The New “Priority” – “For it will not be just this drug. It will be whatever drugs – and whatever else – they say. Else be “suspended without pay.” It is as much about “health” as the FICA tax is a “contribution.” Both are, however, fundamentally the same thing. It is not about how you are expected to do the job you’re being paid to do. They mean to tell you how to live. How you will be allowed to live.” – Eric Peters  – THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT IN THE “BIG PICTURE” OF THINGS. GREAT ARTICLE FROM ERIC!!!!!!

Pfizer’s Power – “Public Citizen has identified several unredacted Pfizer contracts that describe the outcome of these negotiations. The contracts offer a rare glimpse into the power one pharmaceutical corporation has gained to silence governments, throttle supply, shift risk and maximize profits in the worst public health crisis in a century. We describe six examples from around the world below.” – Zain Rizvi

Fauci: a conversation in Hell – “I’ll need aides. I want to set up a lab. You’ll spend a great deal of time in a lab, Anthony. As a subject. A subject? Of what? We run experiments around the clock. There must be some mistake. I conduct and organize studies. I don’t participate in them as a volunteer. That would be madness. Something’s wrong. Maybe you’ve been wrong. About what? Let’s see. Where to start? You helped lead the world into masks, distancing, lockdowns, economic devastation, a highly toxic vaccine. There was a pandemic. Anthony, there’s no need for obfuscation. You’re in Hell. I take the Fifth. There was a plan. I helped carry it out. I was an administrator. It was my job. I followed orders. You profited handsomely. You have no idea. I made out like Rockefeller. We know, Anthony. We’re not distracted by limited hangouts or cover stories.” – Jon Rappoport

Fauci Must Be Fired and Arrested – “The crimes of Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), a division of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), is making news again as revelations of abusive research on dogs have surfaced. Interestingly, while many shrug at abuse of human beings, including the elderly, far fewer are willing to overlook the torture of dogs.” – Joseph Mercola

Why Do They Want to Vaccinate Children? – “Your child is nearly 200 percent more likely to be struck by lightning than to be felled by Covid.” – Vasko Kohlmayer

San Francisco to Force 5-Year-Olds to Show Vaccine Passport to Enter Restaurants – “Parents given two months to give their kid the shot.” – Paul Joseph Watson  – THINK ABOUT IT PEOPLE; YOU NEED TO SHOW YOUR “NAZI” PAPERS FOR YOUR KIDS, JUST SO THEY CAN GET A BIC MAC. WAKE UP AND QUIT PUTTING UP WITH THIS NONSENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here’s the real reason Comirnaty is not available – “The reason Comirnaty isn’t available is because those shots would expose the company to liability since the fully-licensed product doesn’t have the liability waiver of the EUA product. But once the Pfizer vaccine is fully approved in kids, then Pfizer gets liability waiver on all age groups due to a “feature” in federal law for child vaccines (NCVIA). At that time, they are done. They can market the COVID vaccine products under full approval for all age groups and face no liability when it kills or disables you.” – Steve Kirsch

OSHA Signals to Employers to Hide Vaccine Side Effects Reporting Ahead of Issuing Federal Vaccine Mandate – Kyle Becker

Government’s Own Data Proves COVID-19 Shots Are Causing Blood Clots, Heart Disease, and DEATH – “There are currently two different and opposing narratives in the public regarding the safety of the COVID-19 shots. One view claims they are safe, and the other view claims they are not. Both views cannot be true. One view is correct, and one view is wrong.” – Brian Shilhavy

Are Vaccines Driving Excess Deaths in Scotland, a Professor of Biology Asks – The Daily Sceptic



Woke Gets Whacked — But Hold the Victory Lap – “It begins to look like the 2021 elections put a decisive end to the Woke-Jacobin-Progressive reign-of-terror, and its demonic efforts to cancel the authority of truth in human affairs — truth being derived from reality. The 2021 election results suggest that the Woke Democrats will be run out of Congress and the White House in 2022 — if the USA can make it there without cracking up, which remains painfully uncertain under the toils of Covid-19. The pandemic, so-called, invokes a dark suspicion of official misbehavior at a higher and more sinister level than the mere political inanities of Wokery. The public health officialdom has lied to the nation at every turn in this melodrama, and to the extent that many rational citizens think that the authorities are out to kill them. For instance, you have Dr. Fauci of the NIAID continuing to deny that he played any part in promoting gain-of-function research on viruses here and in the Wuhan lab. His latest dodge was to change the official definition of gain-of-function to an alphabet-salad of obfuscatory bullshit before a Senate committee — for which Senator Rand Paul once again accused him of lying and beseeched him to resign.” – James Howard Kunstler

Expect the Democrats to Not Learn the Real Lessons from Virginia’s Elections – “Just one year out from the great win which brought us the First Fungal President, Democrats got shellacked by voters. Virginia, presumed permanently flipped blue, revolted, turning the top of the state government as Republican as possible. And all we have been subjected to in the past few days has been the hilarious sight of Democrats lighting their hair on fire decrying the black daughter of a Jamaican immigrant as the new face of white nationalism.” – Tom Luongo

Virginia Secedes From Biden’s Party – “The message to the Democratic Party Virginia sent was this: “You can indulge the crazies in your party, but if the American people come to believe you share their ideas and intend to implement them, we are going to relieve you of control of Congress in 2022 and of the White House in 2024. Rely upon it.”” – Patrick J. Buchanan

Into The Abyss We Go… – “Why won’t our politicians ever listen? Just two days after voters made it exceedingly clear that they hate mandates, the Biden administration has announced that the nationwide OSHA mandate will go into effect on January 4th. Are Biden and his minions this dense, or do they just not care what the American people think? Many people may not realize it yet, but this is one of the most important turning points in U.S. history.” – Michael Snyder

Arrest illustrates how the Steele dossier was a political dirty trick orchestrated by Hillary Clinton – Andrew C. McCarthy

Employer Vaccine Mandates: When the Feds Pay the Piper, They Call the Tune – Ryan McMaken

Pro-abortion Joe Biden ‘cannot call himself a Catholic’: Russian Orthodox bishop – “‘When they talk about the Catholic Biden, I always want to ask the question: What, in fact, is Biden’s Catholicism?’ Metropolitan Hilarion said.” – Kennedy Hall

Tulsi Gabbard Continues to Be an Excellent Example for Democrats to Follow – Brandon Morse  – BUT THEY WON’T, SHE HAS TOO MUCH COMMON SENSE!!!!

Americans Face A Nightmare Scenario: Prepare for a Worldwide Shortage of Everything As Hoarding Intensifies, Food Prices Will Face A Massive Spike In The Next 60 Days – “The corporate media is trying to make us feel better by assuring us that things will begin to turn around in 2022 or 2023, but they don’t really know what the future holds. But one thing we know for sure is that global supply chains are in a state of utter chaos right now, and that is starting to cause great distress in every corner of the globe. Food Insecurity Looming no jab no job no food Inflation is on the menu, for food and for pretty much everything. EBT increased by 25%…an indirect admission of 25% inflation. I guess mass starvation will be the deserved dessert for some people. I am not sure all these diabetic land whales will make it through.” – Amy S.  – GOOD ARTICLE!!!!!!

Guns Galore – Americans Reject Anti-Firearm Rhetoric – “The gun-control movement isn’t doing too well at the moment. Constant efforts to convince Americans they should not own firearms are failing. But gun grabbers are not just struggling to pass more onerous firearms restrictions; they are also losing the messaging war. To put it simply, Americans are not being persuaded to support the idea that only criminals and police should have the means to protect themselves.” – Jeff Charles

The Kyle Rittenhouse trial is a master class in how not to prosecute a case – “On Tuesday, assistant D.A. Thomas Binger committed a fundamental error: he misrepresented the evidence, almost all of which is captured on film. Thus, he asserted that Kyle shot “unarmed” victims. In fact, Grosskreutz was aiming a gun at Kyle when Kyle shot him; Huber was trying to beat Kyle to death, or decapitate him, with a skateboard; and Rosenbaum was trying to steal Kyle’s gun.” – Andrea Widburg

The rich and famous descend on Glasgow for COP26! Has the climate changed again yet? – “Some of the powerful have spoken. Some have clinked glasses. At least one fell asleep. Greta Thunberg was indignant and angry. (And the sun rises in the east.) Most of us have never even bothered to attend a “climate summit.” I guess we are not worthy. Maybe we can make up for it by banishing meat from our diets and pledging to take only one shower a week. I feel better already.” – Eric Utter

Climate Derangement Syndrome – “It’s the hysteria about climate change that poses the greatest threat to humanity.” – Brendan O’Neill

How the climate lobby crushed debate – “Anyone who dissents from stringent climate policies will be branded an enemy of The Science.” – Tim Black

China and the Monroe Doctrine: What’s Good for the Goose Is Good for the Gander? – “Opposition to spheres of influence has been the mantra of the US government as long as it was powerful enough to assert itself in other nations’ neighborhoods. Washington officials were never against intervention or interference. They were only against intervention or interference by anyone other than a loyal US ally acting under Washington’s direction.” – Doug Bandow

Biden Regime Sleepwalking Toward Confrontation with China – “The Biden regime “is using this report to hype up (a fake) ‘China nuclear threat.’ ” “The international community has long seen through this trick of manipulating rhetoric in an attempt to confuse public opinion.” There’s no ambiguity about the world most menacing nuclear threat — the only nation ever to use them.” – Stephen Lendman

Pentagon Takes a Page from Cops, Investigates Themselves, Finds ‘No Wrongdoing’ in Drone Bombing Family – Matt Agorist

Killing civilians? Fine, if you’re the US – “Several months on, an ‘independent Pentagon review’ into the incident found that there was no misconduct or negligence behind the attack, and recommended no disciplinary action for those responsible, who simply had reached “the wrong conclusion” in selecting their target. If, on the other hand, such an attack was committed by China, Russia, Iran or any other US opponent, it would have been condemned loudly by the mainstream media and political elite, who would have branded it an act of brutality and a war crime. The US has slapped sanctions on other countries for far, far less in the name of protecting people or ‘human rights.’” – Tom Fowdy

Plant propagation Techniques For Multiplying Your Plants Easily – “Nearly all gardeners are familiar with saving seeds and the benefits and reasons for doing so, but there are numerous reasons and benefits in learning other techniques for plant propagation. These techniques involve division, layering, stem cutting, and grafting.” – Dan Mowinski

Prepping Things You Can Do While Spending Little Money – Ken Jorgustin



100,450,000: More Than 100 Million Not in Labor Force for 14th Straight Month; No Job, Not Looking – “The Labor Department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics announced on Friday that 100,450,000 people in this country were not in the labor force in October, up 38,000 from the 100,412,000 in September. This is the 14th straight month that this “not in the labor force” number has remained above 100,000,000.” – Susan Jones  – EVERYONE IS GIDDY ABOUT THE JOBS REPORT THIS WEEK, BUT I BELIEVE THIS IS TELLING THE TRUE STORY. JUST BECAUSE SOME PEOPLE HAVE RUN OUT OF UNEMPLOYMENT AND HAVE TO FINALLY GO BACK TO WORK, DOES NOT MEAN THE ECONOMY IS ROARING BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will the Fed Bring an End to the Madness? – “First, just for our own amusement, let’s look at more of the nuttiness caused by the Federal Reserve’s fake money and fake interest rates. Then, we’ll take up the question posed yesterday: Will the Fed bring an end to the madness? It’s this question that is most important to investors. If the answer is “yes,” then it’s time to go into the safe room, with a stock of food, water, and ammunition. If the answer is “no”… then… well… you can hold out a while longer.” – Bill Bonner

From QE to QT and back to QE – “In response to the Global Financial Crisis from 2007 to 2009, the world’s major central banks increased their assets on balance sheet, mostly government bonds, from $3 trillion in 2007 to $14.5 trillion in 2017. This represented an increase of almost 400% in less than 10 years. Over the same period, the Fed increased its balance sheet from $800 billion to $4.4 trillion, a jump of 450%. This was called QE, and its purpose was to flood Main Street and (primarily) the financial markets with liquidity in order to avoid a systemic collapse. The Fed also cut interest rates to virtually zero for the entire period, for the same reason.” – David Brady

Stock Prices Are Dangerously Diverging: Mega Banks Close in a Sea of Red Ink as S&P 500 Hits an Historic Record – Pam Martens and Russ Martens


Average New-Vehicle Price Spikes 19% in 10 Months, to $44,000. Unit Sales Tick up, But Still Down 34% from March – “Automakers and dealers make enormous record per-vehicle gross profits amid inventory shortages in the craziest market ever.” – Wolf Richter

Get ready for your ‘woke’ 401(k) – Simon Black

The Real Price of Silver: $2,000/oz? – “If their money had no value, silver would.” – David Morgan  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM DAVID!!!!

The FOMC Statement Is Bullish For Gold And Silver – Dave Kranzler

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 11.08EUR



Exodus 23:22      But if thou shalt indeed obey his voice, and do all that I speak; then I will be an enemy unto thine enemies, and an adversary unto thine adversaries.