Are They Stupid – or Just Bought? – “CNN’s Jim Cramer has joined the chorus of idiots – or worse – demanding that the Biden Thing impose needles at bayonet-point, “by, say, January first.”” – Eric Peters

Three Jabs And…. – “…. you’re dead? Maybe. But three strikes and you’re out has been the rule for a very long time. So how many strikes do we have here? Let’s cut the crap, shall we? Let me restate this in plain English for the idiots who have trouble with logic: Any “mandate” to take a jab is, as now proved by events, a demand that you play Russian Roulette — a game of chance with no benefit that can and does sometimes kill you without warning. I have the right to play Russian Roulette of my own free will and if I do, and it ends badly, that’s on me. If I’m polite I’ll do it outside so its easier to clean up the mess. But a mandate to play Russian Roulette is in fact an act of felony assault with intent to commit murder and that justifies the immediate use of whatever force is necessary to stop it by the person being coerced.” – Karl Denninger  – 

The Omicron Deception; how long can they string out the mutation-stories? – “Nothing mutates faster than a non-virus, except perhaps Tony Fauci’s pronouncements about the “pandemic.” In early 2020, it all started with a “virus” no one had isolated. Meaning a phantom, a fake, a con, a non-entity. NO VIRUS TO THIS DAY. Now we’ve had fake variants of the fakes. Delta; Omicron from Africa. The Stupidity Index—how stupid a person has to be in order to believe the official COVID narrative—is expanding. The more variants, the dumber obedient people have to be, to go along with the show.” – Jon Rappoport  

This guy right here is an enemy of humanity. He would have the military force vaccinate you. A disgusting excuse of a human being. (VIDEO) – Michael Krieger  – TWEET FROM MICHAEL WHO USED TO POST ON HIS EXCELLENT WEB SITE LIBERTY BLITZKRIEG. ALSO SEE THE FIRST LINK FROM ERIC PETERS FOR MORE ON THIS!!!!

First case of US covid Omicron is in someone who is fully vaccinated – Sharyl Attkisson – WELL, WELL, WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How many people have been murdered with the Covid-19 Vaccines? – “No one knows how many people the vaccines are killing – or how many they will kill.” – Dr Vernon Coleman

The Omicron Absurdities Continue – “More Bizarre Tall Tales, Data Misrepresentation, and Outright Fabulism” – El Gato Malo

The Make Believe Pandemic & The OMICRON Variant – “Near the end of 2020 researchers in Britain published a report in Nature Communications concerning “speculations Covid-19 may be evolving towards higher transmissibility.” Yet among the 46,723 mutations identified from worldwide samples, this research team said it could “not identify a single recurrent mutation that convincingly associated with increase transmission.”” – Bill Sardi

The Most Striking Fact in Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s New Book – “Fauci dispenses some $7 billion in research grants to “public health” researchers all over the world. He has held that position for 30 years. This means that for thirty years there has been one-man monopoly control over virtually all public health-related “peer review.” This proves in spades what a clownish, lying, incompetent, corrupt stooge Fauci is when he responds to criticism with statements like “everyone I know agrees with me on this.” Yeah, everyone who works for him and is paid by him, or wishes to work for him and be paid by him (with taxpayers’ money). This means that “public health” peer review is a joke and a fraud.” – Thomas DiLorenzo  – EXCELLENT POINT!!!!!

The mask slips – “Mask obsessives just want to signal their superiority over the selfish, germ-spreading others.But for those keen to live their lives forever in Covid’s shadow – always vigilant, always on guard – the return of a mask mandate was the best news they had received since last January’s lockdown. They love masks, you see. They’re obsessed with them,” – Tim Black

More Than 400 Studies on the Failure of Compulsory Covid Interventions – Dr. Paul Elias Alexander – THEY ARE ALL LINKED. PICK ANY YOU WANT TO READ. IT’S A HUGE LIBRARY OF FAILED POLICIES ON COVID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Efficacy of Pfizer’s COVID Biologic Estimated at 33 Percent – “A recent study soon to be published in the Journal of Medical Biochemistry found that Pfizer/BioNTech’s experimental messenger RNA (mRNA) BNT162b2 biologic for COVID-19 significantly loses its efficacy within six months of the second shot.” – The Vaccine Reaction

How forced vaccination will come to Russia – Edward Slavsquat

Canadian gov’t pouring millions more into ‘voluntary’ COVID isolation sites – “The Canadian federal government announced that it will pump millions more into its “voluntary” COVID isolation site program to “help” temporary foreign workers forced to isolate as well build a new virus camp. While COVID “isolation” sites have been called “voluntary,” the rules of such sites spell out that it is up to local health officials to determine who should be forced into a mandatory quarantine.” – Anthony Murdoch



Now or Never: The Great ‘Transition’ Must Be Imposed – “Vaccine mandates are everywhere: one country, after another, is doubling-down, to try to force, or legally compel, full population vaccination. And (no coincidence), this ‘marker’ has come just as U.S. Covid deaths in 2021 have surpassed those of 2020. This has happened, despite the fact that last year, no Americans were vaccinated (and this year 59% are vaccinated). Clearly no panacea, this mRNA ‘surge’. Of course, the Pharma-Establishment know that the vaccines are no panacea. There are ‘higher interests’ at play here. There are powerful oligarchic interests behind the Re-Set. They do not want to see it go down, nor see the West eclipsed by its ‘competitors’. So it seems that rather than back off, they will go full throttle and try to impose compliance on their electorates: tolerate no dissidence.” – Alastair Crooke  – GOOD ANALYSIS FROM ALASTAIR ON THE RESET AND BIG PICTURE!!!!!!

Germany Falls Completely to Davos – “What’s important here is that in light of the media release of OmicronVID-9/11 that the new German government is keen on serving its Davos masters agenda fully. Even though OmicronVID-9/11 looks to be the mildest and least interesting strain of COVID-9/11 that isn’t deterring European governments from announcing enforced vaccination programs, including from Germany’s new, fragile coalition.” – Tom Luongo

Joe Biden Is Preparing New COVID Restrictions — and They Are Absolutely Insane – Bonchie

Biden’s ‘Build Back Better’ plan unlikely to boost his popularity – Sharyl Attkisson

Can Michelle Obama lead the Democrats to victory in 2024? – “At a time when people are asking how long Joe Biden can survive as president, who’s best qualified to take on the Republicans in 2024? With VP Kamala Harris’ poll numbers in the basement, Michelle Obama could be one to watch. At this point in the game, the non-delusional Democrats in the party (albeit a minority) have long come around to the realization that neither Biden nor his vice president, Kamala Harris, have the slightest chance of successfully representing the Democratic ticket in 2024. Any speculation to the contrary is merely covering fire.” – Robert Bridge

Justice Thomas Asks: Where Is the Right to Abortion in the Constitution? – “If we were talking about the 2nd Amendment, I know exactly what we’re talking about. If we’re talking about the 4th Amendment, I know what we’re talking about, because it’s written. It’s there. What specifically is the right here that we’re talking about?” – Katie Pavlich

Chicago trying to surpass San Francisco in a race toward lawless anarchy – “Master filmmaker John Carpenter got it wrong when he predicted which American cities would fail in his 1980s and ’90s dystopian fantasies Escape from New York and Escape from L.A.” – Thomas Lifson

QAnon Shaman and the left’s funny ideas about ‘justice’ – “Democrats like the idea of letting real criminals out of jails to roam the streets while locking up non-violent political protesters who have the wrong politics. The left is constantly barking about “sentencing disparities,” “equal justice,” “mass incarceration,” and “criminal justice reform.”” – Monica Showalter

How The FBI Raid On Project Veritas Helped Protect The New York Times – “The FBI’s raids on Project Veritas had the effect of protecting not just the Biden family but also The New York Times. It’s yet another episode in a long history of the FBI and New York Times wildly abusing their power.” – Joy Pullmann

The United States Gets Even Closer To War With Both Russia And China – “While most of the U.S. population is distracted by other matters, the Biden administration continues to march us even closer to war with both Russia and China. It is understandable that so much attention is being given to the craziness surrounding the COVID pandemic, our very serious economic problems and the growing violence in our streets, but ultimately our deteriorating relationships with Russia and China will become even bigger news than any of those stories.” – Michael Snyder

Biden’s Upcoming Democracy Summit Chokes on Unipolar Hypocrisy – “To the degree that techno-feudal wind-up dolls continue to promote “democracy” while demanding that the world remain firmly under the heel of a unipolar hegemon, then no “democracy summit” will be worth anything.” – Matthew Ehret

Russia is primed for a Persian Gulf security ‘makeover’ – “Russia is the one state with the necessary clout, tools, sweeteners and relationships to nudge the Persian Gulf into a new security paradigm” – Pepe Escobar

Pentagon: U.S. military footprint staying right where it is – “An unclassified summary of the Defense Department’s Global Posture review was released Monday and in the words of the indomitable Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, the song of American military primacy worldwide pretty much “remains the same.” Of course the summary of the GPR, which has been long anticipated, doesn’t offer much detail, but the bottom line is this: China remains a key “pacing threat” and it will be met.” – Kelley Beaucar Vlahos

Remember Pearl Harbor, Mr. President? – “Washington is talking itself into war again. The signs are unmistakable. Admirals are warning of China’s preparations to invade Taiwan and defense hawks on the Hill point to Taiwan as simply the first step in China’s long-term strategic bid for global military hegemony. Nervous European allies see a Russian troop concentration in Eastern Ukraine as evidence for an impending Russian invasion and the Biden administration responds by saying that America’s support for Ukraine is “ironclad.”” – Douglas Macgregor

Food Storage 101 – What To Store In Your Pantry – Ken Jorgustin



Viruses Are Like Cryptos, They Replicate – “Oh My Cron? OH-mee-cron? Or something like that. President Biden sees it as such a big thing, he scheduled an address to the nation. Of course, POTUS knows nothing more about the omicron COVID variant than the rest of us. Still, he urged all Americans to get a booster shot. Is he practicing medicine without a license? In South Africa, where the variant first made landfall, health officials say omicron, the virus, is no big deal. It produces “mild” symptoms, they say. But hey… there’s one born every minute. Some become crypto gamblers. Others become presidents of the USA. Besides… this is a good time for distractions. Inflation is getting worse… Stocks are falling… Congress is again bumping into a debt ceiling… Gasoline is 60% higher than a year ago… Supplies of oil, gas, and electricity are becoming more fragile… …and winter is coming.” – Bill Bonner

“Team Transitory” Is Dead After Powell Says “Time To Retire Word Transitory Regarding Inflation” – Tyler Durden  – YA THINK, JEROME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Biden Doubles Lumber Tariffs, Aren’t Home Prices High Enough Already? – “The Commerce Department announced it will double the average tariff on Canadian softwood lumber to 17.9% from 8.99%.” – Mish – MORE SOUND FINANCIAL MOVES FROM THE IDIOT IN CHIEF. ALSO A GOOD WAY TO KEEP OUR NEIGHBORS UP NORTH HAPPY AS WELL!!!!!

The Most Splendid Housing Bubbles in America, November Update: Another Holy-Cow Moment – “In some cities, prices out-spiked even the craziness at the apex of Housing Bubble 1 before it fell apart. In others, the heat is getting dialed down.” – Wolf Richter

Fed Chair Powell Delivers the Perfect Storm to a $54 Trillion Bubble Stock Market: A Pivot to Inflation Hawk and Removal of the Punchbowl – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

How Long Until Inflation Breaks Germany? – “During the 1923 Weimar Republic hyperinflation, newly-destitute Germans burned their life savings to keep warm or carted wheelbarrows of cash to stores to buy bread and milk. This wipe-out of an entire generation’s wealth led directly to Hitler and WWII, arguably the two dumbest mistakes made by any country ever. So these guys understand the threat of a dying currency better than perhaps anyone else. Which must make what’s happening now especially intense. Here’s Germany’s current inflation rate:” – John Rubino

From Gold Manipulation to DC’s Latest Lies, Absolute Distortion Continues – “Below we look at the latest official fantasies from DC as well as the same ol’ big-boy gold manipulation tricks meant to keep precious metal markets anything but free or natural. From Dumb to Dumber: DC’s Latest Inflation Solution, More Spending…” – Matthew Piepenburg

In Act Of Sheer Panic, Turkey Central Bank Intervenes To Prop Up Lira, Fails – Tyler Durden

Gold, Silver And Mining Stocks: Patience Will Be Rewarded – Dave Kranzler

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 10.80EUR



Psalm 80:12      Why hast thou then broken down her hedges, so that all they which pass by the way do pluck her?