10 Current Trends of Operation Coronavirus as of October 2021 – “Operation Coronavirus continues to be played out worldwide, as people choose principle over paycheck by quitting their jobs and doctors find synthetic lifeforms in the COVID vax. These COVID trends show the unmistakable pattern of advancing tyranny. Now is the time for humanity to rise up to stop the permanent implementation of control infrastructure.” – Makia Freeman

Corporations Pull Out the Long Knives for Their Employees – “By now, it has become painfully clear that many big businesses no longer side with employees or customers and have eagerly embraced the left’s ideas. They are now active and willing participants in the destruction of America. This is easily seen by the fact that many big businesses, eagerly and without reservation, have embraced the federal vaccine mandate despite no actual published rules having been put in place.” – Dave Matthews

Dewey, Cheat’em And Howe – “Oh, you’re a woke-poke employer eh? You think hiding behind OSHA — or the threat to issue a mandate by the government — in some way prevents you from being liable for injuries and/or deaths related to the vaccines? Uh, how would you like to defend that position in court. Oops. If you mandate, as a private employer, “vaccination” against Covid-19 any and all adverse events as a result of said jabs are now chargeable to you, as the Federal Government itself has deemed that “mandated” vaccinations are indeed injuries that occurred while performing the job in question, irrespective of where the jab took place, and that said adverse events, up to and including death do in fact occur. Got that employers and HR Departments? Said “adverse events” are expected.” – Karl Denninger

Bizarre Video Shows Kids Dressed up in ‘COVID Suits’ to Meet Grandparents – “Children forced to wear mask, poncho and goggles.” – Paul Joseph Watson  – SOME PEOPLE HAVE TOTALLY LOST IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The race is on to get experimental COVID shots into little kids — why? – “U.S. health officials, with unflagging support from the Biden Administration, are charging full speed ahead on plans to vaccinate children as young as 5 for COVID, despite the extremely low risk the virus poses to kids, and against the urgent warnings of scientists and doctors.” – Children’s Health Defense Team

Dear Pfizer: Leave the ​​Children Alone – “Pfizer plans to go to the FDA to get authorization for vaccination of 5 to 12 year old children based on a study they claim to have completed. The Biden administration is on board. This is absolutely reckless, dangerous based on lack of safety data and poor research methodology, and without any scientific basis. Are children at risk for Covid-19 that would warrant a vaccine? What does the evidence show? ” – Dr. Paul Elias Alexander

Child deaths are 52% higher than the 5-year-average since they were offered the Covid-19 vaccine, after previously being 14% down according to ONS data – The Expose

NIH Contradicts Fauci, Admits Funding Gain-of-Function Research at Wuhan Lab – “Molecular biologist Richard H. Ebright on Wednesday posted a letter from the National Institute of Health (NIH) showing that an NIH grant did fund gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, contrary to what Dr. Anthony Fauci had testified to the Senate.” – Kristina Wong

Lies, Lies, Lies! – “Politicians may be morons when it comes to public policy, but they’re geniuses when it comes to inventing new ways to control your life and steal your money.” – Jim Rickards

Aborted fetal cells and vaccines – a scandal much bigger than Pfizer’s whistleblower ever imagined – “The fetal cells referred to in Pfizer’s emails were HEK293T cells, obtained from the kidney cells of a female fetus in 1973. In reality, all the currently authorized COVID-19 vaccines are made using aborted fetal cells, including Moderna’s. Moderna also used HEK293T cells in their proof-of-concept tests to see if the genetic instructions contained in these vaccines would be effectively taken up and produce the required spike protein.” – Amerixa’s Frontline Doctors

‘Unconscionable’: Pfizer, Moderna to Rake in Combined $93 Billion in 2022 COVID Vaccine Sales – Megan Redshaw – PRETTY MUCH SUMS IT UP WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT!!!!!!

Biden’s Mad Mandate Is Ripping The Country To Shreds (VIDEO) – “Nuclear scientists dismissed. First responders booted. Doctors and nurses axed. Pilots put on leave. And Biden’s “mandate” has not even been promulgated by OSHA. The country is being ripped apart…and that may be just what they want” – Ron Paul


Our Purgatory Is Their Nirvana – “One man’s anarchy is another’s road to justice. Sheer chaos and anarchy on the border? Afghanistan—the most humiliating defeat in recent U.S. military history? A labor-starved supply chain in shambles and holiday shelves emptying out? The worst inflation in 30 years that seems soon ready to match Carter-era levels? Gas hitting $5 a gallon with winter heating fuels soaring? Free-for-all looting in the major cities without consequences? Joe Biden’s policies and Biden himself diving in the polls? Never in recent American history has any administration birthed such disasters in its first nine months.” – Victor Davis Hanson

The US is starting to resemble a failed socialist state, and those who voted for Biden are to blame – “Empty shelves, rising prices, people not working… America is in crisis and it’s only going to get worse under Joe Biden and the Dems. It’s clear that we, the people, will have to come up with solutions for ourselves. Given the state America is now in, the first question people should be asking themselves is who they voted for last year. If the answer is Joe Biden, then they’re getting exactly what they deserved. I’m also tired of the completely under-inflated numbers we get from the mainstream media and their teleprompter editors. In my area, some food products have gone up in price by more than 50%, while gas has risen by over 30%. We’re lucky we can afford to take these hits, but we’ve stopped buying certain products, because they’re just not worth what’s being asked. Plus, empty shelves are becoming a regular occurrence – and they’re a common feature of socialist countries. I remember watching the television when I was younger, and seeing Soviet Union-era store shelves with little to nothing on them. This is what the Democrats are creating in the United States.” – Wayne Dupree

Biden Makes Comments Unhinged From Reality, MSNBC Cuts Away – “I commuted every single day for 36 years as Vice President of the United States…” – Nick Arama

Why Biden won’t tell you where the record number of illegal immigrants in the US are going – John Daniel Davidson

Biden family corruption is an elephant the media works to ‘disappear’ – “There seems to be ample basis for the appointment of a special counsel to look into Hunter Biden’s conduct” – Jonathan Turley

Who’s Running The Country? – “More and more Americans are saying Joe Biden is just a figurehead.” – Leesa K. Donner

Kamala Harris’ Birthday ‘Surprise’ May Be the Most Awkward Thing I’ve Ever Seen – “Inauthenticity so thick, you can cut it with a knife. Harris always manages to be the fakest person in the room. Who shouts “surprise” for themselves except a person who is thoroughly obsessed with their own being? It gets even more silly, though. Harris then walks over to her husband and kisses him…with a mask on. I’m trying to think of something more absurd than kissing one’s spouse with a mask on, and I’m coming up blank. Do they go to bed at night with masks on? Do they just not believe the vaccines will protect them?” – Bonchie

The Rationing Is Already Here – “How long before we face government-imposed rationing? It is already here. Pennsylvania and Virginia have state-run liquor stores. These states have imposed buying limits on bottled liquors. The flow of goods is slowing more by the day, and consumers are starting to notice. Stores are frantically moving shelves further apart to disguise the growing shortages. They don’t like empty shelves because that inspires hoarding. Consumers are pretty sensitive at this point. Anything can trigger panic buying. Suddenly all detergent is gone. Suddenly all paper towels are gone. Suddenly the milk is gone. When people spot that they start buying anything and everything. When others come in and notice the shortages, they quickly hurry off to another store and the place loses business.” – Jeffrey A. Tucker

As “Hoarding” Intensifies, Will Food Prices Go Up More Than 10 Percent “In The Next 60 Days”? – Michael Snyder

Is the Supply Chain Being Sabotaged? (VIDEO) – reallygraceful  – GOOD VIDEO WITH SOME GREAT COMMENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who Writes the Laws? – “It is distressing for those of us who believe that the Constitution means what it says to observe the destruction of liberty caused by vaccine mandates. On one side of this destruction are those whose opposition to vaccines finds comfort in the executive orders of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, On the other side of this chasm are supporters of President Joseph R. Biden, One edict prohibits behavior on private property. The other edict compels behavior on private property. Both violate liberty. In neither case has the issuer of these edicts sought legislation to accomplish his goals.” – Andrew P. Napolitano

Test Run? – “They don’t stage rehearsals for nothing. It is important not only to get the script right but to gauge the reaction of the audience. This may have been the primary objective of the Boston Marathon bombing almost nine years ago. Once you get people used to one thing you will have an easier time getting them to accept the next thing. Once you get people used to one thing you will have an easier time getting them to accept the next thing.” – Eric Peters

How does a Great Reset get accomplished? – “Can’t they see what is going on? I ask this question daily when I wake up and the normies around me pretend that if we jump through our designated hoops, life will go back to normal, only a new normal. The term typically used to describe that which shall not be mentioned is the elephant in the room. The Great Reset is that elephant. I’m not an expert in the restaurant industry, but I did do a tour of waiting tables while in college, and I know that closing a restaurant at dinner time on a Saturday due to labor shortages is a very bad thing. These labor shortages are pervasive across hourly wage establishments. Our current labor predicament didn’t arise out of nowhere.” – Brian Parsons

Hackers, Havana Syndrome, And Other Invisible Russian Aggressions That Only The CIA Can See – “It’s just so interesting how Russia keeps attacking America in unverifiable and invisible ways that only the US intelligence community can see.When a poor person says spies are attacking their brain with microwave beams it’s called paranoid schizophrenia. When a US government operative says it, it’s called Havana Syndrome. ” – Caitlin Johnstone

What is the “Global Public-Private Partnership”? – “The Global Public-Private Partnership (GPPP) is a world-wide network of stakeholder capitalists and their partners. This collective of stakeholders (the capitalists and their partners) comprises global corporations (including central banks), philanthropic foundations (multi-billionaire philanthropists), policy think-tanks, governments (and their agencies), non-governmental organisations, selected academic & scientific institutions, global charities, the labour unions and other chosen “thought leaders.” The GPPP controls global finance and the world’s economy. It sets world, national and local policy (via global governance) and then promotes those policies using the mainstream media (MSM) corporations who are also “partners” within the GPPP.” – Iain Davis

Facebook Is Trying to Look Like the Good Guy on Section 230. Don’t Buy It. – “Why would Facebook lobby for its own regulation? The answer is surprisingly obvious.” – Hannah Cox

Russia Tells NATO to Shove Abusive Relationship – “Russia is right to end the illusion of dialogue and partnership when the reality is the other party is cynically offering to shake hands while trying to piss down your leg.” – Finian Cunningham

The New Bogeyman – “Last week, the media was buzzing with claims that the Chinese have mastered hypersonic technology. They had flown a hypersonic glider around the globe and then delivered it to a target. Supposedly the glider was capable of carrying and therefore delivering a nuclear weapon. The official outlet for the Washington regime promptly put out an essay warning about the threat China now poses. Th point of the essay is to frame the debate over how best to wage the new cold war. The one thing the ruling elite agrees upon is that they need a new enemy and the best one available is the Sino-Russian alliance.” – The Zman

China’s hypersonic missile test is another obvious warning sign… – “The US military is even part of the reason why the dollar is still the world’s reserve currency, despite the US government being the largest debtor that has ever existed in the history of the world. The US government, and the US economy, both derive substantial benefit from America’s military power. And this is why China’s rapid military development is such a big deal. China could destroy the United States in cyberwarfare. That’s pretty much a foregone conclusion. I mean… there are still system within the US Defense Department that use 5 ¼ inch floppy disks. But even in conventional warfare, China is gaining rapidly.” – Simon Black

Haley’s Ridiculous Demand to Escalate Economic War Against Iran and China – “Haley makes the economic war against Iran an end in itself. Nikki Haley reminds us why we are fortunate that she is no longer representing our country at the U.N.” – Daniel Larison  – NOR SHOULD SHE BE CONSIDERED PRESIDENTIAL MATERIAL!!!!!

China moves onto USA’s doorstep by signing up Cuba to Belt & Road. Will it cause a standoff like the 1962 missile crisis? – “As the United States ratchets up its support for Taiwan as a regional chess piece against China, Beijing may also be positioning Havana as a counterweight. The move is sure to enrage Washington. Cuba this week signed up to China’s Belt and Road (BRI) Energy Partnership, which is expected to see Beijing invest in the island’s energy industries with a focus on renewables.” – Tom Fowdy

The Ghost Workers in the Machine – “Companies devalue them, and consumers rarely know they exist. But the apps and companies that millions of us depend on, like Uber and Amazon, couldn’t function without the invisible, low-wage labor of “ghost workers.”” – Miriam Shestack  – INTERESTING ARTICLE, THE TECH COMPANIES MAKE A FORTUNE  BUT THE MAJORITY OF THE WORKERS ARE PAID PEANUTS AND WORK FROM HOME!!!

How to Store Foods for Long Term Using a Food Sealer – Bernie Carr


An Elite Economy: Like Traffic Lights on the Fritz – “The elites control the “traffic signals.” Their role is not to tell others where to go, but simply to make it easy for them to get there. Remember what it takes to create a prosperous, fair economy? Honest money (that no one can fiddle)… honest judges (protecting freedom and property rights)… and honest prices (set by buyers and sellers, not by the government). That is, the signals have to be neutral and true. Instead, America’s elites have falsified the signals to benefit themselves. As we reported yesterday, the top 10% of the population now owns almost all U.S. businesses – 89% of the stock market. So when stock prices rise… almost $9 out of every extra $10 goes into their pockets.” – Bill Bonner

On Blaming Food “Hoarders” & “Panic Buying” Smart People For Stocking Up, And The Absolute Cheapest Meal From The Grocery Store In All Of America Right Now – “Flip real estate? Sure. Gamble in the Rigged Casino? Fine. Buy & sell “crypto” “currency”? Fine too. But take food security into your own hands? Not for much longer… If you are an American, it’s not like it’s even really a choice. There’s a reason the Constitution says only gold & silver are money, you know.” – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

“Wage Pressures,” “Robust Wage Growth,” “Wage Inflation,” even “Wage War” Plastered All Over Fed’s Beige Book – “Wages are heating up. And it’s also now starting to show up in the data: The wage component in the fuel for persistent big inflation.” – Wolf Richter

Transitory Permanence – “The inflation that we were emphatically told would be transitory and unmoored continues to persist and entrench. As the troubles gather momentum Washington is doing its best to ignore the problem or actively make it worse.” – Peter Schiff

SHORTAGES & HYPERINFLATION LEAD TO TOTAL MISERY – “Everything is of course blamed on Covid but most of these shortages are due to structural problems. We have today a global system which cannot cope with the tiniest imbalances in the supply chain. Just one small component missing could change history” – Egon von Greyerz

Think rocketing inflation is bad now? We’re facing a catastrophe that will make the Great Depression look like a walk in the park – “Western politicians and central bankers are quick to offer explanations for rapidly rising prices – from bottlenecks in supply chains to their favorite bogeyman, Vladimir Putin. They don’t dare mention the real cause: themselves.” – Thomas J. Penn

UK Banks – Digital Dinosaurs – “As UK bank reporting season kicks off, the dull, boring, predictable UK banks should look good. But the reality is they are dinosaurs – their failure to digitise and evolve leaves them vulnerable to tech-savy FinTechs and Challenger filling their niche. If the future of modern finance is a Tech hypersonic missile… British Banks are still building steam trains.” – Bill Blain

The Fed Is Subsidizing the Money Market Funds Operated by Larry Fink’s BlackRock as BlackRock Manages a Big Part of Jerome Powell’s Wealth – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Graphite to follow in lithium’s footsteps – Ahead of the Herd

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 11.56EUR


Lamentations 3:62    The lips of those that rose up against me, and their device against me all the day.