Neil Young and Joni Mitchell: mental midgets – “These two goofs have bought the whole enchilada. And it’s a chance to stand out front and wave flags and urge their troops forward. They’re actually urging the government forward. They’re on the side of big government and big corporations and especially drug companies and elite foundations and all sorts of petty little would-be fascists who want their day in the sun. They’re civilian Fauci’s. Celebs for repression. Young and Mitchell actually believe all the horseshit being shoveled into their brains about the virus,,,” – Jon Rappoport  – “KEEP ON BLOCKING THE FREE WORLD”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Biden’s red-headed demon says get vaccinated and wear a mask instead of living a healthier lifestyle (VIDEO) – Herman James

Aortic Stenosis: The latest heart attack scapegoat – “The media’s found yet another reason you might have a heart attack” – Kit Knightly

Israel: A Profile in Vaccine failure and a Warning to the World – Vasko Kohlmayer

The Vaccination Agenda Is Darker Than Anyone Could Imagine (VIDEO) with Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and Clay Clark – X22 Report

Thinking Points Memo, Jan. 30, 2022 – “China’s Strict Covid-Era Controls May Outlast Covid. What’s odd about the article is that the NY Times restricts their analysis to China. But everyone knows that Bill Gates, Big Tech, and Big Pharma want to impose these sorts of totalitarian surveillance systems on the whole world. San Francisco, Boston, New York, and Chicago have already begun to emulate the Chinese system — with nary a word of protest from the Gray Lady or the bougiecrats.” – Toby Rogers – GREAT POINTS AS USUAL FROM TOBY!!!!!

As of tomorrow, Denmark admits the failure of all Covid control measures (including vaccines) – “All restrictions will be dropped – not because they worked but because they didn’t.” – Alex Berenson


The Revolt Begins – “The Canadian trucker rebellion, rolling east across the vast, frozen Canadian prairie, blew into the country’s Woked-up capital city, Ottawa, like the scalding wrath of history, forcing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to skulk off punkishly under cover of night — after bad-mouthing the big-rig invaders as “a fringe minority” in a nation of otherwise obedient hypnotics sleepwalking into Big Pharma’s spike-protein fun-factory of all-causes early death. The news media is working super-hard to avoid reporting the event, of course. Canada under the Trudeau government has been more restrictive on Covid-19 than the Big Gorilla to its south, with the population compliantly following all the insane, economy-wrecking rules, until a recent mandate to vaxx-up every last trucker in the land finally sparked-off a revolt.” – James Howard Kunstler  – MR. KUNSTLER IN FINE FORM AS USUAL!!!!!!

Keep on Truckin’, Working Class Rebels – “The working class is getting sick of this Schiff, and it is starting to push back. And this will happen here in America too. How it ends is unclear, but my money is on the guys who can do push-ups. Understand that “Democracy” means, to our garbage ruling class, rule by the ruling class with no annoying input from the people who actually make America work.” – Kurt Schlichter

Did Justin Trudeau Pick the Wrong Fight With Canadian Truckers? – “It’s not a good sign that Justin Trudeau has removed himself from the public spotlight at possibly the most pivotal point in his political career. The Canadian Prime Minister, who recently described the trucker convoy as a “small fringe minority” who hold “unacceptable views” against Covid mantes, may have unwittingly unleashed the greatest challenge ever to his political career. Like those in the medical profession, long-haul truckers dutifully perform their jobs largely behind the scenes, even during the peak of the Covid pandemic. And just like thousands of nurses and doctors – many of whom were exposed to the virus in the line of duty and probably protected by natural immunity – unvaccinated truckers have found themselves out on the street, or rather, out on the highway.” – Robert Bridge

Gina giving global news heck is the global news we want to see, (VIDEO) – Canadian Girl  – VERY GOOD 3 MINUTE VIDEO.  A COMMON PERSON SAYS IT LIKE IT IS.  WATCH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Occupy Ottawa Day 2: “We’re Just Getting Started” – Brian Shilhavy

The truckers versus Trudeau – “The ‘freedom convoy’ against vaccine mandates shows Canadians won’t give up their freedoms without a fight.” – Hardeep Singh

Nova Scotia Moves Quickly Using Emergency Declaration to Ban Truck Convoys and Highway Cheering, $10,000 Fine For Cheering on Roadway – “Apparently, the Canadian province of Nova Scotia is taking proactive steps to ensure their leftist government officials are not subjected to any protests similar to what’s happening in Ottawa or other regions.” – Sundance

Let’s Back Up A Sec And Ask Why Free Speech Actually Matters – “Why is it something that’s written into constitutions and upheld as sacrosanct in so many nations? Why is it a value we’re told has supreme importance all our lives? Any debate over online censorship will necessarily remain superficial until you can address this question at a fundamental level, because otherwise you’re just bleating noises at each other about “free speech” without being clear about what exactly you’re talking about and why it matters. This is why those debates tend to stagnate.” – Caitlin Johnstone

‘Coward-19?’ Trudeau Tests Positive For COVID While Hiding Out From Canadian Truckers – Tyler Durden

Millionaire Book-Writer And Professional Board-Sitter Chelsea Clinton Attacks Substack Authors As “Grifters” – “Good idea, Chelsea. Let’s talk about grift. The fruit, apparently, doesn’t fall that far from the global elitist narrative tree. Perhaps looking to ride the coattails of those ganging up on “controversial anti-vaxx misinformation” (read: any uttered thought not handed down by Dr. Anthony Fauci from the heavens above) or perhaps looking to drum up support by her Twitter sycophants, Chelsea Clinton took to her Twitter account last week to lash out at Substack for providing a platform for free speech and for people to voluntarily subscribe to newsletters they’re interested in and willing to pay for. Wow, sounds nefarious, Chelsea! Glad you stepped in.” – Quoth the Raven

CNN Labels Joe Rogan’s MILLIONS Of Listeners As ‘Less Enlightened’ Than Their Few Thousand Viewers (VIDEO) – “They like something that we — you know, who consider ourselves more enlightened — don’t think is good for them” – Steve Watson

Joe Biden and the Uses of Nihilism – “America is battling an epidemic far worse than the Omicron plague.” – Victor Davis Hanson

Why Do Media Ignore Biden Family’s Corruption? – “It’s a curious thing: Obvious, credible signs about a prominent political family emerge, but federal authorities at the Justice Department and elsewhere do nothing. Meanwhile, leftist media “watchdogs,” in a classic case of gaslighting, pretend that nothing has happened. So it is with Joe Biden and his errant son, Hunter.” – I & I Editorial Board

GOP can’t complain about Biden’s migrants when they’re not stepping in – Miranda Devine

The Government Has to Get Money from Somewhere So They’re Coming for YOURS – Daisy Luther

The Need for Information Filtration – “If you do not already know who owns the network and what their political agenda may be, a simple search on the net can inform you. When turning on a news programme, assume that the reporting will reflect the bias of its owners. As soon as a guest is announced on a news programme, before listening to what he has to say, take note of what it is he does for a living. For example, if he is a stock broker, you will know in advance that he is going to say that this is a good time to invest in stocks. If he is a politician, he will provide comments that will make him appear as though he deserves your vote. Understandably, you will prefer to watch a network on which the hosts and guests sympathise with your viewpoint. However, try to spend at least a third of your time watching networks on which the hosts and guests offer the opposite view.” – Jeff Thomas

Is Mario Draghi No Longer Davos’ Superman? – “Draghi, despite the endless platitudes thrown around in the Western press, is hated inside Italy, and not just by the people he’s turned into second-class citizens, but by his fellow politicians. Reports of Draghi pulling a Justin Trudeau (You need to translate this from Italian) and ducking out out of Parliament for the vote because of an illness is the height of Davosian bullshit.Draghi had no real support within the parliament if it meant them having to deal with him for the next seven years. Davos finally lost a big move in Italian politics from within the government for the first time in the last decade. ” – Tom Luongo

Firearm Self-Defense: What All Gun Owners Need to Know – “Most law-abiding gun owners purchase a firearm for the purpose of defending and protecting themselves and their loved ones in dangerous situations. As a gun owner, it is crucial to know the laws regarding using a firearm as a method of self-defense and how to handle these situations to ensure you don’t face life-changing legal repercussions for protecting yourself or your family.” – Tyler Hillis

Are You Mentally Prepared for Self-Defense? – DP Friesen

5 Ways To Keep Home Warm During Winter Weather – “If you live in an area where temperatures dip quickly and often during the winter months, you know how hard it can be to keep your home warm; especially when the outside temperatures drop below zero!” – Sara Tipton


Dear Mr. Fed Chair Powell Sir, Rents Are Blowing Out and People are Hurting – “In 34 of the largest 100 cities, rents spiked by 15%-28%. Tenants get to pay for your reckless monetary policies that made the wealthy far wealthier.” – Wolf Richter

A Geology Insider Explains Why The Global Energy Crisis Is Going To Get Much, Much Worse – “It is becoming clear that we are in far more trouble than we are being told. In recent months, all forms of traditional energy have become significantly more expensive, and this is fueling price increases all over the planet. This new global energy crisis is directly responsible for the astounding rise in fertilizer prices, it has resulted in a tremendous amount of pain at the pump for millions of average Americans, and since virtually everything that we buy has to be transported it is a major contributing factor to the “inflation boom” that we are currently witnessing. Unfortunately, this is just the beginning.” – Michael Snyder

50-50-50 – “This week, which will be quiet in Asia due to the Lunar New Year ahead, starts like the last: lots of key reasons to be worrying. Indeed, despite the backdrop of US equities trying to deny all of them on Friday, it also starts with the Asian markets that are open largely in the red.” – Michael Every

Biden Economic Agenda on Hold as More Americans Hit Hardships – “More Americans are having trouble paying their bills than at any time since last March, shortly before the Biden administration began distributing stimulus checks and other relief measures. Hunger is rising again.” – Mike Dorning and Erik Wasson

Consumers Are Concerned; Investors Are Clueless (VIDEO) – Peter Schiff

“As Goes January” Or Rocket Blast-Off For Silver This Friday, And Can Gold Overcome Its Current Market Curse? – “Major breakout rally time?” – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

Physical Bullion Investors Undeterred by Paper Price Swings – “Precious metals aren’t exactly a favored asset on Wall Street or at the Federal Reserve. Thanks to Wikileaks, we know the futures market was originally conceived in the 1970s as a mechanism to increase volatility and “discourage” physical ownership of the monetary metals. Regulators have taken scant enforcement action against price manipulation by corrupt traders at bullion banks.” – Clint Siegner

Inflation is High, Will Remain Elevated for Years – William J. Luther

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 12.27UR


Isaiah 29:14      Therefore, behold, I will proceed to do a marvellous work among this people, even a marvellous work and a wonder: for the wisdom of their wise men shall perish, and the understanding of their prudent men shall be hid.


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