Ordeal by Narrative – “Has doctor Anthony Fauci booked passage to Paraguay yet? The US Intel Community will not find the good doctor down there because they will not bother looking for him. And so, the distinguished American public servant will live out his last days in exile among the swooping fruit bats and grinning crocodiles, to the music of toucans screeching in the silk-floss trees (Chorisa speciosa). Anyway, that’s my fantasy du jour. Walt Disney had it right: America’s fate would be a descent into pure fantasy as the final product of our many twentieth century triumphs. It is increasingly difficult, for instance, to sort fact from fantasy in Dr. Fauci’s magnum opus: the Covid-19 pandemic, starting from the premise that it actually exists.” – James Howard Kunstler

What’s It All About? – “The Push for the Jab? The most benign explanation is that they – the pharmaceutical cartels that wield shocking influence over the government – are determined to use the government they bought and paid for to get a return on their investment, via enshrining mandatory and universal forced-medicine. People are fools if they believe that this is a one-time thing. I have been screaming into the wind for decades about the importance of understanding precedents. If they can make you do A then they can make you do A1. So, if it becomes a requirement that you roll up your sleeve for this Jab, you will be required to roll up your sleeve for future Jabs – and perhaps much more than just Jabs.” – Eric Peters

Lockdowns Codified a Caste System – “The same administration has chosen to stigmatize and demonize the working people who bore risk of exposure and now have doubts about the vaccine, not irrationality: they are more likely to be among the millions with natural immunity. They are disproportionately from the working classes and from minority communities – people the ruling class very easily regards as stupid and unclean. They are being compelled into compliance, based on the false impression that this path alone will protect everyone else – where “everyone else” in this case is again the same people who made the rules and believe themselves entitled to a pathogen-free life. There is nothing surprising about this. The caste system defined the whole of the response to Covid.” – Jeffrey A. Tucker  – EXCELLENT ARTICLE FROM JEFFREY!!!

The Pusher Man – “Now they are giving you a choice: accept the pusher man’s offer, or lose your job and watch your family starve.” – Bionic Mosquito

Anthony Fauci says he would support vaccination requirement for air travel – Yaron Steinbuch

Biden’s vaccinate mandate: open letter to governors who want to fight back – “However, most of these politicians are weak, compromised, or just grandstanding. I want to find ONE who will go the distance in resisting the mandate. ONE who will rally all the people who are awake and can see the tyranny we’re facing” – Jon Rappoport

Teens 50X More Likely to Have Heart Disease After COVID Shots than All Other FDA Approved Vaccines in 2021 Combined – CDC Admits True but Still Recommends It – Brian Shilhavy

High Death Rate Among Vaccinated Brings Vaccine Dystopia Into View – “A new report with detailed data from Public Health England provides some startling numbers. The new data from England involving very large numbers of people should be headline news. But the biased and dishonest big media suppress this kind of critical data. Why? Clearly, if vaccinated people die at a much higher rate than unvaccinated people, then why should people be enthusiastic about being vaccinated for initial shots or later booster ones? They should not.” – Joel S. Hirschhorn – HAVE LINKED SEVERAL ARTICLES ABOUT THIS NEW DATA THE PAST COUPLE OF DAYS!!!!!

Those Who Barred Cancer and Heart Patients From Hospitals Accuse the Uninjected of “Causing Damage” to Them – “A 25 percent minority is causing “a lot of damage”. It is causing this damage by “overrunning” hospitals and “leaving no room” for heart attack and cancer patients. Naturally, that is a shameless and blatant lie. There is no extraordinary pressure on US hospitals. The southern subtropical states are having their flu season but it is nothing they can’t cope with, and the season is already receding. An overview of Florida hospitals which is supposed to be the ground zero for US Covid right now shows that there is plenty of hospital capacity still available. What is the case, is that heart and cancer patients had a much harder time getting treatment during the first wave in 2020, and that this was artificial, aka man-made. It differed from state to state but in many of them authorities intervened to order hospitals to free up as much “capacity” as possible. This meant releasing non-Covid patients early, being far more reluctant to admit them, and canceling numerous pre-scheduled procedures.” – Marko Marjanović  – GREAT POINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Covid Lie Grows Like Pinocchio’s Nose – Paul Craig Roberts

“Two Faces of Fauci” — The Structure of the Pseudo-Scientific Covid Revolution – “Nearly two decades ago, a well-known figure gazed into one of C-SPAN’s cameras to answer a question during a live call-in program. “[Y]ou can’t control people’s behavior, but what you can do is you can educate, and you can try to modify behavior,” the figure advised.”” – John T. Dagenhart

CAUGHT ON VIDEO — ‘We need to be more scary to the public, we need to inflate the real Covid numbers’… – Kane on Citizen Free Press


Constitution Day 2021: It’s Time to Make America Free Again – “Although the Constitution was adopted on September 17, 1787, the fear of the new federal government was so strong that a “bill of rights” was demanded and became an eventuality. Unfortunately, although the Bill of Rights was adopted as a means of protecting the people against government tyranny, in America today, the government does whatever it wants, freedom be damned. “We the people” have been terrorized, traumatized, and tricked into a semi-permanent state of compliance by a government that cares nothing for our lives or our liberties. The bogeyman’s names and faces have changed over time (terrorism, the war on drugs, illegal immigration, a viral pandemic, and more to come), but the end result remains the same:” – John W. Whitehead & Nisha Whitehead  – ANOTHER MUST READ FROM JOHN AND NISHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Robert E. Lee Has Been Taken Down. Is the Rest of America Next? – “This sends a very strong message that the race-baiting hysteria that happened during Trump is only just beginning. Washington has just freed up a lot of resources to focus more sharply on “diplomatic” efforts to get everyone in line. We are probably in for more witch-hunts for racists and the continued attacks on everything that used to be considered American, from the Founding Fathers to the Bill of Rights.” – Tim Kirby

The Narrative of Loss – ” I stopped reading 9/11 stories, and trying to figure out what really happened, because it was too clear that we would never find out. It is JFK’s murder all over again. Lots of speculation, but never an answer. Just an endless barrage of deceit. And lo and behold, we appear to be walking into exactly the same kind of barrage again, eyes wide open. This one has made, at last count, some 655,000 victims in the US alone over the past 20 months. As the country mourns 3,000 victims from 20 years ago. And while the last great deceit led to revenge on people half a world away, this time the target is “our own people”.” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer

Wokeness: An Evil of Our Age – “Even the Chinese apparat could not invent a more evil, more macabre way to destroy the United States.” – Victor Davis Hanson

Emperor Biden Is Never Going To Back Down – And So We Must Demand That Red States Start Taking Their Power Back – Michael Snyder

Truth: A Total Fantasy – “Currently, there are some 450,000 people locked up for non-violent drug offenses. But this is the first time the president has taken it upon himself to tell people what they must put into their bodies… whether they want to or not. Will the federales start breaking down doors, throwing unvaccinated people to the floor, and putting them in prison to enforce the drug mandate? Or will they just take away their jobs? As Joe Biden pointed out on Thursday, freedom just gets in the way. He says it prevents the elite from saving our lives.” – Bill Bonner

Never before have I so enjoyed hearing the ‘F word’ – “I held off on writing about the “F‑‑‑ Joe Biden” chants that began at college football games a couple of weeks ago. I had three reasons. First, I’m not a fan of obscenities because I think they cheapen speech. Second, these chants were initially small groups at Southern colleges, which really didn’t seem like a “thing.” Third, I wasn’t going to get excited until I learned whether the chants had legs. Well, it turns out they do have legs,” – Andrea Widburg

Biden Planning ‘Additional Measures’ to Double Down on Vaccine Mandate – “If you thought that Joe Biden’s announcement about vaccine mandates on Thursday was dictatorial, Surgeon General Vivek Murthy wants you to know that Biden isn’t done yet. Murthy went on CNN’s “State of the Union” with Dana Bash and announced that Biden would be taking “more actions as we continue to work on in the days ahead and especially on the global front, where we will be taking steps.” Does Biden not only think he’s king here, but king of the world?” – Nick Arama

“Whatever it takes” – “These are the people who are in charge now. And, rather than seeking balance, their approach is “Whatever it takes”. They’ll do whatever it takes to eradicate the Covid threat. They will suspend civil liberties, dismantle basic property rights, and censor anyone who expresses dissent. They will conjure trillions of dollars out of thin air, indebt future generations by trillions more, and spend unlimited quantities of money without any thought or oversight. They will engineer inflation rates that are among the highest seen in more than 30 years… and then deny that inflation is a problem. But this ‘whatever it takes’ approach doesn’t just apply to COVID. When you know to look for it, you can see the early warning signs of this ‘whatever it takes’ approach everywhere. Elections. The education system. Climate change. Central banking and the monetary system. Government spending.” – Simon Black

The 4 Biggest Problems with Biden’s Vaccine Order – “Surely, the White House’s vaccine mandate plan cannot stand.” – Mason Goad

Elitist Pelosi Masks Up for the Official Photos at Ground Zero — Then Drops the Mask When She Thinks the Cameras are Off – “The elites are laughing at you.” – Jim Hoft

The Supreme Court Should Follow the Science That Proves Human Life Begins At Conception – Thomas Glessner

Biden Plans to Put United States Back into UN Arms Trade Treaty – “President Joe Biden continues his trend of undoing everything positive Trump achieved while in office. Biden now takes aim at America’s law-abiding gun owners, yet again. He plans to bring the United States back into the anti-gun United Nations Arms Trade Treaty (ATT).” – Mark Chesnut

A Cautionary Tale: How Gun Control Played Out in Nazi Germany – “The rights of Americans are getting trampled on at every turn. Unfortunately, the right to self-defense as enshrined within the Second Amendment is no exception to being spit upon by communists/globalists (I admit to a bit of redundancy there). Since President Joe Biden has been in office, we’ve seen efforts such as pre-crime surveillance plans, the administration asking SCOTUS to uphold warrantless gun confiscation, and executive orders that could turn a whole lot of gun owners into felons. In fact, the Biden administration has been very open about Biden’s willingness to “get the job done” with gun control executive orders. Or royal decrees.” – Aden Tate

Manufacturing Dystopia: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix – ““You’re anti-American!” No I’m anti-war, anti-militarism, anti-empire, anti-ecocide, anti-oligarchy, anti-capitalism and anti nuclear brinkmanship. It just happens that the US is at the center of a globe-spanning power structure that is the worst offender on all these fronts by an extremely wide margin.” – Caitlin Johnstone  – MORE OBSERVATIONS FROM CAITLIN!!!!

FBI Declassifies 9/11 Memo After Biden Executive Order: “Puts To Bed Any Doubts About Saudi Complicity” – Tyler Durden

Israel Unveils New Armed Robot Amid Outcry Over ‘Death Machines’ – “DSEI is a vicious example of everyday militarism.” – Andrea Germanos

Is China about to invade Taiwan? – “Xi Jinping is hesitant – and he has good reason to be.” – James Woodhuysen

The Myth That Hurricanes Are Getting Worse (Because of Climate Change) – Jon Miltimore  – LINKED AN ARTICLE ABOUT HURRICANE CLIMATE MYTHS BY CAP ALLON ON 09/09/21 AS WELL!!!!


Political Rhetoric Hides the Reality of Peaceful Production vs. Plunder – “Since government has no resources of its own other than what it either taxes or borrows, there are those in society who are supplying the means for the government to transfer income and benefits to the others. A common number often is that 47 percent of all the people in the United States receive one form or another of government-redistributed wealth at any moment in time. In total, about 23.2 million people are employed by all levels of government. Each and every one of them may honestly say, “But, I pay taxes, too.” And that is in almost all cases true. But it nonetheless remains equally true that they are net recipients of tax dollars collected by the local, state, and federal government for whom they work. According to the Office of Personnel Management in Washington, D. C., the average civilian federal employee earns $90,500 a year. But they still have a net income after paying these federal taxes of $68,800. And that is the amount of income they take home as the net tax redistribution from other members of the society to them (minus, of course, other federal and any state and local taxes they may also pay). That puts them in the category of net tax recipient.” – Richard M. Ebeling

Producer Prices Surge Again in August – “Producer prices came in hot again in August, charting the bigger annual gain in nearly 11 years. This indicates “transitory” inflation isn’t going away any time soon.” – Peter Schiff

Tennis, Covid and Supply Chains – “The market is worrying about the potential of an October crash, but what might trigger it? Two suspects: a resurgent Coronavirus and/or a global supply chain cardiac triggering stagflation?” – Bill Blain

Silver Loses $24 To Begin Another Challenging Week In The Markets As The Tortilla Chip Index SKYROCKETS…!?! – “And two of the most important reports, ever, are in the chute… It’s going to be another one of those weeks in the silver market. Or not. Take your pick.” – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

Markets Are Confused And Unhappy. Alpha Or Delta? Inflation Or Deflation – Michael Every

The Eurozone Is Going Down The Japan Way – “The European Central Bank announced a tapering of the repurchase program on September the 9th. One would imagine that this is a sensible idea given the recent rise in inflation in the eurozone to the highest level in a decade and the allegedly strong recovery of the economy. However, there is a big problem. The announcement is not really tapering, but simply adjusting to a lower net supply of bonds from sovereign issuers.” – Daniel Lacalle

Economic Downturn in 4th Quarter (VIDEO) with Craig Hemke – Liberty and Finance

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 11.02EUR


Proverbs 1:31    Therefore shall they eat of the fruit of their own way, and be filled with their own devices.


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