Dishonesty is a Bad Business Plan – “The whopping untruths launched onto the people of Western Civ by their governments reformatted the brains of millions so badly that they shuffled obediently into a mass formation and ran over a buffalo jump. What a stampede it has been! But suddenly, the remaining buffaloes are balking at the cliff’s edge, seeing the bodies pile up below. Some of the bulls have even turned the other way and started charging back across the darkling prairie at the creatures driving the herd with their klaxons of deceit. All authority, from Vienna to Vancouver stands revealed as psychopathic — it apparently seeks to kill and injure as many as possible. Talk about the needle and the damage done! Following the lame, coordinate campaign to discredit Joe Rogan, the Democrats and their accomplices in the news media went into a desperate pivot this week, attempting brazenly to pretend that they can walk away from what amounts to their abetting of mass murder.” – James Howard Kunstler

As COVID crumbles they’re already prepping the next “pandemic” – “The coronavirus may go but, from cancer to AIDS, the mRNA vaccines are here to stay. – Kit Knightly

What will the next “crisis” look like? With COVID Mania getting stale, the ruling class needs another distraction – “Climate emergency? Cyber pandemic? War with Russia?” – Jordan Schachtel

UK: Reinfections Reveal “The Bad Deal of COVID Vaxx” – “The UK is now firmly into fantastical territory. Reading the latest UKHSA report feels surreal.” – Igor Chudov

FDA ready to OK the vaxx for babies; why not just throw the babies off a cliff into a volcano? – “And the answer to that question is obvious. Throwing babies into a volcano makes no money for Pfizer.” – Jon Rappoport

Have doctors blindly become foot soldiers of the global elite? – Neville Hodgkinson

World’s Exemplar For Pandemic Response, Now Indicates Global Failure – “Along with its sky-high triple and quadruple vaccination rates, Israel has been the most data-rich environment of this pandemic with a relatively small, densely packed population, a sophisticated health system, and, most importantly, a world-class medical research infrastructure replete with highly qualified investigators and scientists.” – TrialSite Staff

Where Is The Pandemic? According To The BC Government Records Hospitalizations and ICU admissions in BC During the Covid-19 Pandemic Did Not Increase Compared to the Previous Years – “A Pandemic of Deceit” – Lioness of Judah Ministry

7 Current Trends of Operation Coronavirus as of February 2022 – Makia Freeman


That’s White Star Line Property! – “There’s a scene in James Cameron’s Titanic film that bears on our situation. The great ship is obviously sinking and Jack – the lead character – breaks through a door to gain access to a main passageway for himself and Rose. “That’s White Star Line Property!” screeches a white-coated bellhop character. Everyone watching understands the absurdity of worrying about a damaged door on a sinking ship. Like the one we’re all sailing on.” – Eric Peters

Separation Or Purge? Sharing A Society With The Political Left Is Impossible – “If you want to understand the thinking process of the political left today, this is where you need to start. They believe only certain special people deserve to have freedom (or deserve to live), and they are of course part of that group. The rest of us can’t be trusted with freedom because we “think the wrong way,” and so we need to be corralled and fenced in. This is not to say that some structure within society is wrong, it can be a good thing, but not when it is imposed by an elitist minority of psychopathic people. There will never be any justice within such a system, no fairness and no true progress.” – Brandon Smith  – ANOTHER GREAT READ FROM BRANDON!!!!!!

2 Predictions – “1/ If the US truckers manage to organize themselves anywhere close to the way their Canadian brethren have, in projects like Convoy To DC 2022 or American Freedom Convoy 2022, they will cause absolute mayhem stateside, and the Biden admin will very rapidly lift the -announced- vaccination mandates for truckers. This will force Canada to do the same. 2/ Scores of countries are now falling over themselves to lift Covid restrictions and measures. But there is one thing they will not do: lift these for unvaccinated people. Because that would make them lose face, despite the obvious fact that the vaccines either don’t work, or work for just a few months, and then require boosters that ever more people will refuse to get. The large amounts of people who did get tricked into being vaccinated will support the banning and cancelling of the “unpure”.” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer

Scientism and the New Road to Serfdom – “It’s long past time for conservative folks to wake up. Today’s great threat to capitalist prosperity, personal liberty and constitutional government as we have known it is not Marxism, socialism or any other variant of traditional left-wing ideology. The real threat to liberty is more generic. And today the vehicle for that impulse of statist expansion is Scientism — the false claims that economic science, public health science and climate change science, among others, require sweeping increases in state intervention and control.” – David Stockman

A kinder, gentler authoritarianism Those who boast about being the most caring are often the most callous.” – Patrick West

Why Ideology Is the Ancient Enemy of Civilization – “In such ideological dystopias, eventually even the shelves empty, the currency becomes worthless, and the nation regresses into poverty and chaos. Is that the future we await?” – Victor Davis Hanson

Ending Mandates Does Not Strip Government of the Ability to Do This Again – Julius Ruechel

Lunacy: Biden calls for huge new government spending to…beat inflation – “Government spending is at the root of the problem here; we all are feeling it. Biden is still yelling about how he’s going to “work like the devil” to lower gas prices. This guy doesn’t work. All he does is spend. Every solution to every problem is solved by Biden by spending, including the thorny issue of drug addiction, where, reportedly, he’s authorized “safe smoking kits” for addicts with credible reports that those kits include crack pipes. His latest scheme is wage hikes for federal bureaucrats to beat inflation — to be financed by printing money. The only other alternative is unpalatable tax hikes.” – Monica Showalter

You Voted For It, Blue America – “This truly makes me chuckle. “Natural gas is a driver of electricity costs as it is used by generation plants to create electricity. Con Edison does not make a profit on the commodity,” Drury said in a statement to FOX Business. “We buy the energy on the wholesale market and provide it to customers at the same price we paid.” NYMEX natural gas futures have jumped over 49% from 12 months ago. The company has roughly 3.5 million electric customers and 1.1 million natural gas customers. Yep. Biden’s Administration has done everything in its power to degrade and stop energy infrastructure build-out, unless its “green enough” by whatever formula he uses. Keystone XL is just part of it. In addition there are natural gas pipelines that have had their permitting process obstructed and thus are now unfinished, both for new rights-of-way and capacity increases.” – Karl Denninger

“Eyes Of The World Are On Us” – Ontario Declares ‘State Of Emergency’ Over Bridge Blockade – Tyler Durden

Trudeau Says Restrictions Are Necessary to Prevent Further Restrictions – “Sorry, what?” – Paul Joseph Watson

Justin Trudeau’s Ceauşescu Moment – “Denouncing truckers for “unacceptable views,” Canada’s Prime Minister skipped town rather than face evidence of his own unpopularity. Is neoliberalism finally cracking? – “Matt Taibbi

GiveSendGo says it will ignore Ontario court order to freeze Freedom Convoy funds – “In defiance of the order, the U.S. based organization said that the court has no jurisdiction over its decisions and plans to disburse the funds to the protesters for whom the crowdfund was created.” – Ian Miles Cheong – WE WILL SEE WHAT HAPPENS ON THIS. THE GOOD CITIZEN HAS AN ARTICLE LINKED IN THE ECONOMIC NEWS TODAY AS TO WHY BITCOIN WOULD HAVE BEEN BETTER TO USE!!!!

Why the Freedom Convoy is provoking unprecedented hysteria – “The fact that it’s ordinary people behind the Freedom Convoy, rather than professional activists, has caused alarm among the ruling class” – Rachel Marsden

Ottawa Police aggressively arrest an elderly man after honking, Morning Feb 7, Freedom Convoy 2022 (VIDEO) -BeatriceBeatrice Vancouver BC Canada  – WELCOME TO POLICE STATE CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

High Pressure Tactics in FBI Coverup Surrounding Whitmer Case – “If this were a clean operation and the government felt confident that the FBI did not entrap innocent men, prosecutors wouldn’t need to compel any statement from the defendant.” – Julie Kelly

Gun-Grabbers Pulling Out All the Stops to Kill Your 2A Rights – “Unlike the Neanderthals of the right, they are responsible human beings, so they are the only ones who should own guns. Suddenly, it all made sense once again. They can own guns without any guilt and still want to confiscate them from everyone else. Except for the criminals — they are victims of society, and it’s too tough to take them anyway, so they’ll just leave them alone. Their problem was figuring out how to take all those guns from their political opponents and not look like total hypocrites.” – D. Parker

Shoplifting reaches crisis proportions – Jennifer A. Kingson

Who You Allow to Define “Sickness” Determines if You Live in Slavery, or Freedom – Brian Shilhavy

Crypto art auction raises more than $72 million for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s legal fund –

Stress Test for a Fading Superpower – “And as we went crusading for a new world order, Vladimir Putin’s Russia gradually recovered from its crushing Cold War defeat, and China began to move out of America’s shadow to become the most powerful rival modern America had ever faced.” – Patrick J. Buchanan

“China Is A Freakish, Backwards Nation,” Bleat The Slaves From Their Dystopia – ““China is a freakish, backwards nation,” say the media in a nation whose government has spent the 21st century slaughtering people by the millions in military operations overseas so that it can literally rule the world like a comic book supervillain.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Someone Needs to Tell the Kremlin that the “Ukraine Crisis” Is Over – “I don’t believe there is a crisis. It is an illusion of crisis produced by endless talks that the Russians find frustrating. They should stop talking. Ukraine will never be put in NATO unless Russia collapses militarily. If Donbass is again part of Russia, no one will attack Donbass. The flashpoint for the past seven years will be gone.” – Paul Craig Roberts

Is the American Legacy Media a ‘Weapon of Mass Destruction’? – “Not since the Vietnam War – when liberals behaved like peaceniks and not the Neocon country cousins they’ve become – has the media seriously scrutinized the US government’s arguments for military exploits abroad.” – Robert Bridge

British Tank Lady Doesn’t Recognize Russian Sovereignty Over Rostov, Voronezh – “Liz Truss annexes Rostov, Voronezh to Ukraine” – Anti-Empire  – IT’S REALLY QUITE AMAZING WE HAVEN’T STARTED A WAR YET WITH RUSSIA WHEN NEITHER THE U.S. OR BRITAIN DOESN’T HAVE ANYONE CAPABLE OF HANDLING FOREIGN POLICY!!!!

The Mediocracy Of ‘Global Britain’ – “The knowledge and quality of ‘western’ leading officials is of serious concern. They are often politicians with no experience in the fields they are supposed to represent. Liz Truss, currently the Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom, is a sad example. It is said that the job of the foreign secretary has something to do with geography. To know where this or that country is and what its surroundings are is supposedly helpful when one wants wage war or peace with or against them. Liz Truss had failed in this category when, a week ago,” – Moon of Alabama


Is The Real Rate Of Inflation More Than Twice As High As The Number We Were Just Given? – Michael Snyder

What Happens When Soaring Prices Collide With Tapped-Out Consumers? – John Rubino

How inflation and tangled supply lines are gripping economy – Christopher Rugaber

Conflict with China and Russia Could Accelerate De-Dollarization- “Both China and Russia play hugely important roles in the global economy. Both face economic sanctions from the United States. And both are eyeing long-term strategies for shifting the locus of global trade away from the Federal Reserve Note “dollar.”” – Stefan Gleason –  ONCE AGAIN THIS ILLUSTRATES THAT THE U.S. HAS NO ONE THAT KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE DOING IN FOREIGN POLICY. SANCTIONS THAT INCREASE THE POSSIBILITY OF DE-DOLLARIZATION, ONLY HURTS THE U.S IN THE LONG RUN!!!!!!

When Will People Learn? Freedom Trucker’s money seized again. – “*Dear fellow Gold and Silver bugs, this is not about Bitcoin or crypto being better. This is all about a decentralized solution to present centralized government tyranny. Gold and silver in physical form are a great store of value against inflation but could not solve this problem. There is a fallacy going around that because the U.S. government recently seized stolen Bitcoin from BitFinex hackers ($3.6 Billion), after spending 7 years tracking it down with court orders (when it was worth only $74 million!) that they can just seize anyone’s Bitcoin. There is nothing further from the truth when you understand how Bitcoin and crypto works. They haven’t banned crypto nor could they if they wanted without completely going North Korea on the country or the west. If the Freedom Convoy 2022 had simply requested crypto from the start they would have done a huge service by onboarding a million new crypto users AND would have avoided the past two weeks of seizures and headaches.” – Good Citizen  – GOOD EXPLANATION FROM THE GOOD CITIZEN!!!!!

Geopolitical Risk Premium Could Send Oil Prices To $120 – Irina Slav

12 Compelling Reasons to Invest in Gold and Silver – Sprott Money

Britons Face “Perfect Storm” Of Rising Taxes, Heating Costs, & Food Inflation – Tyler Durden

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 13.92EUR


Jeremiah 51:46    And lest your heart faint, and ye fear for the rumour that shall be heard in the land; a rumour shall both come one year, and after that in another year shall come a rumour, and violence in the land, ruler against ruler.