A Very Boring Story About What Could Have Been in Under 200 Words – “Once upon a time, some people got a little sick. Other people got a lot sick, but that’s because they were already sick with something else first. This sickness was similar to some other sicknesses, but there were little differences, like not being able to smell or taste. Most people didn’t think about it unless they or someone they knew got the sickness.” – Margaret Anna Alice


Slouching Toward Endemicity – “Is that the sound of normalcy I’m hearing out there? Ever more authors and sources admitting that the virus is a medical problem that cannot be addressed or solved through politicized “mitigation measures.” After having avoided it for two years, it is at last sweeping through news rooms. But there’s no way for journalists to avoid the truth when it’s happening to them. Suddenly it’s fact that there’s no real way to stop a respiratory virus and maybe we should stop our heroic efforts that destroy so much about our lives in the pursuit of eradicating Covid.” – Jeffrey A. Tucker

Resist. The Time is Now. – “But choose your battles wisely. ” – Robert W Malone MD, MS

Pfizer antiviral pills may be risky with other medications – “One of the two drugs in the antiviral cocktail could cause serious interactions with widely used prescriptions, including statins, blood thinners and some antidepressants.” – Benjamin Ryan

Who Do You Blame for Covid When the Vaccination Rate Is Nearly 100 Percent? – ““Cornell University abruptly shut down all campus activities on Tuesday and moved final exams online after more than 700 students tested positive over three days… Hours later, Princeton University moved its exams online and urged students to leave campus “at their earliest convenience” amid a rise in cases. On Wednesday, New York University cancelled all non-academic events and encouraged professors to move finals online.” And then comes the punch line: “Cornell, Princeton and NYU all report student vaccination rates of more than 98%.” One wonders by what kind of imaginative stretch the vaccinators will attempt to shift the blame for this debacle on the unvaccinated. They have their work cut out for them, since the facts are not in their favor.” – Vasko Kohlmayer

The Pinch That Stole Christmas – ““All you’ll feel is just a little pinch,” said the friendly nurse as she injected one of the world’s new favorite vaccines into a child’s arm. The WHOs in COVID-impoverished WHOvilles could be heard all over the world joining in chorus to sing, “We wish you a weary Christmas” as they laid out their Christmas booster campaigns and ordered shops in towns and villages from Austria to Australia to lockdown before presents could be bought and placed under trees. Then, just before Christmas arrived, they rolled up the sidewalks and shut down plays and restaurants, too, to make sure no fun was had. They even shut down airlines with strikingly thematic names like “Delta” so that families could not travel for the holidays.” – David Haggith

Door-to-door Covid jabs as Boris considers New Year restrictions TOMORROW but vows to keep schools open: SAGE warns new Omicron wave hospitalisations could be higher than last winter – Anna Mikhailova and Brendan Carlin

If boosters stop the spread of covid, why don’t we see it in the data? – “Prior to now, getting vaccinated in the middle of peak disease season was generally not recommended. you did it before, not during. this is because immunizations stress your immune system by provoking it into a response. This is not a great strategy during times of high active risk. Yet, in another of the seemingly endless inversions of policy from “what we always did before” to “aggressive interventions of dubious efficacy pushed with great certainty despite a paucity of evidentiary basis” it’s suddenly “just common sense” that we need boosters during peak season to stop the spread.” – El Gato Malo

When Does COVID Stop Being COVID? – “That depends on whether you’re looking at who profits (and why) or if you’re looking at the science itself. In a desperate rush for ratings, each network pushed more and more sensational stories and kept the death count on chyrons so we would never be far from panic even when discussing a politician’s latest gaffe or the price of food. As soon as Sleepy Joe stumbled into the Oval Office, the chyrons stopped because the drive-by media could not allow anything to interfere with the premise that Bumbling Biden would “defeat the virus.” Of course, as Delta, and now Omicron, have jumped to the front of the news, we must ask, “Cui bono?” We must use Sutton’s Law and “follow the money.”” – Ted Noel, M.D.

COVID-Omicron is Killing Christmas – And Beyond. Financial Crash, Inflation, Digitization – “People dying from Omicron is a Big Lie. People may die from multiple other causes, like from the mRNA-vaxxes that ain’t vaccines but gene altering, immune system killing injections – and the bought medical establishment, mainly but not exclusively in the west, attributes their death, for almost two years now, to covid, and its so-called “variants”; killer variants that is – mind you, and it can never be repeated enough, variants that have never isolated and never been identified.” – Peter Koenig

Louisiana Nurse Blows the Whistle: “We Have Had More Children Die From The COVID Vaccine Than Of COVID Itself” – The COVID World

UK Does Not Advise Vaccines for 5-11 Year Olds, While the US Starts to Mandate – Vinay Prasad MD MPH


Orange Failed – “What would be the point of continuing to support the failed Orange Man as the antidote to the mass hysteria he helped foment – and which he now openly furthers, by urging the same mass (and serial) Jabbing as the Biden Thing? If ever there was an eyes-wide-open moment, this is it. Who doesn’t see – even with one eye shut – that there isn’t any difference between the one thing and the other thing? That they are the same things? That without mass and serial Jabbing, at Warp Speed – voluntary, of course – “tens of millions” would have died. Orange Man says he saved us all from that. Think about what he’s actually saying. And then think about what it suggests.” – Eric Peters  – GREAT ARTICLE FRO ERIC WITH SOME EXCELLENT POINTS!!!!!

Vladimir Putin’s Common Sense – “Putin is both sharply intelligent and keenly aware of the times. While the West is doing everything it can to run the church out of town, what’s left of the church insists on emasculating itself via the abandonment of its own truths, Putin is reinforcing the church, confident that doing so will simultaneously strengthen his hand and raise his appeal to Western people growing ever wearier of weakness in the face of wokeism.” – Jerry Wilson

Wait, wasn’t 2021 supposed to be better than 2020? – “Our point is that at least it was different. A variant, so to speak. And like any year, it had both highs and lows. No, we take that back. It was pretty much all lows, as we will see when we review the key events of 2021, starting in… JANUARY” – Dave Barry

VP Kamala Harris Faces Plummeting Ratings Amid Intense Scrutiny as ‘Second-In-Command’ – Svetlana Ekimenko

Figures. Biden’s New Dog Starts Licking Its Balls During Christmas Massage to Troops (VIDEO) – “Joe and Jill Biden brought out their new dog to join them during the Christmas call to the troops on Saturday. The puppy named “Commander” started licking its balls during their live Christmas call.” – Jim Hoft  – AS JOE WOULD SAY: C’MON, MAN. DOGS DO WHAT DOGS DO!!!!!!!

How Advent Teaches Us, Amid Sorrow, To Rejoice – Christopher Bedford

A jaw-droppingly beautiful Christmas carol from … The Monkees? – “Perhaps I’m the last person to know about this, but have you ever heard this Christmas carol? It’s a 1556 Spanish Christmas carol called Ríu Ríu Chíu, sung in old Spanish, heavily religious in tone, with apparently some Catalan words in its lyrics. Native Spanish speakers on Twitter say the accent is pitch perfect, and it does sound natural.” – Monica Showalter

This May Be Most Legendary ‘Let’s Go, Brandon’ Troll Yet — Featuring Joe Biden – “Joe Biden and his wife were participating in the tradition of the White House NORAD Santa-tracking calls with kids and their parents. The father, identified as Jared from Oregon, told the Bidens that he wished they had a “wonderful Christmas as well.” That’s when he slipped in a “Let’s go, Brandon.” Biden responded, “Let’s go, Brandon, I agree.” It seemed like Biden had no idea what the term meant and/or he was just repeating what the guy said without understanding. But if you looked at Jill Biden’s face, it was clear that she understood what the man had said. It was priceless.” – Nick Arama

Dr. John Coleman Published This In 1993: At Least 4 Billion ‘Useless Eaters’ To Be Culled By 2050 – “From the book ‘The Conspirator’s Hierarchy: The Story of Committee of 300‘ “At least 4 billion “useless eaters” shall be eliminated by the year 2050 by means of limited wars, organized epidemics of fatal rapid-acting diseases and starvation. Energy, food and water shall be kept at subsistence levels for the non-elite, starting with the White populations of Western Europe and North America and then spreading to other races.” – Humans Are Free  – INTERESTING ARTICLE. SOUNDS LIKE WHAT IS GOING ON TODAY

Senators sound Ukraine war drums, not peace chimes on Christmas Eve – Rick Rozoff

Russia Withdraws 10,000 Troops From “Drills” Near Ukraine In Christmas De-escalation – Tyler Durden

Don’t Tread on Me – “Vladimir Putin’s long overdue tough talk suggests that Russia no longer will let the US-dominated West threaten its security and sovereign rights without implementing countermeasures. On Friday, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said the following: “You must understand why this subject has arisen. There’s no need to invent the idea that these are special, secret plans.” They’re “nothing of the kind. This is a sober assessment of the situation (that’s based on) an understanding of the strategy and tactics of countries and political systems with which we must now do business…and the creation of appropriate measures, goals and based on East/West relations. – Stephen Lendman

A Mass-Murdering Regime Dares to Lecture the World on Human Rights – “Washington is a criminal regime as its illegal wars and deliberate mass murder demonstrate beyond any doubt.” – Strategic Culture Foundation

Your $1.7 billion of gold is now ours, UK tells starving Venezuelans – “In its prolonged freezing of Venezuelan assets, the UK continues to withhold 31 tons of its gold stored at the Bank of England, with a new Supreme Court ruling supporting the seizure.” – Eva Bartlett  – FUNNY HOW THE U.S AND U.K. CAN TAKE OTHER COUNTRY’S MONEY, OIL, ETC. AND NOBODY THINKS ANYTHING OF IT. NOW IF RUSSIA OR CHINA DID THIS, IT WOULD BE AN OUTRAGE!!!!!

90 Day Food Supply For Emergency Survival – “90 days. It’s a good number. A 90 day food supply. It’s definitely Level 2, bordering on Level 3 prepping & preparedness. Enough food to survive 90 days without having to go out and buy more.” – Ken Jorgustin


Inventories of New Houses for Sale Highest since 2008, Worst Spike in Construction Costs in at Least 50 Years: What the Heck Is Going On? – “A look at massive distortions and massive supply in the pipeline.” – Wolf Richter


The Sovereign Debt Crisis Arrives – Martin Armstrong

The [CB] System Has Failed,We Are Approaching To Redraw America’s Grand Strategy (VIDEO) with Charles Hugh Smith – X22 Report

Why are Hillary and Trump United in Warning of Bitcoin’s Dangers? Interview with Alex Gladstein (VIDEO) – “People across the political spectrum are recognizing multiple, growing threats: escalating Big Tech censorship of our political speech, the costs and corruption of Endless War, the spying of the US security state on American citizens, the dominance of neoliberal globalist institutions. Many believe that Bitcoin, by undermining the power of fiat money and enabling greater anonymity, can erode if not solve many of these problems.” – Glenn Greenwald

Waiting Game in Metals and Miners Continues – “Little has changed in Gold. Stuck in no man’s land right now between 1760 and 1816 in the short-term and 1675 to 1880/1920 from a bigger picture perspective. Silver continues to rally following its positively divergent double bottom at 21.41. But it’s now running up against resistance at 23-23.10,” – David Brady


Matthew 2:11-13    And when they were come into the house, they saw the young child with Mary his mother, and fell down, and worshipped him: and when they had opened their treasures, they presented unto him gifts; gold, and frankincense and myrrh.  And being warned of God in a dream that they should not return to Herod, they departed into their own country another way.  And when they were departed, behold, the angel of the Lord appeareth to Joseph in a dream, saying, Arise, and take the young child and his mother, and flee into Egypt, and be thou there until I bring thee word: for Herod will seek the young child to destroy him.


Joy to the world! the Lord is come;
Let Earth receive her King;
Let every heart prepare him room,
And heaven and nature sing,
And heaven and nature sing,
And heaven, and heaven, and nature sing.

Joy to the world! the Saviour reigns;
Let men their songs employ;
While fields and floods, rocks, hills, and plains
Repeat the sounding joy,
Repeat the sounding joy,
Repeat, repeat the sounding joy.

No more let sins and sorrows grow,
Nor thorns infest the ground;
He comes to make His blessings flow
Far as the curse is found,
Far as the curse is found,
Far as, far as, the curse is found.

He rules the world with truth and grace,
And makes the nations prove
The glories of His righteousness,
And wonders of His love,
And wonders of His love,
And wonders, wonders, of His love.

( Joy To The World by Isaac Watts original version )