Pathologized Totalitarianism 101 – “So, GloboCap has crossed the Rubicon. The final phase of its transformation of society into a pathologized-totalitarian dystopia, where mandatory genetic-therapy injections and digital compliance papers are commonplace, is now officially underway. On November 19, 2021, the government of New Normal Austria decreed that, as of February, experimental mRNA injections will be mandatory for the entire population. Austria is just the tip of the New Normal spear. But, seriously, this is just the beginning of the Winter Siege I wrote about recently. The plan seems to be to New-Normalize Europe first — generally speaking, Europeans are more docile, respectful of all authority, and not very well armed — and then use it as leverage to force the new pathologized totalitarianism on the USA, and the UK, and the rest of the world.” – CJ Hopkins – ANOTHER MUST READ FRON MR HOPKINS ON COVID AND THE BIG PICTURE. HIS WINTER SIEGE ARTICLE WAS LINKED AS WELL ON 11/1/21!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fauci, dead orphans, AIDS drug trials, and the lies – “Leaks are turning into floods. We are hearing about brutal clinical studies on puppies and other animals, and now a study involving orphans in New York. These studies were funded, in whole or part, by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, a federal agency headed up by Anthony Fauci since 1984.” – Jon Rappoport

Fauci comes up with new ‘rule’ to wear masks – “White House health adviser Anthony Fauci was seen at an elite book party regularly taking his mask on and off, confusing many attendees. An author says Fauci explained to her why he chose to wear it around some and not others.” – RT

Want 11% -> 25% Heart Attack Risk? For Most….. – “its actually worse in percentage terms. Yeah, that’s bad, and we’ll get to that. But first, another study. Because, well, why tell you that you likely screwed yourself once when we can get a two-fer at once?” – Karl Denninger

Fully Vaccinated Franklin Graham Has Heart Surgery for Pericarditis as Samaritan’s Purse Helps Inject People with COVID-19 Shots – “Franklin Graham was just released from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, where he underwent heart surgery for pericarditis (inflammation and hardening of the sac around the heart that compresses the heart and prevents it from working properly,) a known side effect of the COVID-19 shots. Members of his organization state that he just developed this condition within the “past few months,” and that “he had been experiencing shortness of breath for some time.”” – Brian Shilhavy

The new COVID war: Redefining vaccinated – “NIAID director Anthony Fauci told Axios earlier this week that changing the definition federally “hasn’t been on the table yet,” but didn’t rule it out in the future.” – Caitlin Owens

Violence breaks out at Brussels anti-vaccine protest in Europe’s latest day of rage: Fury over rules banning unjabbed from bars sparks clashes hours after Germany revealed COMPULSORY vaccinations are ‘unavoidable’ – Rachael Bunyan and Chris Matthews

Pushing Kill Shots for Mass-Extermination – “If capital punishment applied to harm caused by MSM propaganda, the NYT be first up for prosecution to hold it accountable for pushing kill shots and all else harmful to health and freedom from draconian flu/covid policies. Targeting seniors on Sunday, it published a mind-manipulating propaganda piece by an 87-year-old woman contributor.” – Stephen Lendman

UK data shows the vaccines are NOT saving any lives at all. Zero. Zip. Nada. – “Mathew Crawford just did an analysis showing that the data from the UK shows that the vaccines aren’t saving any lives at all. Zero. Zip. Nada. So we’re killing over 150K people to save no lives. Wow.” – Steve Kirsch

They Live Amongst Us: Anatomy of a Cult – “There can be no avoiding these people. A sort of Provisional Mask Army. The ones acting in good conscience lost to the morally virtuous super spreaders of hyperbole. They will believe whatever they hear and do whatever they’re told. They have been groomed by something far more powerful than the truth, called ‘the science,’ and they will follow ‘it’ right off the edge of a cliff.” – Dustin Broadbery

Vaccinated English adults under 60 are dying at twice the rate of unvaccinated people the same age – “And have been for six months. This chart may seem unbelievable or impossible, but it’s correct, based on weekly data from the British government.” – Alex Berenson

One Brave ICU Physician Reporting Covid-19 Vaccine Injuries Leads to a Dozen More – “11 sworn declarations from physicians across the country reflect the disregard public health agencies have for Covid-19 vaccine safety” – Aaron Siri

mRNA flu shots move into trials – “COVID-19 provided an opportunity to show that mRNA vaccines can work. Now, drug companies are racing to apply the technology platform for influenza.” – Elie Dolgin  – DOESN’T LOOK LIKE THEY ARE WORKING TO ME, WHERE’S THE DATA!!!!!!


A Big Flip? – “Proposing a hypothetical: What if “Joe Biden” has worsening symptoms of an adverse reaction to his late September Covid booster shot? Does that account for the sudden flurry of interest in how his handlers might manage the problem of Kamala Harris? That’s what bubbled up last week as “Joe Biden” went into Walter Reed Hospital for a checkup, including an alleged colonoscopy. What if that was not the test he had? What if they ran him through a CT scan or an MRI to detect neurological damage or vascular irregularities in his brain? Later, the president’s doctors issued a detailed report that portrayed an elderly gentleman “fit to successfully execute the duties of the presidency….” Of course, if it turned out that “Joe Biden” presented symptoms of an adverse reaction to his Covid booster shot, that might flip the government’s claim that the mRNA vaccines are harmless. It might actually blow away the entire rationale for pushing the American people around over all things Covid.” – James Howard Kunstler

The New Blue Confederacy – “How did the New North become the Old South, and the New South the Old North?” – Victor Davis Hanson

‘Ideological Fanatacism’: The Folly of Seeing Human Systems as Hardware – “The ‘meme-politics of lockdown and vaccine mandates’ may be fading, but the inflation meme and the economic aftermath meme has only just begun.” – Alastair Crooke

White House doctor is hiding Joe Biden’s brain drain – “President Biden went for a colonoscopy Friday and his doctor pronounced his brain is fine. So now he and his inner sanctum have let it be known he plans to run again in 2024, when he would be 82. No one really believes any of it. For one thing, where is his cognitive test? We got a lot of detail about things we could have done without from White House physician Kevin O’Connor. A polyp, for instance, was excised from the presidential colon.” – Miranda Devine  – WELL, I TEND TO DISAGREE WITH MIRANDA, PERHAPS IT WAS IMPORTANT TO CHECK HIS COLON AND HIS POLYPS, WE KNOW JOE HAS A TENDENCY TO HAVE “ACCIDENTS”, AND JILL CAN’T ALWAYS GET HIM TO THE RESTROOM IN TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Biden’s Numbers Tank…as US Rattles Sabers At Russia – Ron Paul

Swamponomics: Jen Psaki’s Build Back Better Inflation Lie – “White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki made quite the fib in a press briefing, claiming that “no economist out there is projecting that this will have a negative impact on inflation.” Of course, Psaki is referring to President Joe Biden’s $1.75 trillion climate change and social policy Build Back Better Act (BBBA). The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) recently confirmed that the public policy will face a $367 billion shortfall and could add $2.5 trillion to the debt if many of the sunset provisions are extended by future sessions of Congress. New banner Swamponomics 3Psaki also claimed that the BBBA would alleviate inflation” – Andrew Moran

This Week in the New Normal #12 – “The COVID narrative took one more step into self-parody this week, when it was announced that the Delta variant has a new mutation – the “symptomless variant”.” -Off Guardian  – OFF GUARDIAN’S WEEKLY UPDATE ON COVID AND MORE!!!!

The worst kind of domestic terrorism – “Joe Biden thinks a normal Midwest family is a group of domestic terrorists if they peacefully guard their family business against rioters, arsonists, and looters. Merrick Garland says concerned parents are domestic terrorists if they attend public school board meetings to speak about the policies of the district and its academic curricula. AOC and her infamous “Squad” say that Trump-supporters who attend rallies are domestic terrorists if they show up while wearing MAGA hats. Most of the time, normal people don’t need to be told what constitutes domestic terrorism. Normal Americans have seen it, again and again, on their streets and on their television screens.” – John F. Di Leo

Cultural Marxist Propaganda Will Be Massive – Waukesha Officials and Feds Press Conference – “The Christmas parade attack in Wisconsin is the worst case scenario for the federal officials who shape American racial views for political control. What you are about to witness is the largest CRS propaganda push in recent memory. The mass killing of white people in Wisconsin motivated by a black suspect -retaliating based on a false information created by federal officials, politicians and national corporate media- is the apex of predictable outcome from a national program of cultural Marxism. They need this story to go away FAST.” – Sundance

Waukesha Massacre Suspect Charged With Five Counts Of Murder – “”Despite what CNN is peddling, Waukesha police believe Sunday’s parade massacre was intentional. According to CBS Chicago, Darrell Brooks, 39, has been charged with five counts of murder. According to the police chief, the deaths were “not a terrorist event.” – Tyler Durden

CNN Publishes Op-Ed: “Nothing More Frightening Than an Angry White Man” – “The timing of the article is somewhat awkward given that a black career criminal just ploughed through a Christmas parade in Wisconsin, killing at least five and injuring dozens more, some of them children.” – Paul Joseph Watson

Let’s remember who’s really to blame for the disastrous night Rittenhouse shot two dead – “The trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, the deaths of two men, the destruction of a Wisconsin town – none of this happens if progressive Governor Tony Evers had been tougher and prevented a riot from happening.” – John Scott Lewinski

Terror in the Capitol Tunnel – “The D.C. Medical Examiner’s Office concluded Rosanne Boyland died of a drug overdose but that autopsy result is highly suspicious.” – Julie Kelly  – THIS IS A MUST READ AND IS COMPLETELY IGNORED BY THE MSM. OBVIOUSLY BEATING TRUMP SUPPORTERS AND SO-CALLED INSURRECTIONISTS IS OK WITH THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here’s one tiny example of how absurd Build Back Better is – “The Job Corps spends $1.7 billion of taxpayers’ money each year to train around 66,000 people; this works out to be $25,000 per student per year, which is already more expensive than many public universities. Yet Job Corps’ own Inspector General found that “more than half” of the participants in his study “did not have a beneficial outcome.” And yet the Job Corps is set to be the proud beneficiary of $1.5 billion, courtesy of the Build Back Better Act that passed the US House of Representatives on Friday. This new funding will roughly double the program’s budget.” – Simon Black

Video: MSNBC Declares Thanksgiving Is About White People Celebrating “Genocide And Violence” Against Blacks – “MSNBC took five minutes out of its race baiting coverage of the Rittenhouse case to remind its extremist viewers (there can’t be many left) that Thanksgiving is coming up and that it is a celebration of… you guessed it, white supremacy.” – Steve Watson

Revealed: Documents Show Bill Gates Has Given $319 Million to Media Outlets – “Sifting through over 30,000 grants in the company’s database, MintPress can reveal that the Gates Foundation has bankrolled hundreds of media outlets and ventures, to the tune of at least $319 million.” – Alan Macleod  – EXCELLENT ARTICLE. SHOWS HOW MUCH THE GATES FOUNDATION HAS DONATED TO DIFFERENT MEDIA OUTLETS SUCH AS CNN, PBS, NPR, THE GUARDIAN AND SO FORTH. IF YOU WANT TO SEE WHAT NEWS TO AVOID, JUST LOOK AT THE COMPANIES HE HAS DONATED TO!!!!!!!!!!

Evil Trying to Take Down America Now (VIDEO) with Steve Quayle – Greg Hunter – ” We are seeing bio-weapons coming out of labs. There is going to be a release of Small Pox or Ebola, and you just need to follow the patents and follow the patent holders, especially if they own a biologically modified form of Ebola. Nothing is going to freak people out more than people bleeding out and dying on the street. . . . The bottom line is the globalists, the elitists, the Luciferians, the Satanists, the demon infested cockroaches in Washington, D.C., both sides of the aisle, they want global war because they want the population brought down to 500 million. . . . You can see this in the infamous Deagel Report and on the Georgia Guide Stones.” – Greg Hunter  – STEVE IS BASICALLY SAYING THE SAME THING DAVE HODGES SAID YESTERDAY IN HIS LINK!!!!!!!!!!


The Emerging Alt-Economy: “Buy Nothing” – “Most of us own too much unnecessary stuff and have borrowed waaayyy too much money to buy said stuff. Meanwhile, all that debt is boosting inflation, making things that actually matter harder to afford. But free people have a way of self-organizing solutions to their problems, and one of the more inspiring examples is the ‘Buy Nothing Project,’” – John Rubino

When Everything Is Artifice and PR, Collapse Beckons – ” It’s easy to dismiss the ubiquity of artifice, PR, spin, corruption, racketeering, fraud, collusion and narrative manipulation (a.k.a. propaganda) as nothing more than human nature, but this dismissal of moral decay is nothing more than rationalizing the rot to protect insiders from the sobering reality that the entire system is unraveling and heading for its final reckoning: collapse.” – Charles Hugh Smith

The Economic Bubble Bath – “Periodically, any economy will experience bubbles. It’s bound to happen. But we’re presently seeing an economic anomaly – a host of bubbles, inflating dramatically at the same time.” – Jeff Thomas

Powell Renominated for Fed Chair But Biden Will Reshape the Fed to His Liking – “Biden renominates Jerome Powell as Fed Chair but the shape of the Fed changes. Mr. Biden will also nominate Fed governor Lael Brainard as vice chair of the central bank’s board of governors, the White House said.” – Mish  – ALL THIS SHOWS IS BIDEN’S INDECISIVENESS, HE COULDN’T DECIDE WHICH INCOMPETENT PERSON TO NOMINATE SO HE PUT THEM BOTH ON THE FED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BlackRock – The Fed’s Wall Street Croupier – “Yet it wasn’t entrepreneurial genius or large-scale mergers alone which have accounted for Blackrock’s phenomenal growth. More than anything else it is the poster boy for the massive financial asset inflation of the last two decades, and especially the explosive growth of ETFs and other passive funds where it is the dominant player.” – David Stockman

Latest Treasury, Fed and BIS Reports Confirm: All Twisted Paths Lead to Gold – “The facts keep piling up,” – Matthew Piepenburg

The WOLF STREET F-150 XLT and Camry LE Price Index, Model Year 2022 Update: This is the Craziest Situation I’ve Ever Seen – ” Most dealers are no longer discounting from the MSRP. They’re selling near MSRP or above MSRP across most of their product. And they can. That customers are jostling for position to pay those prices is the craziest situation I have ever seen in the car business.” – Wolf Richter  – ANYONE WHO PAYS THOUSANDS OVER MSRP IS JUST PLAIN STUPID!!!!!!!

The Nearing Energy Cliff and How Silver Protects You (VIDEO) with Steve St. Angelo – Silver Fortune

Why Is JPMorgan Chase Making “Emergency” Payments to a Former Government Official Tied to Jamie Dimon? – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 10.85EUR


Hosea 10:12    Sow to yourselves in righteousness, reap in mercy; break up your fallow ground: for it is time to seek the Lord, till he come and rain righteousness upon you.