The Waiting Is The Hardest Part – “Ol’ Tom Petty sure got that right: the waiting is the hardest part. The lines are drawn: vaxed on one side and unvaxed on the other. Can it be that the unvaxed know rather specifically what the dangers of the vax actually are? Those spike proteins can kill you, if not right away, then steadily, steadily over the weeks and months. And can it be that that the vaxed are so clue-deprived that they have not seen the news? If you were even moderately aware, you could discover that the vaxes create havoc in your bloodstream. It’s right ‘out there,’ documented and for real. But now, if you vaxed up, and you happened to snag a clue since then, you have a powerful incentive for denying that you might have made a mistake and acquired a serious problem. Meanwhile, we have the arrival on-the-scene of another joker: Merck’s new anti-Covid-19 drug molnupiravir,” – James Howard Kunstler

Natural immunity vs. Vaccine-induced immunity: the issue that terrifies the pro-vaxx mafia – “The answer to that question is vital for the pro-vaxx mafia. They MUST claim natural immunity is inferior. Otherwise, their goose is cooked. Otherwise, their whole brutal campaign to force shots into arms is doomed. Enter Senator Rand Paul. The other day, in a hearing, he took Biden’s Health and Human Services Secretary, Xavier Becerra, to the woodshed, to the cleaners, to school.” – Jon Rappoport

The People Are Unaware of the War Being Conducted Against Them – “America is a place where lies are verified as truth by CNN, MSNBC, NPR, New York Times, Washington Post, Associated Press, and multitudes of Internet sites financed by the Establishment that controls our opinions and renders us impotent by programming us with lies. Many books, articles, and movies over the years predicted the triumph of secret agendas over gullible insouciant peoples to be humanity’s fate. I watch this happen every day. Are people, especially those in the West, too stupid and trusting to survive?” – Paul Craig Roberts  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM DR. ROBERTS!!!!!

Video: Fauci Grants Permission For Kids To Go Trick Or Treating – “Particularly if you’re vaccinated.” – Steve Watson  – THANKS FOR THE PERMISSION. AS IF WE NEEDED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THE “MU VARIANT” IS MAGICALLY ERADICATED! – “Just like the flu and the common cold, COVID-19 has magically eradicated its own “Mu variant” now. But don’t worry, you’re still supposed to be in a panicked state of distress over the Delta scariant, and line up for the shot.” – Mac Slavo

If This Is True…. – “… why are you still willing to put up with the bull**** surrounding Covid-19 in any form whatsoever? Fun fact: Between 100-200 United States Congress Members (plus many of their staffers & family members) with COVID.. were treated by a colleague over the past 15 months with ivermectin & the I-MASK+ protocol at None have gone to hospital. Just sayin’ There are 535 members of Congress. On the lower boundary this is 19% of the members, plus staff and family or close to one in five. On the upper boundary it is more than a third. Remember folks that doctors have been threatened with loss of their medical licenses for writing prescriptions and chain pharmacies, which are most of them, have in many cases refused to fill said prescriptions. The entire reason people have gone out and bought “pony paste” is that they can’t go to the local doc-in-a-box and get a script for Ivermectin.” – Karl Denninger  – FIRST SHARED THIS IN A LINK FROM MARTIN ARMSTRONG ON 10/09/21. STILL CAN’T PROVE HOW FACTUAL IT IS AND WE WILL PROBABLY NEVER KNOW FOR SURE!!!!!!!!

Natural Immunity and Covid-19: Twenty-Nine Scientific Studies to Share with Employers, Health Officials, and Politicians – “From the beginning of the March 2020 lockdowns for the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the subject of natural immunity (also called post-infection immunity) has been neglected. Once the vaccination became widely available, what began with near silence at the beginning turned nearly into a complete blackout of the topic. Even now, there is an absence of open discussion, presumably in the interests of promoting universal vaccination and required documentation of such vaccination as a condition of participating in public life and even the jobs marketplace. Still, the science exists. Many studies exist.” – Brownstone Institute  – IF YOU WANT TO ARGUE ABOUT NATURAL IMMUNITY OVER THE SO-CALLED VACCINE IMMUNITY; HERE YOU GO!!!!!!!

COVID expert Dr. Peter McCullogh urges ‘unbreakable resistance’ to vaccines for kids – “This ‘can’t be about COVID at this stage,’ he said. It’s about ‘some type of totalitarian takeover that’s occurred all over the world. Something very dark is going on.’” – Patrick Delaney

Canadian ER Doctor: At Least 80% of Patients Double Vaxxed – Quits Job Over Vaccine Mandate – Brian Shilhavy

NY Times Recants – Overstated Children Hospitalized with COVID by 800,000 – “We have a very serious crisis in the media. The left-leaning press is so outrageous that they now appear to be deliberately trying to herd people into vaccines for Big Pharma and the press may be compromised with good old fashion CASH” – Martin Armstrong – THE NY TIMES ONLY RECANTED BECAUSE THEY GOT CAUGHT LYING AS USUAL. THEY ARE MAJOR PROPOGANDA ARM FOR BIG PHARMA AND THE VACCINE. STEPHEN LENDMAN CONSTANTLY REPORTS ON THEIR LIES!!!!!

Never on Sunday – “Never on any day of the week do MSM feature journalism as it should be — notably never on what’s crucial for everyone to know. The above applies to so-called US Sunday talks shows. They infest TV channels with fake news like crabgrass besets lawns. Leading the mass deception parade, fraudster Fauci shows up time and again, including on October 10. He lied about numbers of flu/covid outbreaks.” – Stephen Lendman

Peak Gaslighting: Impenitent Profiteer Albert Bourla of Pfizer Makes the Most Ludicrous Claim Yet – “Albert Boulra, the chief executive officer of Pfizer, said the following: We are very proud of what we have done… There is no other company that can claim to have done so much good to humanity as we have done. Bourla’s statement gives us a teaching moment par excellence, since his words are indicative of the mind-boggling levels of gaslighting that have taken hold in our society. Let us look at the record and see what Pfizer has really done for humanity.” – Vasko Kohlmayer

AI-powered DoD data analysis program named “Project Salus” SHATTERS official vaccine narrative, shows A.D.E. accelerating in the fully vaccinated with each passing week – Mike Adams

Pandemic and the Road to Totalitarianism (VIDEO) – “Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., delivers a compelling indictment of the mad push to total control in his appearance at the 2021 Ron Paul Institute Washington Conference.” – Ron Paul Institute




The Left Got What It Wanted—So Now What? – “There is no schadenfreude in seeing the Left destroy everything it touches—because its claws tear all of us as well. What was the purpose for the insane opposition of the Left between 2017 and 2021? To usher in a planned nihilism, an incompetent chaos, a honed anarchy to wreck the country in less than a year? Then. No sooner had Donald Trump entered office than scores of House Democrats filed motions for impeachment, apparently for thought crimes that he might, some day, in theory, could possibly commit.” – Victor Davis Hanson

The Dramatic Tension of Political Theater – “The end of last week brought joy – the debt ceiling was raised… the bars were open. And Republicans and Democrats, after pretending to be at each other’s throats, were necking in the parlor. The whole episode deserves at least a footnote in economic history, for rarely has a public spectacle been so completely phony. It was like a funeral for someone who wasn’t dead yet; unsatisfying for everyone. We will try to memorialize it here… for future economic historians to laugh at.” – Bill Bonner

Trump Iowa rally signals 2024 run, but will Americans give him another chance to clear out the ‘radical socialists’ destroying US? – “With Joe Biden’s poll ratings hemorrhaging daily, and the country going to the dogs, Donald Trump is campaigning like the elections were next month. The big question, however, is whether the ex-president can overcome voter apathy. The 45th president proved on Saturday at an electrified rally in Des Moines, Iowa, that the smug, defiant face of the Republican Party continues to be Donald J Trump.” – Robert Bridge

There Are A Lot of Brandons – “Let’s go, Brandon, and all you establishment jerks are Brandon. The beauty of “Let’s Go, Brandon” is how it not only captures the utter contempt that America has for our alleged president, who is currently polling about as well as Michael Moore would be among Golden Corral managers, but how it captures what is either unbelievable cluelessness among the media, or unbelievable mendacity. Probably some of both. Everyone hates Joe Biden, and this spontaneous chant is a symptom of the disease infecting his poll numbers. Move over mere COVID – Biden’s numbers have leprosy with some scabies and chlamydia mixed in. And there’s no cure. CARTOONS | STEVE KELLEY VIEW CARTOON America just can’t stand the guy. Even people who don’t despise the guy are pretty turned off.” – Kurt Schlichter

Why is Joe Biden buying drones from China? – “Back in May, Joe Biden warned armed forces members at a Virginia military base that China believes it will “own” America: So why the hell is he helping it along?” – Monica Showalter

NATO honors Nancy Pelosi with first-ever “Women for Peace” award – “Regarding the “peace” award from NATO – the equivalent of receiving a child protection award from Jeffrey Epstein – Pelosi has enthusiastically supported every war since she entered Congress in 1987.” – Rick Rozoff

AG Merrick Garland is at war with American families – “Only a fool pokes a mama bear, but that’s Merrick Garland for you. The attorney general thought to be such a moderate that 20 Republicans confirmed his nomination turns out to be a radical ideologue hellbent on targeting President Biden’s political foes. He is injecting himself into the front lines of every culture war, from pregnant “people” to school board meetings.” – Miranda Devine

Learning To Fear Free Speech: How Politicians Are Moving To Protect Us From Our Unhealthy Reading Choices – “Free speech is not some six-post-a-day addiction that should be cured with algorithmic patches. There is no such thing as a content-neutral algorithm that removes only harmful disinformation — because behind each of those enlightened algorithms are people who are throttling speech according to what they deem to be harmful thoughts or viewpoints.” – Jonathan Turley

The Science Of Propaganda Is Still Being Developed And Advanced – “We live in a far less free society than most of us think. It looks like we’re free. But we’re not free. Our political systems are set up to herd people into a two-party system that is controlled on both sides by plutocrats. The news media that people rely on to form ideas about what’s going on and how they should vote are controlled by the plutocratic class and heavily influenced by secretive government agencies. Internet algorithms are aggressively manipulated to show people information which favors the status quo. Even our entertainment is rife with Pentagon and CIA influence. How free is that? ” – Caitlin Johnstone

The Time To “Get Prepared” Is Almost Over – Michael Snyder

Southwest Cancels 1,800 Flights. Is There a ‘Sickout’ Over the Vaccine Mandate? – Rick Moran

The woke cultural revolution is out of control – “The neo-Maoists of the 21st century are determined to crush any person or idea they find ‘problematic’.” – Brendan O”Neill

California mandates ‘gender neutral’ toy areas in large stores – Thomas Lifson – JUST WHEN YOU THINK CALIFORNIA CAN’T GET ANY CRAZIER!!!!!!

Shelves stripped bare across UK as Brits rush to panic-buy ahead of Christmas – RT

Green Policies Return the World to Coal – “There’s scarcely a place in the modern world that will not be feeling the high cost and discomfort of a shortage of energy supplies and their increasingly soaring prices. Lebanon already is.It’s an extreme case, but even the United Kingdom, the EU, the U.S., and China are running up against diminishing ability to obtain the necessary energy supplies to keep things running smoothly. ” – Clarice Feldman

Composting Items List For Enhancing Soils In The Garden – Ken Jorgustin




Your Money AND Your Life – “Central Banks Digital Currencies will ransom our future” – Edward Snowden

INFLATION WEEK: Will Gold & Silver Finally Move Higher With Absolutely Everything Else? – “Energy prices are soaring, food prices are soaring, and palladium & platinum are on the move. Additionally, there are… Not that any data is needed to understand what is going on, of course. For example, just one week ago, I remember seeing the twenty-five pound bag of all-purpose flour at Costco for $6.99, but yesterday when I went to actually purchase one, the price had jumped up to $8.49! Yikes! And if you thought that food price inflation was bad now, then don’t look at the surging prices for energy, and don’t click on articles about the skyrocketing prices for fertilizer because the inflation is about to get worse. A lot worse. Good thing I don’t have to buy fertilizer because I have rich, fertile soil:” – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

End of Easy Money: Bank of England Talks Tightening amid “Altered Consumer Behavior,” Visions of Persistent Inflation – “It’s appropriate” that markets price in “a significantly earlier path of tightening than they did previously.” – Wolf Richter

Just Wait Until We See The Impact Of Forced Vaccine Mandate Layoffs On The Labor Force – Michael Every

Inflation Casts a Longer Shadow After Week of Wild Price Spikes – Ben Holland and Alexander Weber

Shortages Everywhere Including Power Outages Caused By a Shortage of Coal – “Ahead of the Glasgow climate summit, Chinese coal demands put a spotlight on challenges to weaning the world off a polluting fossil fuel.” – Mish

The U.S. Banking System Is More Dangerous Today than in 1929, Thanks to the Fed’s Reg U and Swaps – Two Well-Kept Secrets from the Senate Banking Committee – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

A Current Burden of Deficit Financing – “Only someone who is convinced that government will undertake only economically worthwhile projects regardless of the means of financing – or someone who doesn’t understand economics – can look favorably upon deficit financing by government.” – Donald J. Boudreaux

The Dollar is Doomed, Reset Begins, Few Are Ready (VIDEO) with Marc Faber – Wall Street Silver

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 11.47EUR




Proverbs 12:22    Lying lips are abomination to the Lord: but they that deal truly are his delight.