An epidemic of self delusion – “This stage of the pandemic is really one of the more mystifying parts. If you listen closely, you can hear the popping of burning wires. I got vaccinated. I got covid. I got really sick. Thank goodness I got vaccinated! You should get vaccinated too! I mean, at a certain point you’re thanking your lucky rabbit foot for keeping you from having lost your gold fillings on top of your wristwatch last poker night…” – El Gato Malo

MSM Beigns To Warn Of HIV & COVID-19 Variants TOGETHER – “Are they going to tie this together and blame HIV for giving people AIDS instead of the “vaccines” containing mRNA technology that literally has a splice from HIV on its spike protein? Why, all of a sudden, is this new HIV strain being shoved in our faces when it has been circulating for decades? Wouldn’t king Fauci, the original scammer of diseases know this? But it sure looks they are pushing treatment for this new HIV mutation, as some rulers press their slaves to get tested and big pharma tests “vaccines” for it.” – Mac Slavo

Bill Gates, WHO, World Economic Forum are part of a criminal network of COVID conspirators – “We need to recognize that decisions are not made by chance. There’s a plan, and decisions in seemingly disparate areas actually have the identical aim. You can’t see that if you’re thinking that people, organizations and even countries are working independently.” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

Will UKHSA also Hide Vaccinated and Boosted Deaths? – “Scotland folded; UKHSA next? Oddly enough, Scotland did not decide to actually look into this, or study specific vaccinated people who are dying at greater rates than vaccine-free people, to figure out what is happening. Scotland did not also try to find ways to save the poor dying vaccinated people either.” – Igor Chudov

Draghi: The Unvaccinated Are Not Part of Our Society – Martin Armstrong

Who’s Best Situated to Figure Out the Truth about COVID? – “It’s not whom you might expect. It’s definitely not Anthony Fauci. What is the truth? Why is COVID so confusing? First, there are ever-changing messages. No mask, yes mask, two masks, avoid cloth masks. Vaccination will stop COVID, except maybe not — we need boosters, several. There is no natural immunity…well, maybe there is, but it won’t protect you. Except that real physicians say it will. No wonder people don’t trust Fauci or Biden.” – J. Deane Waldman, M.D.

California Tyrants Self-Identify: Only The Vaxxed Can Work – “It’s not law yet, but there is legislation in California that requires all workers, even independent contractors, to take the coronavirus vaccine. This deserves all of the outrage, scorn, and resistance that the liberty-minded in the state, and elsewhere, can muster.” – I & I Editorial Board

Biden wants billions more in Covid funding. Lawmakers aren’t eager to spend big — again. – “President Joe Biden’s cabinet members and public health experts say they are running out of money to battle Covid-19 and need tens of billions more dollars to continue vaccination, testing and medicine distribution efforts at home and abroad.” – Alice Miranda Ollstein  – THEY HAD PLENTY OF MONEY TO BATTLE COVID, THEY JUST WANT TO KEEP LINING MODERNA’S AND PFIZER’S POCKETS FOR VACCINES THAT HAVEN’T WORKED. FOLLOW WHERE THE MONEY WENT AND IS GOING!!!!!!!


The Unmasking – “O Canada, the Great White North, hovering ominously above Niagara Falls somewhere, is a winter wonderland, and one of the great pleasures of the season there, apparently, for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is skating on thin ice. The great truckers’ convoy that converged on Canada’s capital city, Ottawa, has exposed the ugly truth at the heart of this historic moment for Western Civ: that governments have declared war on their own citizens. And now everybody — including alert citizens watching from many other countries — waits to see what the next moves are. Meanwhile, like a coronavirus itself, the trucker protest movement has infected America. The US government, like Canada’s, has likewise been at war with its citizens.” – James Howard Kunstler


America’s Ruling Regime Doesn’t Fear Disinformation. It Fears Truth. – “Casting critics as terrorists and threatening to sic the most powerful, pervasive and sophisticated security state in the history of the world on them is of course not about defending democracy or protecting the truth — it’s about intimidating democratic opposition into silence and submission to an official narrative.” – Ben Weingarten

We don’t need no Constitutional Convention. Let’s enforce the Constitution that we have. – Mark Crispin Miller

There Is a Limit to the Tyrant’s Power: Ottawa Freedom Convoy Tears Down Illusion of Democracy in North America – “Who would have thought that Canada would ever be a spark plug for a freedom movement against tyranny?” – Matthew Ehret

And Now, It’s Economic Warfare – “What we are seeing right now in Ottawa reveals the hegemonic depth of the system that gave us lockdowns, then mandates: it is now capable of freezing your accounts and essentially starving you and your family. It’s economic warfare. This was a wild conspiracy theory last year. Now it is very obvious that this is where many governments want to go. We’ve seen examples just in the past week. ” – Jeffrey A. Tucker

Bank Run? Canada’s Top Banks Mysteriously Go Offline – “There were countless stories of banking customers who experienced trouble accessing their funds yesterday evening. No bank explained the source of the outrage, but essential to note the outage comes, as we said above, days after Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act. The power gives the federal government direct access to banks to force any business conducted with Freedom Convoy protesters and affiliates to freeze their bank accounts. Trust in the banking system among depositors is crucial to prevent bank runs. Freezing accounts of people linked to the protests can incite fear.” – Tyler Durden

The truckers’ revolt has exposed the left’s class hatred – “Every time working-class people rebel today they are instantly smeared as fascists.” – Tom Slater

Seven of Canada’s 10 provinces now oppose Trudeau’s Emergencies Act declaration – “A majority of Canada’s provincial premiers agree that the prime minister’s actions are are too drastic and unnecessary.” – Anthony Murdoch

Justin Trudeau’s Swastikas. “Democracy with Neo-Nazi Characteristics” – “At Home and Abroad. “Fans the Flames of An Unjustified National Emergency” Meanwhile, a major police initiative against the Freedom Convoy involving a high tech “Nazi style” special forces operation is contemplated by the Prime Minister Trudeau. This decision should come as no surprise. Both Prime Minister Trudeau together with Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland (as part of Canada’s foreign policy) have “unofficially” supported Neo-Nazi politics in Ukraine.” – Prof Michel Chossudovsky  – CALLING THE TRUCKERS NAZIS, WHEN IN FACT HE HAS BEEN THE ONE SUPPORTING NEO-NAZIS IN THE PAST AND USING GESTAPO TACTICS RIGHT NOW!!!!

You Can Never Be Free When You Cannot Own – “The most evil of all taxes – the tax on property – is evil not so much because it takes but rather because of what it precludes. The slave is owned, physically (and legally) possessed by another person – his owner. The tax slave is also possessed – just less obviously because less immediately. He is permitted the illusion that he is his own man – mark the italics. But he is denied full ownership of anything that would establish that he is a free man, i.e., his home and the land it sits on. ” – Eric Peters

‘Russiagate’ is indeed worse than Watergate. Here’s why – “Durham document exposes extent of operation involving a tech company, Hillary Clinton’s campaign, and DNC lawyers” – Nebojsa Malic

Desperate To Discredit Durham, Media Takes Aim At Conservatives – “Anti-Trump media targets conservative outlets over Durham court filing.” – Leesa K. Donner

Does Anyone Still Believe This? – “Comey, Clapper and Brennan. Remember them? They used to do a soft shoe routine on the Osk Kosh circuit. Don’t we seem to be getting farther and farther away from Comey (FBI), Clapper (NSA), and Brennan (CIA)? I’m afraid the closest we will have gotten was Michael Horowitz’s perjury prosecution referral for Comey, nixed by cabal-wingman William Barr. Funny how they completely disappeared from view when the scenery changed to covid and the cast changed to Fauci.” – Diana West

Who Are Those ‘Techies’ Who Spied on Trump? – ” ‘Benevolent posse’ or partisans for Hillary Clinton? John Durham has the answer.” – Kimberley A. Strassel

Wrong-way Biden dispatches Kamala Harris … to secure the Ukraine border – “Harris is in Ukraine trying to solve the border crisis there. What about the U.S. Southern border? ” – Monica Showalter

Ukraine Won’t Fix Inflation or an Addled President – “Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine! Oh my, the political Establishment hasn’t been this wound up to rush into war since…wait…that’s right, the United States has been at war non-stop for nearly a century now. No worries, though — Joe Biden will see America through the dark days ahead. The wandering lumpkin of witless proportions will stare down Russia and win! — mostly because he can no longer blink on his own without remedial assistance.” – J.B. Shurk

How the Coddled Kids Graduated But Never Grew Up – “The coddled kids didn’t grow up, and now they’re in positions of authority everywhere. The madness of crowds had long been simmering at the doors of American institutions – then its halls, and then its board rooms.” – Joakim Book

Thinking Points, Feb. 17, 2022 – “Bouncy castles, the latest polling, statism, living through a genocide, what’s causing the surge in car crashes, hierarchies, mandates head back to the Supreme Court, we are the majority now” – Toby Rogers  – MORE GOOD POINTS FROM TOBY!!!!

The US Has Zero Moral Authority – “What the US and its proxies are doing with Yemen is universes more horrific and universes more urgent than what Russia is doing with Ukraine.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Has Putin Won Round One in Ukraine? – “Now that the Soviet Empire is dead, the Soviet Union is dead. Communism is dormant, and the USSR has devolved into 15 nations; why did we move our Cold War alliance onto Moscow’s front porch? Would we tolerate this?” – Patrick J. Buchanan

Will Washington Launch a Mass-Casualty “False Flag” to Sabotage Nord Stream? – “February 16 has come and gone without incident. The information spread by US officials and the media proved to be wrong. What are we to make of this? Why would the administration stake its credibility on a prediction that was so far-fetched? And why did the media participate in the ruse when they clearly had no hard evidence to back up the claims? Did they really think Putin is so cognitively-impaired that he’d order his troops into Ukraine just to follow Washington’s loony script?” – Mike Whitney

We Are Not Useful Idiots! – “We do think, however, that the entire Ukrainian crisis is a Washington-confected con job. And we came to that conclusion without relying on a single scrap of information peddled by Russki propagandists appearing on Strategic Culture Foundation or Zero Hedge. Actually, we thought it up all by our lonesome! Well, we’ll grant we did have a fair amount of help from Google, which insofar as we know works for the CIA, not the Russian SVR (foreign intelligence service). That is to say, it is not a matter of America’s national security interest in the precise Ukrainian geography, which happens to lie cheek-by-jowl on Russia’s border, but the very governance of the entire planet: Conform to the “rule of law” as articulated by Washington or get sanctioned, outlawed, pariah-ed, and even invaded, if worst comes to worst. We hear this refrain repeatedly from Secy Blinkey and national security advisor Snake Sullivan. But we find ourselves doubled over with laughter each time, knowing practically by heart the list of coups, regime change plots, invasions and occupations Washington has foisted upon other sovereign nations over the last 70 years.” – David Stockman  – GOOD READ FROM MR. STOCKMAN!!!!!!

Washington Has Prepared an Invasion Narrative – Paul Craig Roberts

Laughing Stock MSM Reschedule Nonexistent Russian Invasion of Ukraine – Stephen Lendman

The U.S. Needs Cold War but the Real Enemy Is Within – “Without the Cold War, the United States is in mortal danger of collapsing from its own internal failures as a hyper-militarized national security state. This explains the madcap media propaganda campaign over recent weeks to stoke dangerous tensions in Europe with Russia.” – Finian Cunningham

GMO Name Game Revealed – “New USDA rules go into effect that allow Big Food to hide their genetically modified ingredients. Starting January 1 of this year, the new GMO labeling rules went into effect. Sorry, we mean “bioengineered” labeling, the term the government and industry chose to obfuscate the issue and confuse consumers. Obfuscation and confusion were the chief goal of these new rules, as they allow companies to “label” their foods with a QR code that consumers need to scan to see if a food contains genetically modified ingredients. The rule represents a major capitulation to industry and a loss for consumers. What’s even more unfortunate is that GMOs are exactly the wrong direction for our health and the environment.” – ANH-USA

One in three Americans have detectable levels of toxic weedkiller, study finds – “Human exposure to 2,4-D has substantially risen despite a multitude of health and environmental concerns” – Nina Lakhani


Open Letter to Edward Dowd: the financial collapse – “Questions for this former portfolio manager at BlackRock, the investment management company; Dowd has gone public with his assessments… I want to form a clearer picture of your predictions about the financial collapse. I agree that The Great Reset is real. The powers-that-be fully intend to make it happen. A currency reset is one of their main objectives. You seem to be saying that 2022 or 2023 is the year for the financial reset; and there will be much chaos and many riots. “Turbulence” would be a vast understatement. So I’d like to see, in writing, the details on how you think this is going to play out.” – Jon Rappoport

Government Statistics at it Again: They Adjusted Your Recession from Hell to Heaven! – “I tried my best to give the BLS the benefit of the doubt when it did not massage the inflation rate in its last CPI report lower for January than December as I thought it would. I did, that is, until I dug deeper into what the BLS did do. Now government is at it again. And it’s worse this time!” – David Haggith

Who Bought the $6.5 Trillion in Treasuries Piled on the Incredibly Spiking US Debt in 22 Months? Who Holds the $30 Trillion? – “The question is particularly hot because Treasuries are now ugly instruments with the worst punishment yields ever.” – Wolf Richter

Inflation – Cassandra Speaks – “Inflation should be front and centre for markets – give or take Ukraine, Oil, etc. How real is it, and just how bad could the consequences be? Not talking about it is one way to ensure it hurts.” – Bill Blain

Walmart says shoppers are on alert as grocery bills climb – Melissa Repko

Soaring Rents Eat Americans’ Wage Increases – And Then Some – John Rubino

Follow Congress’ Money Trail For Big Gains – Nomi Prins

Banks Sink – Throwing More Cold Water on All That Talk that Megabanks Are a Great Investment – “There are apparently stock-picking analysts across Wall Street pumping out buy recommendations on stocks to the public who have never cast their eyes on those chilling derivative charts published quarterly by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. If the analysts had cast their eyes on those charts, the last thing they would be recommending right now are megabank stocks.” – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

It’s Not Paranoia – The Illogic Of How We Have Built Things Is Out To Get You – Michael Every

Bank Of America WARNS AGAIN On The Stock Market… VERY IMPORTANT UPDATES. (VIDEO) – Gregory Mannarino

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 13.53EUR


Ecclesiastes 9:18    Wisdom is better than weapons of war: but one sinner destroyeth much good.


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