The Impfung Bus – “Hitler’s homeland – Austria – has just done what Hitler did. The country’s leader – that word sounds better when expressed in German, in this context – has decreed that every man, woman and child in the country will submit to being “vaccinated” (serially) with drugs that do not immunize – else be treated very much as that other Austrian leader treated another class of Austrians, who were similarly denied their former right to participate in society. Austrians who do not provide proof of impfung – of having been Jabbed – will also be subject to extortionate financial penalties intended to ruin them into compliance. Far more sinister, though, than the government of Austria applying such measures today is what’s implied for tomorrow by the acceptance of such measures. They are an overt expression of the official demonization of an identifiable class of people – who have been officially identified by the government as . . . undesirable. As dangerous. As a threat to the general public. ” – Eric Peters

Once Again, Exuberant Optimism and Doublespeak Are Creating a False Sense of ‘Hope’ – “Optimism is a wonderful trait when accompanied by knowledge, fact, and truth, but optimism accepted under the pretense of false hope is a very dangerous proposition to be sure.As of late, many of those who have seemingly stood strong against the state’s efforts to gain total control over humanity, are succumbing to the notion of unfounded optimism; clutching at straws and embracing victory where little or none exists. This is akin to walking a tightrope, as any shred of promise can leave even those attempting to regain freedom fooled into a sense of calm when none is warranted.” – Gary D. Barnett  – TEND TO AGREE WITH GARY. LITTLE VICTORIES AGAINST COVID DOESN’T MEAN THAT IT’S OVER IN THE BIGGER PICTURE OF THINGS. NOT JUST YET!!!!!

Don’t Be Too Emboldened by the Poll Saying 70 Percent of Americans Want to Accept Covid and Get On With Their Lives – Adam Dick

It’s Really Rather Simple – “You simply can’t argue with the data. There is a clear elevation of all-cause mortality in the 25-44 age bracket coinciding with Covid-19 showing up. There is also an elevation in the other age brackets, by the way. We thus know that Covid simply doesn’t kill people in this age group all that frequently — and, in fact, the mitigations killed far more people than the disease. But then….. Joe Biden’s administration and private employers started issuing threats: Take the jab or get fired. And…. there were a lot of jabs given to people who would have otherwise not taken them, most of which came after the big summer spike of Delta cases. There was an exact correlation in the rise of deaths with the threats.” – Karl Denninger

Does Fauci Bear Any Responsibility? He Says No – “Dr. Fauci, as director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), has worked closely with the two CDC directors, Drs. Robert Redfield and Rochelle Walensky, throughout the pandemic, but he is now laying the responsibility on them. He did the same with his former boss, shortly after Dr. Francis Collins resigned as director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). In other words, Fauci himself was just following orders.” – Jayanta Bhattacharya and Martin Kulldorff  – ISN’T THAT THE STEREOTYPICAL COP-OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Americans have become ‘germaphobes’ after pandemic – survey – “Over two in three people confessed to becoming ‘germaphobes’ following two years of Covid” – RT

EU Wants To Keep Vaccine Passports In Place For Another ENTIRE YEAR – “Despite studies revealing vax passes have NO IMPACT on reducing infection rates, and despite multiple European countries SCRAPPING restrictions” – Steve Watson

CDC Panel Backs Moderna ‘Spikevax’ for 18 and Older, as COVID Vaccine Injuries Continue to Rise, VAERS Data Show – “VAERS data released Friday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention included a total of 1,088,560 reports of adverse events from all age groups following COVID vaccines, including 23,149 deaths and 183,311 serious injuries between Dec. 14, 2020, and Jan. 28, 2022.” – Megan Redshaw

38,983 Deaths and 3,530,362 Injuries Following COVID Shots in European Database as Mass Funeral for Children who Died After Pfizer Vaccine Held in Switzerland – Brian Shilhavy

European Medicines Agency urges ‘not to overload the immune system with repeated vaccinations – FranceSoir


United We Stand, Divided We Fall: What Will We Lose That We Won’t Lose Anyway? – “The globalists understand their entire totalitarian agenda is at risk and will likely try to derail the resistance movement in Ottawa with tactics ranging from strategic stalling to false flag operations. The financial elite must break what has become the backbone of the opposition to their Great Reset. Currently, the Canadian Trucker Protest is a body without a head. So the situation is fluid. What remains to be seen, however, is if concessions can be obtained from the globalists through sheer will; absent defined leadership and contingency planning.” – Doug “Uncola” Lynn

Attack of the Transphobic Putin-Nazi Truckers! – “They rolled up on Ottawa’s Parliament Hill like one of the plagues in the Book of Revelations, honking their infernal air horns, the grills of their tractors grinning demonically, the sides of their dry vans painted with blasphemies like “FREEDOM TO CHOOSE,” “MANDATE FREEDOM,” “NO VACCINE MANDATES,” and “UNITED AGAINST TYRANNY.” Yes, that’s right, New Normal Canada has been invaded and now is under siege by hordes of transphobic Putin-Nazi truckers, racist homophobes, anti-Semitic Islamaphobes, and other members of the working classes!” – CJ Hopkins

The Passion of The Montecristo No. 5 – “Hells Kitchen Havana Nights, eh” – Good Citizen – WHAT MIGHT HAVE BEEN. THE INSIDE STORY OF MARGARET T. AND FIDEL. IF NOTHING ELSE, A GOOD READ FROM THE GOOD CITIZEN!!!!!!!!!

Ottawa police intentionally link truckers freedom convoy in Canadian capital city into January 6 (VIDEO) – “Watch the Ottawa police chief intentionally link the truckers freedom demonstrations in Ottawa to January 6 and promise harsh reprisals against demonstrators, and those who enable them.” – Life Site News

Ottawa Police Team Up With Federal Intelligence Agencies, Including US DHS and FBI, to Launch “Enhanced Intelligence Operations and Investigations” Against Truckers For Freedom Convoy – Julian Conradson  – THEY HAVE THE IRE OF BOTH POLICE STATES NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Attempts to vilify the Ottawa protesters are backfiring – “Watch as simple, determined unity exposes the big lie and the character of the liars – El Gato Malo

GoFundMe shuts down the Canadian truckers’ fund – “The same organization that funded the violent and illegal Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone in Seattle, as well as myriad other violent BLM organizations, says that, once law enforcement told it that the Convey was dangerous, it was obligated to shut everything down. Adding insult to injury, GoFundMe is refusing to return the money donated, which runs directly counter to its “GoFundMe Guarantee.”” – Andrea Widburg  – SO BASICALLY A LICENSE TO STEAL!!!!!!

High School Claims They Didn’t Barricade Unmasked Students in Gym; Tables Were Just Accidentally Placed in Front of Each Exit – Jennifer Van Laar

How small towns are resisting the woke elites – “Recent events in Cambridge, a small town in Washington County in upstate New York, show that the colonising ambitions of the woke elites can be resisted. Cambridge has drawn the ire of the woke establishment in recent years because its school district uses the nickname ‘Indians’. Predictably, a campaign was launched to abolish the school district’s use of Native American symbols, on the spurious grounds that these symbols violate racial sensibilities.” – Frank Furedi

The Problem With Joe Biden’s Great Gun Reset – “The president has a plan to end gun violence – built on a mountain of false facts.” – James Fite

El Salvador President Asks if the Destruction of United States is Done Intentionally – Jim Hoft

US Again Tries To Pass Off Government Assertions As Evidence – “The western media are blaring headlines today about a “revelation” by the US government which does not actually reveal anything because it contains nothing but empty narrative fluff. Lee pointed out that claims about false flags and crisis actors were “getting into Alex Jones territory” and asked for the evidence for these extraordinary claims, which one would think is reasonable since extraordinary claims are generally considered to require extraordinary evidence. Price said that the evidence is “intelligence information that we have declassified,” and when Lee asked where the declassified information was Price looked at him like he just asked the stupidest question in the world and said “I just delivered it.” The exchange goes on to reveal that Price really did mean that the completely unverified government assertion he’d just regurgitated is the evidence for the claim being made, meaning the evidence of the government assertion is that assertion itself.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Thinking Points, Feb. 4, 2022 – “The purpose of torture is not to elicit a confession. The purpose of torture is to elicit a false confession that fits a narrative. The purpose of White House censorship is not to stop misinformation. The purpose of White House censorship is to erase facts that challenge the narrative. Literally everyone gets this except the evil-doers themselves.” – Toby Rogers  – MORE GOOD POINTS FROM TOBY!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Great Russian Chinese Fireworks Of Beijing – “While the fireworks of the Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony light up the sky over Beijing another firework comes in the form of a Joint Statement of the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China on the International Relations Entering a New Era and the Global Sustainable Development by President Vladimir Putin of Russia and the President of the People’s Republic of China Xi Jinping. It is altogether a well aimed shot against the United States which makes multiple appearances in the text without being named. The quotes below focus on those parts.” – Moon of Alabama

A war with Russia would be unlike anything the US and NATO have ever experienced – “The US military is neither organized, trained, nor equipped to fight its Russian counterparts. Nor does it possess doctrine capable of supporting large-scale combined arms conflict. If the US was to be drawn into a conventional ground war with Russia, it would find itself facing defeat on a scale unprecedented in American military history. In short, it would be a rout.” – Scott Ritter

American Media Is a Laughing Stock just like Western “leaders” – “This morning the presstitute Bloomberg News published a headline: “Live: Russia invades Ukraine.” The dumbshits at Bloomberg, believed their own propaganda. Convinced it was going to happen, Bloomberg had the “invasion” pre-written and up it went on the newswire. The Kremlin spokesman said: “I guess, instead of ‘fake news’, we can now say ‘Bloomberg news.’” The governments in the Western world, like the Western media, are ridiculously stupid, tyrannical, and opposed to free speech. And unlike their tyrannical forebears–Lenin, Hitler, Mao–they have zero public support–look, for example, at Canada: the capital taken over by truckers and the cowardly prime minister, rejected by the people, in hiding.” – Paul Craig Roberts

Biden’s Borders: The Threat to America and the Threat to the Free World – Chris Farrell

The Specious Reasoning Behind Claims That The US Thwarted An Invasion Of Ukraine – “Now here in early February, the Murdoch press has put out a spin piece of a sort we’re likely to see more of in coming days claiming that Russia has not invaded because the US and its allies have “ruined” Moscow’s plans by telling everyone the invasion is coming. At no time in the article is any consideration given to the possibility of a far simpler explanation for the missing Russian invasion: that Russia never intended to invade.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Putin’s Long Game of Diplomatic Dialogue – “With war always a popular gambit to rescue a President’s plunging poll numbers, the proposed war in Ukraine serves multiple purposes for Biden’s dreary administration: as a desperate gamble to save his own political butt, to divert attention from the struggle over its unraveling Covid strategy and destabilizing its arch-enemy Russia is always a worthy past time.” – Renee Parsons

When Did “Annexation” Become a Bad Word? – “Or are alt-media comment sections just an assortment of snowflakes? Also, where do you get the energy to still get outraged and butthurt? Do you live in a cocoon? We are surrounded by nasty, warped propaganda that offends every sensibility. Have you not yet learned to calmly read pieces that include such nonsense in quantities great or small and just take from them the parts that nonetheless have some good information, insight, or prose?” – Marko Marjanović  – GREAT POINT ON PEOPLE’S COMMENTS TO BLOGS AND ARTICLES IN GENERAL AND NOT SPECIFICALLY FOR THE WORD ANNEXATION!!!!!

REAL TALK: Are Your Bumper Stickers Giving the World Too Much Info? – Personal Defense World  – HERE’S SOMETHING YOU DON’T NORMALLY THINK ABOUT!!!!

Beware of the QR Code, Remember Agenda ID2020? – “Remember Bill Gates’ initiative, Agenda ID2020? What we are confronted with now is much worse. It’s Agenda ID2020 on steroids. It’s the worldwide invasion of the QR code – QR coding of everything, including Agenda ID2020 – and all of your most intimate data, health, personal behaviors, habits – track records of where we have been and even where we may be planning to go. Nothing will escape the QR code. Nobody talks about it. It’s been quietly sneaking into our lives, quietly, persistently – but by now almost unavoidably.” – Peter Koenig


The Frugalite’s Ultimate Guide to Living BENEATH Your Means – Daisy Luther

Federal Job Fakery Hits Peak Balderdash – “How do you explain the soaring payroll numbers in light of your recession prediction, Dave? First, note that the actual payroll numbers FELL OFF A CLIFF! I’m putting reality in large bold print there because most financial reporters will probably miss that entirely. That’s right: the real count — the unadjusted numbers — actually FELL by 2.8 million! Whoa!” – David Haggith

Supply Chain Disruptions To End As US Adds 467,000 Jobs In January And “Transportation & Warehousing” Employment Surpasses Pre-Zombie Apocalypse Levels! (Gold & Silver Gyrate Wildly On The News) – “It’s a booming economy! But how can you have your cake and actually eat it if it doesn’t really exist?” – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

Biden’s “Historic Growth” Is No Such Thing. – “First, recovering the GDP after a massive crisis is not growth. After falling 3.5 percent, a 5.7 percent recovery is not “the fastest economic growth” in forty years. It is a bounce.” – Daniel Lacalle

Facebook Is Learning That You Reap What You Sow – “When you get big enough, it can be tempting to believe that you can treat those that you do not like any way that you want. But if you treat people like garbage long enough, it is going to bite you in the rear end.” – Michael Snyder

Crypto Spikes As Mexican Billionaire Says Bitcoin Is A ‘Better Option Than Fiat Money’ – Tyler Durden


Mark 13:35      Watch ye therefore: for ye know not when the master of the house cometh, at even, or at midnight, or at the cockcrowing, or in the morning: