Fury, Rising – “The emerging reality of Omicron is that it has a much lower transmission coefficient than its predecessor, the Delta variant, and produces only mild symptoms of illness. Someone should tell Acting President Fauci that Halloween is over and he can stop trying to scare everybody. Anyway, two federal judges rendered decisions striking down Acting President Fauci’s vaccine mandates. This leaves the USA in a distinctly exceptional position among the other nations within the loose confederation of Western Civ. Thanks to manifestations of sanity on the federal bench, the vax mandates appear DOA here now, while Austria and Germany have rushed into full-blown psychotic fugues over Omicron, But now the breakdown in all the channels of production, trade, and money is roaring in our faces, and just at Christmas time, too, when the sore-beset people seek just a few weeks’ respite from their travail and despair. Don’t be surprised by their rising fury over this in the days ahead.” -James Howard Kunstler  – MR. KUNSTLER ON COVID AND MORE!!!!!!

Omicron: We Warned You The Covid Farce Would Never End – “At the very beginning of the pandemic response I and many others in the alternative media warned that the mandates and lockdowns were never going to end; they are meant to go on forever. I predicted this based on statements made by the very globalists and institutions scripting covid response policy for national governments. Two years later (instead of two weeks), the covid farce continues. I could go on and on outlining the mountain of scientific facts and evidence that completely debunk the panic over covid, but I have already done this in several articles” – Brandon Smith  – ANOTHER EXCELLENT READ FROM BRANDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wait… did we just win one? – “Biden balks at more restrictions. From masks to vaccinations to flight travel, Dr. Fauci hemmed and hawed his way through questions from the press. In the end — it seemed like we knew NOTHING more. Fauci walked back definition changes, he couldn’t answer basics about international travel restrictions, he toned down any notion of domestic travel restrictions — in short, it sent Team Apocalypse reeling.” – Justin Hart

The case for compulsory vaccinations is dead… – “Omicron just killed it.” – Kit Knightly

Stats trick: How Omicron can transition from ‘mild’ to ‘deadly’ – “Here’s how it’s going to happen. Before we get to Omicron, there’s two important things related to COVID Mania that are worth highlighting: If your COVID test comes back positive on a PCR test, you have a well over 99% chance of recovering from the disease that you are being diagnosed with. This has remained the case since the beginning of COVID Mania. It doesn’t matter which “new strain” surfaces, whether it’s Alpha, Beta, Delta, or the next dominant strain, the result has remained consistent. The average age of a COVID death both in the United States and abroad is about the same as the average lifespan. In previous global plagues, this was not at all the case. The hysteria surrounding COVID Mania is the product of the world’s largest and most widespread case of wholesale statistics fraud, corruption, and deceit.” – Jordan Schachtel

Court Orders FDA To Comply With FOIA and Release Information On Pfizer Vaccine – First Batch of Documents Shows Over 1,200 Vaccine Deaths WITHIN FIRST 90 DAYS – Julian Conradson – WHERE IS THE MSM ON THIS ONE. NOWHERE TO BE FOUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

UK health authorities now advise giving the booster every 3 months – “Next will be monthly. Then weekly. Then daily. See the pattern? If the vaccine doesn’t work, give it more often. No evidence required!” – Steve Kirsch

PCR Tests and the Rise of Disease Panic – “PCR revolutionised molecular biology but its most notable application was in genetic fingerprinting, But, like a powerful magnifying glass or zoom lens, if it’s powerful enough to find a needle in a haystack it’s powerful enough to make mountains out of molehills. Even the inventor of PCR, Kary Mullis, who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1993, vehemently opposed using PCR to diagnose diseases: “PCR is a process that’s used to make a whole lot of something out of something. It allows you to take a very miniscule amount of anything and make it measurable and then talk about it like it’s important.“” – Ian McNulty

Why is Trump given a hall pass on killer injections? – “The “vaccines” now being forced on the global population are shaping up to be perhaps the most successful eugenics program in human history, and the scam of the century is that these shots are being sold as a treatment that will keep you healthy, wink, wink.” – Leo Hohmann

How to Detox from the COVID Shot – “Although the COVID fake-vaccine is taking a toll on populations worldwide with its deleterious effects, including myocarditis and death, there is hope for those who’ve awoken to the agenda and want to detoxify. At every step along the way to Transhumanism, we have to fight the synthetic agenda, and support the body’s ability to fend off synthetic and poisonous substances.” – Makia Freeman

Media Stirs Up Omicron Hysteria, Points Finger at Unvaccinated – “No sooner had the Omicron hysteria hit the headlines, politicians, aided by a compliant global lockstep media, started identifying scapegoats and telling the world’s population to prepare to roll up their sleeves. Lockstep political decision to roll out leaky “vaccines” occurred around the world immediately following the Omicron announcement.” – Rob Verkerk, Ph.D.

Switzerland gives Covid passports the green light after tense referendum – Harrison Jones

Germany: mandatory Covid jabs a step closer as unvaccinated face lockdown – “Merkel backs compulsory jabs and says ‘act of national solidarity’ required” – Jon Henley – MERKEL OBVIOSLY DOESN’T READ HER OWN COUNTRY’S RESEARCH AS STATED IN THE LINK BELOW!!!!!!

German study shows fully jabbed are ‘possible and relevant source of transmission’ for COVID-19 – “New research from Germany shows that widespread inoculation against COVID-19 with the currently available abortion-tainted shots is not stopping the spread of the virus among the fully jabbed.” – David McLoone

It Is Not Just Coronavirus Vaccine, Mumps Vaccine Is Not Working Either – Adam Dick




How Governments Are Using Democracy to TAKE AWAY Freedom – “Can democracy be used to take freedom and liberty from a people? Last Sunday, the Swiss government called a referendum for the population to decide for or against the health passport that was introduced in September. Apparently, the majority of the Swiss took the blue pill and essentially green-lighted the government’s plan to restrict their own civil liberties even further.” – Fabian Ommar

Catherine Austin Fitts 2nd Full Interview (VIDEO) – “In this second interview we conducted with Catherine Austin Fitts, we dive deeper. Learn how the central bankers are using governments around the world to implement a new system that will ultimately lead to slavery. Once you see this, you will understand the importance to resist now, before it’s too late.” – Planet Lockdown  –  A MUST WATCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joe Biden ‘Jokes’ About Not Really Being President but No One Is Laughing – “I used to joke about the fame-obsessed doctor actually being the acting president. But because our politics only has one mode, which is to say always becoming crazier, Joe Biden is just outright admitting it now. Joe Biden “jokes” that Dr. Facui is actually the President of the United States: I know, I know, he’s “joking,” but is he really? Because the evidence we have sure seems to point in a different direction. After all, some of the best comedy is rooted in fact.” – Bonchie

Team Biden, you can’t blame looting gangs on COVID and Trump — look in the mirror – New York Post Editorial Board

Biden is promising what he can’t deliver at democracy summit – “US President Joe Biden is hosting the political equivalent of a child’s secret treehouse, warning off the growing number of nations opposed to his foreign policy as he rolls out the red carpet for DC-approved ‘democracies’ only.” – Helen Buyniski

Is anyone buying this ridiculous Kamala and Pete show? – “Did you see that hug between Wonder Boy President in Waiting Pete Buttigieg and Back Off Little Man I’m Boss Lady of This House Kamala Harris? I’ve seen leprous porcupines get closer together for a hug. H and B managed to hug while looking like they wished they were in two different time zones, just as their political fortunes are going in completely different directions: Buttigieg is maybe even a little ahead of schedule in the ruthless mega-map to the presidency he probably devised when he was drinking chocolate milk in kindergarten eight or nine years ago, while Harris is looking like the first sitting vice president who will ever cackle her way to political oblivion.” – Kyle Smith

DC Democrats Claim Victory Over Inflation With Temporary Two Cent Drop in Gasoline Prices – Their Emphasis Explains Why They Need Omicron – “If you were still on the fence about Omicron being created/used specifically because the people behind Biden were worried about gas prices {Go Deep}, you can quit the straddle. Energy inflation overall, and gasoline inflation specifically, is the Build Back Better communists’ Achilles heel. Yes, gasoline fell from $3.39/gal to $3.38/gal in the six days after the strategic petroleum reserve release. We are spared a single penny per gallon in gas price. Even the leftist media recognize this type of propaganda only makes Democrats look more stupid.” – Sundance


Will the Public Finally See What Happened in the Capitol Tunnel? – “When Americans finally view the surveillance footage, January 6 will make alleged police abuse at LaFayette Square look like a day in the (federal) park.” – Julie Kelly

Waukesha: The Shame of the Media – “The willful avoidance of facts and deliberate obscuring of what happened in Waukesha, Wisconsin is a low point in American journalism nationally. The journalists involved should be ashamed of themselves.” – Newt Gingrich

New York City’s Destruction of the Right of Self-Defense – Jacob G. Hornberger

Is YouTube Now Presuming to be in Charge of Science? – “Under the new rules, you cannot claim “that the pandemic is over.” Which is to say, the pandemic is now declared to last forever. You cannot make “claims that any group or individual has immunity to the virus or cannot transmit the virus,” which means that all the science on naturally acquired immunity can be deleted.” – Jeffrey A. Tucker  – MORE CENSORSHIP FROM BIG TECH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The great Islamophobia con – “The Muslim Council of Britain’s latest report is a chilling attempt to crush public criticism of Islam.” – Brendan O’Neill

Why EU will never out-build China’s Belt and Road – “The European Union’s bid to compete with China’s Belt and Road Initiative is doomed to failure because Brussels is incapable of cajoling its members into singing from the same hymn sheet.” – Tom Fowdy

Is the World On the Brink of DEFCON 1? – “The looming apocalypse is shaping up nicely as Russia and China expand strategic cooperation to offset the NATO war planes apparently in the works. The propaganda war having already begun with fear mongering over false claims Russia intends invasion, now the “accident scenario” takes shape in the skies over Russia’s frontiers. We’ve addressed the so-called “troop buildup” frenzy western hegemony media has been stirring a few times here on NEO. And, as predicted, it seems like the groundwork for a false flag operation is underway from NATO command.” – Phil Butler

The Kremlin’s Strategic Blunders Are Leading to War – “While US Whore Media and Whore “scientists” dependent on Fauci-controlled NIH and Big Pharma grants whip up fear over a relatively harmless “Omicron variant,” a real dangerous situation that I have anticipated for seven years is raising its deadly head. The arrogant fools in Washington lost in their own hubris have been practicing nuclear attacks on Russia within 20 kilometers of Russia’s borders.” – Paul Craig Roberts

Russia warns about ‘nightmare scenario’ of military confrontation in Europe – RT

Building Your Survival Pantry – Here’s Your List – Jessica Fender

Growing The Best Crops For Coping With The Next Crisis – “If the next crisis hits hard, one of the best friends you can have is a practical garden. A key consideration in such a garden is which types of produce can be harvested and simply dumped into a root cellar or dark closet, without processing, and left there until needed.” – Bob Rodgers




What Do They Know? Insiders Are Dumping Stocks At A Pace Never Seen Before In All Of U.S. History – Michael Snyder

It’s The Taper, Stupid! – “Omicron is contributing to volatility, but it’s plans for tapering that really have the market unsteady. And unless Powell walks back his hawkish commentary, don’t expect anything to change.” – Quoth the Raven

Job growth disappoints in November, with a gain of just 210,000, despite high hopes – Jeff Cox

The IMF Warning Of “Economic Collapse” Should Get Headlines – “Not because the IMF have any kind of track record of being timely or right about anything, but because the Fund so rarely says anything negative for fear of being seen as precipitating the crises which the policies it imposes always end up creating anyway.” – Michael Every

Crushed Auto Sales, No Problem: Nov. was Most Profitable Month Ever for New Vehicle Sales as Americans Paid Whatever – “Thousands of dollars over sticker? I just don’t get this. Something big has changed in the brains of enough (but certainly not all) Americans.” – Wolf Richter


The Bond Market is Talking and Eurodollars Just Inverted, Are You Listening? – Mish

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 10.73EUR




Mark 13:7      And when ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars, be ye not troubled: for such things must needs be; but the end shall not be yet.