Medicine Wants to Kill You – “Historians of the future, savoring ‘possum goulash around their campfires, will marvel that modern medicine squandered its authority, its credibility, and its sacred honor in the Covid Panic of the 2020s, when public health officials and doctors in clinical practice colluded to force mass vaccinations while suppressing news of the harms and injuries the vaccines caused — potentially sacrificing millions of citizens like so many experimental fruit flies. Meanwhile, young vaxxed athletes drop dead of heart failure in shocking numbers on high school gridirons, soccer fields, cricket pitches, bike trails, and running tracks around the world, and ordinary civilians develop a bewildering array of post-vax cardiovascular, neurological, and thrombotic disorders of which only a small fraction end up being recorded in the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Events Recording System (VAERS). It’s also getting harder to tell how much of a crisis this actually is or ever really was.” – James Howard Kunstler  – ANOTHER GREAT READ FROM MR. KUNSTLER!!!!!!

Dr. Linda Wastila: Why are we Accepting Myocarditis as an Acceptable Side Effect for COVID Vaccines? – Brian Shilhavy

The Cause of Myocarditis: COVID19 or COVID19 Vaccination? – “Let us be honest. This is not asking for the moon. It is a simple question. The answer should be very clear. In fact, one could present it as a table. Second, let’s be very clear about the fraction we are after. When it comes to myocarditis after COVID19 we want the following: Number of cases of myocarditis within 14 or 21 days after vaccination (excess) / Number of vaccinations given For rates of myocarditis after COVID19 we want the following: Number of cases of myocarditis within 14 or 21 days after COVID19 (excess) / Number of infections of COVID19” – Vinay Prasad MD

Risk Reversal – “So many psychologically interesting things about the attitudes of the Jabbers. One of the many, often commented upon, is the logical absurdity of their demands that others be Jabbed to “keep them safe.” Really? How does that work, exactly? They concede – without saying so – that the Jab doesn’t work. Else why worry about getting more Jabs? About whether others get Jabbed, assuming you have been? Aren’t you “safe” already? These same people obsessed with risk demand risks be assumed – by others. And they have the gall to characterize those who chafe at this suggestion as being mean-spirited and small minded. Maybe people who haven’t got cancer should sign up – be signed up for – experimental and risky cancer treatments. To show how much they care about others.” – Eric Peters  –  ANOTHER GOOD ONE FROM ERIC!!!!!!!

Parents, Prepare for a Barrage of Coronavirus ‘Vaccine’ Propaganda from Your Children’s Pediatricians – Adam Dick

Pushing Kill Shots on Sunday Talk Shows – “Nearly always on Sundays, one or more US anti-public health officials are given platforms to lie and deceive viewers about kill shots designed for mass-extermination. On November 7, it was fraudster/genocide-supporter Vivek Murthy’s turn in the barrel. America’s 21st surgeon general is part of the Biden regime’s flu/covid kill shot advisory board and a US (anti)-Public Health Commissioned Corps vice admiral. His mandate is all about conspiring with fraudsters/angels of death and human misery Fauci, Walensky and others like them — enlisted to irreversibly harm maximum numbers of Americans and others abroad with unparalleled genocide in mind.” – Stephen Lendman

Myth vs. reality in COVID Russia – “It’s time to part ways with the conscience-soothing fairytales. Alternative media has created an alternative reality about Russia. The Kremlin has embraced all the same soul-raping “public health measures” currently terrorizing the Western world—and people are either in denial or making excuses:We’re all trapped in the same oligarch-controlled panpoopticon. Maybe it’s time to accept that, instead of pretending that some jailers are more “based” than others? ” – Edward Slavsquat

The Covid War Is A Class War – “Covid was merely a pretense for the elites to wage a war on the working class.” – Bradley Devlin

A billion Catholics, COVID vaccines, and the duty to refuse injection – “Let me start by saying, everybody acts from faith. Faith in something, no matter what it is. A billion Catholics are not the Vatican. The Vatican, through the Pope, has made its position clear: take the COVID vaccines. But then there are the consciences of a billion of the faithful.” – Jon Rappoport

Dr. Igor Shepherd: Covid is a Global Military Operation, We’re Facing Genetic Genocide (VIDEO) – Geopolitics & Empire:


Courageous LA County Sheriff Tells The Truth About Covid Vax Mandates – “Sheriff Villanueva rightly reminded reporters that covid mandates are NOT laws. The reporters didn’t seem to understand. One of them even suggested that this argument was “semantics”. No, it is not semantics. If mandates are “laws”, then our country’s legal system should be done away with entirely and all decisions should be made from on high by executive fiat, making people like Biden and his handlers dictators by default.” – Brandon Smith  – GOOD READ FROM BRANDON WITH THE VIDEO OF THE SHERIFF’S PRESS CONFERENCE!!!!!!!!

OSHA’s Worker Vaccination Mandate Poses A ‘Grave Danger’ to Freedom – “To these idiots, even the naturally immune – despite the ever-growing list of studies that clearly show otherwise – are about to drop dead of the Wuflu unless they take a shot that does little to nothing to prevent contraction or transmission and only helps with hospitalizations and deaths for a few months at most. “OSHA determined that workers who have been infected with COVID-19 but have not been fully vaccinated still face a grave danger from workplace exposure to SARS-CoV-2,”” – Scott Morefield

Trickle-Down Bidenism – “This Biden socialist cadre who engineered these self-induced calamities has no clue about the damage they have done to America.” – Victor Davis Hanson

This Week in the New Normal #10 – “We’re a full week into the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow, and the hypocrisy could not be more apparent.” – Off Guardian

Winsome Sears and the rise of woke racism – “Sears has been denounced as the ‘black mouth’ of white supremacy. This is vile. When is it okay to dehumanise a black person? When that black person is a conservative Republican. The fact that Virginians elected a lieutenant governor who is black and who was born outside of America – in Jamaica – would seem to suggest they are not the suburban racist scumbags so much of the commentariat thinks they are. And yet still they’re being denounced as white supremacists.” – Brendan O’Neill  – YES, LAST I READ JAMAICA IS A MAJOR BREEDING GROUND FOR WHITE SUPREMACISTS. AS BOB MARLEY ALWAYS SAID “GET UP, STAND UP: STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS! GET UP, STAND UP: DON’T GIVE UP THE FIGHT!”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This Photograph Giving Democrats Nightmares Symbolizes An ‘Awakening Of The Sleeping Giant’ In America And A Need To Double Down On Our Efforts To Seize America Back From Tyranny – Stefan Stanford

New FBI report definitively proves ‘Russiagate,’ which dogged Trump’s US presidency, was fraud – “Does anyone really believe that the Democrats and their media whores at CNN, NPR, New York Times, and social media did not know this from the start? The question before us is why did the Republicans, led by Mitch McConnell, permit three frame ups of a Republican president —Russiagate, Impeachgate, and the still continuing “Trump Insurrection” investigation plus an obviously stolen Presidential election? The answer is that Republicans are not fighters. Republicans grow up in a business world where you don’t make waves. If you do, you are unlikely to rise. A few do, but not many. The result is that Republicans have spent their careers avoiding fights and do not know how to fight.” – Paul Craig Roberts

Biden Targets Another US Pipeline For Shutdown After ‘Begging’ Saudis For More Oil – “The move – shutting down the Line 5 pipeline which links Superior, WI to Sarnia, Ontario, would cost tens of thousands of US jobs, billions of dollars in economic activity, and further exacerbate energy shortages and price increases” – Tyler Durden

Ten-dollar gas? Midwest freeze? Joe Biden might just bring that to America next – “So what other catastrophes does Joe Biden have in store for us, now that he’s shut down the Keystone XL pipeline, halted drilling on federal lands, opened the border, brought back Jimmy Carter-style inflation, and abandoned Afghanistan in shambles? Looks like a good bet is even higher energy prices. Apparently, the old foof has no idea what shutting a vital energy pipeline down does, how energy gets important as winter approaches, or what a Michigan winter is like. What’s more, he seems to have no recollection of the Texas winter of last year with its heating and electricity emergencies which ought to have been a warning. Textbook incompetence in need of an intervention.” – Monica Showalter

Joe Biden’s bowels again take center stage in Europe – “Joe Biden is just a few days away from turning 79, which is a respectable age for anyone, especially someone who seems to be decomposing while still alive. Perhaps it’s not surprising, given his age and decrepitude, that Biden’s bowels apparently were a problem during his recent trip abroad. His having an accident while visiting with the Pope lives in the realm of rumor but it’s pretty certain he let loose with a long, melodious fart while talking to Camilla Parker Bowles. We know that Biden lost control because it appears that the Duchess of Cornwall, rather than considering the subject to be beneath her notice, can’t stop talking about it: He is supposed to be committed to reducing emissions – but when President Joe Biden produced a little natural gas of his own at the COP26 summit, it was audible enough to make the Duchess of Cornwall blush.” – Andrea Widburg

Democrat leader Nancy Pelosi rambles about “privileged scrub” and bird baths in stunning demonstration of cognitive decline that now characterizes the Brandon administration (VIDEO) – Mike Adams

Russiagate has no rock bottom – “The indictment of the Steele dossier’s key source newly humiliates the Clinton campaign, FBI, and US media.” – Aaron Maté

What did the FBI have on Danchenko? – “Deciphering a curious FBI question. Taking a closer look at the Danchenko indictment, there is a curious question presented by the FBI to Danchenko in June 2017. A question that indicates the FBI might have known more about the true sources to the Steele Dossiers sooner than they have let on.” – Techno Fog

Stop Looking at Danchenko, Start Looking at Andrew Weissmann and Robert Mueller – Sundance

FBI Raids Project Veritas . . . Over A Missing Biden Diary? – “O’Keefe says that the organization actually received a tip that the diary was abandoned in a room, an allegation that harkened back to the abandoned laptop of Hunter Biden. However, Ashley reportedly insisted it was stolen. The use of the FBI is also reminiscent of the still unexplained use of the FBI when Joe Biden was Vice President to search for a gun owned by Hunter Biden that was discarded behind a restaurant.” – Jonathan Turley

Seizing Everything: The Theft of the Global Commons – Part 2 – “The Global Public Private Partnership (GPPP) of governments, global corporations (other users of the marine environment), their major shareholders (private investors) and philanthropic foundations (private investors) are the stakeholders. They, not us, will have an input to ensure the rules, regulations and procedures will promote investment that will safeguard their interests. In the space of a few short decades, broad concepts have evolved into principles of International Law which have subsequently been applied to create a regulatory framework for controlled access to the all the resources in the oceans. What was once genuinely a global resource is now the sole province of the GPPP and its network of stakeholder capitalists.” – Iain Davis  – GOOD READ ON THE BIG PICTURE. PART 1 WAS LINKED ON 10/27/21. IAN’S ARTICLES GO ALONG WITH WHITNEY WEBB’S ARTICLES AND VIDEOS ON NACS ( NATURAL ASSET COMPANIES ). ALL THIS IS INTERWOVEN WITH THE UN’S 20 30AGENDA WHICH IS DOWNLOADABLE IN THE SIDEBAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GreenMageddon… Part 3 – “Yet there is absolutely no scientific basis for all this tom-tom beating. In fact, NOAA publishes a heatwave index based on extended temperature spikes, which last more than 4 days and which would be expected to occur once every 10 years based on the historical data. As is evident from the chart below, the only true heatwave spikes we have had in the last 125 years were during the dust bowl heat waves of the 1930s. The frequency of mini-heatwave spikes since 1960 is actually no greater than it was from 1895 to 1935.” – David Stockman  – PART 3 OF MR. STOCKMAN’S EXCELLENT SERIES!!!!

Today’s Most Popular Faith Is Climate Change – “The point is this: Wealth – made possible by fossil fuels – helps humans survive nature’s hissy fits. Higher standards of living increased lifespans. Better sanitation… better nutrition… better access to medical care – all were made possible by stored-up solar energy, in the form of oil, gas, and coal. Millions of lives have been saved by the Industrial Revolution. How many lives will Saint Greta save?” – Bill Bonner

Video: Al Gore’s Latest ‘Solution’ To Climate Change Is Mass Surveillance – “Meanwhile, new research finds that the carbon footprints of the wealthiest 1% are on track to be 30 times larger than the size compatible with limiting global warming to 1.5°C” – Steve Watson

Media peddling a new ‘climate change’ lie – “Anyone whEo still has a brain knows that droughts and famines throughout history have occurred naturally and cyclically. They are caused by a lack of rain. The Earth’s climate has always been subject to change. How does Muir think so much of the Earth is covered by desert if it weren’t for long droughts? It is amazing news that there has never been a famine caused by climate change until now. Five minutes of research showed famines throughout history, a significant share caused by climate change. Millions of people died in successive droughts in India from 1870 to 1916. Out of six major droughts, five were caused cyclically and naturally because the climate always has changed and continues to change. ” – Jack Hellner

Job Offers In 10 Minutes at UPS, Skills Not Needed Anywhere – This is likely the easiest jobs market in history.” – Mish

Why’s The US Manufacturing Another Crisis In Nicaragua? – “Nicaragua’s presidential elections on Sunday were slammed by US President Joe Biden as a so-called “pantomime” in a statement that he released later that same day. He described incumbent President Daniel Ortega as “no different from the Somoza family that Ortega and the Sandinistas fought four decades ago.” Biden also promised that “the United States, in close coordination with other members of the international community, will use all diplomatic and economic tools at our disposal to support the people of Nicaragua and hold accountable the Ortega-Murillo government and those that facilitate its abuses.” This can be interpreted as a threat to intensify his country’s Hybrid War on Nicaragua.” – Andrew Korybko

What You Need to Know About Survival Preparedness – “While having a working rifle and plenty of ammunition is undoubtedly one aspect of preparedness, food and how you store it, cash and how you spend it, and water and how you keep it and drink it are just as essential to prepping practically. If you’re new to prepping and just starting your DIY prep kit, here are a few tips you’ll want to know on your journey.” – Bob Rodgers  – THIS MAY BE BASIC TO SOME, BUT TO MANY MAYBE NOT!!!!!

GET OFF MY LAWN: Suburban Defense Starts with Keeping Intruders Off Your Property – Don Shift


How Long Can Lies & Control Supplant Reality & Free Markets? – “The facts of surreal yet broken (and hence increasingly controlled and desperate) financial markets are becoming harder to deny and ignore. Below, we look at the blunt evidence of control rather than the fork-tongued words of policy makers” – Matthew Piepenburg

Bliss Or Bust? Gold & Silver Surge Above Their Psychologically Important Levels, Move Higher! – ” I must admit, I do not share in the same happy vibes regarding gold & silver’s recent price action like the Fakes, Frauds, Phonies, Penny Stock Pumpers and Sleazy Opportunists do. For two reasons. First, it is obvious the US economy is beyond sick, and not only that, but getting worse, which provides decent cover for the Cartel to go in and lay down a sustained rate of suppressive fire on gold & silver. Second, and more importantly, all of the Build Back Worser and Green New Duds stuff, as in, the evil, corrupt money grabs which will only produce further degradation of our infrastructure and increased pollution of the air, land and water, are pretty much already priced-in to the “markets” anyway,” – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

The Inspector General Investigating the Trading Scandal at the Fed, Reports to Fed Chair Jerome Powell, Whose Own Trading Is Dubious – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

What’s Happening with the Massive Delinquencies of FHA High Risk & Subprime Mortgages Now that Foreclosure Bans Ended? – “8.5% of FHA mortgages are still seriously delinquent — accounting for half of all seriously delinquent mortgages.” – Wolf Richter

It’s The “Most Honest Market We Have” – Peter Thiel Warns Bitcoin Exposes Our Current “Crisis Moment” – Tyler Durden

As Prices Rise, Americans Turning to Credit Cards – Peter Schiff

What Will Happen to the Banking System if (or when) Doomsday Arrives? – “Therefore, it is also worth trying to acquire some physical commodities. Gold has been a global currency since the dawn of civilization and whilst the price has fluctuated, it never goes out of fashion. Remember that the value of gold isn’t just that it’s shiny and pretty – it is also genuinely rare, it can be used to make things, and its value is based on weight so is universally consistent. Any sensible end days prepper will have at least some gold in their doomsday vault. Other precious metals, as well as jewels, are also worth acquiring and as ever, diversification is key here. Sticking with physical commodities, it’s also a good idea to try to keep a store of essential items such as food, water, medicine, gasoline, and (sorry to have to admit it) ammunition. If there is even a temporary breakdown in the food chain or a water crisis, then having a ready store of all of the above could be a matter of life and death.” – Cornelia Adams

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 11.15EUR


1 Corinthians 10:29     Conscience, I say, not thine own, but of the other: for why is my liberty judged of another man’s conscience?