The Crazy Is Strong In This One… – “Joe has no idea what’s coming. I do. He thinks the roughly 25% of Americans who “can” get a jab but refuse for Covid-19 will be “swayed” by his order. He’s wrong; he might get a couple of percent of the 25%, but that’s it. Why? Because playing Hitler, which is exactly what he’s done (and now Kamala has done it too) not only doesn’t work it pisses people off. Those who have refused thus far fall into three broad categories:” – Karl Denninger

Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Gets More Pointless Every Day – I & I Editorial Board

The “Vaccine” Has Failed to Protect, But It Is Succeeding in Diminishing the Population – “What we are witnessing is either the failure of the “wonderful” American health care system or the complicity of public health authorities in population reduction.” – Paul Craig Roberts

Johnson & Johnson: Children Don’t Need the ‘F*cking’ COVID Vaccine Because There Are ‘Unknown Repercussions Down the Road’ … Want to ‘Punish’ Unvaccinated Adults and Turn Them Into ‘Second-Grade Citizens’ for Not Complying with Mandates (VIDEO) – “Covid 19 Vaccine Exposed Part 3” – Project Veritas  – PARTS 1 AND 2 PREVIOUSLY LINKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New study warns health risks of COVID-19 vaccines are too high in children – “A new report in the journal Toxicology Reports has warned that the health risks caused by COVID-19 vaccines are simply too high for children. Scientists from the United States and Europe reached this conclusion following a review of data showing that the risks related to vaccines outweigh any potential benefits they may provide to young people.” – Cassie B.

Pharma Has a Death Wish for Children and Infants – “No responsible parent would let their children anywhere near toxic flu/covid jabs that are designed to destroy health. Nor would they permit their own bodies to be harmed by their toxins. US/Western dark forces — in cahoots with Pharma and their MSM co-conspirators — have other diabolical aims in mind. In days, Pfizer will push for greater profits by seeking FDA authorization to irreparably harm the health of children aged-5 to 11 with their toxic flu/covid jabs.” – Stephen Lendman

Hospitals fear staffing shortages as vaccine deadlines loom – Heather Hollingsworth and Tammy Webber – DUH! THEN DON’T GO ALONG WITH THE MANDATE. STAND UP FOR YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

COVID-19 mortality risk correlates inversely with vitamin D3 status, and a mortality rate close to zero could theoretically be achieved at 50 ng/ml 25(OH)D3: Results of a systematic review and meta-analysis – View ORCID ProfileLorenz Borsche, Bernd Glauner and Julian von Mendel  – IN OTHER WORDS, TAKE YOUR VITAMIN D!!!!!!!!!!

Natural Health Fakers; their scam and their fear – “Once upon a time, long ago, natural health advocates went to the wall for Health Freedom, the right of every human to decide how to take care of his own body. Big government and big medicine were the enemies. Why are these supposed natural health devotees behaving like germophobic storm troopers? Why are they suddenly worshipping at the altar of Fauci? Why are they supporting the mainstream/government medical model? Indeed, as it turns out, why are so many eagerly lining up to take the vaccine, which is actually a genetic treatment, when they’ve been attacking Monsanto/Bayer for genetically modifying crops?” – Jon Rappoport

Lawyers & Scientists Are Building A Case For Why Natural Immunity Should Be Treated Same As Vaccination – Tyler Durden

Follow The Science? CDC Director Throws Expert Committee Under The Bus (VIDEO) – Ron Paul


When the World Hates You, You’re a Rebel Standing on the Truth and Proving You Don’t Belong Here – “Jesus made it very clear to his followers, both then as well as today, that to follow him was to take a path that leads to persecution and hardship, going against the crowd and having the world hate you, because you represent the “light” that Jesus is in the world, which in turn exposes the evil of the world system, ruled by Satan, the father of lies. Satan is the ruler of the World System, which is the Kingdom of Darkness. He is above the politicians, the Globalists, the Luciferians, and the mastermind behind everything. One does not reach prominence in this World System without serving him, either knowingly or unknowingly.” – Brian Shilhavy  – AND YES, THIS IS A BATTLE BETWEEN GOOD AND EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Remember When it was Just Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie & Chevrolet? – “If it is accepted that GM – if any company – can make employment conditional upon submitting to a “vaccination” it will have set the precedent for requiring employees to submit to medical procedures, generally. As the condition of being allowed to work. It will no longer be – ask your doctor. It will be – go see the doctor. And – do as the doctor says. Period. Take whatever meds he says you must take. Submit to any procedure he says is “necessary.” Answer all of his questions. These to inevitably include questions regarding whether you own any firearms – which the same Leftists pushing the Jab also have already defined as a matter of . . . “public health.” Else find another job. People are fools if they do not grasp this. They were fools for not grasping – decades ago – that submitting to pee tests as a condition of employment would inevitably lead to this.” – Eric Peters

The Reality Of Left-Wing Authoritarianism – “I find it both amusing and annoying that all the liberal Democrat and establishment Republican vilification of Hungary for being supposedly authoritarian overlooks all the authoritarian ways of the current Western regime. People of the Right who pay attention are not fooled by this. Many people on the Left don’t see their own authoritarianism because (I figure) they believe they are using their authoritarian powers for the Good.” – Rod Dreher

James Bond Is A Man, Get Over It – “Liberals ruin everything they touch, and like Joe Biden at a shampoo convention for teenage girls, they will try to touch everything. Sports, comedy, food and more are all in the process of having the joy sucked out of them by leftists insisting politics dominate everything, jokes be replaced with political statements, and we eat bugs. They really are horrible people. One target they’ve had their eyes on for a while is James Bond – problematic because he’s a straight white male who fights for what’s right, all of which are things the left cannot stand.” – Derek Hunter

Biden Fails Econ 101: $3.5 Trillion Budget ‘Costs Zero Dollars’ – “Don’t worry – it’s just another few trillion.” – Andrew Moran

Sports Fans Aren’t The Only Ones Ramping Up Their ‘F-ck Joe Biden’ Chants – Kylee Zempel

The Democrats’ deranged ‘defund the police’ movement helped fuel America’s biggest murder spike since the Kennedy era – “The only thing more shocking than the latest US crime report, which shows murders up by 30% in 2020, is that the bloodshed wasn’t worse. Liberal policy has incited a perfect storm for violent crime that promises to continue.” – Robert Bridge

Media Outlets Quick To Call Hunter Biden Laptop Russian Disinformation Ignore Confirmation It Was Real – “Outlets that were quick to discredit content from Hunter Biden’s laptop as Russian disinformation last fall are ignoring fresh confirmation that it wasn’t.” – Tristan Justice

Immigration and the Open Society – “Few of us would endorse the idea of marriages mandatorily arranged by parents for their kids. Why would we be happier with state paternalism deciding how society should be formed?” – Alberto Mingardi

Didn’t anyone see the 14,000 Haitians? – “So how did 14,000 black Haitians walk through Mexico? They don’t speak Spanish, and they sure look different. There aren’t a lot of black Mexicans. Who helped them? Well, someone did, and my friends in Mexico fear that criminal elements are behind it all. They charge to move people and probably pay off a few authorities on the walk north.” – Silvio Canto, Jr.

THIS NWO WITCH WANTS YOU TO ‘EAT CAKE’ WHILE THEY STEAL YOUR BIRTHRIGHT (VIDEO) with Bob Kudla – “Bob Kudla joins me to discuss the globalist Biden administration which is in the pocket of the United Nations and George Soros. And as the borders are wide open, they expect you to “eat cake” while they steal your nation and your birthright.” – SGT Report –

Watch: Psaki Says It Doesn’t Matter That Border Patrol Didn’t Really “Whip” Migrants, Actions Are Still Unacceptable – Tyler Durden

NOT MAKING HEADLINES: AZ Audit Could Not Find the Identity of 86,391 Voters – They Don’t Appear to Exist and 73.8% Are Democrat or No Party Affiliation – Jim Hoft

The Whore of Babylon – “All nations have drunk her wine, the merchants of the earth have grown rich through her. (think of every meaningful Western institution, stretching from NATO to the Fed to the WHO), and that have gotten drunk from her wine (wealth earned by promoting evil). Her plagues will come, and with these death and famine. Once again, as has happened through history, Babylon the great will fall. It is most unfortunate because, when compared to all previous Babylons, no other had been so blessed from birth.” – Bionic Mosquito

The Work of the Devil (VIDEO) – “The Pope is doing Satan’s bidding. Is the Pope Catholic? No. He’s betraying every basic tenet of the Christian faith as its foundations are pulverized across the west.” – Paul Joseph Watson

Let’s Arm the Gazans! – “Well, here we go again. The Israelis, in collusion with no less than 420 criminals in the US Congress, have again ripped off the US taxpayer. Indeed, Israel has so corrupted our political system that it receives far more in benefits from the federal treasury than does any American state. And it is all done with a wink and a nod from the Jewish dominated media and through the agency of a grossly disproportionate number of Zionist Jews in high office and government aided and abetted by a host of pigshit ignorant Christian Zionists who are incapable of seeing or understanding what is best for their own country.” – Philip Giraldi

Afghanistan: Where’s The Cash? – “What I really want to know is what happened to all the billions in drug money reaped by the US-backed regime in Kabul and its allied warlords? Where are the pallets of fresh US $100 bills flown in from Washington to finance the Kabul regime? We saw the same phenomena in US-occupied Iraq. These mountains of cash just went ‘walkabout,’ as the Aussies say. Americans and US Arab allies grabbed the majority of these missing funds.” – Eric Margolis

Repulsive: John Kerry Accepts China’s Genocide to Get Climate Deal – Gordon G. Chang

Greenie energy leaves Europe in the cold — the freezing cold – “Greenie energy has been vaunted by politicians such as President Obama, Joe Biden, and virtually every European politician in power as progress itself, the way forward, the wave of the future. Turns out that’s nonsense. After going green and shutting down its coal, fossil fuel, fracking, and nuclear energy production, and feeling mighty virtuous for doing it, Europe is now going cold — freezing cold. The region faces a bad winter ahead with energy shortages across the board. Seems green energy can do everything to make a lefty European feel good except produce the actual energy. So, courtesy of the phony prophets of greenie virtue, Europeans are going without, even as Joe Biden is doing his darnedest to take America down that cliff.” – Monica Showalter

The Problem With Canada- “Canada’s traditional coherence and national character—with the exception of irridentist Quebec that never regarded itself as part of the Confederation—have undergone a sea-change. The country I once knew is no longer recognizable. A shallow, corrupt, and clapter politician, Justin Trudeau is not and never was prime ministerial material.” – David Solway

The Eclipse of Europe – “Not only is the center of political gravity shifting from Europe to Asia, European unity seems a thing of the past. As Britain has left the EU, Scotland is considering secession from England. Catalonia is still thinking of secession from Spain. Sardinia is considering secession from Italy. Poland and Hungary are at odds with the EU over domestic political reforms said to be in conflict with the demands of the bureaucrats in Brussels.” – Patrick J. Buchanan

Geopolitical Shifts – A New Future Dawns in the East – “A shift in the world’s power base, alliances and economic strength, will undoubtedly happen within the coming years. In fact, it’s already ongoing. But not necessarily according to Klaus Schwab’s (WEF) “The Great Reset”.” – Peter Koenig

The Inanity of Gun Control – “The inanity of gun control is on full display in the county in which I live — Loudoun County — here in Virginia. At the entrance of the county’s senior centers, there is a sign posted declaring in big red ink, “No Firearms or Ammunition Allowed in This Building.” It is safe to assume that visitors to the senior centers are going to comply with the law. But now let’s consider the perspective of the crazed killer. Well, he arrives at the senior center with a fully loaded AR-15 and a couple of Glock 19 pistols. So what does he do? Well, of course, he turns around and returns home. And if you believe that, you’ll believe anything. To think that that sign is going to stop a crazed killer from walking into the building and killing people is ludicrous. That’s because he now knows that everyone in that gun-free building is going to be a sitting duck since no one will be able to defend himself from the killer.” – Jacob G. Hornberger  – GOOD POINT FROM JACOB AND THE NEXT LINK ILLUSTRATES IT!!!!

FBI: Crime Dropped in West Virginia Once Constitutional Carry Took Effect – “Don’t adopt Constitutional Carry, gun grabbers say, it will cause law-abiding citizens suddenly to become crazed wild folk who will start shooting at a moment’s notice. The only thing standing in the way of a murderous society, after all, are laws requiring people to ask the government permission (and take classes, submit fingerprints, pay a fee) before they exercise their Second Amendment rights. Without these restrictions, society would be bloody chaos in seconds, right? Wrong.” – Teresa Mull  – A SIMPLE FACT: DETERRENTS SUCH AS CITIZENS HAVING THEIR OWN PROTECTION AND POLICE ON THE STREETS STOP CRIMES AND MURDERS. WHEN IS THAT GOING TO SINK IN!!!!

Living in a World of Ongoing Shortages – “The toilet paper shortages of 2020 may be behind us, but that doesn’t mean that everything is hunky-dory. Shortages continue to plague not only our land but the world as a whole. Entire industries are struggling to overcome the scarcity of parts and materials, while consumers are forced to forget about finding a good deal, settling for just the things they need. As Americans, we are so accustomed to living in a world full of plenty that we’re a bit taken back by seeing store shelves that are poorly stocked.” – Bill White

Survival-Preparedness — It’s Way More Than Just The Gear – Ken Jorgustin


Two Fed Presidents Resign In Disgrace; Are Powell And Pelosi Next? – Quoth the Raven

The Fed Is Destroying the Foundation of the Economy (VIDEO) – Peter Schiff

The Threat Board is Looking Busy – “Markets are never as bad as you fear, but never as good as you hope. The Threat Board has seldom looked so complex: we can try to predict outcomes, but its notoriously difficult. The list of potential ignition points seems to be expanding exponentially: Energy Prices, Oil, Inflation, Stagflation, Supply Chains, Recession, China, Politics, Consumer Sentiment, Business Confidence, Property Markets, Liquidity, Bond Yields, Stock Prices.. you name it and someone is worrying about it.” – Bill Blain

“When Are The Locusts Due To Arrive?” – “Governor Bailey’s speech last night argued so many economic plagues are hitting the UK economy, that either Covid was responsible for amplifying them, “…or the gods really are against us,” – Michael Every

Red-Hot Rents to Fire Up CPI Inflation Just When “Temporary” Is Supposed to Unwind It – “Asking rents spiked 10%-25% in half the cities. Rents fell in only a few, incl. -25% in San Francisco from 2019 peak.” – Wolf Richter

Stocks and Bonds Starting to Tussle – “As I’ve written about extensively, we know the Federal Reserve has painted itself into a corner where it is now pressured to start tapering its quantitative easing earlier than it had been indicating. Now we are seeing signs that the bond market isn’t liking the news out of the last FOMC meeting, which hinted strongly that the Fed will start to taper its massive purchases of US treasuries this year.” – David Haggith

New Fundamentals For Gold And Silver – “Whereas, gold’s price currently is eighty-five times higher than its original fixed price of $20.67 and indicates a nearly ninety-nine percent loss in US dollar purchasing power, silver’s price has risen only seventeen fold ($22.40 oz. divided by $1.29) over the same one hundred years. In fact, in inflation-adjusted terms, silver is cheaper today than it was one hundred years ago. That is hardly a testament to silver’s value as an inflation hedge or its role as money.” – Kelsey Williams  –  A GOOD ANALYSIS. HOWEVER ONE NEEDS TO CONSIDER THAT SILVER IS CHEAPER AND EASIER TO AQUIRE FOR THE COMMON PERSON. IT WOULD BE MORE AFFORDABLE AND ECONOMICAL TO USE IN TRADE OR FOR BARTERING PURPOSES IN A SHTF SITUATION, WHO IS GOING TO BE ABLE TO BREAK OR GIVE CHANGE FOR AN OUNCE OF GOLD!!!!!

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 10.87EUR


Jeremiah 28:7    Nevertheless hear thou now this word that I speak in thine ears, and in the ears of all the people;