Respecting Their Feelings . . . – “What to make of the injunction that wearing a “mask” is a moral obligation? Not because it “stops the spread” of sickness, but rather because the wearing is said to be showing “respect for other people’s feelings?” Pardon me while I try not to smash something. Their feelings? No matter how irrational? No matter how evil – in terms of the cost of affirming their delusions, by pretending they aren’t? The time has come to stop respecting their feelings. The time has arrived to express our utter and bottomless contempt for them. Harsh? Yes. But also urgently necessary. For the same reasons it is always necessary to express contempt for people who wear white robes or armbands. And now, “masks.” To reroute the eructation of Arnold Schwarzenegger – screw their feelings!” – Eric peters

The Centers For Disease Control’s Lies Have Destroyed Its Legitimacy – Gregg Schmedes

How did Moderna’s Patented Sequence End up in Sars-Cov-2? – “And why Moderna “took only two days” to create the “Covid Vaxx”? The short of this (and you NEED to read the long version) is that Sars-Cov2 has a genetic sequence CTCCTCGGCGGGCACGTAG, that is the mirror image (complement) of the same sequence called “MSH3”, in the Moderna patent 9,587,003 from 2018. How did bats copy the moderna patent sequence into their coronavirus, as @JikkyKjj asked? Of course they did not, and this is a further proof that it is a lab virus. Still, why is the sequence there?” – Igor Chudov   – LINKED THE NAKED EMPEROR’S SIMILAR ARTICLE ABOUT THIS YESTERDAY!!!!!

How rare are vaccine side effects? Not very rare at all. – “The CDC and Wall St. Journal both say serious side effects from the COVID vaccines are extremely rare. They are lying. But now we have unassailable proof from the Israeli government!” – Steve Kirsch

CDC Withholding Data on COVID-19 Vaccines Because “They might be misinterpreted as the vaccines being ineffective” and “The figures would be misrepresented by anti-vaccine groups” – Brian Shilhavy

Vaccine Cronyism – “However, Novavax’s vaccine is not an mRNA vaccine, subjecting it to further scrutiny to be authorized by the FDA. The agency had similar hesitancy with the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine, which is not an mRNA vaccine. The AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine is used in 170 other countries, but was never approved in the US. What explains this? I fear the answer might be cronyism- a troubling and harmful alliance between a handful of drug producers and the federal government. And it stems from an agreement made nearly a year and a half ago.” – Raymond J. March

Video: Bill Gates Sardonically Compares Wearing A Mask To Wearing Pants – “Asks “what is the downside?” while not wearing a mask” – Steve Watson

CDC CAUGHT Hiding Troves Of Booster Shot Data (VIDEO) with Krystal and Saagar” – “the story of the CDC’s deliberate cover up of data on covid booster shots that they feared would go against official narratives ” – Breaking Points

The COVAX Delusion Reinforces Pharmaceutical Colonialism – “Mass vaccination of those at minimal risk, with a vaccine that does not reduce transmission, is poor public health practice. Where this diverts financial and human resources from diseases of greater burden, it becomes a public health negative. This is orthodox, normal, and should not be controversial.” – David Bell


Today the World Changed – “I listened to Putin’s address to the Russian people, indeed, to the entire world, following his meeting with the Security Council. He expressed his sadness that negotiating with the West has taught him complete distrust of Washington, and Putin made it clear that Russia would be prepared for the war that Washington is intent to bring to Russia.” – Paul Craig Roberts

Putin Orders Peacekeeping Operation In Ukraine’s Breakaway Regions – Tyler Durden

Fake News Claim: Russia Seeks Wider Conflict – “In response to announced Russian peacekeepers to Donbass — to pursue peace over escalated war — NYT fake news defied reality by misreporting as follows, saying: Vladimir Putin “hinted at the possibility of a wider military campaign (sic) and laid claim to all of Ukraine as a country (sic).”” – Stephen Lendman

Hands off Ukraine – “Russia must immediately withdraw from Ukrainian territory. ‘Peacekeeping’, as we all ought to know by now, is an Orwellian euphemism for war. In both word and deed,” – Brendan O’Neill

What Accounts for Putin’s Assertiveness on Ukraine? – “Russian President Vladimir Putin’s well choreographed decision yesterday to recognize the independence of the pro-Russian Ukrainian provinces of Donetsk and Luhansk points to two key realities:” – Ray McGovern

Dr. Strangelove In The Multiverse Of Madness – “Russian troops moving into what the world still regards as Ukraine is going to be taken as a further invasion. Recognising the two Donbas republics, while not incorporating them into Russia, achieves nothing. The two are poor and will remain that way. They offer little strategic value. There is now no way he can win Kyiv back to Russian influence peacefully. So, while Putin may pause for a moment and try to get a Biden summit, and while market analysts will no doubt retreat to their next line of strategic denial –that this is not a proper invasion of Ukraine proper– the geostrategic logic says worse is to come.” – Michael Every  – SOME GOOD POINTS. NOT SURE EXACTLY WHAT PUTIN THINKS HE IS ACHIEVING HERE!!!!!!

Ukraine War Possibility Suddenly Heating Up (VIDEO) – “Recent developments in eastern Ukraine are increasingly pointing to the direction of a more direct conflict between Ukrainian and Russian forces.” – Ron Paul

The West’s Desperate Effort to Switch the Enemy from COVID to Putin – Martin Armstrong

Hawks Make Little Distinction Between Russia and the Soviet Union – “During the Soviet era, Russia was just one component of the USSR, albeit the largest one. Moreover, it is incorrect to assume that ethnic Russians always ran the communist state. The longest-tenured Soviet dictator (who ruled for nearly 3 decades) was Joseph Stalin – a Georgian, not a Russian. Nikita Khrushchev, who led the USSR for more than a decade, was ethnically Russian but grew up in Ukraine and was culturally Ukrainian.There are other reasons why a sharp distinction needs to be made between the Soviet Union and the noncommunist Russia that emerged when the USSR dissolved in December 1991. Today’s Russia is markedly different from the Soviet Union economically, politically, and ideologically ” – Ted Galen Carpenter

Perhaps The US Should Shut The Fuck Up About Respecting Other Countries’ Sovereignty – “I say this not out of any kind of fondness for Putin or support for his decisions, but because the absolute worst violator of national sovereignty in the entire world by a truly gargantuan margin complaining about violations of national sovereignty is bat shit insane.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Vindman and the rest of the Trump-hating Ukraine cabal have much to answer for – “Looking at you, Alexander Vindman. Looking at you, Alexandra and Andrea Chalupa. Looking at you, Fiona Hill. These are all the crummy little supposedly pro-Ukraine operatives who did their damndest to undermine President Trump during his administration. After all, the Russia invasion didn’t happen on Trump’s watch as they plotted and schemed against him instead of did their jobs. Vladimir Putin was actually pretty docile during those years, despite taking heavy rounds of sanctions signed off on by Trump. It happened after the man they worked so hard to get into the presidency cheated his way into power. ” – Monica Showalter

Freedom exists Outside society – “Freedom exists within the individual. It doesn’t exist anywhere else. Freedom means choice. An individual either takes it or surrenders it. Freedom, of course, is a natural fact, beyond the need for government permission. It exists outside the TERRITORY of government. No, we don’t live inside the government. The truth is even more extreme. Freedom exists outside of society.” – Jon Rappoport

Without Freedom To Transact, You Don’t Have Any Freedoms At All (VIDEO) -Mollie Hemingway

Are You a Good Global Citizen? Your “ESG Score” Will Say It All. – Jeff Thompson

FOURTH TURNING 2022 – BAD MOON RISING (PART FOUR) – “We have entered the most dangerous phase of this Crisis, where decisions by dementia ridden puppet presidents, foreign dictators, central bankers, billionaire hedge fund managers, and billionaire software makers pretending to be medical experts, will determine the future course of history. The current drumbeat for war being disseminated by Biden, his handlers, congressional psychopaths on both sides of the aisle, the neocon media, and Soros bribing “experts” to support war against Russia, is the perfect example of the ruling class trying to engineer a war to add to their fortunes and distract from their vile machinations. George Soros acknowledged, in an interview with CNN, that he actively contributed to the overthrow of former Ukrainian President, and ally of Putin, Viktor Yanukovych in 2014. The CIA and Soros installed their puppet Poroshenko as the illegitimate president, prompting Mr. Putin to annex Crimea, as Obama and his effeminate Secretary of State blustered and did nothing. Meanwhile Biden and his family harvested millions, peddling his influence for financial gain.” – Jim Quinn  – THE FOURTH AND FINAL PART OF JIM’S SERIES, ALL ARE A GOOD READ. THE FIRST THREE HAVE BEEN PREVIOUSLY LINKED!!!!!!

Fear and Loathing in Washington -“The Biden Administration’s Crimes Against Humanity. One can frequently disagree with government policies without necessarily regarding them with disgust, but the Joe Biden Administration has turned that corner, first with its senseless promotion of a new Cold War that could turn hot with Russia and, more recently, with its actions undertaken to undermine and punish Afghanistan.” Philip Giraldi – YES IT HAS TURNED HOT, ALSO LINKED AN ARTICLE ON 02/13/22 BY DANIEL LARISON ON HOW BIDEN WAS SCREWING THE AFGHANISTAN PEOPLE OUT OF THEIR MONEY!!!!!

Apartheid States – “For as long as anyone has been alive, whatever we have defined as the Left in America has always come with a healthy dose of hypocrisy. They have one set of rules for themselves and their allies and an entirely different set of rules, often the opposite set of rules, for their opponents. The cry of hypocrisy from their opponents are met with accusation about bad faith or dishonestly. The Left in America, since the middle of the last century, has been defined by partisanship. This is another aspect of the crisis in Canada that tells us something about what is happening in the managerial elite. The Right has been largely silent on what is happening and the outlandish hypocrisy on display. The reason for this is the so-called conservatives do not see hypocrisy in these actions, because they fully approve of the new order. They agree with their friends on the Left that those old liberal values are part of the basket of ideas associated with who Hillary Clinton labeled deplorables. Their quibbles are with small issues like the implementation and the optics.” – The ZMan

HONK: The American Freedom Convoy Preparing To Land In DC – “Like its northern counterpart, the American Convoy is attempting to bring awareness to the insane and illogical mandates coming from the elites and ruling class. Nothing about vaccine mandates makes sense, starting with the loss of individual freedom necessitated by overruling medical privacy.” – Hailey Sanibel  – WILL BIDEN REACT LIKE CASTREAU DID. AFTERALL IT WAS AFTER JUSTIN TALKED TO BIDEN THAT HE WENT FULL DICTATOR!!!!!

Canadian MP silenced, branded “disinformation” after questioning WEF influence – “As Canada falls further and further down a “new normal” rabbit hole, every day there are worrying signs of outright fascism creeping into society. But perhaps most worrying of all is a simple video showing an act of war on the truth.” – Kit Knightly

The Great Reset, part two: the World Economic Forum’s Great Narrative Project – “Time is of the essence, and Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum are here to save you from yourself. The “climate emergency” has arrived and “we” have no time to waste, “the environment is on the brink of disaster and climate change is an existential threat.” According to Schwab, the enemies of his kumbaya world include nationalists, populists, individualists, and those who support free markets. Rarely do you find such genuine, overt evil in this world. Klaus and the World Economic Forum, through the attempted Trojan horse hijacking of our freedoms via the “climate emergency,” fit the bill.” – Jordan Schachtel

A List of Klaus Schwab’s WEF “Young Global Leaders”. The WEF and the Pandemic – “Report by Swiss Policy Research” – Lioness of Judah Ministry  – ALSO THEIR WEBSITE IS LINKED IN THE SIDEBAR UNDER YOUNG GLOBAL LEADERS. IT IS SEARCHABLE AS WELL!!!!!

Why is the left silent on Trudeau’s crackdown? – “Civil liberties have been sacrificed to the culture war.” – Heydon Prowse

When Boring People Turn Dangerous: Canada’s Insane Power Grab – “The Canadian government’s decision to freeze bank accounts in the trucker protests is a mad leap toward bureaucratic dystopia” – Matt Taibbi

Governments are about to come for cryptocurrency in a big way – “Control of money and banking is the cornerstone of control of a society” – El Gato Malo

Are Democrats Kicking Away Their Future? – “The latest bad news came out of the Golden State, where three progressives on San Francisco’s school board were recalled in an election where more than 7 in 10 voters cast ballots to be rid of them. The problem for Democrats is that the issues for which the three were recalled are the issues dividing communities all across America…” – Patrick J. Buchanan

Senate Republicans fail to block Democrat-led Vaccine Mandates – “While other restrictions can be undone over a period of time, the citizen understands that the vaccine once injected into your body will cause permanent changes. Since the Democrats have been dogmatic about vaccine mandates, the people look towards the Republicans for support.” – Rajan Laad  – ONCE AGAIN SOME REPUBLICANS ARE JUST TALK!!!!!!!

Border Crisis Can’t Wait Three More Years For A New Administration To Fix: Russ Vought – ““We have a real crisis along our border: record apprehensions; the drug cartels are basically in operational control of our border; massive amounts of drugs are coming across the southern border,” Vought said in an interview with NTD’s “Capitol Report” program on Feb. 12.” – Harry Lee and Steve Lance

World’s first scan of dying brain reveals final moments – “Wave patterns showed activity similar to dreaming, memory recall and meditation” – RT

Best Canned Meats For Survival – Protein and Calories – Ken Jorgustin


Oil Steadies as Iran Nears Endgame, Tempering Ukraine Volatility – “”Futures in New York traded near $93 a barrel while Brent traded around $97. The international benchmark zoomed toward $100 a barrel on Monday, stopping at $99.50, after Russian President Vladimir Putin signed an order to send what he called “peacekeeping forces” to two breakaway areas of Ukraine. – Julia Fanzeres

Russia Warns Of “Brave New World” Of Higher Gas Prices After Germany Halts Nord Stream 2 – “Europeans are very soon going to pay €2.000 for 1.000 cubic meters of natural gas!” – Tyler Durden

How Can a Single Interest Rate Serve 19 Widely Varying Eurozone Economies? – “Let’s discuss widely differing inflation within the Eurozone and how things have changed in the last year.” -Mish

The Fed Inflation Fight Will Cause a Recession — And More Inflation (VIDEO) – Peter Schiff

Gold price rally will power to $2,700, then $7,400 as ‘perfect storm’ brews (VIDEO) with Chris Vermeulen – Kitco NEWS

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 13.18EUR


Jeremiah 51:20      Thou art my battle axe and weapons of war: for with thee will I break in pieces the nations, and with thee will I destroy kingdoms;