Humanity Is Sleepwalking Towards Medical Apartheid. We Need an Honest Debate Before It’s Too Late – “The tragic state of affairs, justified by a disease with a better than 99 percent survival rate, cannot continue indefinitely.” – Robert Bridge

Molnupiravir: Covid Wonder Drug or Money-Making Scam? – “What happens when you fail in your attempts to create a vaccine for “Covid-19” and then realize you’ve just missed out on a billion-dollar profit-making opportunity? You hurriedly develop a new drug, rush it through a clinical trial (which you yourself design to ensure good results), and then announce it to the world as the Covid cure we’ve all been waiting for, except no one’s been waiting for it because Covid isn’t any more deadly than the flu, and can be treated by easy-to-procure, inexpensive means (if it exists at all).” – Ryan Matters  – I’LL GO WITH THE LATTER. AS I SAID ON A LINK YESTERDAY, KA-CHING!!!!!!!!!

COVID-19: Moderna Gets Its Miracle – “COVID-19 erased the regulatory and trial-related hurdles that Moderna could never surmount before. Yet, how did Moderna know that COVID-19 would create those conditions months before anyone else, and why did they later claim that their vaccine being tested in NIH trials was different than their commercial candidate?” – Whitney Webb – ANOTHER GREAT READ FROM WHITNEY AS USUAL!!!!

And Now, The Admission…. – “My goal as virologist Drosten, is … I want to have vaccine immunity and then, on top of that, I want to have my first infection, and my second, and my third at some point.” You mean… like measles? Oh wait… not like measles, because if you take the measles shot you won’t get measles — or give it to anyone else. Of course this forms the entire premise of so-called “mandatory” vaccinations, all of which has always been a crock of **** But now we have an actual Government so-called expert, in this case Germany’s, stating out loud that the vaccines are in fact worthless as a public health measure. They neither prevent you from getting the virus or transmitting it, making them nothing more than a very dangerous flu shot.” – Karl Denninger

Some 5% of unvaccinated adults quit their jobs over Covid vaccine mandates, survey shows – Nate Rattner

Advice Crucial to Shun – “Cut from the same health-destroying cloth as angel of death fraudsters Fauci, Walensky and their anti-public health counterparts, Leana Wen reports similar fake news on CNN and in WaPo columns. Connected to Pharma profiteers, she serves their interests and her own at the expense of what public health should be all about. With health-destroying mass-jabbing of young kids in the US aged-5 – 11 virtually sure to begin next month, Wen defied science and doing no harm by falsely saying they “need” flu/covid jabs.” – Stephen Lendman

The Nazi medical plan for control of the planet; World War Two never ended – “In 1933, the largest cartel in the world, IG Farben, pushed Hitler over the top, enabling him to become Chancellor of Germany. Farben was a global colossus. Pharmaceuticals, dyes, oil, rubber. It forged partnerships with Standard Oil, Dow, Dupont, Imperial Chemical Industries, Rhone-Poulenc. Near the close of World War 2 in Europe, the leading lights of Farben and other German corporations, knowing that Hitler was a madman and a rank failure as a military strategist, decided they would have to redirect their efforts, go underground, remain invisible, and from the shadows carry on their war by other means. In fact, the whole Rockefeller model of medicine—one disease caused by one germ—a preposterous form of reductionism—was coming into its own. This meant massive numbers of drugs to treat patients. Surely, these drugs could be made into toxic destroyers. A plan was taking shape. A medical plan. THIS would be the invisible conquering force, flying under a politically neutral banner of “healing.”” – Jon Rappoport  – A LITTLE HISTORY FROM JON THAT LEADS US TO WHERE WE ARE WITH COVID TODAY!!!!

‘Team Pfizer’? Possible Conflict Of Interest On FDA’s ‘Jabs For Kids’ Panel (VIDEO) – Ron Paul

Stunning New Data: Covid Case Rates Among the ‘Fully Vaccinated’ are Now Higher Than the ‘Not Vaccinated’ – Kyle Becker  – AT LEAST THE PUBLIC HEALTH OF ENGLAND IS UPFRONT ABOUT IT!!!!!

UK’s Vaccine Hell gets worse every week – “Highly vaccinated UK has similar population to US, portends our future. The CDC in the United States seems to have become a free ad agency for Pfizer. Instead of informing us about how well (or not well) the vaccines are working, Fortunately, the UK has an amazing service called Public Health of England, that provides great statistics of many health developments. ” – Igor Chudov

85% of Covid-19 Deaths & 75% of Hospitalisations were among the Fully Vaccinated in the last month according to the latest Public Health data – The Expose  – AND THIS ONE IS FROM THE PUBLIC HEALTH SCOTLAND. DOES ANYONE THINK IF IT’S A PANDEMIC OF THE VACCINATED IN ENGLAND, SCOTLAND AND ISRAEL THAT IT ISN’T IN THE U.S. AS WELL. AT LEAST THEY ARE HONEST ABOUT IT. AS JOHNNY LANG SINGS -LIE TO ME, GO AHEAD AND LIE TO ME”!!!!!!!!

As more ‘vaccines’ are injected into Americans’ arms, ‘breakthrough’ COVID cases are increasing – “You can choose to believe the establishment that breakthrough infections are nothing to worry about, just a minor inconvenience because COVID vaccines are not, and cannot be, 100% effective. Or you can consider real world data that show how serious breakthrough infections really are.” – Joel S. Hirschhorn




You Know What They Sayin’? – “Do you marvel, as I do, at this malignant hive organism — arguably worse than the Covid-19 chimera virus — that calls itself “Joe Biden?” It’s the mob itself that actually matters, though, the twerking parade of Woke-Progressive Democrats, because it is bent absolutely on rooting out, punishing, and torturing its perceived enemies, which in this case are about half the people in the country. That’s really all it seeks to do. It has never been about anything else, because, get this: the Woke mob is insane. But now this other half of the country has raised a war cry, “Let’s go Brandon,” Let’s go, Brandon (fuck Joe Biden). Is that too subtle for anyone? Do you catch the drift? (Know what they sayin’?) The sentiment is timelier and apparently more popular than “I Want to Hold Your Hand” was in 1963. America has had enough of the Woke religious cult and its cavalcade of depravities.” -James Howard Kunstler

The Establishment Is Hiding Mass Resistance To Vaccine Mandates With The “Striketober” Farce – “The media notion of “labor regaining its power” is a background narrative that they are still struggling to plant in the public subconscious while the majority of people try to adapt to more serious concerns. That said, the establishment doesn’t really care if the propaganda takes hold, only that they have a useful cover for the very real collapse of the US economy. It’s a kind of vicious perversion of the “fake it until you make it” strategy. Striketober, like BLM, Antifa, and numerous other Marxist or Cultural Marxist movements has been created from thin air by a combination of news hype and globalist foundation funding. It’s important to first recognize that none of these leftist organizations would have ever been formed had it not been for the ample support of institutions like the Ford Foundation and George Soros’ Open Society Foundation. BLM, for example, was founded by openly Marxist leaders and got its start using millions of dollars in funding from the Ford Foundation and Open Society Foundation.” – Brandon Smith  – ANOTHER GOOD ONE FROM BRANDON ON THE BIG PICTURE!!!!!

The Freak-Out Over Tucker’s January 6 Documentary Begins – “The original narrative about January 6 is not to be disturbed, no matter how many facets of that original narrative have been shattered.” – Julie Kelly

The Assange case is the most important battle for press freedom in our time – Chris Hedges

From Press Freedom To Prison Systems, Everything Assange Touches Gets Illuminated – “The US appeal of a British court ruling on the Assange extradition case has concluded, and the judges will probably not have a decision ready until at least January—a full year after the extradition was denied by a lower court. Assange, despite being convicted of no crime, will have remained in Belmarsh Prison the entire time.Assange probably never set out on this journey with the goal of calling attention to the abuses of the US prison system as his foremost priority, but, as is so often the case with anything his journey touches, those abuses keep getting pulled into the light of public awareness anyway. ” – Caitlin Johnstone

Julian Assange: A Timeline Of Events – Tyler Durden

The Communist Invasion of America Has Been Quietly Going On Since 1933 – “Many freedom-loving Americans are likely aware of the attempted communist invasion of America. After all, we currently see a thorough communist takeover throughout American institutions. Even a military commander is stating such. Shoot, we now have generals who allegedly openly conspired with communist Chinese generals. And, we have politicians associating with Chinese spies. This is a long-term plan that’s coming to fruition. There’s a playbook in action that is being used against us. Communism may seem like some distant philosophy, but the seeds for a communist invasion have been planted in America for generations: in our education system, in our legal system, and in our political system.” – Aden Tate

Three Reasons to Start Taking Secession Seriously – “It seems that President Biden has been unable to “unite” the country after all, in spite of his promises that it’s “time to heal in America” and that he will “be a president who seeks not to divide, but to unify.” Rather, it appears the country embraces a hard divide over a variety of issues, with vaccine mandates and parental rights in public education being only the most current ones. At this point, there’s no reason to believe these divides are simply going to go away.” – Ryan McMaken

The Biden doctrine: America’s planned obsolescence – “It’s becoming increasingly clear that, if there’s a Biden doctrine, it’s not about unity and “normalcy”; instead, it’s intended to destroy America, root and branch.” – Andrea Widburg

Illegal Aliens Could Be In For A Big Payday Courtesy Of Taxpayers – “Biden mulls reparations for families separated at the border.” – Kelli Ballard  – ALMOST 1/2 A MILLION EACH. THAT’S A NICE CHUNK OF CHANGE FOR SNEAKING INTO THE COUNTRY!!!!!

The NYT Just Compared Biden’s Spending Bill to LBJ’s ‘War on Poverty.’ There’s Just One Problem: That War Failed – “True leaders learn from past mistakes.” – Hannah Cox

Biden Climate Advisor Gina McCarthy Pours Gasoline on Rising Gas Prices With Ridiculous Announcement – “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. It’s “almost” like Clueless Joe™ Biden and his equally clueless administration are trying to destroy everything from the demographics of America — that’s a given — to parents’ faith in their kids’ schools to the entire U.S. economy. Only this time it could not be more clear. Amid soaring gas prices, White House National Climate Advisor Gina McCarthy on Thursday announced that the Biden administration is going to increase regulations on the oil industry: “There’s a place for” regulation and “We’re going to use it,”” – Mike Miller

The Bottom Line Is, The ‘Watchmen’ Were Right All Along – We Are Going Through Massive Depopulation As Forecast By Deagel And Called For On The Georgia Guidestones – “Much More Evil And Mass Murder Will Be Carried Out By The Globalists To Complete Their Agenda” – Stefan Stanford

Who Decides What Kids Should Be Taught? – “Do parents have no right to object if the tenets of critical race theory — that America is shot through with “systemic racism,” that whites are privileged from birth and blacks oppressed — are taught as truth about the country to which they have given their loyalty and love?” – Patrick J. Buchanan

1,000 Private Jets Assemble to Execute The Great Reset – “The wealthy elite travel to the World Economic Forum’s annual meetings via a steady stream of private aircraft to discuss issues like global sustainability, but their real plan is to usher in stakeholder capitalism, in which private corporations — not elected leaders — become “trustees of society,” putting your privacy and data, your food and your freedom at risk.” – Dr. Joseph Mercola  – BURNING THAT JET FUEL TO SAVE THE PLANET, WHO’S FOOLING WHO!!!!!!!!!!

Descent Into Madness: Germany Threatens Russia With Nuclear War – “On October 21 the German Defence Minister warned Russia that NATO will use nuclear weapons against it in case of a Russian attack on its members and then referred to non-existent Russian attacks in the Black Sea and Balkans as examples. This statement reveals the complete moral bankruptcy of the NATO nations, their contempt for international law, for their own citizens, their innate fascist foundation. Russia threatens no nation in the region or anywhere.” – Christopher Black

Bill Gates and the Uncertain Future of Food Security – Dustin Broadbery




Fed’s Lowest Lowball Inflation Measure Hits Another 30-Year High as Reckless Money-Printing Continues – “While the Fed is still printing $120 billion a month and repressing short-term rates to near 0% in the most monstrously overstimulated economy.” – Wolf Richter

Treasury Secretary Yellen says spending bills will be anti-inflationary, lowering important costs – Jeff Cox

Fake Interest Rates Put Businesses at Risk for Collapse – “Two remarkable stories have been taking shape this week – indicating a further separation of the ridiculous from the sublime. Like castaways on icebergs, drifting farther and farther apart… doomed… damned… dismally dipping into the dark, dank deep… Evergrande and Shiba Inu might have waved to each other… …as each waited to sink. And today, Evergrande, its feet already wet, approaches its moment of truth.” – Bill Bonner

Real Personal Income Declines 1.6% in September, Down Second Month – “Economists badly missed the mark on disposable personal income in September.” – Mish

Tesla’s $1 trillion market cap valuation is not just a bubble, it is a market mania of biblical proportions – “Elon Musk is currently laughing all the way to the bank off the back of Tesla’s stratospheric valuation, but a company built on the CEO’s showmanship, broken promises and shaky technology is always ripe for a fall.” – Mitchell Feierstein

What Happens With Oil Prices If Cushing Inventories Fall To Zero? – “Rebounding U.S. oil demand, a slow recovery of domestic production, and extreme weather-related events have drawn many barrels this year out of the key U.S. crude hub at Cushing, Oklahoma. Stocks At Cushing Have Halved Since April 2020 Market Rout. Storage at Cushing alone has the potential to really rally the market to the moon. The WTI-Brent spread is now at the narrowest it has been in just over a year.” – Tsvetana Paraskova

Gold: Chomping at the Bit for a Surge – “Like a powerful horse tied to a post, gold is chomping at the bit to make a surge. Farsighted metal investors are patiently anticipating the macro equivalent of a starting pistol to announce gold’s run. There are others, however, with less faith. Intoxicated by BTC’s latest price spike (then sudden fall…) or tired of waiting for precious metals to reflect what seems like now obvious inflation, speculators see the already galloping (or bucking?) cryptos as the better stallion to bet on. But therein lies the critical distinction: Gold is not for betting, it’s for investing. It’s a wealth preservation asset, not a get-rich mania/speculation trade.” – Matthew Piepenburg

Venezuelans Turn to Gold Nuggets as the Local Currency Implodes – Joseph T. Salerno  – WHEN FIAT MONEY GOES TO HELL, AND THEY ALL DO EVENTUALLY; PEOPLE TURN TO GOLD AND SILVER. GOT SOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

40% Of The Bull Market Is Due Soley To Buybacks – Lance Roberts

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 11.08EUR




Psalm 119:61    The bands of the wicked have robbed me: but I have not forgotten thy law.





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