Covid Vaccine Exposed Part 2 (VIDEO) – “FDA Official: ‘Blow Dart’ African Americans with COVID Vaccine is ‘Where We’re Going…Just Shoot Everyone’ … Calls for a ‘Nazi Germany’ Style ‘Registry’ of Unvaccinated Americans: ‘Think About It Like The Jewish Star’” – Project Veritas  – PART 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What’s the Plan, Stan? – “The “sick” will be sent off to hospital-prisons, where they will be “treated,” like it or not. The building blocks of this regime are already being laid, as in Australia. As in the state of Washington, where it has come to light that an “isolation and quarantine facility” is being built – and jobs listings for “strike team” members have been posted. This isn’t Alex Jonesian “conspiracy theory.” It is publicly established fact. For the moment, no one is being forcibly “relocated” by these “strike teams” but the language is alarmingly suggestive – and so is the prior behavior of the various state and now federal Gesundheitsfuhrers, who are clearly bent on forcing compliance with their prescriptions. It would be prudent to prepare for what’s next – while hoping it never comes and doing all we can to prevent it from coming. If you are “locked out” from commerce – from your current job, from being able to shop at most stores – because you refuse to roll up your sleeve and present your “papers” – will you be able to provide the necessities for yourself and your family? Everyone – who isn’t willing to submit – is at risk from this threat and had better be thinking about it and what to do about it.” – Eric Peters

30 facts you NEED to know: Your Covid Cribsheet – “You asked for it, so we made it. A collection of all the arguments you’ll ever need.” – Kit Knightly

American Medical Association instructs doctors to push COVID jabs, use language swaps to promote COVID propaganda – “Among the instructions from the AMA to doctors, is the note to change the words ‘hospitalization rates’ to ‘deaths,’ two terms that are not even remotely interchangeable.” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

Will Flu/Covid Truth-Telling Be Banned in the West – “Tyranny arrived in the US/West unannounced. Eliminating what remains of free and open societies is planned worldwide — to be replaced by dystopian ruler/serf despotism. Controlling the message is key — by eliminating what conflicts with the official fabricated narrative.” – Stephen Lendman

FDA Document Shows An Undisclosed Mystery Ingredient In COVID Vaccine: What Is It? – Arjun Walia

Copycat Governments: How the World Locked Down – “A continuing mystery is how it is that so many governments in so many different places on earth could have adopted the same or very similar preposterous policies, no matter the threat level of the virus, and without firm evidence that interventions had any hope of being effective. In the course of two weeks in the second half of March 2020, traditional freedoms were zapped away in nearly all developed countries. In a seriously bizarre twist, even the silliest policies replicated themselves like a virus in country after country. Nothing like this has ever happened in response to a new virus. Some people claim conspiracy but a much simpler answer might be that, in their ignorance and stupor, they copied each other out of fear. ” – Jeffrey A. Tucker  – JEFFREY IS BEING TOO KIND IN HIS ASSESSMENT, IT WAS DEFINITELY ORCHESTRATED!!!!

We Knew This Was Coming: “Dangerously” Mutated COVID Variant – “So now when people continue to get colds, whether they are vaccinated or not, the blame is going to be placed on some kind of variant that eludes antibodies. We knew this was the plan. This cannot ramp up forever. At some point, the dam will break. Be ready for anything because the signs are there that they are not stopping and that this is far from over.” – Mac Slavo

Covid Confusion at the CDC – “Decisions on boosters relied on data from Israel. Why isn’t the U.S. producing this research? The bigger question is: Why didn’t the CDC produce the research? The agency has 21,000 employees and a $15 billion annual budget. It has data on more than 40 million Americans who have tested positive for Covid and 200 million who have been vaccinated. The data include the vaccine type, dosing schedule and vaccination date. Calculating the rate of U.S. breakthrough infections and subsequent hospitalizations and deaths isn’t the Manhattan Project. It’s Epidemiology 101.” – Marty Makary

U.S. Army Uses “7 Tenets of Satanism” to Promote Mandatory COVID-19 Shots (VIDEO) – “Tucker Carlson of Fox News exposes a PowerPoint presentation that the military is using to convince soldiers to get the mandatory COVID-19 shots that uses the “7 Tenets of Satanism.” The U.S. Army allegedly confirmed that this is real.” – Health Impact News


Cases Are Down 60% in Denmark Since the Government Lifted All COVID Restrictions – “So far, the results of Denmark’s decision to lift all restrictions are promising—and then some.” – Jon Miltimore

30,000+ Women in UK Report Menstrual Problems After COVID Shots, But Menstrual Issues Not Listed as Side Effect – “If we were to follow the scientific method, as it was taught in textbooks … we would immediately see this observation of menstrual cycle changes in tens of thousands of women as a signal, for which necessary questions would need to be asked, – Dr. Lawrence Palevsky ” – Megan Redshaw

Canadian province’s order allows gov’t to take one’s personal property without a warrant – “A Canadian provincial government enacted Orwellian-like emergency powers in the name of fighting COVID that allow for officials to detain or remove people without a warrant and seize personal property at will. Under new health orders, the Saskatchewan minister may “authorize the entry into any building or on any land, without warrant, by any person in the course of implementing an emergency plan.” ” – Anthony Murdoch


Is the Planned Presidential Transition From Biden to Harris Beginning? – “There has been a major shift in mainstream reporting concerning the political picture over the past few days, and it appears to be the beginning of a long pre-planned coup in order to change by fiat the current power structure. Keep in mind that this is my opinion, but regardless, it would lead to the inevitable outcome desired by the ruling element concerning the next phase of controlled presidential hierarchy. “Even CNN and the mainstream media turn on Joe Biden” was one headline.” – Gary D. Barnett

Voluntary Servitude – “Two weeks ago, President Joseph R. Biden announced his intention to order the Department of Labor to compel all employers of more than 100 persons to require all their employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19 or be fined $14,000 per day for each unvaccinated employee. The Department of Labor will collect the fines. By using private businesses to enforce his dictates, is the president doing indirectly what the Constitution prohibits the federal government from doing directly?” – Andrew P. Napolitano

Opening US borders to illegal migrants amid Covid proves Democrats have no love for America, only for holding onto power – “Today, it is easier for a migrant to walk into the US illegally than for a foreign tourist to enter legally. Illegal migration is not about human rights, but rather part of the woke agenda to stay in power. The desperate scenes of squalor under the Del Rio International Bridge, where thousands of illegal migrants – many of whom are from Haiti – are huddling in makeshift shelters as they wait to be transported to cities around the country, should enrage every American. Aside from turning the United States into a Third World nation – the insanity is happening in the middle of a pandemic.” – Robert Bridge

Civilization Requires Deterrence – “With a border wall, an end to catch and release, and tough jawboning of the Mexican and Central American governments, a new American deterrent stance in 2019-20 discouraged once unstoppable waves of migrants. Northern bound migrants knew that even if they reached and crossed the border, there was a good chance all such effort would be for naught, given quick apprehension and deportation. So, in their rational calculations, migrants waited at home for less deterrent times. And they found them when Joe Biden stopped construction on the wall, renewed catch and release, and eased pressures on Mexico to interrupt caravans headed northward.” – Victor Davis Hanson

Whip It (Whip It Good) – “Some people are unbelievably stupid, while the stupidity of others is completely believable. Democrats fall firmly into the latter category. Some of the most insane conspiracy theories, even after a thorough debunking, thrive like COVID in a caravan of “migrants” among Democrats. The latest entry into what should be called the “Russian Collusion Hall of Fame” is the idea that border patrol agents were whipping illegal aliens, which Democrats and the media dutifully call “migrants.” They aren’t migrants, migrant has a very specific definition that involves migrating where work can be found, in and out of a country. These people have no intention of ever leaving, they need to be forcibly removed.” – Derek Hunter

Team Biden knows how many illegal migrants it’s welcomed — it just doesn’t want you to know – “Mayorkas, meanwhile, is playing dumb on the question. Twice this week — testifying in the Senate Tuesday and the House Wednesday — he refused to give even a “ballpark” estimate of how many of the 1.5 million illegal immigrants apprehended this fiscal year his department has released into the interior.” – New York Post Editorial Board

Biden exposes his dementia to the world – “Biden cannot function without either a teleprompter or pre-printed cheat sheets, which tell him how to meet and greet his peers. Biden cannot even so much as say “hello” to Boris Johnson without reading it first from his cheat sheet. This was likewise evident the day before when Biden met with the U.N. secretary-general. Biden had a televised meet ‘n’ greet session with the secretary-general during which he only spoke for about two minutes on general themes, and couldn’t get through it without his cheat sheets. Naturally, the secretary-general, being of sound mind and reasonably lucid, needed no such notes at all to make his own reply.” – James A. Nollet

Biden Pushing For Dishonourable Discharges, Court Martials For Troops Who Refuse Vaccines – Steve Watson  – THIS COMING FROM A MAN WHO NEVER SERVED IN THE MILITARY AND HAD 5 DRAFT DEFERMENTS  DUE TO MEDICAL EXCEPTIONS FOR SUPPOSEDLY HAVING ASTHMA AS A TEENAGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Losing the SEALs? – “So is Joe Biden ready to lose the U.S. Navy SEALs? Sure looks like it. Several hundred elite Navy SEALs are in danger of being blocked from deploying with their special operator teams by the Pentagon after failing to get a mandatory COVID vaccine, according to a lawyer and pastor counseling them. The number involved in the dispute with the Pentagon amounts to as many as a quarter or more of all active duty SEALs” – Monica Showalter

Latin American Migration, Once Limited to a Few Countries, Turns Into a Mass Exodus – “Haitian standoff in Texas reflects broader mix of nationalities fleeing pandemic-hobbled economies from around the hemisphere” – Juan Montes, Ryan Dube and Kejal Vyas

Biden Administration’s $3.5 Billion Purchase Agreement with Pfizer for International Vaccine Donation – “The agreement contains a term on pricing that is nearly identical to a term in a $10 billion purchase agreement between Pfizer and the USG for 500,000 million doses of the Pfizer vaccine for U.S. residents.” – Kathryn Ardizzone   – PFIZER MAKING A TON OF MONEY OFF OF THE VACCINE AS I AM SURE MODERNA IS TOO, ALL FUNDED BY TAXPAYERS, EVEN FOR OTHER COUNTRIES!!!!!!

Putin the Poisoner? More Doubts Over Attempts to Delegitimize Russia’s Leader – “Attempts to delegitimize President Putin by making him an international poisoner is tragedy elevated by its absurdity to the level of farce.” – Philip Giraldi

The Great Game moves on – “Following America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, her focus has switched to the Pacific with the establishment of a joint Australian and UK naval partnership. Both China and now India are rapidly industrialising, becoming part of a balanced globe of humanity. While the West tries to hang on to what it has got rather than progressing, China and India along with all of under-developed Asia are moving rapidly in the direction of individual freedom of economic choice and improvements in living conditions, to which Mackinder was referring. But in pursuing its green agenda and eschewing carbon fuels, the West is unwittingly handing a gift to Mackinder’s Heartland, because despite diplomatic noises to the contrary China, India and all the SCO membership will continue to use cheap coal, gas, and oil which Asia has in abundance while Western manufacturers are forced by their governments to use expensive and less reliable green energy” – Alasdair Macleod

Who Will Get Their Hands on Afghanistan’s Natural Resources? – Dmitry Bokarev

Welcome to the CO2 Monitoring Credit Card that Cuts You Off at Your Carbon Max – “Did you know there is already a Swedish credit card available which links all your transactions with your supposed carbon footprint?Doconomy is a CO2 monitoring credit card backed by the UN (United Nations), WEF (World Economic Forum) and Mastercard which promises to track your carbon spending – and cut you off once you reach your permitted carbon maximum. Welcome to the impending green dystopia of Agenda 2030. ” – Makia Freeman

The ACLU morphs into the Ministry of Truth – “The ACLU has erased the word ‘woman’ from a Ruth Bader Ginsburg quote. This is sinister stuff.” – Brendan O’Neill

Before They Were An Inconvenience, But Now The Shortages Are Really Beginning To Sting – Michael Snyder

“Ghost Guns”: The Government Desperately Wants to Ban 3D Printed Guns – “Nobody loves controlling others more than the government, so it’s no surprise that they’re desperate to ban 3-d printed guns. Right now, the US legislature has introduced two separate yet identical bills that would outright ban the creation of 3D-printed guns or the dissemination of the code for doing so. They’re ready to take gun control to a whole new level with this. But you may know it as its mainstream media coined term: The Ghost Gun Ban” – Aden Tate

Remember When We Used To Play Outside When We Were Kids? – “Since the advent of computers, the internet, video games, smart phones, and online social media, not many kids play outside anymore like we did when we were kids. I believe it has dramatically changed “who we are”, as several generations of kids have already grown up this way. Don’t get me wrong, I am a techie. I enjoy the many advantages of technology. I just believe that it has affected our young to an extent that has shifted things for the worse (because it goes largely unmanaged or disciplined by parents).” – Ken Jorgustin


Weekly jobless claims total 351,000, worse than expected – Jeff Cox

Three Gutsy Reporters Grill Fed Chair on Biggest Trading Scandal in Fed’s 108-Year History – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

As Overnight Reverse Repos Spike to Record $1.28 Trillion, Fed Doubles Per-Counterparty Limit, Keeps Adding Counterparties – “This mega-liquidity suck has mopped up cash amounting to 10 months of QE.” – Wolf Richter

The Fed’s Reverse Repo and Balance Sheet Tapering Madness Accelerates – “Reverse repos, effectively a QE drain, hit new record levels even as the QE madness continues.” – Mish

What’s Really Going On in China – “Losses will be taken and sacrifices enforced on those who don’t understand the Chinese state will no longer absorb the losses of speculative excess. Let’s start by stipulating that no one outside President Xi’s inner circle really knows what’s going on in China, and so my comments here are systemic observations, not claims of insider knowledge.” – Charles Hugh Smith

We’re In A Charlton Heston Movie, But Which One? – ” I will run through the news Heston-ally, and suggest what that means for the movie we are all in.” – Michael Every  – GOOD ANALOGY FROM MICHAEL. IT’S A TOUGH CALL. BEN HUR MAYBE, BUT I WOULD LEAN TOWARDS PLANET OF THE APES AND FOR MORE REASONS THAN HE SUGGESTS!!!!!

Gold Will Explode; The Dollar Will Implode When the Markets Figure This Out – Peter Schiff

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 10.63EUR


Psalm 37:34    Wait on the Lord, and keep his way, and he shall exalt thee to inherit the land: when the wicked are cut off, thou shalt see it.