblematic of a flawed grand strategy that has dominated DC foreign policy circles since the end of the Cold War.” – José Niño

Russian bear wants justice – “Let’s be honest: a bear sleeping peacefully in its den was smoked out of there by being poked with a stick, and now they are wondering why it is chasing those who did that. Moscow has been pushed into a corner and is now demonstrating its strength and standing up for its interests.” – Batko Milacic

Russia “sanctions” appear to be just for waving around – “This, once more, causes me to wonder: “at whom are these sanctions™ aimed?” because it looks less and less like it’s the russians.” – El Gato Malo

Where is Ukraine ‘defense minister’ Alexander Vindman? – “Shouldn’t he be out there in the trenches with a rifle, too? Time to stop hiding at the Atlantic Magazine or cable news and get your pear-shaped body moving. ” – A.J. Rice

Washington’s Crocodile Tears Over Ukraine’s Destruction – “The bitter truth is that Washington’s foreign policy establishment never actually considered Zelensky – or his predecessor Poroshenko – to be allies or partners of the United States. Washington’s elites have always viewed Ukraine as a tool to “regime-change”. The false gods of American exceptionalism are jealous ones indeed.” – Daniel McAdams

Ukraine and Russia Officials Negotiating a Meeting – Biden Administration Tells Zelenskyy to Stop, Only U.S. Permitted to Negotiate With Russia – “The arrogance and controlling attitude by the U.S. State Dept tells us all we really need to know. The Biden administration has created this crisis between Russia and Ukraine for a convenient purpose, and the White House is not about to let Zelenskyy screw it up and create peace.” – Sundance

Will Russian Invasion of Ukraine Embolden China? – Philip Wegmann

The “No-Deal Deal” with China Turned out to be the “Never-Done Deal” – “The report confirms my claim in December, 2019, that Trump offered a fake Phase One deal because he had failed in his trade war and needed a win for his campaign.” – David Haggith

Merchant ships hit by missiles; Grain/fert exports STOP in Ukraine/Russia (VIDEO) – “Ukraine & Russia grains–30% of world global exports–are no longer moving as three merchant ships have been hit by missiles in the Black Sea, including one chartered by Cargill to move grains. Brazil is frantic after fertilizer imports from Russia are threatened. The global food trade is coming to a screeching halt and food prices are exploding even further as the conflict escalates” – Ice Age Farmer

Immune to Irony: Nazi Collaborators and Authoritarian Personalities Denounce Russia – Matthew Ehret

George W. Bush Slams Putin For Illegal Invasion; Twitter Reacts – “Self-awareness check? For anyone who has no memory or is unable to perform a basic Google search, Bush was president when America illegally invaded Iraq on the pretext of finding “weapons of mass destruction” that never existed. As well as claiming the lives of thousands of U.S. troops, the attack killed at least hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and led to the generational destabilization of the entire region.” – Paul Joseph Watson

Dublin and Monaghan – Britain forgets its recent history of “unleashing war in Europe” – “British Prime Minister Boris Johnson also accused Moscow of ‘unleashing war in Europe’, seemingly forgetting his own warmongering in Iraq, Syria and Yemen, and also Britain’s not too distant history of unleashing war on its nearest European neighbour – Ireland.” – Gavin O’Reilly

Alert: Ukraine chemical time bomb; warning to Putin and the Ukraine military – “In 2009, I researched the problem of pesticides in the Ukraine. Use is not the only issue; so is storage. And the scope and danger are huge. Today (2/25/22) I looked for evidence that these horrendous problems in the Ukraine have been solved. So far, I haven’t found any. Not encouraging. I doubt the Russians or even the Ukrainians have supplied precise maps of all these pesticide depots to their military commanders.” – Jon Rappoport

Oh, Canada! Our Home and Native . . . Dictatorship! The WEF is “Trampling Our Freedoms” – “The current regime in Ottawa has become the most dangerous, lawless government in Canada’s 155-year history as an independent nation.” – David Skripac

The Coming Terror Of Social Impact Finance And Social Credit Scores – “While most people are likely familiar with this concept because of the popular show Black Mirror, the truth is this practice is much more reality than fiction. The denial of loans comes as part of “social scoring systems” which are being used at an alarming rate by government and businesses to determine customers or citizens “trustworthiness.” When understood in the context of COVID1984, it’s fairly easy to see how concepts like social credit scores can be used to punish those who reject vaccines and similar therapies.” – Derrick Broze

Vital Medications You Should Be Stockpiling – Cornelia Adams

Shortages, a 7-Year Food Supply, and Beating Inflation – Part 3 – “a review of Food in particular” – SaraSue –  A GOOD SERIES. THE FIRST TWO PARTS HAVE BEEN LINKED THE PAST COUPLE OF DAYS!!!!


Inflation Ate their Lunch, But Americans Made Heroic Efforts to Spend – “Not adjusted for inflation, the personal income of all Americans combined, from all sources – from wages, salaries, interest, dividends, rental income, unemployment compensation, stimulus checks, Social Security benefits, etc. but not including capital gains – was essentially flat ” – Wolf Richter

Real Personal Income Declines for the 8th Time in 9 Months – “Real incomes are sinking but spending isn’t.” – Mish  – JUDGING BY WOLF’S AND MISH’S ARTICLE, SOUNDS LIKE PEOPLE ARE SPENDING WHAT THEY DON”T HAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PUTIN/RUSSIA LEADING TO GLOBAL CURRENCY COLLAPSE Hyperinflation is NEXT!! (VIDEO) with Gregory Mannarino – ” Greg says the stock market crash is overblown, because the stock market is a derived from the debt market, and right now the debt market is looking good still. Greg explains crypto, gold, silver, and what to do.” – I LOVE PROSPERITY

Hope Crushed, Pullbacks Under Way – David Brady


Revelation 6:6      And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine.