Pfizer smoking-gun secret document: their deadly COVID vaccine – “The appendix of the Pfizer document is the most astonishing section. It’s beyond astonishing. It lists all the types of vaccine adverse events Pfizer logged—again, in just three months of injections. Page after page after page after page of types of adverse events. CORRECTION: After publishing this article, I discovered that the gigantic Pfizer list of medical conditions was apparently not a report on logged cases of adverse events, but instead a complete list of conditions that Pfizer would be monitoring, in order to see whether they popped up on their radar as reactions to the COVID vaccine. Why would Pfizer publish this extraordinary list?” – Jon Rappoport

Debate Is Over Folks; Facts Came In – “This is such a huge data set that its statistical power is undeniable. It comes from a nation we claim to have first-world status, and where medical records are cohesive and thus very hard to run into accidental or intentional hiding. And while it is not (yet) peer-reviewed unless serious statistical problems are found the data damn well ought to be paid attention to. It also includes and in fact is almost exclusive to Delta, which if you remember was going to be the death of everyone not-vaccinated, even if previously infected with another strain. And finally, and most-germane here, it includes the cohorts that nobody else has reported on — those who had both vaccination and infection as immunity-generating events. It turns out the claims that “you must get jabbed”, especially if you were previously infected, were a damned lie.” – Karl Denninger

Americans must be prepared to publicly resist COVID quarantine camps – “The more people comply, the worse it gets.” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

What is going on and how it will end – “We need to keep opposing what is going on. It’s a game of tug of war while they try to silence the counter-narrative.” – Steve Kirsch

€600 fines: What’s the latest on Austria’s compulsory vaccine plan? – “Austria’s planned vaccine mandate law will take a step towards becoming reality this week, and will reportedly apply from the age of 14, with fines of €600 which can be issued multiple times. Reports say the fines for violating the mandate would be set at €600, which could be issued every three months up to an annual total of €2,400. The fine for refusing to pay the penalty would be set at a maximum of €3,600” – The Local

Unvaccinated hospital patients in Illinois should pay for their covid-19 care, Democrat proposes – “Rep. Jonathan Carroll filed his bill amid the state’s struggle to contain covid-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths.” – Timothy Bella – WHY NOT ALL COVID PATIENTS IF VACCINATED OR NOT. IF YOU HAVE COVID YOU HAVE COVID. IF YOU ARE IN THE HOSPITAL WITH COVID AND HAVE BEEN VACCINATED, THEN WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE. HOW FAR DO WE GO WTH THIS NONSENSE. YOU COULD APPLY THIS INSANE LOGIC FOR JUST ABOUT ANYONE IN THE HOSPITAL FOR A HOST OF DISEASES, SUCH AS HEART PROBLEMS, DIABETES, CANCER, ETC.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Coronavirus Fact-Check #13: “ICUs are filled with the unvaccinated” – “It’s become a common meme to refer to ICU’s being “filled” with the unvaccinated, but is there any truth to that? This claim is regularly used as an argument for vaccine mandates, and/or unvaxxed-only lockdowns. But is it true? In a word, no.” – Off Guardian

The war on a virus has resulted in colossal failure, and the ruling class is determined to cover up this undeniable reality – “The global “elite” forcibly drafted billions of people into fighting a “war on a virus,” and that war has been an abysmal failure. Now, almost two years into this war, the ruling class won’t give it up. Far from surrendering this unwinnable war, the “generals” of this struggle have decided to attempt to bring us down with them into colossal defeat.” – Jordan Schachtel

We have abandoned the developing world – “South Africa has done the world a great service. And what is South Africa’s reward for telling the world about Omicron? It has been shunned, excluded and ‘red-listed’, alongside other southern African countries. Thanks for your help, South Africa, now leave us alone. Omicron cases have now been found on every continent bar Antarctica. And there is growing evidence to suggest the variant arrived before we were even aware of its existence. Two Omicron cases in the Netherlands have been found in samples dating from 19 and 23 November – that is, before South Africa alerted the World Health Organisation to the Omicron variant on 24 November. Similar stories are emerging every day.” – Fraser Myers

Covid silver lining: ‘Extremely mild’ Omicron variant is rapidly killing off much more deadly Delta coronavirus mutation – “Infections in South Africa have started to rise rapidly in recent days, a sign that displacement of the lethal Delta variant is in full swing, ” – Michiel Williems

German Study Finds ZERO COVID-19 Deaths in Healthy Children but the Children are Now Dying from the Vaccine – Brian Shilhavy


Subscriber Update – “It seems lately that I have been apologizing to my subscribers for not writing as often as usual, so I thought an explanation was warranted. This has been a short time of reflection for me, and was needed in order to re-establish in my own mind not only why I do what I do, but examine the validity of my efforts as well. I have never lost my passion for freedom, and for advocating for it. That is why I have continually sought to bring truth to the forefront, so that the few within the realm of the masses who seek to understand realty will have some ammunition to do so.” – Gary D. Barnett – I LINK A LOT OF GARY’S ARTICLES AND THIS IS A VERY GOOD ARTICLE FROM GARY ON WHY HE DOES WHAT HE DOES. SOMETIMES WE FORGET THERE ARE REAL PEOPLE BEHIND SOME OF THESE BLOGS AND WEB SITES, I URGE YOU TO READ THIS!!!!!!!

Can Any Nation-State Survive the Era of Inequality and Scarcity? – “In effect, the modern central state, regardless of ideological label, optimizes inequality and growth. Once growth falters while inequality continues increasing, the only possible outcome is fragmentation and/or collapse. The elite’s delusional “solution” is a seamless, painless transition to a new era of abundance via “green energy.” Unfortunately, this vision is 100% magical thinking,” – Charles Hugh Smith

Sen. Ron Johnson Is Right About Dr. Anthony Fauci & AIDS – “The COVID celebrity-doctor doesn’t like reminders that he badly overhyped the transmissibility of AIDS.” – Daniel J. Flynn

Tucker uses his bully pulpit to highlight Democrats weaponizing January 6 – “It’s important that we keep up the drumbeat about what’s happening in D.C. because our Republican politicians are either complicit or passive.” – Andrea Widburg

The Woke-Off To Replace Chris Cuomo – “Turns out there is a bottom, sort of, for CNN to hit, And the firing of Chris Cuomo has set off a feeding frenzy, a woke-off to fill his timeslot and, more importantly, hammer those big checks that come, even when you’re by far the least watched person in your timeslot. So who will replace Cuomo? Who wants to be the captain of the Titanic? Pretty much everyone at CNN, actually. You can almost forget that this level of stupid exists, but it does.” – Derek Hunter

The White House Is Asked About Hunter Biden’s Laptop and Jen Psaki Can’t Help but Lie – “Well, uh, on the first, the President’s son is not an employee of the federal government, so I point you to his representatives and as it relates to the book, I’ve neither had the time nor interest in exploring or reading the book.” – Scott Hounsell

Where Have All the Flowers Gone? – “Where are the flowers today? They are in the gutter along with every thing else. San Francisco, the city I knew, is destroyed. In place of flowers, there is filth. The streets are overflowing with it. Excrement, hypodermic needles, crime. The city fathers, a collection of white liberals and sexual perverts, have legalized robbery by blacks up to $950 per black per robbery. It is a form of reparations.” – Paul Craig Roberts

Putin to Biden: Finlandize Ukraine, or We Will – “Neocons and Republican hawks such as the late John McCain sought to bring Ukraine and two other ex-Soviet republics, Georgia and Moldova, into NATO. Putin, who served in the KGB in the late Soviet era and calls the breakup of the USSR the “greatest geopolitical catastrophe” of the 20th century, is now saying: Enough is enough. Either the U.S. and NATO provide us with “legal guarantees” that Ukraine will never join NATO or become a base for weapons that can threaten Russia — or we will go in and guarantee it ourselves. This is the message Russian President Vladimir Putin is sending, backed by the 100,000 troops Russia has amassed on Ukraine’s borders. At the Kremlin last week, Putin drew his red line:” – Patrick J. Buchanan

Tanking to War – “We can only hope that President Biden will ignore the war fanatics and agree that negotiation is preferable to confrontation. It is obvious to most people who desire peace that Russia has no intention of invading Ukraine, for a myriad of reasons, some of which are noted below. But if the western military grouping does manage to achieve its objective of confronting Russia to the point that Moscow has to take military action, then there’s one thing absolutely certain, and that is that Ms Liz Truss and Mr Jens Stoltenberg and the rest of the warmongers will be nowhere near a tank or any other piece of military equipment.” – Brian Cloughley

In Washington Good News Becomes Bad News – “A dangerously incompetent administration alienates friends and makes new enemies” – Philip Giraldi  – GOOD READ FROM PHILIP!!!!!

US Leaders Pursue a Dangerously Simplistic Deterrence Policy Regarding Ukraine – “US hawks are pushing to increase Washington’s implicit commitment to defend Ukraine, again assuming that such moves would cause Russia to cower. Such proposals ignore how seriously Russia regards Ukraine in its own security calculations.It should be obvious that Ukraine is much more important to Russia than it is to the United States or other Western countries. Moscow seems determined to prevent Washington from making Ukraine a forward staging area for NATO military power directed against Russia. That position is entirely credible. ” – Ted Galen Carpenter

Our Rulers Are Not Rational Creatures: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix – “We survived the nuclear horror of the cold war only to see our rulers turn around and start another one for no legitimate reason, this time against two nations simultaneously. And almost no one objected” – Caitlin Johnstone – MORE OBSERVATIONS FROM CAITLIN!!!!!!

US Government’s COVID War Crimes Against Humanity – Part 2 – “I started this two-part series on “COVID War Crimes” talking about Lara Logan’s chastised claim that Dr. Fauci could be compared to Josef Mengele, the Nazi war doctor. It is only appropriate, then, that I open the second article with a story that I came across right after publication of the first article about how the vax war has reached peak lunacy now that German doctors will only help you kill yourself if you have been vaccinated: You can’t even get a good death these days without getting vaccinated first, even if you are a member of the society of those who are “willing to die.” The Germans have a special way with rules and killing people, don’t they?” – David Haggith  – PART 1 WAS LINKED YESTERDAY!!!!!

Energy Pros Dismiss Liz Warren’s Complaints: ‘It’s Econ 101, Not Rocket Science’ – “In recent letters to natural gas producers, Warren blasted what she called their “corporate greed” and demanded an explanation for the record exports of natural gas at the same time prices are rising in the U.S. She got a response, but not the one she demanded. “This a misguided and headline-grabbing ploy,” ” – Chris Woodward

You Might be Shocked – and Soon Will Be – “Since the government is determined to force you to buy an electric car, it might be good to know what you’re in for. What they’re not telling you. That 30-45 minutes you have heard bandied about – the time you’ll wait for a “fast” charge – is only available where there are “fast” chargers. And where is that? It’s not at home. Private homes have residential electric service panels – and wiring. They are not wired to “fast” charge the 400-800 volt loads required for “fast” charging an electric car in 30-45 minutes. The house would have to be re-wired to make this possible. And not just the house. The wiring from the street to the house.” – Eric Peters

9 Shocking Signs Of The Staggering Decline Of The Traditional American Family -Michael Snyder

Why it would be better if this Democracy Summit never happened – “The Biden administration risks the charge of hypocrisy as it picks and chooses which authoritarians are in, and which are out.” – Anatol Lieven


Russia’s Greatest Weapon is not a Weapon – “What has suddenly transformed the situation was mass insanity into which the West has been plunged. This group madness has destroyed much of what is infinitely dear to a very significant, if not overwhelming, part of Western civilization. And thus we have come to the point where Russia—in all seriousness and without any irony or puffery whatsoever, really—has become the light of the world, a shining city set upon a hill, a beacon of hope, a bastion of righteousness and free spirit and the symbol of a truly free world. Theirs has remained a wholesome world of brave, masculine men, of attractive, feminine women and of their above-average, non-gender-confused children. In their world, rewards and privileges are based on merit, corrupt politicians and businessmen spend years in jail, and respect for traditional ethics and religious faith is mandatory. In their world, all of history is permanently theirs: none of it will ever be forgotten, falsified or erased” – Dmitry Orlov

Is Bugging Out Even a Viable Option? – “Preppers spend a lot of time and money building bug-out bags, making a bug-out vehicle, and even making a yurt or other shelter to use when bugging out. Those projects can be fun and even worthwhile. But that doesn’t mean that they’ll ever be used for their intended purpose or even that they will be able to be used for that purpose. Back when I got started in survival, everything was about bugging out” – Bill White


Last Friday, There Were 585 New 52-Week Lows on the Nasdaq Stock Market — Versus 12 New 52-Week Highs – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Five Inflation Myths – Michael Maharrey

Productivity Decreases the Most Since 1960 but Labor Costs Surge 9.6%, What’s Going On? – “Productivity is down and costs are up. There are are least 6 contributing factors.” – Mish

Social Security COLA Calculations May Get Changed to CPI-E as Part of the Reform Bill. What Does it Mean for Retirees? – “Watch out for the costs of housing, medical care, and gasoline. So on average, CPI-E would be a slight improvement, and every little thing helps retirees.” – Wolf Richter

Bitcoin Isn’t Any More Dangerous than the Euro – “It’s a bit rich that European central bankers are decrying the alleged risks and dangers of bitcoin. After all, the euro currency poses many destabilizing dangers and risks of its own for the European economy.” – Gunther Schnabl

Will Gold & Silver Catch A Break, A Beating Or A Bid In The Markets This Week? (SPOILER ALERT: Friday Is A HUGE Day) – “with Fed Chair Powell memory-holing the world “transitory”, it should come as no surprise that the upcoming Consumer Price Index this Friday will be the most important inflation report, ever. Complicating matters, since the Fed “meets” next week (December 14 & 15) to “decide”, among other things, interest rate policy, there will be no Fed speeches, statements, interviews or other nonsense this week to publicly and overtly appease any market anxieties or insecurities.” – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

“Something’s Got To Give” In This Fragile Market (VIDEO) with David Morgan – “The “money powers” are scared to death, says David Morgan. The system is incredibly fragile. We’re seeing a noticeable shift away from stocks. For the gold and silver markets, he sees a low at the end of the year, but a rise after that.” – Liberty and Finance

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 11.37EUR


Psalm 9:15     The heathen are sunk down in the pit that they made: in the net which they hid is their own foot taken.