Wake-Up Call – “Who would have guessed that Canada, demure, inoffensive, shrinking violet among nations, would rise to lead a world-wide revolt against the Satanic dominion of digital neo-Bolshevism? I mean, what else can you call it — this political Saint Vitus Dance sweeping Western Civ that seeks to destroy every constitutional liberty, deprive citizens of life, property, and even language, and reduce every individual to an internet-surveilled and controlled automaton… this global megalomaniacal mental illness posturing as “government?” Well, now it has happened, and the head of Canada’s government, Justin Trudeau — arguably the most fatuous would-be tyrant in the former “Free World” — has failed to emerge from his hidey-hole for the better part of a week, perhaps afraid of seeing his shadow like the groundhog of legend, and it begins to look as if his days as Prime Minister grow short.” – James Howard Kunstler

If the COVID vaccines really worked, you’d only need one shot – “Yet another reason for avoiding the jab.” – Steve Kirsch

Federal contracts poised to deliver 100 million vaccine doses annually for years – “Contracts are for 65M doses from Pfizer and 35M from Moderna. ederal COVID-19 vaccine contracts mean Canada should get enough doses to give two or three more mRNA shots to every Canadian, every year, until at least 2024.” – The Canadian Press  – LOOKS LIKE CANADA PLANS ON JABBING FOR AT LEAST THE NEXT 2 YEARS!!!!!!

UK and the Boosted Monkey Experiment – “Booster Effectiveness against Death Drops by 10% Across the Board in TWO WEEKS” – Igor Chudov

6 Big Differences Between Natural Vs. Vaccine-Induced Immunity – “At the time the UK government and media were pumping out a narrative that most people who were becoming infected with COVID were unvaccinated, the prestigious Lancet journal quietly revealed that, in actual fact, 89% of cases were among the vaccinated.” – Rob Verkerk Ph.D.

Why the Sudden Hostility Toward Off-Label Medicines? – Brian C. Joondeph, M.D.

More Important Ivermectin Study Results – “Plus- prescribing drugs “off label’ is important, and the “emergency” is over” – Robert W Malone MD, MS

Claire Bridges: Double-Vaccinated 20-Year-Old Model Develops Myocarditis, Suffers Heart Attack And Has Both Legs Amputated – The Covid World

Why Was There No Warp Speed for Therapeutics? – “When Congress investigates our response to the pandemic, this ought to be the first question.” – David Suissa  – BECAUSE IT WAS NEVER ABOUT THE SO-CALLED VIRUS, JUST THE VACCINES!!!!!

CDC Spreads Misinformation on Masking, Not Science – “The American people can sense the lies. Their trust in the CDC is falling. The CDC’s actions have completely bewildered the American people. If it continues down this road, it will only erode what little credibility it has left.” – David Waugh & Amelia Janaskie


Dominant superpowers don’t accumulate $30 trillion in debt – “But it’s not just the debt. It’s so much more. Dominant superpowers don’t surrender tens of billions of dollars of military equipment to their sworn enemy, and then fly away with local civilians clinging to the side of their aircraft. Dominant superpowers don’t abandon their own citizens abroad. Dominant superpowers don’t engineer historically high inflation… and then ignore it. Nor do they embrace socialism, i.e. the literal opposite of the capitalist economic system that created so much wealth and power to begin with. Dominant superpowers don’t send their government agents to harass innocent citizens, or tell parents they have no say in the education of their children. Dominant superpowers don’t suspend their Constitutions because of a virus.” – Simon Black

Our Elite is No Elite At All – “The only real recent public service of elites has been to persuade us why they were never elites at all.” – Victor Davis Hanson

I see we are entering the “freedom is insurrection” stage of authoritarian derangement – “Last night at midnight, a “state of emergency” went into effect in ottawa proving once more that if you grant government excess powers in emergencies, they will inevitably claim such exigency any time they want more power or when your rights become inconvenient.” – El Gato Malo

The Truckers vs The Government; We need to get out ahead of all this – “The Ottawa city government has declared a state of emergency. It’s now a crime for anyone on the scene to give food, fuel, or aid of any kind to the truckers. The truckers and people all over Canada want freedom and peace. The government wants peace without freedom. The government wants vaccine mandates and passports, and the ability to declare lockdowns and other fascist measures at any time. No debate on “the science,” no need to justify the COVID measures, no legal cases taking up Constitutional limits on government power. Just: OBEY. So that’s what the government is. That’s who they are. That’s who Trudeau is.” – Jon Rappoport

Children Of The Free States – “Young lovers of the future across two worlds.” – Good Citizen – A LOOK INTO THE DYSTOPIAN FUTURE, A VERY GOOD READ!!!!!

Letter to Justin Trudeau – “It’s time to take off your costume. It’s time to stop playing Prime Minister. It’s time to file for divorce from Canada.” – Margaret Anna Alice

Biden security advisor Sullivan says Russian invasion could come ‘any day now’ – Jessica Bursztynsky – BANG THAT WAR DRUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Big Tech vs the working class – “GoFundMe’s withholding of donations to the Canadian truckers is a foul, classist attack on democracy.’ – Brendan O’Neill

Justin goes Castro on Canada’s truck protestors – “There’s a reason the memes are coming out now about Justin Trudeau being Castro’s son…” – Monica Showalter

GoFundMe and the Nag’s Head Light: How Crowdfunding Has Become The Latest Battleground Over Free Speech – Jonathan Turley

Florida feels like another planet compared with Quebec – “Thousands of Quebecers have also looked into moving there since the pandemic. It’s a tale of two worlds. Like most Canadians, I still think collective safety trumps some individual rights. But I’d prefer something between the cowboy individualism of Florida and the heavy-handed paternalistic rules of Quebec during this fifth wave.” – Josh Freed

Invented State of Emergency Declared in Ottawa – “In cahoots with Trudeau regime tyranny, Ottawa mayor Jim Watson declared a state of emergency over the weekend. What he and police called “extremely disruptive and unlawful behavior” reflects hardline Trudeau regime policies — tyrannical mandates protesters want rescinded.” – Stephen Lendman

Thinking Points, Feb. 6, 2022 – “The mainstream does not care about science, or data, or truth, it only cares about class position. If you want to be a scientist you must follow the data, without bias, wherever it leads you. You don’t get to just lick the red pill, you must swallow it. There is no going back. Either you wear your exile from the mainstream with pride or admit that you are not really that committed to truth.” – Toby Rogers  – A FEW MORE GOOD POINTS FROM TOBY!!!!!

Why are triple-jabbed Joe and Jill STILL wearing their masks outside? President keeps on face covering just to cross the White House lawn despite no mandate and Omicron infection rates collapsing – Rachael Bunyan

Could Biden’s attempt at a gun registry lead to confiscations, universal background checks? – “Why do Democrats keep pushing a policy that costs so much and has no crime-reducing benefits?” – Bob Unruh

The Liz Cheney Delusions – “Some people simply love themselves – a lot. Others hate people to the point that it consumes them. Most of the rest of us live somewhere in the in-between. But politics isn’t about the in-betweens; it’s about pandering to the extremes, either for votes, money, or both. That’s why the radical left has embraced Republican Liz Cheney.” – Derek Hunter

An Obama photograph proves the lies of ‘climate change’ and COVID – “The left is built upon a mountain of falsehoods. Two of the biggest are that humankind is trembling on the brink of destruction because of “climate change” and that onerous COVID restrictions are the only things keeping us alive. So what are we to make of an unmasked Obama standing around construction workers, very grumpy about work on his multimillion-dollar beachfront Hawaiian mansion? What I make of it is that both “climate change” and COVID restrictions are huge parts of that mountain of lies. The Cult of Climate Change tells us that, unless we abandon all fossil fuels, the oceans will rise and every coastal community will be destroyed. When Obama bought his coastal Martha’s Vineyard house, it was pretty clear that he didn’t believe a word of this narrative.” – Andrea Widburg

FBI Clowns Release Mueller Documents with Hillary’s Name Redacted – Forget Prior Document Dump Exposes Her Name – Joe Hoft

Secretary Pete’s Traffic Cameras: Are They Really About Speed Limits? – “Climate change is the new COVID. Agenda 21 has made it very clear that the end goal is to subject the entire world to communism (“You’ll own nothing, and you’ll be happy.”). One minor goal along the way is the elimination of greenhouse gases. Nobody wants to tackle the largest worldwide culprit of greenhouse gases, but America needs to come under the thumb of a global government organization at all costs. This is why you’re seeing the current push for eating fake meat and bugs, the push to update all of American architecture to “green” designs, and the push for electric vehicles. But Agenda 21 and the entire climate change push has never actually been about climate: it’s always been about control.” – Jeff Thompson

Scientists Conclude Dire Climate Change Models Were Wrong, Now What? – “Scientists admit they did not model clouds accurately and that they need a supercomputer 1000 times more powerful to accurately do that. The dire predictions went out the window, seemingly unanimously. But there is plenty in the article for the fearmongers and the sceptics to both say “I told you so”.” – Mish

Homeschooling Can Save Children from Critical Race Theory and Masks – Ron Paul

Ukraine & NATO Agree Threat of Russian Invasion ‘Low’ – But US Continues “Apocalyptic” Rhetoric – Tyler Durden

Russia’s gold reserves: The good, the bad & the ugly – “What’s actually going on here?” – Edward Slavsquat


The Necessity of Human Action – “In 1987, Levon Helm, a former cotton farmer from Arkansas, sat brooding in his yard, trying to describe why his apparent success had turned to near-bankruptcy: “Well, it’s hard to put your finger on. You get behind financially and once you get behind financially, you seem to get behind spiritually. And your luck turns against you.” Levon’s perception of his situation is a common one. He had become quite successful, but had never learned to understand more about economics than, “If you got it, spend it.” As a result, throughout his life, he repeatedly found himself in monetary difficulties.” -Jeff Thomas  – VERY GOOD READ FROM JEFF!!!!!

You Just Saw History Being Made – “The million jobs created last summer now happened this winter. Economic history was just rewritten – and we are supposed to take it seriously. Regardless, a Fed policy error is now baked in…unless what went up in January comes down equally stupidly in February right before the FOMC has to pull the trigger pointed at its own head.” – Michael Every

GoFundMe just proved Bitcoin’s use case – Mark E. Jeftovic  – LINKED A GOOD ARTICLE YESTERDAY ABOUT THIS AS WELL FROM THE GOOD CITIZEN!!!!

Fed Scandal Bigger Than Watergate? – “Jay Powell traded during restricted blackout period; failed to disclose most trade dates; apparently lied about muni conflict; directed massive Wall St bailouts despite conflicts” – Occupy the Fed Movement

“I’ve Never Seen A Market Like This”: Goldman Sees Shortages Of Everything, “You Name It, We’re Out Of It” – Tyler Durden

The Fed Is Going to Lose the Inflation Fight (VIDEO) – Peter Schiff

Why the Federal Reserve Note’s Decline Is FAR Worse Than Reported – “Americans are waking up to some uncomfortable truths. One of these is the fact that government bureaucrats and the corporate media regularly lie about what is going on in the world. They tell us the Federal Reserve Note “dollar” is strong and price inflation is completely under control. Millions of Americans now notice rapid price inflation and a good portion of them are pouring into physical bullion.” – Clint Siegner

Gold & silver open interest drop sharply (VIDEO) with Dave Kranzler – Arcadia Economics

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 13.71EUR


Isaiah 44:24-25    Thus saith the Lord, thy redeemer, and he that formed thee from the womb, I am the Lord that maketh all things; that stretcheth forth the heavens alone; that spreadeth abroad the earth by myself;  That frustrateth the tokens of the liars, and maketh diviners mad; that turneth wise men backward, and maketh their knowledge foolish;