The Narratives Fail – “Does it finally look like Dr. Anthony Fauci is trying to carry out an assisted suicide of the United States? On the Sunday Morning TV chat circuit, the White House Covid-19 czar (a.k.a. The Science) declared that the new Omicron variant is “a clarion call” to get people vaccinated. Is that so, Dr. Fauci? Considering how well your “vaccines” work? And how many people have been maimed and killed by their side-effects? Meanwhile, Virologist Barry Schoub, Chairman of South Africa’s Ministerial Advisory Committee on COVID-19 Vaccines, declared the new Omicron Coronavirus “mild.” Could it be that the whole hoary Covid-19 narrative is falling apart now? Could Dr. Fauci and his sleazy associates in the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the WHO, etc. find themselves on-the-run? And might Omicron represent for them some final grasp at the last straw of narrative control?” – James Howard Kunstler  – GOOD ONE FROM MR. KUNSTLER ONCE AGAIN!!!!!!

Fauci: “I am the science.” – “I can’t believe this is an actual quote from over the weekend: “They’re really criticizing science, because I [Tony Fauci] represent science; that’s dangerous.” That is the mind of a megalomaniac – it’s certainly NOT the mind of a scientist. Fauci made his rounds on the talk shows and indicated that “everything is on the table” — lockdowns, vax travel mandates, school closings… They’re going to do it again. Which means – we have to go to war – again.” – Justin Hart

Fauci as Darth Vader of the Covid Wars – “Robert F Kennedy Jr’s The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health should be front-page news in all the news media in the US. Instead, it has been met with the proverbial thundering silence.” – Pepe Escobar

When All Else Fails, Bring Out the Masks – “Clearly, COVID isn’t going away any time soon…” – Brian C. Joondeph, M.D.  – AND IT NEVER WILL. THAT HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE PLAN. WHY DO YOU THINK IT’S CALLED A PLANDEMIC. IS IT GETTING CLEARER TO YOU YET, PEOPLE!!!!!!

The new African virus mutation: right on time; a kindergarten covert op for the ignorant – “There are no variants. Because there is no virus. SARS-CoV-2 doesn’t exist. I’ve spent the past year and a half proving that. [0] But fantasies do exist. So do covert ops with intentions to deceive. Thus, the “scientific world” is agog over the new South African variant, named B11529 (aka Omicron, Botswana). Woo. The ghost is coming out of the closet. Beware. COVID cases are rising…” – Jon Rappoport

OMICRON: A Perfectly Timed Variant to Scare the Unruly Back into Submission – “All around the world, people are getting fed up with draconian measures undertaken in the name of public safety. Although we’re not hearing much about it in the news here in the United States, Enter Omicron. No, that’s not the new head of the Decepticons. It’s the new strain of Covid out of South Africa that is causing a hullabaloo.” – Daisy Luther

Biden and Fauci’s Omicron travel ban ‘worse than useless,’ critics say – Mary Kay Linge and Jon Levine

Media Says Rise In Soccer Players Suddenly Collapsing Is Just A “Coincidence” – “ closed!” – Tyler Durden

Moderna CEO says it will take months to clear a new Covid vaccine targeting omicron – “CEO Stephane Bancel told CNBC that it could take months to develop and ship an omicron specific vaccine, but a higher dose of its booster could be ready much sooner.” – Spencer Kimball  – LET’S JUST DOUBLE THE DOSE OF THE INEFFECTIVE JAB UNTIL WE CAN MAKE A NEW JAB, AND THEN BY THAT TIME THE NEXT SCARIANT WILL COME ALONG!!!

This Week in the New Normal #13 – “FOREBODING SIGN OF THE WEEK Note this sign, posted on the streets of Dublin by the Irish government: There’s a lot to unpack here. Firstly there’s the boosters laid out like a Starbucks loyalty card, with six – count them, six – implied booster shots. Then there’s the description of basic human rights as “privileges”. And, most tellingly of all, there’s the evolving definition of “fully vaccinated” and Covid passes becoming void if you turn down a booster. Show this to people who are embracing the “vaccines”, and you might open a few eyes.” – Off Guardian  – OFF GUARDIAN’S WEEKLY UPDATE ON COVID AND MORE!!!

No Vax, No Food/Fuel in India – Food Withheld to Force Vaccinations (VIDEO) – Ice Age Farmer

31,014 Deaths 2,890,600 Injuries Following COVID Shots in European Database of Adverse Reactions as Young, Previously Healthy People Continue to Die – Brian Shilhavy


No Small Victory . . . for the Moment – “The Biden Thing must be chewing the rug at the ersatz Oval Office by now. The news having reached his hearing aides that the Big Three have backed down on their prior threat to require Jabs in order for union employees to keep their jobs. They will, however, continue to demoralize them – and pressure them to receive the anointing – by requiring the Unjabbed to “mask” forever, amen. It is very easy to apply the strong-arm to a single employee, who cannot stand against an entire company. But an organized group of employees can bring it all to a sand-in-the-gears screeching halt. The next thing they ought to do is take off those god-damned “masks” – and dare the company to insist they put them back on.” – Eric Peters

A Tale of Two Cities: Kenosha vs. Waukesha – “The media’s blatant lies amount to racial arson. Yet the real reason the Left strained to gin up the theme of white-on-white violence as an example of racism was their larger agenda of sending a message to middle America: no American, in times of riot, arson, and looting, should have the right to use firearms to protect property. And under no circumstances could a citizen use a gun to ward off those intending to maim or kill him.” – Victor Davis Hanson

Give Leftist Thugs All the Due Process They Can Handle – ” Despite the media’s – if you pardon the expression – whitewash of what seems likely to be a racist vendetta spurred on by the garbage cesspool of Marxist/BLM/CRT lies he swam in, the evidence we have seen seems to point inextricably to this being a racial terror attack by a criminal degenerate. Which is why is it so important, so transcendently vital, that we make sure this person gets every right due him as an accused.” – Kurt Schlichter

THE WALL WAS TOO HIGH, AS YOU CAN SEE – “Once alienated from society, having built a wall between yourself and the outside world, attempting to reengage with society can be almost impossible, as the wall becomes too high, and no one can hear your pleas. Sometimes, there is no escape. The Build Back Better slogan, created by Schwab and his Davos co-conspirators, really refers to building a better wall around the plebs so they remain isolated, alienated and under control. A more Orwellian dystopia is being ushered in by Soros, Gates, Schwab and their chief lieutenants Biden, Pelosi, Fauci, Powell, along with the other highly paid apparatchiks in government, media, medical industrial complex, and military industrial complex.” – Jim Quinn  – LONG BUT GOOD READ FROM JIM AS USUAL!!!!!!

Being Thankful Is the Path to Victory Over Davos – “Davos says it is motivated by a desire to save humanity from itself. It has deemed our civilization unworthy of them and their grand ideas and like angry gods are in the process of wiping it clean from the earth to Build it Back Better, in their image, not ours. But that idea cannot become real unless we lend it credence, unless we, like them become consumed with the things we’ve lost and will never have rather than embrace that which is in front of us.” – Tom Luongo

Media helped hide the real Joe Biden by censoring Hunter stories – “The president’s plummeting popularity, especially among independents, reflects a growing realization among voters that Joe Biden is not the man they thought they had voted for. There’s a good reason for their disenchantment. They were denied the normal due diligence the media is supposed to conduct on presidential candidates,” – Miranda Devine  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM MIRANDA!!!!

As U.S. Retailers Struggle Against Smash-and-Grab Flash Mobs, Liberals Blame ‘White Supremacy’ – “Apparently unwilling to wait for Black Friday discounts, roaming gangs of young men are descending on retail outlets and pharmacies in flash mobs, clearing out the store shelves in a matter of seconds as clerks look on helplessly. How looting and stealing could help a person “imagine a world that could be” it is difficult to imagine, but the left must do better than merely coddling and apologizing for the criminals in their midst.” – Robert Bridge

This Thanksgiving Weekend Proved That America Is Now Living In A Very Dark New Reality – “The entire narrative around “Black Friday” has completely changed. In the old days, I would write a column every year about the chaos that we would see at major retailers all over America as crazed consumers fought over deeply discounted merchandise. In 2021, Black Friday made headlines all over the nation for a much more alarming reason. Highly organized gangs of thieves looted stores from coast to coast, and this continued a trend that we have seen rapidly growing in recent months.” – Michael Snyder

America is tearing itself apart – “The most advanced nation in history is descending into madness. Yet the present administration, the presidency of Joe Biden, seems not only comfortable with this, but also to regard it as an engine for progress. It is hard to say whether it is oblivious or indifferent to the crazy.” – Simon Evans

CNN Wins the Blue Ribbon for the Most Idiotic Political Opinion of the Month – “Let’s dive into a CNN opinion piece regarding Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg.” – Mish  – I WOULD GO A STEP FARTHER AND SAY A YEAR RATHER THAN A MONTH!!!!!!!

Is Pete Buttigieg doing anything other than running for office? – “The supply chain is still in shambles and Pete is busy complaining about ‘racist’ highways. Voters are starting to notice.” – Monica Showalter

Omicron travel bans on African countries are ‘Afrophobia,’ Malawi’s president says – Rachel Pannett

Reduce Expectations of Government – “Since the Progressive Era, many Americans have looked to the government for economic security. The result has been a welfare state that undermines private charities, families, local communities, and the free market. Development of entitlement mentality has contributed to the moral crisis facing the country.” – Ron Paul

Democracy Demands Transparency – “The key to preventing the further disintegration of our governance is access to information, not voting per se. Some people proudly don “I Voted” stickers and buttons. That’s swell, but why did those folks vote as they did? How can Americans discern who to vote for if they do not know who made which decisions, when they made them, and on what basis? Does the Biden administration have pertinent information that it is not disclosing? Or is it covering something up? We may never know, at least those of us in middle age or older, as the FDA wants 55 years to process Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests related to its Covid policies. ” – Robert E. Wright

GLOBAL GENOCIDE HAS ALWAYS BEEN THEIR STATED GOAL (VIDEO) with Harley Schlanger – “The Great Reset. Lockdowns. Vaccines. Net zero carbon emissions. And their stated goal for decades has been global genocide to reduce earth’s population to 1 billion people, or less.” – SGT Report  – HARLEY ON THE BIG PICTURE. WHICH I HAVE STATED MANY TIMES, THAT COVID IS JUST A PART OF!!!!!!

The NATOstan Clown Show – “The charade has come to a point that – diplomatically – is quite unprecedented: Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov lost his Taoist patience. American hysteria over the “imminent” Russian invasion of Ukraine has exploded every geopolitical Stupid-o-Meter in sight – and that’s quite an accomplishment. What a mess. Sections of the U.S. Deep State are in open revolt against the combo that remote controls Crash Test Dummy, who impersonates POTUS. The neocon-neoliberal axis is itching for a war – but has no idea how to sell it to an immensely fractured public opinion. UKUS, which de facto controls the Five Eyes spy scam, excels only in propaganda. So in the end it’s up to the CIA/MI6 intel axis and their vast network of media chihuahuas to accelerate Fear and Loathing ad infinitum.” – Pepe Escobar

No way around it, all regime change policies are bound to crash and burn – “A new book finds that failure is baked in the cake yet the US insists on playing with fire again and again.” – Daniel Larison


Biden’s “Big O” – “It’s truly mind boggling how much money the Fed is going to have to print. And when we see how disastrous the effects have been thus far, coupled with anti-competitive, anti-productive regulations, there’s no telling how high inflation could soar. Don’t worry, though, Hunter Biden’s dad is on the case. That’s why he reappointed the current head of the Federal Reserve to a new term… so the chief central banker who helped engineer the worst inflation in three decades gets to keep his job. Clearly, tackling inflation is this administration’s top priority.” – Simon Black

Why Inflation Is a Runaway Freight Train – Charles Hugh Smith

The US Misery Index Shows How Weak This Recovery Is – “United States consumer confidence has plummeted to a decade-low in November. The University of Michigan’s consumer sentiment index fell to 66.8 in November, down sharply from the October figure of 71.7 and well below consensus forecasts of 72.4. Inflation is hurting consumers and the impact on daily purchases is more severe than what the Federal Reserve and consensus estimates may want to believe. The Misery Index, which adds inflation and unemployment, is at 10.80 percent, the highest reading in a decade” – Daniel Lacalle

U.S. inflation is one of the highest in the world – Marco Quiroz-Gutierrez

Congress Passes Backdoor Tax Hike by Removing a Popular Savings Loophole – “Sometimes Congress doesn’t need to pass tax legislation directly. Sometimes it tries to tax retirement savers indirectly. That’s a polite way of saying, picking our pockets… That’s the case with the legislation now known as “Build Back Better Bill.” As is usually the case, the current version of the bill is loaded with “feel good” items including: Updating USPS delivery trucks to run on electricity, a global-warming-fighting Climate Civilian Corps, free universal pre-K, tax credits and additional paid leave. Granted, this bill still has to be examined by the Senate, which could modify it in some fashion before kicking it back to the House. There’s a possibility this version of the bill will never become law.” – Birch Gold

Gold & Silver “Tax Loss Selling” Narrative Comes Into Play In The Rigged Casino? – “It’s not even really an ace up the sleeve. It’s more like a holiday tradition…” – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

Are Battery Metals the Best Inflation Hedge? (VIDEO) with Jamie Keech – “Jamie is of the opinion that inflation is here to stay and that factors are making commodities such as Uranium and battery metals better hedges than the traditional one of precious metals. Perhaps this is a sign that when even the most stalwart supporters start looking elsewhere, gold and silver are getting ready for the big move.” – Kerry Lutz’s Financial Survival Network

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 10.83EUR


1 Corinthians 8:9     But take heed lest by any means this liberty of yours become a stumblingblock to them that are weak.