Spartacus – “This is an anonymously posted document by someone who calls themselves Spartacus. Because it’s anonymous, I can’t contact them to ask for permission to publish. So I hesitated for a while, but it’s simply the best document I’ve seen on Covid, vaccines, etc. Whoever Spartacus is, they have a very elaborate knowledge in “the field”. If you want to know a lot more about the no. 1 issue in the world today, read it. And don’t worry if you don’t understand every single word, neither do I. But I learned a lot.” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer  – EXCELLENT MUST READ ARTICLE. WILL BE LINKING THE PDF IN THE SIDEBAR FOR ANYONE WHO WANTS TO DOWNLOAD IT. VERY WELL REFERENCED, OVER 27 PAGES OF REFERENCES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will They Ever Undiaper? – “I can pinpoint the moment when that pleasant normalcy ended, probably forever. I glanced up from what I was working on and saw my first weaponized hypochondriac. This woman, wearing a device over her face that I had never seen on anyone’s face – other than Michael Jackson’s – outside of a surgical suite. I saw the fear in her eyes as she scuttled away from the counter, clutching her coffee – quickly exiting the shop. It amused and saddened me at first.” – Eric Peters

A reflection on covid mania – “Just like with bacteria and antibiotics, vaccine resistance will develop in a situation where the vaccines are being overused – if you vaccinate large numbers of healthy young people who don’t really need to be vaccinated then you put strong evolutionary pressure on the virus to become vaccine resistant. It’s hard to maintain faith in science when it is so wilfully distorted to accord with a political agenda, and when many doctors and scientists so happily go along with what is handed down from on high. I recently learned that an excellent study on the covid vaccines, carried out at a prestigious institution, has spent months trying to get published in a peer-reviewed journal, but has been denied again and again, because its results don’t align with the official dogma.” – Sebastian Rushworth M.D.

Excess Mortality: Thousands More Than Usual Are Dying – But Not From COVID – “As it turns out, this latest surge in non-COVID deaths is a direct result of the reactionary pandemic policies, driven by mass-panic in the mainstream media and by draconian measures put into place by government and medical institutions.” – 21st Century Wire

You Think Medical Care Won’t Go Here? – “The number of people calling for unvaxxed folks to be denied medical care, even doctors, is stunning. Do you have any idea where this leads? Deny any benefit payouts if you have a BMI >25. Oh, they’d never do that, you say? You just advocated for it. If someone won’t take a jab in the arm, no medical care for you! Ok. If someone won’t stop stuffing their face, no medical care for you! Think they won’t do it? Maybe you should think about what you cheer on, and what you tolerate eh? Because not only will the government do it, they already have without a peep out of your mouth. ” – Karl Denninger

COVID-19 vaccine boosters could mean billions for drugmakers – Tom Murphy – THAT PRETTY MUCH SUMS IT UP. IF THERE IS NOT A KICK-BACK FOR ALL THESE MANDATES, I’LL KISS YOUR YOU KNOW WHAT!!!!!

Only Freedom Can Fix a Broken Australia – “Whatever the reason, the cultural infrastructure that had made life in Australia free, prosperous, and generally good did not protect the country against a mad rush into totalitarianism. I really cannot say why this highly civilized country that seemed to love freedom chose the path of utter brutality and compulsion. But from the moment the virus came along, there was universal agreement among employees of the public sector that they would keep the virus out of the country, as if a pathogen could be controlled like an import.” – Jeffrey A. Tucker

Why are the FDA and CDC advisory panel members so afraid to debate COVID Vaccine Safety? – Steve Kirsch

Kernels of MSM Flu/Covid Truth-Telling – “What reliable alternative media supply in abundance, there’s precious little MSM around on all major domestic and geopolitical issues, notably not on all things flu/covid — the most crucial issue of all time, bar none. It’s entirely absent from promoters of toxic flu/covid mass-jabbing NYT, WaPo, CNN, National Pentagon Radio (NPR), and nearly all other MSM. They’re in lockstep with the fabricated official narrative, reports based on state-approved talking points — regurgitating rubbish daily as directed. Fox News at times goes its own way on this issue, notably host Tucker Carlson.” – Stephen Lendman   – AND THEY’VE BEEN TRYING TO GET RID OF TUCKER FOR MONTHS!!!!!

Australia Records 10X More Deaths Following COVID-19 Shots than Recorded Deaths Following ALL Vaccines for Past 20 Years – “Like many countries, Australia maintains a database of adverse reactions for drugs. The Australian government database for adverse reactions tracks 78 different vaccines for the past 20 years, with a total of 47 deaths following vaccination during the years 2000 through 2020. In 2021 for just the 3 COVID-19 vaccines, there have already been a total of 524 deaths recorded following the COVID-19 shots, more than 10X the total for the past 20 years.” – Brian Shilhavy  – STATS LIKE THESE SHOW THE BAD SIDE OF THE COVID VACCINATION. AND IT’S DEFINITELY BAD, BUT YOU HAVE TO REALIZE AS WELL THAT THERE WERE PROBABLY THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE GETTING VACCINATED IN 2021 AS OPPOSED TO ALL THE PREVIOUS YEAR VACCINATIONS. A MORE ACCURATE MEASURE WOULD BE PERCENTAGES PER VACCINATION RATHER THAN TOTAL NUMBERS. HOWEVER THE REPORTING IS VASTLY UNDERSTATED DUE THE THOUSANDS OF VACCINATIONS GIVEN, SO IN ACTUALITY IT IS PROBABLY EXTREMELY HIGHER!!!!!

New York Hospitals Face Possible Mass Firings as Workers Spurn Vaccines – Sharon Otterman

New Yorkers Rising Up as Mandatory COVID Shot Deadline Looms – Citywide Walk Out Planned Same Day – Brian Shilhavy

Never Say Neigh: FDA Lists ‘Horse Drug’ As Approved COVID Treatment – “While the media has spent more than a year ridiculing the widely-prescribed drug Ivermectin to treat Covid-19 – branding it a ‘horse dewormer for idiots,’ they’ve kept oddly silent about another widely prescribed drug that’s also used in horses, which is being pushed by official bodies worldwide to treat the disease. The NIH, CDC, WHO and FDA have all recommended dexamethasone – a corticosteroid which has shown efficacy in the treatment of severe covid. It’s also a commonly used drug to treat allergies in horses.” – Tyler Durden


People Don’t Understand How Unfree We Already Are – Caitlin Johnstone

The Danger of Ignoring Dictatorial Powers of a Technocracy – “The United States government is working with big tech companies to build a technocratic system that will remove civil liberties from American citizens. If you believe that is too strong of a statement, here are the facts.” – Mark Ellis

Dissolving Identity to Destroy the West: the Leftist War on Identity, Nationality and Biology – Tobias Langdon

Biden Has Effectively Opened Our Border. He Is Once Again Vindicating Trump – “The Administration was warned of the brewing crisis. Not only were they warned right after the election, but as far as the chaos currently in Del Rio is concerned, Customs and Border Protection has been sounding the alarm since early summer. Unfortunately, instead of heeding the advice of well-informed officials, Biden ousted a 29-year veteran because he actually tried to do his job in good faith and reduce illegal immigration. The administration let far-left politics overcome rational border policies and made wholesale changes to a working border system just because they didn’t like the guy who put them in place originally.” – Ben Carson

Life along the border collapses as Biden fiddles – “Gonzales said Del Rio is in dire straits. “There’s no doubt there’s COVID here, there’s measles, tuberculosis, all kinds of diseases,” he said. “You’ve got kids running around in nothing but diapers. A handful of port-a-potties — my God, the stench is terrible. This is not good for the migrants. It is not good for the residents. It’s not good for wherever our government is sending them in the interior of the country.”” – Salena Zito

DHS Chief Mayorkas Admits More Than 12,000 Haitian Illegals Have Been Released Into US – No Vaccine Mandate, No Covid Testing (VIDEO) – Cristina Laila

Worse Than Slavery (And Other Dumb Things Democrat Say) – “We are through the looking glass now, living in idiocracy. President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Camacho sits in the Oval Office, only he’s not muscle-bound, he’s weak, drooling and not only dumb, but senile too. The saddest part is Joe Biden isn’t even the dumbest Democrat, the top of the left-wing stupid medals podium is as crowded as under International Bridge in Del Rio, Texas, was…until they let all those illegal aliens into the country because the visual was so damaging to President Dementia. It’s ironic that this vacant shell of a man can stand there and promise “There will be consequences” for people who’ve done nothing wrong when his administration killed 10 innocent civilians in Afghanistan, 7 of which were children, just a month ago and no one will ever be held accountable for it. Kill a family, you don’t even get questioned; be falsely accused of “whipping” illegal aliens running into the country, you get suspended and the President calls for your head on national television. Let that sink in. CARTOONS | LISA BENSON VIEW CARTOON The real “crime” committed at the border, in the eyes of Democrats, was those agents were doing their jobs. That’s not allowed down there under this un-American cabal. ” – Derek Hunter

Russiagate, More Like Watergate – “The indictment of Michael Sussmann sheds new light on the outrageous pre-election activities of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign, which have a familiar ring” – Matt Tiabbi

Fight for Freedom or It’s Hell on Earth (VIDEO) with Gerald Celente – ” If we don’t, we will all be a “slave on the Slavelandia plantation” or worse. Whether it’s the economic repression or coerced vaccinations, the problem comes from the elite masters and corporations running the world.” – Greg Hunter – MORE FROM GERALD!!!!!!!!!

Kidnapping, assassination and a London shoot-out: Inside the CIA’s secret war plans against WikiLeaks – Zach Dorfman, Sean D. Naylor and Michael Isikoff  – LONG BUT INTERESTING READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NY Gov: State Workers Who Get Fired for Being Unvaccinated Will Also Be Denied Unemployment – “Democrat NY Governor Andrew Cuomo may be gone, but his replacement, Gov. Kathy Hochul, appears to be trying to be almost as bad from a policy perspective. But not only is New York trying to force the vaccine on people — firing them if they don’t comply — they are going the extra mile to punish you if you don’t, as well. Hochul has announced that if you are fired for not getting vaccinated, you would not be able to get unemployment insurance. Now, I would question if she can legally do that, and I imagine that people will be questioning that. But, it shows that this is all about control.” – Nick Arama

Not Again. Costco Warns Of Toilet Paper Shortage – Tyler Durden

Why A Weakened NRA Isn’t Leading To Gun Control – “The NRA has long been the boogieman for anti-Second Amendment activists. They blame the group for pretty much everything short of COVID-19, and I think they’re trying to work out a way to blame them for the pandemic. With the failure of David Chipman’s nomination, the NRA has once again become part of the spotlight as the organization was demonized for opposing such a qualified candidate who had no appreciable leadership roles with the ATF. However, writing over at The Atlantic, Stephen Gutowski points out that there’s more to the gun rights side than the NRA. In the 2020 election cycle, the NRA contributed less than $1 million directly to candidates. That made it the 996th-largest donor for the cycle, according to OpenSecrets.” – Tom Knighton

Protests Around the World Target Global Corporate Food Empire – Sustainable Pulse

Will Germany Succeed in Detaching Itself From the Death Grip of the Anglo-American Empire? – “As Germany moves ever closer to the Russian-Chinese’s multipolarism, will it succeed in avoiding the last squeeze from the Anglo-American Empire’s death grip?” – Cynthia Chung

Germans vote in historic election, with Angela Merkel set to step down after 16 years in power – RT

Why is America playing war games with China? – “The Aukus pact represents a dangerous escalation of superpower rivalry.” – Phil Mullan

The Problem Is Not Just Xi Jinping; It Is Communism – “To communists and their ilk, the truth is whatever line the party is now promulgating—that is, until it is superseded by a new line. This is the theme of George Orwell’s great novel, 1984. The protagonist, Winston Smith, works at the Ministry of Truth, constantly amending historical records to be consistent with whatever is the current party line. In particular, those liquidated are made non-persons, just as though they never existed. The truth has been packaged precisely this way in Communist China continuously and consistently since 1949, just as it was from the birth to the collapse of the USSR.” – David Flint

Havana Syndrome, Directed Energy Weapons, and the New Cold War – “While the jury is still out on who committed the attacks against U.S. officials, or even whether there were any attacks at all, directed energy weapons certainly do exist. Havana Syndrome might be science fiction, but directed energy weapons are very much science fact.” – Alan Macleod

Penny-pinching prepping lessons – Bob Rodgers   – GOOD ARTICLE FROM BOB!!!


Evergrande Contagion Threatens to Collapse the Everything Bubble – Birch Gold Group

How we know that Bitcoin is a force for good – “Cryptos are the antidote to repressive Central Bank Digital Currencies” – Mark Jeftovic

(ALERT). Be Ready People. Expect A Second LARGER Wave Of Inflation To Hit. (VIDEO) – Gregory Mannarino


Proverbs 29:5    A man that flattereth his neighbour spreadeth a net for his feet.


When rain drops fall and you feel low
Ah, do you ever think it’s useless
Do you feel like letting go
Do you ever sit and do you wonder
Will the world ever change
And just how long will it take
To have it all rearranged

Tell me why these things are still the same
Tell me why no one can seem to learn from mistakes

Take my hand if you don’t know where your goin’
I’ll understand, I’ve lost the way myself
Oh, don’t take that old road it leads to nowhere
We must return before the clock strikes twelve

It’s so easy to do nothin’
When you’re busy night and day
Take a step in one direction
And take a step the other way
So don’t stop tryin’ when you stumble
Don’t give up should you fall
Keep on searchin’ for the passway
That will lead you through the wall
Don’t look back or you’ll be left behind
Don’t look back or you will never find peace of mind

( Desperation by John Kay of Steppenwolf )