Choices Made for Us . . . – “When you’re not free to choose, you take what you get. More precisely, you get what those who’ve taken away your choices decide you’ll have. No more – and a lot less. One of the easiest ways to see this – literally – is to have a look at a group of people wearing the same uniform. It makes them look all the same, the literal meaning of uniform. One form. It is not accidental that uniforms are common in contexts where the individual’s choices are reduced to nil – as in the military. Or – in modern tyrannies – the Chin Diaper, which serves the same essential purpose as a uniform. Which is to establish the look of universality and – just as important – to make it clear that choice is no longer yours to make.” – Eric Peters

Biden’s Throat Frog Hints at the Coming Normalcy – “What strikes me about Biden and the frog in his throat is how casually and quickly he and his administration take recourse to traditional wisdom about viruses, even as the same administration is promoting the upending of life as we’ve known it all for a virus that is a near cousin of the very thing he caught from his grandson. And yet his spokesperson draws on what we’ve always known in order to calm people down.” – Jeffrey A. Tucker

Biden’s Plan To “Vaccinate” The World – “For those paying attention, we already know when they will stop with this hoax of pandemic. It ends when the world is vaccinated, and now Joe Biden has plans to try to make that the reality. Biden said the US “must vaccinate the world.” Obviously. That’s the goal. We all know this. If you’ve been paying attention, you know everything is about whatever is in those shots.” – Mac Slavo

First Comply, Then We’ll Grant You Some Rights – “Having recovered from the disease itself does not suffice to maintain your rights. The ability to prove that you are not susceptible to the pathogen due to inherent good health does not suffice. To maintain freedom of movement, you must submit to the injections. Something is off. They want us to take these “vaccines” very badly. They want to build a QR/tracking infrastructure on this “safety” premise very badly. One must ask: did they ever have a legitimate basis to lead us to this point? Did they really believe they could “save grandma” with a lockdown? ” – Stacey Rudin

“Post Pandemic Stress Disorder”…seriously? – “There’s a reason heart attacks and blood clots are about to become a LOT more common…but the vaccine has nothing to do with it. Apparently.” – Kit Knightly – GOOD ARTICLE FROM KIT. STEVE KIRSCH HAD A GOOD ONE ON THIS AS WELL THAT WAS LINKED YESTERDAY. I GUESS THEY THINK WE WILL BELIEVE ANYTHING THEY TELL US NOW,

Vaccine Mandates: What The F**K Is Going On In Australia??! (VIDEO) – Russell Brand  – GOOD ONE FROM RUSSELL, OVER 750,000 VIEWS!!!!!!

An FDA official demanded Google censor a YouTube video the agency didn’t like – Alex Berenson

Vax Causes Variants, Hospitals Murder CV19 Patients – Dr. Elizabeth Eads Vax Causes Variants, Hospitals Murder CV19 Patients (VIDEO) with Dr. Elizabeth Eads – “Dr. Elizabeth Eads is back to update us from the front lines of medicine. Dr. Eads is treating patients who have been injected with the experimental CV19 so-called “vaccines.” Dr. Eads is witnessing the horror stories of treating the unvaxed who have been made sick by the “Fully Vaccinated.”” – Greg Hunter – GREG HAS TALKED WITH DR.EADS BEFORE. SEE THE LINK ON 11/04/21 AS WELL!!!@!!!!!!

28X increase in stillbirths in multiple parts of Canada – “But get this… it’s only happening to vaccinated moms. I wonder what is causing this? Nobody has a clue.: – Steve Kirsch

2,809 Dead Babies in VAERS Following COVID Shots as New Documents Prove Pfizer, the FDA, and the CDC Knew the Shots Were Not Safe for Pregnant Women – Brian Shilhavy

Smallpox? – Managing a Serious Possibility – “This article is the result of some recent, timely discussions. I’m sure that we are not alone in thinking about this issue, and noticing the trends in current events and attitudes. So, I present a likely candidate for the next pandemic: Smallpox. Take a look at the following timeline:” – Swamp Fox


You Can’t Stop a Tidal Wave So You Might As Well Try – “As I’ve stated before, the Elite won’t turn back now. They are completely committed. This is because the Covid offensive either ends up with them lined up against walls or the We the Plebeians in digital chains. Many reading these words were, certainly, in varying degrees, concerned at the announcement of Omicron®. But, the concern was not likely over the “virus”, per se, but regarding the reactions to the propaganda by governmental agencies and dupes alike. This is how incrementalism works: trauma and reward are the tools utilized by tyrants to train their subjects. Sadly, the fear-based lockdown and pressure-release method has most people responding like puppets to masterfully manipulated strings.” – Doug “Uncola” Lynn  – GOOD ONE FROM DOUG ON AS I ALWAYS SAY “THE BIGGER PICTURE”!!!!!

Worst. President. Ever. – “Try to imagine a President doing a worse job than Joe Biden. Think about how that would even be possible. Would they have to set the White House on fire while vomiting on Boris Johnson? Maybe a President in a Nyquil-induced stupor trying to start a nuclear war with Canada? Has there ever been a bigger disconnect between what a candidate for President promised and what they delivered? It’s not even that Biden tried and failed, it’s that the entire premise of his campaign was a lie. He had no plan, he had no clue. All he had was an objective and handlers determined to get him there, for their own reasons.” – Derek Hunter

Psaki: Domestic Travel Ban for Unvaccinated Not Off the Table – “White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki admitted that the US would not hesitate to take extreme measures to punish the unvaccinated. There has never been an official domestic travel ban, but Psaki said implementing one is “not off the table.” The Fourteenth Amendment explicitly states that American citizens “are citizens of the United States” and not limited to the state in which they reside. Unfortunately, the main document intended to protect citizens from the government has been thrown out the window by the Biden Administration.” – Martin Armstrong

U.S. Ship Logjam Worsens As Biden’s Attempt To Save Christmas Fails – ” Speaking from the White House Wednesday, Biden said his administration has partnered with the private sector to “ensure the store shelves are stocked.” But new shipping data shows snarled supply chains are worsening, and it could take months to untangle them.” – Tyler Durden  – MORE”BS” FROM THE LIAR IN CHIEF!!!!!!!

Flyover Folks Appreciate Truth, Justice, And The American Way – “Will The Real Joe Biden Please Shut Up. The other Joe, who somehow managed to wander into the White House, declared during the Menorah lighting ceremony that he met with former Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir during the Six-Day War and had the position of liaison between Israel and Egypt. In his bumbling cadence, he went into all sorts of historical details: Harrowing. Heartbreaking. And not true. Alpharetta, GA, resident Emad Balkash – a transplant from Damascus, Syria – was aghast. “Is there anything he has ever said that he didn’t lie or plagiarize about?” And Texan Patrick Coyle brought up Biden’s early days: “Biden also met with Abraham Lincoln to try to avert the Civil War by backing off emancipation. As he said, ‘I know what is good for the Negro.’”” – Sarah Cowgill

Democrats Were Wrong After All: IRS Data Reportedly Shows Trump Tax Cut Benefited Middle Class Most – Tim Korso

Politico Has Found Who to Blame for the New ‘Omicron’ Variant – and It’s Incredibly on-Brand – “They think they’ve found the culprit — Donald Trump? Yes, the bad orange man, who hasn’t been in office for over 10 months, is supposedly at fault for a variant that emerged across an ocean. Get a load of this logic: this is Trump’s fault because he took an “America First” approach to vaccine distribution early on. But then he…left office…so I’m a bit at a loss of how a variant that emerged almost a year later is the fault of an initial push to get Americans vaccinated before doling out doses to the third world. On its face, that just doesn’t make much sense.” – Bonchie

California’s Golden Opportunities for Criminals – “The Golden State incentivizes destruction and death by giving criminals strong legal incentives to practice their trade.” – Lloyd Billingsley

The Maxwell Family Business: Espionage – “Ghislaine Maxwell is hardly the only Maxwell sibling to continue their father’s controversial work for intelligence, After the death of Robert Maxwell, in what most of his family and many of his biographers regard as a murder conducted by Israeli intelligence, his children began to pick up the pieces and sought to rebuild their father’s empire. Of his seven children, five took on different aspects of their father’s vast portfolio.” – Whitney Webb  – SINCE GHISLAINE IS NOW ON TRIAL, THOUGHT I WOULD LINK THIS EXCELLENT AND WELL RESEARCHED BACKGROUND PIECE BY WHITNEY. OVER A YEAR OLD, BUT DON’T THINK I PREVIOUSLY LINKED IT WHEN EPSTEIN WAS IN JAIL!!!!!

NATO’s Jens Stoltenberg needs to calm it down – “Just when the alliance needs to be deescalating the situation with Russia over Ukraine, he’s been throwing kerosene on the flames.” – Daniel Larison

Biden’s Doppelganger for the UN – “When you lack a foreign policy, why not pretend that you have one by holding an international summit? To start with, what does Biden mean by democracy? Biden’s invitation excludes at least 20 long-standing allies of the United States.” – Amir Taheri

Will Ethiopia Become Biden’s Libya 2.0 or a Driver for an African Renaissance? – “The situation in Ethiopia is rather simple to understand as long as you don’t believe western media spin doctors” – Matthew Ehret


A (Bad) Tale Of Two Inflations – “Our paint by the numbers central bankers have given the notion of being literalistic a bad name.” – David Stockman  – ANOTHER GOOD ANALYSIS FROM MR. STOCKMAN!!!!

Inflation, Inflation, Inflation. (VIDEO) with Wolf Richter – talkdigitalnetwork

How Governments Seized Control of Money – “Most emerging and developed market currencies have devalued significantly relative to the United States dollar in 2021 despite the Federal Reserve’s aggressive monetary policy.” – Daniel Lacalle

Another Bitcoin Plunge, Will This One Stick? – “Top to bottom, Bitcoin dropped 17% in an overnight rout. What’s going on?” – Mish

How Governments Seized Control of Money – “In discussions surrounding of the world’s monetary systems today there is usually one thing almost everyone can agree on: that money should be controlled by the organizations we call “states” or “sovereign states.” Nowadays when we say “the US dollar” we mean the currency issued by the US government. When we say “the British pound” we mean the money issued by the regime of the United Kingdom. This assumed need to have state-issued money has not always been the reality, of course. Indeed, the history of the rise of the state is a history replete with efforts by states to replace private-sector money with state-controlled money.” – Ryan McMaken

Signs – ““Sign, sign, everywhere a sign Blockin’ out the scenery, breakin’ my mind Do this, don’t do that, can’t you read the sign?” That was from a teenage song of rebellion some 50 years ago, by The Five Man Electric Band (from Canada), I believe protesting the “no shirt, no shoes, no service” notices appearing in many fast-food joints back in the day. Yes, it was a simpler time. I’d like to talk about different signs today, specifically, the signs I see proclaiming that something highly unusual is occurring in the silver market.” – Ted Butler

Hedge Funds are Driving Price Action in the Gold Market – “How long until Hedge Funds call the Fed’s bluff? More importantly, how long until there isn’t any physical to back the paper contracts because it’s been delivered and then removed from the vault?” – Schiff Gold


Proverbs 25:11    A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.


Up there on the platform
He is speaking to the people
The people are responding
With clapping and a’cheering
But the meaning of the message
Not revealed to those assembled
They’re taken for a ride
Taken In his stride

When the Generals talk
You better listen to him
When the Generals talk
You better do what he say

There’s a rumour in the ranking
Someone’s talking insurrection
So the General has a purge
‘Cos he wants to win elections
With the certain satisfaction
That the people are appeased
Long live the revoluton
The General’s very pleased

Sitting on the fence both ears to the ground
The fat cats still push the thin cats around

( When The Generals Talk by Midnight Oil )