No Time for Crybabies – “The main belief-of-the-moment is that battling the invisible menace called Covid-19 requires the most extreme measures, and anyone against that is an enemy, a domestic terrorist! Thus, it is most urgent to “vaccinate” every human being in the nation. Why? Because Dr. Tony Fauci, America’s doctor, says so. Why does he say so? Because the Covid-19 “vaccines” are the crowning achievement in his long vainglorious quest to bring forth a world-saving magic cure for a dread disease. And since Dr. Fauci is The Science incarnate, and The Science must be followed (because…come on… we are modern people in a modern world ruled by Science), we must follow Dr. Fauci!” – James Howard Kunstler  – GOOD READ AS USUAL FROM MR. KUNSTLER!!!!!

Covid Vaccine Scientific Proof Lethal – “Over One Thousand Scientific Studies Prove That the COVID-19 Vaccines Are Dangerous, and All Those Pushing This Agenda Are Committing the Indictable Crime of Gross Misconduct in Public Office” – Save Us Now. Org. UK  – YOU WANT PROOF, YOU WANT SCIENCE, TO SHOW SOMEONE? HERE IT IS. OVER 1000 SCIENTIFIC PAPERS. SOMEONE WENT TO A LOT OF WORK TO GATHER ALL THIS INFO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla makes startling admissions about the vaccines – “Those who believed this and submitted themselves to Pfizer are now for all practical purposes unvaccinated. It is as if they had not taken anything all.” – Vasko Kohlmayer

America is a Hospital – “America is one giant hospital. Thousands of SO-CALLED diseases, each one SUPPOSEDLY the result of a germ. Each germ must be killed (by a drug) or prevented (by a vaccine).Each disease has a catalog of symptoms; therefore, from the moment a person rises in the morning, he is experiencing, for the rest of the day, ordinary twitches and little aches and sneezes and blinks and odd sensations that, voila, can be diagnosed as MEDICAL. The US Census Bureau reports [2]: “There were 22 million workers in the health care industry, ” – Jon Rappoport

Mass General Expert Predicts: No Boosters. Normal Life. We Can Move on From Covid – “Dr. Edward Ryan made stunning and encouraging comments on the Omicron variant that give hope for a return to normalcy. Among these: Omicron will make boosters unnecessary. The covid virus will join the ranks of the “common cold.” And the latest wave will enter “clean up mode” shortly. Dr. Ryan is professor of medicine at the Harvard Medical School and professor of immunology and infectious diseases at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.  “We won’t need a booster for omicron because they wouldn’t be able to develop one before it’s completely gone and we’re all going to get it which will give us the immunity we need to get through it,” the summary states.” – Mary Beth Pfeiffer

Vaxxed-to-the-max Massachusetts: A cautionary tale – “The city of Boston, Massachusetts now requires a cattle tag showing proof of unproven slurry injection to enter various businesses, including restaurants and bars. This rule applies to all people ages 12 and up. Starting in May, untagged five-year-olds will be segregated from society. For obvious reasons. Boston’s cattle tag is called… B Together.” – Edward Slavsquat

We’ve Lost Our Ever-Lovin’ Minds – “Kids and Masks: Best of.” – Justin Hart  – FROM OCTOBER, BUT A MUST VIEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This Week in the New Normal #19 – “An anonymous US man has come forward to claim his bout with Covid made his penis smaller…and the mainstream media are apparently reporting this with a seemingly straight face. “Codi dick”, as they are calling it, is “amongst the rarer complications of long covid”, which I’m sure everyone will be relieved to hear. A modern-day tragedy or a genius piece of trolling? You be the judge.” – Off Guardian  – WEEKLY UPDATE FROM OFF GUARDIAN ON COVID AND MORE!!!!!!

Sadly, ‘Covid Dick’ Is Real – “A man’s claim that his penis shrank after a bout of covid-19 isn’t far-fetched, though the risk may be low in general.” -Ed Cara

Latest NHS Data Suggest Omicron No Worse Than a Bad Cold – Toby Young

US government moves to end daily COVID-19 death reporting by hospitals – “The US federal government will no longer require hospitals to report the number of people who die from COVID-19 every day, according to new guidelines from the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). On January 6, the HHS published updated guidelines on which information hospitals provide to the agency. The guidelines note the “retirement of fields which are no longer required to be reported,” among which is “Previous day’s COVID-19 deaths.” The guidelines note, “This field has been made inactive for the federal data collection. Hospitals no longer need to report these data elements to the federal government.” This change goes into effect February 2.” – Andre Damon  – GUESS MORE DEATHS UNDER BIDEN THAN TRUMP WERE LOOKING TOO BAD FOR OLD JOE; SO HE MUST HAVE HAD HIS BUDDY BECERRA CHANGE THE RULES. ACTUAL PDF WITH RULE CHANGES LINKED BELOW!!!!!!!!

COVID-19 Guidance for Hospital Reporting and FAQs –

‘270 doctors’ called out Joe Rogan, but the authors of the letter and the vast majority of its signatories are not medical doctors – “Only a handful are practicing physicians.” – Jordan Schachtel

German Doctors Find ‘Astonishing’ Impurities in Covid ‘Vaccine’ (VIDEO) – “A group of German physicians joins the chorus of experts who have discovered foreign objects in the coronavirus vaccines and the blood of the vaccinated. An examination of “leftover vaccines from the company BioNTech-Pfizer,” revealed, for example, what “appears to be an accurately constructed object”. The foreign object was one of many, which also included literal worms that appear to have been “hatched”. ” – Renee Nal  – THE WORM LIKE IMAGE IS SIMILAR TO THE ONES THAT DR. CARRIE MADEJ FOUND IN THE J&J VACCINE. SEE THE IMAGE FOR THE DAY ON 10/08/21 AND ALSO READ MAKIA FREEMAN’S ARTICLE FROM THE SAME DATE. AS STATED THEN, THESE IMAGES LOOK SIMILAR TO IMAGES OF MORGELLONS!!!!!!!!!!!


Conspiracies as Realities, Realities as Conspiracies – “Conspiracy projection has split apart the country. The Left has fought efforts to learn the full truth, as they project conspiracies to disguise conspirators.” – Victor Davis Hanson

Today’s Left would cancel Dr. King – “Today, with the rise of the toxic academic ideology known as critical race theory, the idea of a color-blind society, in which people are truly judged by merit and character over skin color, is no longer even a desirable goal. Indeed, the academic writings of critical race theory explicitly denounce color blindness as a white supremacist ideal that “preserves White privilege” and is “equivalent to emphasizing the plight of Nazis and the plight of White supremacists.” It would probably come as some surprise to Dr. King that he is a white supremacist, but this is the state of leftist academia today. Unfortunately, academia can no longer be laughed off as it should be, because this toxic sludge has seeped into every corner of the educational establishment.” – Washington Examiner

Crumbling Narratives Leave the Ruling Class with Everything to Fear – “The powers that be — the central bankers, global financial elites, corporate propagandists, and political aristocrats — have given up on any notion of truth. They neither pursue it objectively nor desire to discover it for philosophical or spiritual elevation. Truth, to them, is too dangerous because it cannot be controlled by men with power. So they murdered it and molded a monster out of clay they affectionately call their narrative.” – J.B. Shurk

Boiling the Frog – ” Orwell concerned himself less with timeline than with concept. And that concept has been chillingly accurate in its foresight. Today, the US government is in the process of completing a massive electronic surveillance network that encompasses all telephone calls, all computer-driven communication, and all banking transactions. Quite a tribute to Orwell’s Big Brother. The excuse given for such surveillance has been “to protect America from terrorism.” This notion is a wonderful invention, as terrorism can be imagined to be small or large and can occur at anytime, anywhere in the country. Further, if there are no actual occurrences, the government can create false flag incidents as easily and as often as they are needed. The bogeyman of “terrorism” is particularly useful, as terrorism is faceless. No invasion is necessary. A terrorist can be anyone—even your next door neighbour and, indeed, the government computers are programmed to pay especially close heed to specific words and phrases, such as “freedom” or “patriotism.”” – Jeff Thomas  –  A MUST READ FROM JEFF. AS ARE MOST OF HIS ARTICLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everything Is Worse Under Biden – “The stink of Biden’s failure permeates the land, reeking intensely not unlike Eric Swalwell’s Volvo with the windows shut tight on a hot day on the way home from a double-bean chili feed at Fang Fang’s condo. Since Trump left, everything has gotten worse. Everything. Store shelves are bare, not all the time, but did you ever see that under The Donald? Did it cost you $75 bucks to fill up your sedan, like it did me in LA the other day? No. Did inflation hit 7% under Trump? Did your pay get cut 7% under Trump? Nah. But no mean tweets, right? That’s worth 7% of your dough, right? The pandemic is still here. Who had more people buy the farm from COVID, Trump or Grandpa Badfinger? I thought the rule was that if they die on your watch, they’re your fault. Looks like now they are going to solve that awkward problem by stopping counting. ” – Kurt Schlichter  – YOU DON’T HAVE TO EVEN LIKE TRUMP TO SEE THE POINTS MADE HERE!!!!!

There Are So Many False Flags Being Waved It Looks Like A Semaphore Competition – Michael Every

Biden Admin Says Russia Is Going To Carry Out A False Flag Attack On Itself To Justify Invading Ukraine – “We have information that they’ve pre-positioned a group of operatives, to conduct what we call a false flag operation” – Steve Watson  – SOUNDS LIKE A BUNCH OF “BS” FROM THE WARMONGERING BIDEN ADMINISTRATION TO ME. PUTIN ISN’T THAT STUPID. BIDEN IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Washington’s Bi-Partisan Russia-Bashers Are Determined to Start a War – “Russia-bashing is a bi-partisan activity in Washington. Both parties think it makes them look “tough” and “pro-America.” But while Republican and Democrat politicians continue to one-up each other on “risk-free” threats to Russia, they are increasingly risking a devastating nuclear war. It’s all fun and games until the missiles start flying. And in this case we are risking total destruction over who governs eastern Ukraine! Has so much ever been risked for so little?” – Ron Paul

A Shockingly High Percentage Of The U.S. Population Actually Wants An Authoritarian “Big Brother” Police State – Michael Snyder  – LINKED THE REPORT ON THIS YESTERDAY!!!!!!

“We’ve Got A Gun At Every Door In The House”: Border Rancher Sees 2,400% Increase In Illegal Aliens On Property – Charlotte Cuthbertson

Crossing delayed Monday at Manitoba-U.S. border as truckers protest vaccine mandate – Elisha Dacey

Asian Batteries Power Global EV Fleet – “At present, the ten manufacturers with the highest market share in terms of battery capacity newly registered in 2021 are all headquartered in Asian countries, mainly China, South Korea and Japan”- Tyler Durden – IS THIS BIDEN’S BUILD BACK BETTER PLAN FOR CHINA AND ASIA BY MAKING EVERYONE BUY EVs!!!!!!!

Fed up Manager Shows How It’s Done After Gillibrand Flouts NY’s Mask Rules in His Restaurant – “The problem with NY politics in a nut shell. My Senator blowing past my manager before she can even ask her to put a mask on. Walking right past a really big sign that says “masks required to enter” The masks are a mandate from the Governor. As good citizens, agree or not, we must follow our leaders. Her guest is graciously wearing one. I guess Senator Gillibrand thinks that the Governor is wrong or she is special and above the rules.” – Sister Toldjah

When are we going to take radical Islam seriously? The terror in Texas confirms that British Islamism has become a global menace.” – Brendan O’Neill

YouTube Troubles: Conservatives Bail, Leftists Demand Censorship – “The video giant shuts down the right, but the left still isn’t happy.” – Kelli Ballard

A Perfect Storm: Supply Chain Battered by Chinese Port Closures, Trains, Trucks, and Workers Aden Tate

Novak Djokovic: thoughtcriminal – “Australia deported him over his personal beliefs. What a dreadful precedent to set.” – Tom Slater

What is Macron’s real goal in Africa? – “France seems intent on using its Council of the European Union presidency to tighten its slipping grip on Africa and to catalyze increased European integration.” – Rachel Marsden


The Year of Living Dangerously – “With 2021 now in the rear-view mirror, I believe that future financial historians may regard it as the year of peak speculation. While the history of American markets is littered with periods of irrational exuberance, none of those episodes can really match the current market for outright delusion and the blatant disregard for basic investment discipline.  Where to begin?” – Peter Schiff

Economics ripe for a post-pandemic shake up as COVID kills old assumptions – “At its heart, economics is fundamentally the social science of distribution — who gets what. And, right now, the pandemic has thrown a spanner into the works: no-one, or at least, very few people, are able to get everything they want or, in many cases, even need. In some cases, this is due mainly to extraordinary demand, both genuine need and panic-induced, but in others, it’s a lack of supply. While these supply chain disruptions are temporary, they have exposed a greater truth about some of the key failings of orthodox economics and the policies and practices based on it, as have other events in the pandemic.” – Michael Janda  – THIS ARTICLE IS ABOUT AUSTRALIA BUT IT’S TRUE EVERYWHERE!!!!

Covid isn’t over yet and its changing the ways consumers behave – “How much has Covid changed people, markets and the way the global economy works? The event has triggered significant phycological, behavioural and expectational changes across society, and we can only guess how they will ultimately play out in terms of consumption and politics. It ain’t over till it’s over!” – Bill Blain

A Factor in the Bizarre “Great Resignation” & “Labor Shortage” Phenomenon: The Huge Surge of Americans Starting Businesses – “Another testimony of the massive changes in society and the economy. But losing some of the enormous steam.” – Wolf Richter

The Dollar’s Decline May Be About to Accelerate – “Over the past year, the Federal Reserve Note “dollar” has been losing value at an alarming pace as reflected by broad price level increases. Last week’s Consumer Price Index and Producer Price Index reports put those measures of inflation at 7.0% and 9.7%, respectively. Manufacturers had to bear the brunt of the inflation surge in 2021. The worst may be yet to come for consumers as producers pass on their costs to wholesalers and retailers.” – Stefan Gleason

Global Bonds Under Siege as Treasuries Selloff Spreads – “Global bond markets came under pressure Monday after Treasuries sold off on Friday on increased speculation of a March rate hike by the Federal Reserve.” – Masaki Kondo and Ruth Carson

Ultra-Value, Real World Hyperinflation Investing: How The Little Investor Won In 2021 And Will Win Again In 2022, But Does That Include Silver Bugs, Stackers? – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

Nomura, JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs Received a Cumulative $8 Trillion from the Fed’s Emergency Repo Loans in Fourth Quarter of 2019 – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Walmart Creates Its Own Cryptocurrency, NFTs, Enters Metaverse With Sales Of Virtual Goods – Tyler Durden

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 11.99EUR


Proverbs 12:15     The way of a fool is right in his own eyes: but he that hearkeneth unto counsel is wise.