Fauci Sets Stage For Omicron Panic, Warns Hospitals Could Be ‘Overwhelmed’ Within Weeks – Tyler Durden  – FAUCI DOING WHAT HE DOES BEST. I HAVE TO AGREE WITH HIM. HE IS THE SCIENCE… “THE SCIENCE OF FEAR MONGORING” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where Do You Stand? – “The public health bureaucrat who styles himself as “the Science” is at it again. In his quest to eliminate the control group for his experiment in hazardous mRNA injections, Dr. Anthony Fauci reiterated his warning that the nation faces “a crisis of the unvaccinated.” Omicron is upon us, he told a US Chamber of Commerce meet-up this week, and the hospitals will soon be overwhelmed by the unvaxxed. Oh really? In fact, the gravest threat to America’s public health is… Dr. Tony Fauci and his debauchery of medical science. The omicron moment may be the power-mad little weasel’s last stand. The question is: will the people of this land submit to continued coercion and to the engineered demolition of their lives? So far, we have not rolled over like the pathetically servile Europeans and Australians. ” – James Howard Kunstler  – AN ABSOLUTE MUST READ FROKM MR. KUNSTLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They Needed the Omicron Variant – “Fauci, Biden and their band of merry varianteers began to see their fear narrative dissipating around Thanksgiving. Cases had fallen from 175,000 per day in mid-September to the 70,000 range in late November, down 60% and far below the 255,000 cases per day in January 2021. The Delta variant was losing its mojo, and something needed to be done. They couldn’t let the masses think they could get back to normal. That wasn’t going to work with the Build Back Better Great Reset master plan.” – Jim Quinn

The Virus speaks: an exclusive interview – Jon Rappoport

‘The BNT162b2 mRNA vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 reprograms both adaptive and innate immune responses’ – “It’s all in the title… A brand new medRxiv pre-print study entitled: “The BNT162b2 mRNA vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 reprograms both adaptive and innate immune responses” has graced our world. This paper is so important and it provides evidence to support what many prominent immunologists and vaccinologists have been saying for a long time, including myself. These COVID-19 mRNA injectable products are causing, yes, causing, immune system dysregulation – and not just in the context of the adaptive system, but in the context of the innate system. Not only that, but these findings provide very good reasons as to why we are seeing resurgences of latent viral infections and other adverse events reported in VAERS” – Jessica Rose  – LET’S SEE IF THE MSM REPORTS ON THIS. AH, WHO AM I KIDDING, THEY WILL JUST DOUBLE DOWN ON GETTING THE JAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Russia’s freefall into public health barbarism – “The Russian government will soon begin injecting children. Why?” – Edward Slavsquat

Christmas in Europe Cancelled Again, More Mask and Vaccine Mandates in the US – “As the Omicron variant spreads, mounting restrictions dash hopes of return to a normal Christmas once again in Europe and the US.” – Mish

France’s COVID czar admits ‘sanitary pass’ doesn’t prevent infection, is used to push jabs – Jeanne Smits

CDC Admits COVID-19 Shots Causing Heart Disease but Won’t Stop the Injections – Does Pfizer Now Control the CDC and FDA? – Brian Shilhavy

16 States Where Kids Breathe Freely! – “No masks, masks optional – you get to choose. Video, pics and more from these strange outliers from a time gone by.” – Justin Hart

CEOs of two major airlines question the need for mask mandates – “They are absolutely right. Is anyone listening?” – Steve Kirsch


The Dishonest Reality of Hypocrisy Amidst Voluntary Acceptance of False Narratives – “A case in point would be the very many out there who criticize this ‘pandemic’ fraud while at the same time accepting the fake virus narrative of something called ‘Covid’ as a genuine natural disease. So instead of large numbers of people being properly convinced that there is no such thing as SARS-CoV-2 or Covid-19, and tearing down the mainstream narrative so as to eliminate the tyrannical response and threat, the so-called righteous dual journalistic class continues to support both sides simultaneously.” – Gary D. Barnett

The Year of the New Normal Fascist – “And so, as 2021 goose-steps toward its fanatical finish, it is time for my traditional year-end wrap-up. It’s “The Year of the Ox” in the Chinese zodiac, but I’m christening it “The Year of the New Normal Fascist.” And what a phenomenally fascist year it has been! I’m not talking amateur fascism. I am talking professional Class-A fascism. Government and corporate sanctified fascism. Bug-eyed, spittle-flecked, hate-drunk fascism. Here in Europe, things are particularly fascist. One by one, New Normal countries are rolling out social-segregation systems, ordering “lockdowns” of “the Unvaccinated,” and otherwise persecuting those who refuse to conform to official New Normal ideology.” – CJ Hopkins  – ANOTHER GOOD READ FROM MR. HOPKINS ON COVID AND “THE BIG PICTURE”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What You Must Believe as an American in 2021 – “There is truth…and then there is what our government demands we believe.” – J.B. Shurk  – VERY GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NYT Reveals How Ashley Biden’s ‘Inappropriate Showers With Joe’ Diary Made Its Way To Project Veritas – “While treated as potentially fake at the time, we now know that the contents are legit – including claims that Joe took ‘probably inappropriate’ showers with Ashley, and that she believes she was sexually molested as a child. And while we hate to resort to whataboutism, can you imagine what the mainstream media would do if Trump’s daughter’s diary contained allegations of sexual molestation and ‘inappropriate showers’? For now, we expect crickets.” – Tyler Durden  – HMM, APPARENTLY JOE DID HAVE A GOOD REASON TO HAVE THE FBI RAID PROJECT VERITAS!!!!!!!!

Evil Globalist Narratives Failing Everywhere Evil Globalist Narratives Failing Everywhere (VIDEO) – Greg Hunter

Bigger Electricity – “It’s interesting that the same voices which once keened in feigned outrage about the supposed chokehold applied by “Big Oil” to the prostrate American consumer are silent about its replacement: Bigger Electricity. It is difficult to conceive of anything more centralized and consolidated – more “big“– than the grid. In many areas, you haven’t even got the option to disconnect from the grid. Local codes require you to keep a meter hooked up. Which keeps their hooks, in you.” – Eric Peters

No, Jen, Greed Is Not The Root Cause Of Food Inflation – “The Biden administration has another excuse for higher prices: corporate greed.” – Andrew Moran

Biden Holds a Losing Hand – “When one views his diminished mental capacities and the issues menu before him, it seems a certainty that we are not looking at a two-term president.” – Patrick J. Buchanan

Biden’s ‘infrastructure czar’ is a total incompetent – “Mitch Landrieu, the former two-term mayor of New Orleans, was recently appointed “Infrastructure Czar” by President Joe Biden. He will oversee spending the $1.2 trillion allocated by Congress for the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. Not surprisingly, most of the funds will be spent on projects that have nothing to do with infrastructure. Does Landrieu deserve all this hype? Certainly not when considering his performance as mayor of New Orleans. For eight years, Landrieu was a disaster as mayor. The list of his failures is too numerous to document, but here are a few of the lowlights.” – Jeff Crouere  – AN INCOMPETENT PRESIDENT HAS TO APPOINT INCOMPETENT PEOPLE IN ORDER TO MAKE HIMSELF LOOK LESS INCOMPETENT. BIDEN HAS DONE THIS WITH ALL HIS CHOICES AND PICKS!!!!!!!!!!

Democrats Promised an Insurrection But All They Got Was a Lousy Obstruction Case – “Liz Cheney just set the stage for the latest letdown. Donald Trump won’t be charged with insurrection, treason, or sedition. But obstruction may be on the table.” – Julie Kelly

The Real Disinformation Agents: Watch as NBC News Tells Four Blatant Lies in a Two-Minute Clip – “The same corporate outlets that most vocally profess concern over disinformation are the ones spreading it most casually. NBC’s Assange report is the perfect case study.” – Glenn Greenwald

CNBC’s Cramer Declares “Government Has A Right To Force You To Obey” – “Previously called for the military to forcibly inject Americans” – Steve Watson

Reimagine Public Safety Act to drive violence intervention funds to Illinois’ most dangerous areas – “gives the Illinois Department of Human Services and a newly created Office of Firearm Violence Prevention greater grant making flexibility. Pritzker said applications are now open for groups that can help train community organizations that will deliver evidence-based violence interruption and prevention services.” – Jerry Nowicki  – PRITKER IS ANOTHER IDIOT. LET’S CREATE A NEW OFFICE. “EVIDENCE BASED VIOLENCE INTERRUPTION” THAT’S CALLED POLICE. “PREVENTION SERVICES” THAT’S CALLED BAIL AND KEEPING CRIMINALS LOCKED UP. HOW ABOUT REIMAGINING CHICAGO, THEY JUST HAD THEIR 800TH MURDER FOR THE YEAR!!!!!!

10 Christmas Songs That Must Be Cancelled By The End Of 2021 – ” The best way to spread Christmas cheer is to cancel that which does not adhere.” – Shawn Fleetwood  – OF COURSE “WHITE CHRISTMAS” HAD TO MAKE THE LIST. I MEAN HOW RACIST IS THAT. WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CSIS ( Canadian Security Intelligence Service ) Comes To Call – “About 1000 Tuesday morning (14 December 2021) a ring on the doorbell. A man with ID from CSIS told my wife he wanted to speak with me. When I went outside he said he had some questions about Strategic Culture Foundation. Many of my fellow contributors in the USA have been hassled by the – as they used to call them in the USSR – Organs; then the US government imposed heavy penalities if they continue to write for it because it decided it was a Russian intelligence front (without any evidence – but who needs that these days?) So I was quite testy. No freedom of speech any more? No, no, he said, nothing like that, just want to ask a few questions.” – Patrick Armstrong  – STRATEGIC CULTURE FOUNDATION IS AMONG THE SITES FOLLOWED HERE. THEY HAVE MANY EXCELLENT ARTICLES THAT QUESTION THE NARRATVE. GUESS SOMEONE DOESN’T LIKE PEOPLE QUESTIONING THE NARRATIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When Your Government Ends A War But Increases The Military Budget, You’re Being Scammed – ” With the US military it’s completely backwards: it’s taken as a given that the budget must keep expanding, and then reasons are made up to justify doing so by making “peacetime” nonexistent. The military budget isn’t set to serve existing conditions, conditions are set to serve the military budget.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Washington Spits In the Kremlin’s Eye – “The two-bit punk Washington puppet, Jens Stoltenberg, responded for Washington to Russian Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Ryabkov by spitting in the Kremlin’s eye. Stoltenberg, a non-entity of no consequence, just told the world’s preeminent military power to go to hell. As for the Kremlin’s opposition to Ukraine being incorporated into NATO, Washington’s puppet declared: “whether Ukraine joins NATO is up to the bloc’s member states and its leadership, and that Moscow doesn’t have input into the decision.”” – Paul Craig Roberts

Putin and Xi plot their SWIFT escape – “Russia and China’s announcement of an independent financial trading platform will free nations under US sanctions from western intrusion into their commercial activities.” – Pepe Escobar  –  THIS WOULD BE HUGE AND A BIG BLOW FOR THE DOLLAR DOMINATION. AND BIDEN’S SANCTIONS AGAINST EITHER OR BOTH COUNTRIES COULD HASTEN THIS ALONG. ONCE AGAIN ANOTHER FOREIGN POLICY BLUNDER FROM BIDEN!!!!!!!!!!!

Xi to Putin: Our Relationship ‘Exceeds an Alliance’ – “Whether Russia and China have a formal defense alliance or something short of that became largely moot today when Chinese President Xi Jinping stated that “this relationship even exceeds an alliance in its closeness and effectiveness.” What is crystal clear is that Xi gave full support to Putin’s high-priority initiative to stop NATO expansion and deployment of offensive missiles near Russia’s border. ” – Ray McGovern

Germany’s Traffic Light Coalition Blinks Green for NATO Hostility to Russia – “The new German coalition government headed up by Chancellor Olaf Scholz is only one week in power but already the signals are pointing to Berlin being more amenable to U.S.-led NATO hostility towards Russia. Following Merkel’s reign, which was hallmarked by stability and her dominant personal style, all eyes will be on the new government in Berlin and its impact on transatlantic relations. Scholz, who is relatively unknown, and his administration could hardly be met with a more challenging time given the heightened tensions between, on the one hand, the U.S.-led NATO military alliance and the European Union, and on the other, Russia.” – Finian Cunningham

16 Critical Survival Supplies That Are Easy to Overlook – Martin Banks


Will Fed Crash Global Financial Markets for Their Great Reset? – “It’s looking increasingly likely that the US Federal Reserve and the globalist powers that be will use the dramatic rising of inflation as their excuse to bring down the US financial markets and with it, crash the greatest financial bubble in history. Unlike what we are told, it is deliberate and managed.” – F. William Engdahl

The Truth About the Stock Market and What it Means for You – “The fundamental consequence of 30 years of Fed fueled financial asset inflation is that the prices of stocks and bonds have way overshot the mark. That’s why what lies ahead is a long stretch of losses and investor disappointment as the fat years give way to the lean.” – David Stockman  – SOME GOOD ANALYSIS FROM MR. STOCKMAN!!!!!

The Fed Doesn’t Have A Problem With Fake Money – America Does! – “The U.S. owes $27 trillion…runs deficits of more than $1 trillion a year…and seems bound and determined to stick with this kind of Banana Republic financing until the jungle swallows it up, as though it were an ancient civilization lost in the vines. The whole crackpot system now depends on out-of-whack budgets funded with fake money. But like lug nuts flying off the wheels, they are bound to cause trouble down the road. And now, Sleepy Joe, assisted by thousands of lifelong Washington insiders, has found the overdrive button. It will be a challenge for him…racing towards destruction…to beat Trump’s speed. But he’s the man of the hour…with plenty of geezer friends in Congress – Mitch McConnell, Nancy Pelosi, et al. – who can help get the job done.”” – Dennis Miller

Nasdaq Plunge Provides a Sobering Look at What’s to Come – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

The credit cycle and zombies’ downfall – “Leading central banks like to think that through careful interest rate management, they have tamed the economic cycles which lead to regular economic downturns. Instead, they have only managed to bury the evidence. To appreciate the extent of their delusion one must understand the source of economic instability. In modern times it has always been driven by a cycle of bank credit.” – Alasdair Macleod

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 10.92EUR


Exodus 23:33      They shall not dwell in thy land, lest they make thee sin against me: for if thou serve their gods, it will surely be a snare unto thee.