Vaccines don’t stop Covid hospitalizations or deaths – “They never have, even at peak effectiveness. A huge US database offers proof. The study was published online Dec. 28 in the Journal of the American Medical Association – JAMA Internal Medicine. The findings run contrary to the endlessly repeated promises of Covid vaccine advocates that even if vaccines fail to prevent infection, they are necessary to keep hospitals from being overrun.” – Alex Berenson

New COVID at-home test dangerous and misleading: but everybody’s doing it, so who cares, right? – “This test is self-administered. No doctor, nurse, or technician is present. What could possibly go wrong, as millions of people perform the test on themselves? Well, let’s lead off with DANGER.” – Jon Rappoport –  A MUST READ FROM JON, MORE ON THE DANGER OF SODIUM AZIDE. PREVIOUSLY LINKED A VIDEO ON 12/24/21 ABOUT THIS!!!!!!!!!!!

This Is What’s Really Going On Behind The Scenes, Completely Censored By The Mainstream Media And Corrupted Medical Establishment, As They Push Full-Scale Tyranny – “A ‘Pandemic Of The Vaccinated’ Is Overwhelming Much Of America And The World” – Dr. Don Boys Ph.D.

Your papers please – (Well, unless it’s to vote, then you’re fine!)” – El Gato Malo – MAKE SURE YOU READ DR. MIKE YEADON’S COMMENT ON THIS ARTICLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Psychological Cruelty of Denying Natural immunity – “Fauci, Walensky, Birx, and all the rest, have the training and the knowledge. They are not unaware. Perhaps Gates’s ignorance is understandable but the rest of these people have actual medical training. They have always known the truth. Why have they done this to us? To sell vaccines? To elicit compliance? To reduce us all to fearful subjects who are easier to control?” – Jeffrey A. Tucker

Shell Game? There remains no FDA approved COVID vaccine in the United States – “Is Pfizer is using children as legal human shields to get full authorization? Despite the corporate press, Big Pharma, and the federal government telling us otherwise, it is absolutely true that there is no FDA approved COVID-19 vaccine available in the United States today. And there are no plans to make one available any time soon. Comirnaty itself has never made its way into the United States. The fully-approved version is nowhere to be found within our borders. A separate product, which remains under emergency use authorization (EUA), is the only “Pfizer shot” available in the United States.” – Jordan Schachtel

Netherlands Announces Plan To Dole Out 6 Vaccine Doses – “Is there a membership discount?” – Tyler Durden

‘Looks like you have too much to think’: Twitter punks ban inventor of the mRNA vaccine – “Looks like the ignorant, malevolent little Katzenjammer Kidz of Twitter are back at it. This time they’ve banned a biggie, Dr. Robert W. Malone, the medical doyen whose research on the mRNA vaccine has been critical to the development of the vaccines for COVID. He’s the guy who probably knows more about these vaccines than anyone else. His banning offense? Warning about the risks and limits of the mRNA vaccines, based on his bona fide scientific research,” – Monica Showalter  – MONICA HAD TWO GOOD ARTICLES YESTERDAY, BACK TODAY WITH A COUPLE OF MORE!!!!!!

Will the NYT start asking some questions about how safe COVID vaccines are now that they’ve lost an editor? – Monica Showalter  – DOUBTFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

95.58% of Omicron in Germany are Vaccinated – Igor Chudov

Omicron Origin: How Is This Not Being Discussed? – “First known Omicron cases discovered in Botswana were found in “foreign nationals on a diplomatic mission.” The dominant theory surrounding the new Omicron variant’s abnormal mutations posits that they likely emerged after incubating in an immuno-compromised person for many months. This could also explain that fact that Omicron does not share lineage with other COVID variants, its most recent ancestor dating to March 2020. While this theory does have precedence, there is troubling evidence of a different origin. It does not specify which country these “foreign nationals” belonged to. Why would this be and how is the media not interested in finding out? The natural speculation is that this mystery country is China” – The Worm  – FOR MORE ON THIS SEE THE LINK ON 12/21/21: OMICRON IS NOT NORMAL BY EUGYPPIUS!!!!!!!!

The Pfizer Inoculations For COVID-19 – More Harm Than Good (VIDEO) – “Watch this video of the Pfizer 6 month data which shows that Pfizer’s COVID-19 inoculations cause more illness than they prevent. Plus, an overview of the Pfizer trial flaws in both design and execution.” – Canadian COVID Care Alliance

Noted Corona Hysteric Jennifer Rubin: Let’s Stop Counting Cases Now Please – “Omicron marches on.” – eugyppius

It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like . . . (VIDEO) – ” Have a look at this video; stay with it. The first 30 seconds or so – which assume the worst – isn’t the thing to focus on. Watch the rest, which is hard to avoiding drawing some pretty awful assumptions from: Such scenes – especially as regards healthy young athletes keeling over – were once extremely rare. Once every decade rare. Now, for some odd reason, they are becoming regular occurrences. Weekly, even daily occurrences.” – Eric Peters

Did You Know That There Has Been A Very Alarming Outbreak Of Hemorrhagic Fever In China? – Michael Snyder  – AND WHEN YOU GET TIRED OF COVID, HERE’S A FEW MORE TO WORRY ABOUT IN YOUR SPARE TIME!!!!!!!!

Fears of avian flu strain ‘jumping’ to humans amid massive outbreak – “Israeli medics fear a dangerous bird flu virus could infect humans amid a major outbreak in the country” – RT


The Fall Of The Mainstream Media And The Biggest Lies They Told In 2021 – “If the past year has confirmed anything it is that the mainstream media is thoroughly dishonest. Yes, most people already suspected this, but the last 12 months have provided more confirmation than the past several years combined. 2021 has made is clear that the mainstream media is a propaganda arm of political and corporate elitists, from big government to big pharma. While there have been a few shining examples of independent and mostly unbiased journalism in the MSM, these moments are as rare as Loch Ness Monster sightings and almost as unbelievable. The public has been lied to so consistently that sometimes we ignore legitimate journalism when it pops up because it’s safer to assume the media is disingenuous at all times.” – Brandon Smith

The Ungracious—and Their Demonization of the Past – “Never in history has such a mediocre, but self-important and ungracious generation owed so much, and yet expressed so little gratitude to its now dead forebears.” – Victor Davis Hanson

The Deep State and Its Tentacles – “Two recent and unconnected revelations demonstrate that the deep state remains engaged, deceptive and dangerous. No statute authorizes CIA torture or domestic spying. In fact, the Constitution and treaties to which the U.S. is a signatory and federal statutes prohibit both types of behavior. Yet, CIA agents engage in criminal behavior because they can — and because they know that they can get away with it.” – Andrew P. Napolitano

The Establishment Wants to Crush You Uppity Peasants – “Some guy named Jared Schmeck recently mocked the senile old pervert who is masquerading as our president by getting His Crustiness to affirm “Let’s go, Brandon!” This humiliation of the regime figurehead, piled upon the myriad other humiliations he has brought upon himself – failing to pass infrastructure, Afghanistan, putting the “can” in “Vatican” – is intolerable to the establishment. This uppitiness must be stopped.” – Kurt Schlichter

Ghislaine’s Jury Falls for the Coverup – “Jury finds Epstein’s ‘madam’ Ghislaine Maxwell guilty on sex trafficking charges in a high-profile trial. The purpose of Ghislaine’s show trial was to redirect attention from the Israeli blackmail operation Epstein and Ghislaine were running by defining, incorrectly, the case as one of underage sex trafficking. Epstein’s murder in his prison cell before he could spill the beans was covered up, and now the politicians and celebrities who willingly but stupidly participated in sex with underage women have receded into the background with the show trial of Ghislaine Maxwell.” – Paul Craig Roberts

Extradited! Why Assange Fears Being “Epsteined” – “And why must journalist Glenn Greenwald live abroad, after heroically helping whistleblower Edward Snowden, now safely ensconced in Russia? American heroes living abroad for fear of the American Security State? Time perhaps to shut up about China?” – Ilana Mercer

Silicon Valley Should Not Restrict Public Discourse About Covid Measures Which Affect Everyone – “Everyone should oppose the removal of Malone and commentators who share his views, regardless of whether they agree with them or vehemently despise them. The reason for this is very simple: only a fool would support government-tied monopolistic billionaire corporations regulating public discourse about Covid responses which affect us all. This is true regardless of what you personally happen to believe about mRNA vaccines.” – Caitlin Johnstone

After Biden Failed to ‘Shutdown the Virus,’ The Leftist Elite Have a New Narrative on COVID – “During the previous administration, these same people pinned every case and death on President Trump while backing brutal lockdowns and economic disruptions. Now that their guy, Biden, can’t get things under control, they’re finally accepting the reality that government can’t control the spread of a highly contagious disease” – Katie Pavlich

‘Heavily Armed’ California Man Arrested In Iowa; Planned To Kill Biden, Fauci And Others – Tyler Durden  – AFTER READING THIS AND SOME OF THE LINKS TO IT, SOMETHING JUST DOESN’T SEEM RIGHT ABOUT ALL OF THIS. JUST A GUT FEELING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Biden’s first year in foreign policy was a master class in continuity – “To be successful in 2022, he needs to take more risks, and think less about political backlash from hawks and the Blob.” – Daniel Larison

Putin and Fake Biden to Speak Thursday Evening – “The Wednesday White House statement repeated the Big Lie claim about “Russia’s military build-up on the border with Ukraine.” On Thursday evening, Putin needs to mince no words in debunking the phony claim. He needs to demand a pullback of menacing US-led NATO forces close to Russia’s borders. He needs to stress the firmness of Russia’s resolve on issues relating to its security. He needs to make clear that he’ll he’ll do whatever it takes to protect Russia’s borders, its territorial integrity and rights under international law.” – Stephen Lendman

America’s Malaise and Its ‘Failure of National Purpose’ – ‘Things Are Not Getting Better’ – “Does Biden have a choice? Can he acquiesce to a negotiated settlement with all three of America’s self-defined adversaries: Russia, China and Iran?” – Alastair Crooke

Putin Speaks – “Vladimir Putin was “defiant” during his end-of-year press conference last Thursday. He was “threatening.” So we read in the all-the-same-always American press. I have other words for Putin’s performance before 500 domestic and international journalists, and it is far more pertinent to our circumstances. Putin was confident. He was clear, well-informed per usual, and meant neither more nor less than what he said. I realize it is difficult for us, we Americans, to comprehend a political figure who is clear, well-informed, and means what he or she says. But this is what is noteworthy about Putin’s four-hour appearance. This is what’s worth our consideration.” – Patrick Lawrence  – ENTIRE 4 1/2 HR SPEECH INCLUDED ON VIDEO FOR THOSE WHO WISH TO WATCH!!!!!!

The China Distraction and U.S. Destabilization – “The American deep state is playing upon the public’s distaste of China towards its own ends, and just as with the present global mystery illness, they will blame China for a social credit system which in reality was made in the USA. We can deconstruct the anatomy of this scam through the handling of Covid and biological warfare in general.” – Joaquin Flores

As Nuclear Weapons Spread, US Should Close its Nuclear Umbrellas – “Washington should abandon its policy of holding its national homeland and civilian population hostage for the security of other governments. It is time to shift policy before the US is expected to fight a nuclear war on behalf of someone else.” – Doug Bandow

Let them eat bugs – “The elites’ war on meat has taken a disgusting turn.” – Andrew Orlowski

First AI Murder Attempt? Alexa Tells Child To Touch Live Outlet With Penny – “Twitter user “Kristin Livdahl” tweeted on Dec. 26, “OMFG My 10 year old just asked Alexa on our Echo for a challenge and this is what she said.” The dangerous activity, known as “the penny challenge,” began on TikTok and other social media platforms about a year ago. The outcome of the challenge could be potentially life-threatening. On Wednesday, an Amazon spokesperson told CNBC that an error within Alexa has been fixed. ” – Tyler Durden


Last Chance to Get Out Before the Crash – Charles Hugh Smith

Stimulus for the Rest of the World: Imports Spike, Trade Deficit in Goods Worsens Relentlessly – “Three-decade trend brought about by Corporate America and the religion of globalization.” – Wolf Richter

These Are the Plunging Charts that the New York Stock Exchange Hopes You Won’t See – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Food! What’s in Your Basket and How Much is Inflation Eating? – “Let’s take a look at what the BLS says is happening to food prices. Your results are sure to vary.” – Mish

System On Life Support – “It Will Be All Over” (VIDEO) with Bill Holter – “With the Fed withdrawing stimulus, “it will be all over.” Holding real money – gold and silver – outside the banking system is imperative. He details what he is doing to prepare for what he calls a mathematically certain collapse.” – Liberty and Finance  – AS ALWAYS, A GOOD LISTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why is Russia sending planes full of gold to London? – “The State Duma wants answers as gold pours out of Russia. Given Russia’s undeniable penchant for gold, it would be only logical that the Russian government, facing a dizzying array of domestic and geopolitical uncertainties that could trigger severe economic chaos, would be greedily gobbling up all the shiny bullion it could get its hands on. For example, Pepe Escobar recently suggested Russia might accept payments for oil and gas in gold if it is disconnected from SWIFT. Other analysts have made similar claims in the past weeks and months. It’s a very popular theory, this idea that Russia is fiat-phobic and is dreaming of gold, always. Thing is: the exact opposite is true—at least for now.” – Edward Slavsquat

Metals and Miners Bide their Time – David Brady

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 11.02EUR


Psalm 119:128      Therefore I esteem all thy precepts concerning all things to be right; and I hate every false way.