Moving target – “The end of Covid is nigh, thanks to the miracle of vaccines. Just ask Dr. Anthony Fauci. Then ask him again. And again. And… It’s almost as if the vaccines aren’t helping at all. Almost. But that can’t be right.” – Alex Berenson  – GREAT DOCUMENTATION FROM ALEX ON HOW OFTEN FAUCI HAS CHANGED HIS MIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why the rush to vaccinate children? – “How has the UK’s Covid vaccination rollout come to this? Parents have every right to be concerned about the government’s plans.” – Jennie Bristow

100+ Ontario Youth Sent to Hospital for Vaccine-Related Heart Problems, Report Shows – “According to a report released last week by Public Health Ontario, as of Aug. 7, there were 106 incidents of post-vaccine myocarditis and pericarditis in people under the age of 25 in Ontario.” – Megan Redshaw

Why Isn’t Anyone Talking About Natural Immunity? – “The most frustrating thing to me, the past year and a half, has been the constantly changing narrative and the dismissal of formerly well-understood scientific truths. Natural immunity is one of those concepts from freshman biology that many seem to completely disregard these days. I think this is a natural effect of the “cult of expertise” we have in the United States. Seemingly, anyone with specific credentials is automatically deferred to, regardless of how competent they are… or more insidiously, where their financial interests lie.” – Joanna Miller

The Quack Theory of Vaccination; idiot’s delight – “Do I need a vaccination to prepare me for a vaccination? This analysis applies to all vaccines, including the new RNA COVID injections, which are actually genetic treatments.Vaccinations are said to be rehearsals. Whatever is injected stimulates the immune system to respond to a harmless version of a germ-invader. But why does the body need a rehearsal? If a vaccination does stimulate the immune system to respond, doesn’t this constitute proof that the body is already prepared to defend against real attacks? The “prompt” provided by the vaccine was unnecessary.” – Jon Rappoport  – EXCELLENT POINT FROM JON!!!!!!!!!

Senator Rand Paul & top Republicans demand Fauci’s firing after new docs indicate his agency funded risky Covid studies in China – RT

Where Are The Handcuffs? – “It appears, does it not, that Fauci lied. Both he and his wife, Christine Grady, who chairs bioethics at the NIH and who “conveniently” has been ignored by the media and everyone else, and who, it must be presumed, any grant proposals would have to go through and be approved by, ought to be in irons right now. And by the way, exactly how does it happen that in a federal agency a person’s wife winds up in a position to review and formally approve her husband’s work?” – Karl Denninger

AMA Medical Tyranny – “Illicit dope peddlers and suppliers are small-time compared to the HHS, NIH, CDC, FDA, other US public health agencies, their Western counterparts, regimes controlling them and media press agents. The American Medical Association (AMA) shares guilt for supporting the greatest ever threat to public health and well-being — defying its mission,” – Stephen Lendman

Canadian Ethics Professor Fired For Refusing COVID Vaccine: A Powerful Message – “We’ve been told time and time again here in Canada that ‘all citizens will always have a right to choose whether or not they want to participate in COVID vaccination.’ Despite the fact that this may be true, citizens are, in many cases, being forced and coerced into taking the jab in order to keep their jobs” – Arjun Walia

Another Brick in the Great Wall of Coolangatta – “Some Australians are starting to realize the truth– even when certain restrictions are eased, they’re never quite ‘out’ of lockdown; they’re merely ‘in between’ lockdowns. The most notable example, however, may be the border between the states of Queensland and New South Wales. The town of Coolangatta is on the Queensland side of the border, while the town of Tweed Heads is on the New South Wales side. The two towns, along with other nearby suburbs, are essentially a continuous amalgamation of the Gold Coast metropolitan area. For years you could have driven from one town to the other, and technically crossed over the state border, without ever realizing it. But then along came Australia’s Covid hysteria… and suddenly a border was erected. Along Dixon Street (aka ‘the state line’) in Coolangatta, the government has erected a temporary ‘wall’.” – Simon Black

INFINITE PANDEMIC: Multiple nations announce never-ending “booster” shots, lockdowns, covid compliance… it will only end when we RESIST the medical tyranny (VIDEO) – Mike Adams

Poll: 3/4 of unvaxxed Americans would quit job if shot required – Art Moore

#Yes, It’s a “Killer Vaccine” (VIDEO) – “Michel Chossudovsky provides a broad picture of the ongoing crisis which is destroying people’s lives Worldwide.” – Michel Chossudovsky


20 Years of Government-Sponsored Tyranny: The Rise of the Security-Industrial Complex from 9/11 to COVID-19 – ” We have gone from a nation that took great pride in being a model of a representative democracy to being a model of how to persuade a freedom-loving people to march in lockstep with a police state. Our losses are mounting with every passing day. What began with the post-9/11 passage of the USA Patriot Act has snowballed into the eradication of every vital safeguard against government overreach, corruption and abuse. The citizenry’s unquestioning acquiescence to anything the government wants to do in exchange for the phantom promise of safety and security has resulted in a society where the nation has been locked down into a militarized, mechanized, hypersensitive, legalistic, self-righteous, goose-stepping antithesis of every principle upon which this nation was founded.” – John W. Whitehead & Nisha Whitehead  – ANOTHER MUST READ FROM JOHN AND NISHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Peak 2021 — US Gov’t Labels the Constitution, Bill of Rights as ‘Potentially Harmful Content’ – “Though the United States has been heading down a dark path for some time, in the last 19 months, we have gone from a slow trickle of tyranny to an outright deluge of fascist totalitarianism. The very documents which embody our God-given rights, inherent to every human being, has been labelled as “harmful content.” Seriously. Both the Constitution and the Bill of Rights have been labelled by the National Archives with an alert, telling readers that they are about to read something “harmful.” The link on the label leads to the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) statement on “potentially harmful content,” defined as reflecting “racist, sexist, ableist, misogynistic/misogynoir, and xenophobic opinions and attitudes” or being “discriminatory towards or exclude diverse views on sexuality, gender, religion, and more,” among other criteria.” – Matt Agorist

Australia Has No Bill Of Rights, And It Shows – “One of the most controversial recent developments in Australia’s escalating government overreach (and potentially the most consequential in the long term) has been the hasty passing of a new law greatly expanding government surveillance powers which allows law enforcement to hack into people’s devices and collect, delete, or even add to and alter the data therein, as well as take control of their social media accounts, supposedly “in order to frustrate the commission of serious offences online.”” – Caitlin Johnstone

Your Freedom Is Not Their Priority – “Getting vaccinated has become – like wearing a face mask – a sign of secular piety and obedience. The vaccinated person shows his “health pass” proudly, like a war hero with his medals. The medals prove that he has done the Right Thing. By contrast, the unvaccinated are treated like cowards… shirkers… lepers. They are unclean… irresponsible… immoral. Pope Francis says so: Others – including the American Civil Liberties Union – believe there should be no choice at all. They see “no civil liberties problem with requiring COVID-19 vaccines in most circumstances:”” – Bill Bonner  – BILL ON FREEDOM, COVID AND MORE!!!!

Can the Media Survive Without Half of the Population? A New Poll Raises Questions About the New Media – Jonathan Turley

Deep State Deception Tricks Us into Thinking They’re Winning (VIDEO) with Clif High – “So, is the country evenly split for and against the Biden Administration? High says, “No. I can find about 12% of the population that will repeat the talking points and about 6% of the population that will do it consistently on their own unbidden. 6% are in the category of loyalists. Of that 6%, maybe half are true believers. . . . They are attempting to make you think it’s about 80% to 20% in favor of the Deep State.” What’s the real sentiment in the country? High estimates, “80% of the people in the country are against all of this at a passionate level. The intensity of that 80% is ratcheting up.”” – Greg Hunter

Is 1984 Becoming a Reality? (VIDEO) – George Orwell’s Warning to the World (VIDEO) – Academy of Ideas  – ABOUT 16 MINUTES LONG!!!

Joe Biden Staffers Struggling to Cope Because They Are So Terrified of Him Going off Script – “The bumbling, the fumbling, the forgetfulness, and the anger have become a common aspect of Biden’s public outings, with the latter being of the most concern for anyone trying to keep him in line. None of that is the result of a stutter. It’s the result of a president who isn’t mentally capable of doing his job. But isn’t there something a bit nefarious about having a Commander in Chief so heavily controlled by nameless, faceless staffers? The American people did not actually elect the people who appear to be running our government. Telling Biden he can’t take questions? Giving him cheat sheets with big pictures on them? It’s all pretty disturbing when you consider the president is supposed to be somewhere close to the smartest person in the room, ready to make nation-shifting decisions at a moment’s notice.” – Bonchie

Toxic Victimhood (VIDEO) – “The new “woke” movement hurts minorities by pushing a “victim” mentality, says professor John McWhorter, author of “Woke Racism.”” – John Stossel  – GOOD VIDEO!!!!!

Afghanistan And Why Joe Biden Can’t Change The Subject – “The leftist media are making a valiant effort to change the subject, but the American people aren’t buying it.” – Leesa K. Donner

Democrats Violating Everyone’s Privacy – “The Democrats want the banks to turn over ALL information on everyone to the IRS. You no longer need to have an audit. They are simply adopting the idea of guilty until proven innocent when it comes to money they want to get their hands on. This is stage one, and as they move to replace paper money and cryptocurrency with their own version, NOTHING you do will ever be private. The only way to pay the 13-year-old girl next door for babysitting will be by barter.” – Martin Armstrong

Robert E. Lee helped end the first American Civil War, and those seeking to erase him are leading the US into another – “That the Virginia governor caught wearing either KKK robes or blackface has now removed a monument to Robert E. Lee is perhaps the most ironic twist in modern America’s Year Zero obsession with erasing its history and heritage. The removal of the equestrian statue of Lee from Richmond, Virginia, which took place today, is “an important step in showing who we are and what we value as a commonwealth,” Governor Ralph Northam said earlier. The move is as cynical as it is predictable.Historical facts, however, are considered heresy in the new America, redefined at some point as Our Democracy. Instead, there has been a crusade to reduce all of US history to ‘racism,’ and to ‘reimagine’ everything from the standpoint of the current year. ” – Nebojsa Malic

Democratic Senator Takes a Stand against $3.5 Trillion Spending Bonanza – “Senator Manchin deserves credit for at least acknowledging that the federal government is not Santa Claus.” – Brad Polumbo

Escape From The Cities While You Still Can!! Another Liberal Hellhole Shows Once Again Why Americans Need To Get Out Of Urban Cities – Susan Duclos

Facebook pays contractors to read your ‘encrypted’ WhatsApp messages, shares info with prosecutors – reports – RT

RUNAWAY PRINCE Prince Andrew bolts for Balmoral in bid to avoid being served sex assault papers – Matt Wilkinson

China licks its chops for Bagram Airfield – “One week after Joe Biden’s ignominious pullout from Afghanistan, China is eyeing up Bagram as war booty.” – Monica Showalter

The Demise of the Heroin Trade a Major Benefit of the US Defeat in Afghanistan – “At the time of the United States invasion in 2001 the poppy fields, source of the heroin that reeks such carnage upon the world, less than 5% of the original poppy fields production remained, existing almost exclusively in the territory that the Taliban failed to control. Now, they effectively control more than 95% of Afghanistan territory, and the small pocket remaining is not known for its ability to grow poppies. Both the Russian and Chinese government, who have already approached the new regime in Kabul, are making it clear that they expect the Taliban to pursue a similar policy of non-tolerance towards the growing of the poppy and with it the production of what, this year, amounted to more than 90% of the world heroin production.” – James ONeill

Blinken on Damage-Limitation Tour After Afghanistan Fiasco – “Washington’s whirlwind outreach is evidently an effort to shore up confidence among U.S. allies in American defense commitments. United States Secretary of State Antony Blinken is visiting the Middle East and Europe this week in an effort to repair the damage to Washington’s standing with its allies following the disastrous retreat from Afghanistan.” – Finian Cunningham

Taliban Paints Over George Floyd Mural in Kabul – “Replaces it with victory message. Meanwhile, the media is still shocked that the Taliban isn’t being progressive. Meanwhile, in the west, giant statues of the career criminal who pointed a gun at a pregnant woman during an armed robbery are being erected,” – Paul Joseph Watson

Investigating the Mass Hysteria Over 1 Degree in Climate Change Since 1850 – “Let’s discuss the Physical Science Basis for Climate Change and the media hype over the report” – Mish

Military Analysis of Kabul Drone Strike Reveals US Was Unsure About Target – “The US claims the drone strike targeted ISIS-K, but witnesses say it killed 10 civilians” – Dave DeCamp

Why we can’t rely on wind power – “Britain is burning coal again to make up for the failures of renewables.” – Rob Lyons


Insanity: There Are Now A Record 2.2 Million More Job Openings Than Unemployed Workers – Tyler Durden

The battle for control over the future of money – “It’s no secret that governments and central planners of all stripes have long detested the rise of private money and independent digital currencies. They have tried to stifle the burgeoning crypto industry from the moment it attracted mainstream attention. For years, they have continued to add regulatory hurdles and threaten crypto holders and investors, as well as companies in this space, with unreasonable tax burdens and unrealistic disclosure requirements that come with hefty fines. The reason behind this hostility is plain as day. If a government can no longer force its citizens to exclusively use its own money, and if they are allowed to freely choose alternatives for themselves, it’s only a matter of time before they realize all the shortcomings and practical disadvantages of fiat money. And once a state loses control over the currency, it won’t take long before it loses control over everything else.” – Claudio Grass

Please Don’t Pop Our Precious Bubble! – “Allow me to summarize the dominant zeitgeist in America at this juncture of history: Grab yourself a big gooey hunk of happiness by turning a few thousand bucks into millions– anyone can do it as long as they visualize abundance and join the crowd minting millions. Beneath the bravado and euphoric confidence in our God-given right to mint millions out of chump change, a secret plea lurks unspoken: please don’t pop our precious bubble! The big gooey hunk of happiness available to all depends on one special form of magic spell: If we don’t call the bubble a bubble, it won’t pop.” – Charles Hugh Smith

Why the Fed Is So Desperate to Hide Price Inflation – Thorsten Polleit

The Street Can’t Resist Buying Things That Have Gone Down – “The larger picture being painted here is, despite Covid claims of ‘all being in it together’, winners and losers are abundantly clear right now. On which note, George Soros just wrote an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal –“BlackRock’s China Blunder”– with the sub-heading “Pouring billions into the country now is a bad investment and imperils US national security”, and the conclusion: “Congress should pass legislation empowering the Securities and Exchange Commission to limit the flow of funds to China. The effort ought to enjoy bipartisan support.” That has not stopped BlackRock reportedly raising an initial $1bn for its first China mutual fund ahead of its own September 10 deadline, attracting 111,000 investors – an average of just over $9,000 per capita, suggesting this is more retail than institutional money.” – Michael Every

Betting On Gold? – “If you are betting on gold, you may be in for some tough sledding.” – Kelsey Williams

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 10.76EUR


Jeremiah 8:20-21   The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved.  For the hurt of the daughter of my people am I hurt; I am black; astonishment hath taken hold on me.