Can someone help me understand the White House strategy now? – “I know they’re dumb, but are they this dumb? Guys, I don’t know how to say this any more clearly: it is OVER. The Omicold (pronounced Immacold) variant is about to bring this clown show to its inevitable conclusion. The question is no longer whether Omicron is a cold. It’s whether it’s as dangerous as a cold. When your media water-carriers have to write articles explaining the difference between Covid and a cold… it’s over. So why won’t Uncle Joe just say so? ” – Alex Berenson

Just in Case You Think People are Not Going Mad from Pandemania… – “Take a look at this unmasked Karen as she assaults an old man on an airplane for being … unmasked … just like her” – David Haggith

The Jesus story hits different after the events of the last two years – “Fauci is a modern-day King Herod massacring the innocents in order to hold onto power. We can draw inspiration from the fact that the simple act of speaking truth is enough to topple the most powerful global empires. I think it’s well nigh time for us to start flipping the tables of the corrupt white coat high priests of our current era. Blessings to all of the warriors for truth! ” – Toby Rogers

Warly estimates on omicron prevalence in the US revised WAY down – Week of 12/18 drops from 73% to 23%. – El Gato Malo

Bhakdi/Burkhardt pathology results show 93% of people who died after being vaccinated were killed by the vaccine – “This research was posted December 10, but I wanted to check with experts before posting. It’s consistent with everything we know so far. The vaccines should be immediately halted. No need to worry. It is doubtful that anything will happen because the work wasn’t published in a peer-reviewed journal so will be ignored by the scientific community. That’s just the way it works.” – Steve Kirsch

The Zoom Class Gets Covid – “The initial lockdowns had a strong class-based component. The working classes were assigned the job of delivering groceries, tending to the sick, driving the trucks filled with goods, keeping the lights on, and keeping the fuel running. The professional class, among whom were the people who pushed lockdowns in the name of disease avoidance/suppression, were assigned the job of staying home in their pajamas and staying safe. So it now seems obvious to me. This whole disaster would finally come to an end (or at least the end would begin) when it became obvious that the great strategy of class division and demarcation would fail to protect the Zoom class from infection. That day has finally arrived, with cases soaring in many parts of the country and hitting everyone of every class, whether they are being “careful” and adhering to the “mitigation measures” or not. What’s even more striking is how even the vaccines, which were supposed to codify the wisdom of class segregation, have not protected against infection. ” – Jeffrey A. Tucker

Immunity Malfunction – “Thumbs up or thumbs down? Do the mRNA nanobot injections do what they are built to do? It all depends on the main objective of the injections. If the mRNA injections are built to protect against infection and transmission, then they fail miserably. If, on the other hand, they are built to dismantle the body’s innate immune system, then they are entirely successful.” – Rosanne Lindsay

Have The “Pandemics Of 2022” Already Started? – “If you do a Google search for “H5N1”, you will find that bird flu outbreaks have literally been reported all over the planet this month.” – Michael Snyder

Study Confirms AT LEAST 400K People Have Died From The COVID “Vaccine” In The US – “Columbia University researchers have found that the true death count from the COIVD-19 “vaccination” is substantially higher than the official figures from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System, or VAERS, has reported only 19,886 deaths, however, this study claims that number is dramatically understated.” – Mac Slavo

UK Expert Warns Against Overinterpreting COVID-19 Data – “A British medical expert has said that official data are prone to be overinterpreted as it does not distinguish between people who are hospitalised for COVID-19-related illnesses and those who receive medical care for other reasons but then test positive.” – Alexander Zhang  – THEY HAVE BEEN DOING THIS SINCE DAY ONE AND IT’S TAKEN THESE SO-CALLED EXPERTS 2 YEARS TO SAY WITH COVID INSTEAD OF FROM COVID AND TO ALSO SAY THAT PEOPLE TESTED FOR COVID AFTER THEY WENT TO THE HOSPITAL INSTEAD OF BEFORE THEY WENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Israel sets precedent with fourth booster shot – “In the world’s first trial, Israeli researchers are hoping that a fourth vaccine dose could defeat the Omicron variant” – RT

Danish Doctors Decry Merck’s COVID Pills, Refuse to Use Them – “the country’s general practitioners refuse to prescribe the treatment due to insufficient knowledge of how it works, calling it ineffective and potentially even harmful.” – Igor Kuznetsov

Facemasks Are Not a Mere “Inconvenience” – “One of the most trenchant arguments made by proponents of forced masking is some variation of “it’s just an inconvenience”, so/and/or “why do you have to make such a big deal about it”.” – Aaron Hertzberg


A Perfect Storm of Incentives – “It is not yet clear whether history will remember the 2020s more for an outbreak of a deadly virus, or for an outbreak of mass psychosis. As Omicron looms, and as surely as Pi, Rho, and Sigma will follow, voters should meet their fears with reason, view the media with a skeptical eye, and demand that politicians discuss tradeoffs openly and honestly.” – Antony Davies

The revolt against modernity – “In 2021, the regressive misanthropy of green politics became crystal clear. The very real Covid crisis has fused with the politicised crisis of the ‘climate emergency’ to generate the increasingly authoritarian idea that it is only by tempering the brutish, greedy instincts of the human species that we can ‘save the planet’.” – Brendan O’Neill

“If You Call Him A Leader”: You Know It’s Bad When Greta Thunberg Slams Biden – “So it’s all about the narrative…” – Tyler Durden

Alternate Reality Traps Democrats in World of Dumb – “With Hillary granted a pass because she is using her defeat delusion to sell merch, one would have hoped the whole thing would have gone away with the election of Joe Biden. Democrats, you won! And you got the House! You can right all wrongs! Instead, the delusions just continue, an entire party seeming in the grip of political Alzheimer’s.” – Peter Van Buren

Elizabeth Warren May as Well Be President, She Makes All Biden’s Calls – “Biden names another pick for the Fed today. Warren nods approval.” – Mish

Kamala Harris celebrates Kwanzaa: Fake recollections of a fake holiday – “Kamala Harris emits phoniness, and there isn’t much phonier from her than her claims about her idyllic childhood memories of celebrating Kwanzaa with her extended family.” – Monica Showalter

MONOPOLY – Who owns the world? (VIDEO) – “This brilliant documentary reveals how a small group of super rich criminals have been buying virtually everything on earth, until they own it all. From media, health care, travel, food industry, governments… That allows them to control the whole world.” – Tim Gielen  – A MUST WATCH, A LITTLE OVER AN HOUR LONG. WILL LINK THIS ONE PERMANENTLY OR YOU CAN BOOKMARK IT YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How We Forfeited the Fruits of Cold War Victory – “These, then, are three of the historic blunders that have forfeited for us the unique position America held at the close of the Cold War.” – Patrick J. Buchanan

What If U.S., NATO Talks Are Cover for More Aggression Towards Russia? – “If there are no prompt responses to Russia’s legitimate security concerns, then the next phase entails a more robust military-technical realm It is quite clear that the clock is ticking on how the United States and its NATO allies respond to Russia’s urgent security proposals. For Moscow, if the forthcoming talks do not produce firm security guarantees in short order, then the suspicion is that the U.S. and NATO are using the engagement as a cover for continuing a long-term military build-up against Russia.” – Finian Cunningham

Four Western provocations that led to U.S.-Russia crisis today – “The one-sided indictments of Moscow’s behavior invariably ignore numerous missteps that took place, beginning with President Clinton.” – Ted Galen Carpenter

Kremlin Says Washington Must Make Its Decision Quickly, or Russia Will Make Its Own – “Moscow says it will give January talks a try but not for very long.” – Interfaks via Anti-Empire

A More Aggressive Israel Lobby Is Coming in 2022 – “More money for the so-called “fight against hate”” – Philip Giraldi

The central bank takeover of Russia – “All transactions will be monitored. Soon there will be full control via the digital ruble” – Edward Slavsquat

How To Use Laundry Bar Soap and Make Your Own Detergent – Ken Jorgustin


Wage Inflation Might Shock The World In 2022 – “Paris during the Great Depression was full of unemployed people — and apparently it was awesome. Now fast forward to 2020. For millions of young people around the world, work had turned out to be worse than pointless. Most available jobs paid subsistence wages in return for unending repetition and little hope for promotion. The prospect of a lifetime waiting tables or sitting in a corporate cubicle was as soul-destroying as it was inescapable. Then came the pandemic, during which governments – not understanding the genie they were letting out of the bottle – told millions of Millennials to stay home for an entire year. As the pandemic winds down, companies are calling their former drones back, and a shocking number are saying “no thanks.”” – John Rubino

My “Wealth Effect Monitor” & “Wealth Disparity Monitor” for the Fed’s Money-Printer Economy: December Update – “Billionaires got more billions, bottom half of Americans got peanuts and inflation.” – Wolf Richter

Surviving Inflation – “We aren’t in a financial collapse yet, but plenty of money gurus are out there predicting that it is coming soon. But that doesn’t matter right now. We’re going to see that dealing with inflation through the next few years is enough of a challenge we should be preparing for now. While inflation isn’t as dramatic a survival scenario as many talk about, it seriously impacts our lives.” – Bill White

Another Stunning OCC Report – “The new quarterly derivatives report from the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, part of the US Treasury Department, was released earlier this past week covering Over-The-Counter (OTC) derivatives positions of US banks, for positions held as of September 30. The bottom line on all this is a setup so bullish in silver so as to defy words. I still stick by my contention that if the big 4 COMEX shorts don’t add aggressively to short positions on the next silver rally, we will be off the races and that Bank of America will be the big loser. For every dollar silver moves higher, it stands to lose $500 million or more. This new OCC data only adds more bullish fuel to the coming silver fire.” – Ted Butler

Debt Is On The Rise, Increasing Risks For Many Households – Christian Weller

You’re Not Too Late to Profit From Cryptos – “The bottom line is that the Fed has set the stage for rampant inflation. There’s still plenty of room for alternative assets – such as bitcoin and other cryptos – to shine.” – Laurynas Vegys

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 11.26EUR


Matthew 7:16    Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?