Inventing a New Flu/Covid Scariant – “Delta apparently hasn’t been scariant enough. Inventing it hasn’t scared enough Americans and others to self-inflict harm from toxic flu/covid jabs. All flu/covid strains are virtually alike, not a dime’s worth of difference distinguishing one from others. According to former Pfizer chief scientist for allergy an infectious diseases Dr. Michael Yeadon: “All (flu/covid) variants are so similar to the original, there’s no chance what-so-ever that your body will see them as anything new.” Yet “politicians (their public health handmaidens and go-along media) keep telling us about variants, and how we need to close borders and stop them moving around the world.” Move aside delta and other scariants. Here comes the latest invented viral threat. Called C.1.2, it allegedly emerged in South Africa. Fake news reports claim its popping up elsewhere — en route to arriving in the US/West as a pretext for greater fear-mongering mass deception than already. There’s no ambiguity about the diabolical aim.” – Stephen Lendman


How to Win at Covid 19 Chess – Raúl Ilargi Meijer  – NICE SHORT SUMMARY BY RAUL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enough Is Enough: The Narrative Around “Returning To Normal” And Herd Immunity Has Been Brazenly Inconsistent – “The goalposts have done nothing but move since 2020. Sometimes, you just have to let the facts do the talking.” – Quoth the Raven

Scandal Behind the FDA Fake Approval of Pfizer Jab – “There are many unanswered questions in this twisted tale of corruption at FDA and Pfizer. Was this theater rushed through by the Biden Administration to accelerate the forced vaccination of millions of Americans uncertain or skeptical of taking an emergency or experimental jab? Why is there such an incredible pressure from mainstream media and politicians to vaccinate every man, woman and now child in the US? Are the vaccines really safe if there are so many dire cases of adverse events after the Pfizer jab? Why did the FD refuse to allow its independent vaccine committee to weigh in? It is worth noting that as of August 14 Pfizer does not mandate vaccines for its own employees. Also the Biden White House does not mandate vaccines for its staff. These are all serious issues that demand serious and honest answers.” – F. William Engdahl

There’s An Off Ramp – But It Has A Price* – “The Israel data has told us both what pharma did, what they probably knew, but also how to get out of the box. And yes, there’s a way out of the box. A reminder: The spike protein that is part of Covid-19, and which all the current vaccines instruct your body to produce is, by itself, pathogenic. Again, in case you missed it further up near the top, all of the current vaccines deliberately produce that spike protein, which by itself causes disease, specifically clotting-related disease, in your body. Deliberately causing your body to produce that pathogen (which then elicits the antibody response) is how all of them work. This means there is no safe way to vaccinate against this disease because introducing the spike into your body, no matter how you do it, inherently runs the risk of serious clotting-based disorders. You might or might not get nailed but there is no avoiding the risk. That same risk is what kills you, most of the time, if you actually get Covid-19 and die but the premise that you avoid that risk when taking a jab is a lie.” – Karl Denninger

Fauci The Greatest Liar in Gov’t in History – “In my entire career of dealing with governments around the world, NEVER in my 50 years have I EVER encountered such a bureaucrat that is such a blatant liar. it is IMPOSSIBLE to believe anything this pretend doctor ever says. Anthony Fauci has not seen a patient since 1968. In fact, after completing his medical residency in 1968, Fauci immediately joined the National Institutes of Health (NIH) as a clinical associate. So he has never had a patient and has NEVER had to look into the eyes of someone. He is simply a professional liar who only ever studied books and that is just amazing for his lack of experience.” – Martin Armstrong

Harvard Epidemiologist Says the Case for COVID Vaccine Passports Was Just Demolished – “New research found that natural immunity offers exponentially more protection than COVID-19 vaccines.” – Jon Miltimore

Woman Dies of Rare Brain Disease Within 3 Months of Second Pfizer Shot, Doctor Says Vaccine Could Be Responsible – Megan Redshaw

CDC/FDA smoking gun of smoking guns – “They confess: they had no virus when they concocted the test for the virus; they “contrived” a model by pretending to find what they wanted to find; it’s called a self-fulfilling prophecy” – Jon Rappoport

Three Lame Arguments for the Covid Vaccine – Laurence M. Vance

COVID Vax Ingredients Exposed: Graphene, Nanometals, PEG and Parasites – “Want to know what’s really in the 4 main COVID fake-vaccines? This scientist investigated them and published his results. This scientific and precise analysis demonstrates the complete and utter toxicity of the experimental COVID non-vaccine drug. People need to know this before putting this stuff into their bloodstream. Why are these nanometals and nanoparticulates part of the fake-vaccine formulation? Is it to induce vaccine recipients to become more magnetic, to work with Smart Grid/5G systems, to become more machine-like or all of the above?” – Makia freeman

Increasing Evidence that Lockdowns and Social Distancing are Harming Kids – Zachary Yost


“We Are F**king Abandoning American Citizens” Says Livid Army Colonel In Leaked Afghanistan Texts – “We had them out there waving their passport screaming, ‘I’m American.'” – Tyler Durden

Biden’s Message On Afghan Debacle: It’s Trump’s Fault – “The commander-in-chief sidestepped blame for the chaotic withdrawal by pointing a finger at Trump and the Afghan army.” – Kelli Ballard  – THAT’S HIS STORY AND HE’S STICKING TO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Biden throws a tantrum – “Our hapless president’s speech on Tuesday was not a speech at all. It was a full-blown childish tantrum. While he was ostensibly celebrating his massive “airlift” of thousands of mostly Afghan refugees, from the beginning, it was clear he is extremely angry. He almost shouted his claim that his catastrophic misadventure in Afghanistan has been a smashing success. This is a huge lie, and everyone knows it, even those trying to spin this debacle as a win” – Patricia McCarthy

The White House Hopes We Can All Forget Afghanistan (And The Press Will Help) – “The right people want to see this administration get back to the things they elected them to do — and so they’re going to. It’s as simple as that.” – Christopher Bedford

Biden’s promise to stop interfering in other countries is a lie. He’ll double-down on the US’s global drone assassination program – “The idea that the US is weaning itself off endless wars and effecting regime changes is – sadly – not true. It will just keep doing it remotely, in continuing violation of international law.” – Bradley Blankenship

Afghanistan: Same, Same; Again, Again – “The difference between the U.S. performances in Vietnam and Afghanistan is that in the first, the vehicles were painted green and in the second, sand.” – Patrick Armstrong

Team Biden is pushing ahead with its illegal COVID power-grab – Jacob Sullum

This Is What Is Going To Happen Nationwide In The Not Too Distant Future – “When order really starts breaking down in this country, we know exactly what is going to happen. And the reason why we know exactly what is going to happen is because the exact same pattern keeps playing out every time there is a major disaster or crisis in one of our large cities. Just think about it. Over the past couple of years, violent social justice protests in our major cities have often been accompanied by widespread looting. When the Texas power grid went down last winter, there was looting. When wildfires force people from their expensive homes in California, the looters are often the first people that show up. And just about every time there is some sort of a major storm, the looters come out of the woodwork. And so it should not surprise anyone that New Orleans is being plagued by looters in the wake of Hurricane Ida.” – Michael Snyder

Ben Rhodes’ Book Proves Obama Officials’ Lies, and His Own, About Edward Snowden and Russia – “It is hard to overstate the sociopathy of US national security officials: their casual willingness to blatantly lie about the gravest matters is limitless.” – Glenn Greenwald

Wall Street Journal: Even Confiscating Entire Wealth of All US Billionaires Couldn’t Pay for Democratic Spending Plans – “There’s just one problem with Bernie Sanders’ narrative: it’s impossible.” – Brad Polumbo

Magical Thinking About Green Energy – “Humans like novelty but don’t like change. It’s easy to confuse the two” – Charles Hugh Smith

The Ashli Babbitt Standard – “But if police had applied to the 2020 Black Lives Matter riots the same standard that was applied to Byrd’s shooting of Babbitt, then hundreds—if not thousands—of rioters around the country, including those who broke into government buildings, could have been legally gunned down, even if they were unarmed. Does anyone think that such shootings would have been justified by those who now laud Byrd, or that the cops involved would not have been dismissed and put on trial? The point here isn’t so much the hypocrisy of those applauding Babbitt’s death. It’s that, by deeming the shooting justified despite the facts of the case and the law, the federal government sets a standard that appears to rest on the victim’s politics and race rather than an objective judgment about a legal question.” – Jonathan Tobin

‘That’s My Job’ – The Murder Of Ashli Babbitt (VIDEO) – “By the logic used by the US Department of Justice to exonerate Capitol Hill Police officer Michael Byrd in the Jan. 6th shooting of Ashli Babbitt, hundreds of other protesters on that day – and in previous protests across the country last year – could have been shot and killed. Also today, interest in homeschooling is soaring. Is this the end of the state re-education camps for kids?” – Ron Paul


Texas abortion ban to take effect Wednesday; pro-aborts seeking last-minute block – “The Texas Heartbeat Act would be the first near-total abortion ban to actually take effect in almost half a century. Signed in May by Republican Gov. Greg Abbott, the Texas Heartbeat Act requires abortionists to screen for a preborn baby’s heartbeat and prohibits abortion if a heartbeat can be heard (generally as early as six weeks), with exceptions only for medical emergencies.” – Calvin Freiburger

A war for nothing – “The Western dream of a New Afghanistan has ended in bloodshed and chaos. The Afghan intervention, like all the other interventions that followed it, has achieved nothing other than bloodshed and chaos – more of which is no doubt still to come.” – Tom Slater

Mother of Slain Marine Kareem Nikoui: Facebook Blacklisted My Instagram Account **UPDATE: Account Restored** – “Shana Chappell, mother of U.S. marine Kareem Nikoui, 20, who was killed in the recent Kabul attack, says Facebook disabled her Instagram account after she posted a picture and message about her son. – Update: after Breitbart News reached out for comment, Instagram restored Chappell’s account. A company spokeswoman said her post did not violate any policies and was not removed, but that her account was removed in error.” – Allum Bokhari

Back to the future: Talibanistan, Year 2000 – Pepe Escobar  – A LOOK BACK AT PEPE’S VISIT IN AFGHANISTAN IN 20000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

30 Years After Communism Fell, Putin Offers Alternative to Globalism. That’s Why Our Ruling Class Hates Him – Wayne Allensworth

Kamala Harris Reveals Washington’s Desperation to Contain China – “Ever since its inauguration, the Biden administration has not missed any opportunity to give vent to its institutionalised and bi-partisan supported anti-China global orientation.” – Salman Rafi Sheikh

Israeli charm offensive seeks to kill the Iran nuclear deal – “Israeli’s Prime Minister went to Washington to recast his government’s relationship with the Democrats. Behind those smiles however, Bennett’s aim is to ensure the failure of the Iran nuclear deal and to keep Joe Biden in check on Iran, Iraq and Syria.” – Daniel Larison

Surviving Civil Unrest is an Unfortunate and Necessary Skill These Day – Eugene Nielson

Survive Like a Fighter Pilot – “As a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Combat Survival School at Fairchild Air Force Base in Spokane, Washington, and as a former, intelligence specialist who taught refresher, survival skills to American fighter pilots (in case of being shot down) in Germany for four years, I’ve never seen a better, more-comprehensive, survival kit than those issued to Air Force pilots in their ejection-seat kits.” – Warren Gray


It’s Not Biden’s Inflation – “You wouldn’t know that by listening to current commentary about inflation. Casual observers, economists, investors and analysts seem to agree that “higher inflation is being generated by abnormally huge amounts of government spending”. Most people think that the term ‘inflation’ is synonymous with ‘higher prices’. The rising prices, however, are not inflation. The inflation has already been created. The inflation is accomplished by expansion of the supply of money and credit. All governments and central banks inflate and destroy their own currencies intentionally. The inflation leads to a loss in purchasing power of the currency which in turn shows up in the form of increases in prices for most goods and services. THE FED IS THE PROBLEM One of the self-proclaimed objectives of the Federal Reserve is to manage the stages of the economic cycle so as to 1) avoid recessions and depressions and 2) extend the prosperity phase of the cycle. How well have they done? Not very well.” – Kelsey Williams

After The Jackson Holedown – “So what did Powell say? Perhaps more importantly, what did he not say? And what happens next? Let’s discuss that today and begin to look ahead.” – Craig Hemke

Facing Inflation Threat, German Investors Loading Up on Gold – Peter Schiff

Swiss Stocking Up On Gold! – “How planning ahead and preparing for what lies ahead is a lesson everyone needs to learn Over the last couple of months, it has become clear from conversations with friends and partners from the gold industry that there is a marked increase in retail demand for physical gold from Swiss investors. The most interesting thing about this development is that the bulk of new orders is coming from smaller accounts, showing that it’s ordinary savers and citizens that are driving this trend, rather than professionals, speculators or larger investors.” – Claudio Grass

The Dollar Is Falling Against Everything Ahead of Key Jobs Data – Masaki Kondo and Livia Yap

Quietly, JPMorgan Chase Has Been Battling Another Felony Charge – This Time for Tax Fraud in France. Its Defense Is Its “Human Rights” Have Been Violated. – Pam Martens and Russ Martens – OH, BUT THEY WERE WORRIED ABOUT GENERAL FLYNN AFFECTING THEIR REPUTATION. THEY HAVE SINCE CHANGED THEIR MIND ON THAT ONE!!!

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 10.59EUR


Proverbs 1:15     My son, walk not thou in the way with them; refrain thy foot from their path: