mRNA Vaccines: The Silent Weapon – “Messenger RNA technology in Covid vaccines is not new, even though our leaders have been spinning this mistruth since day one. The Soviets began developing mRNA sequencing almost four decades ago. They were the first to develop “designer” bio-agents under a classified program called Project Factor, one of many classified programs using recombinant DNA (rDNA) technology, known as DNA genetic engineering. Their gene-sequencing included messenger RNA (mRNA), and microRNA (miRNA), and carried the capability of creating horrific epidemics against enemy populations, even severe and debilitating multiple sclerosis. Because the masses have accepted vaccinations as preventive medicine for decades, most would reject the possibility that a vaccine could be used as a bioweapon against them. Nonetheless, strong evidence of a global “coup” is piling up as more and more citizens become alarmed that this pandemic is less about health and safety, and more about the restructuring and destruction of our laws, economy, civil rights, and freedoms—everything that occurs during an enemy takeover, and not during a pandemic.” – Dr. Igor Shepherd  – VERY GOOD ARTICLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mRNA “Vaccines”, Eugenics & the Push for Transhumanism – “The worldwide rollout of mRNA “vaccines” is part of a much larger agenda that encompasses eugenics and transhumanism. This agenda is being funded and promoted by a network of global institutions, politicians, and billionaire technocrats.” – Ryan Matters

Trusting the FDA, taking Pfizer’s COVID jab, ensures America stays ‘compliant’ and ‘stupid’ – “Americans have the freedom to be stupid, even as they live in a time when their medical freedom has been savaged. Every day it seems clearer that we are living in a world where insanity is on steroids.” – Joel S. Hirschhorn

Clarification of the Absolute Nonsense That the Pfizer ‘Covid Vaccine’ was not Approved: It Was! – Gary D. Barnett

Illinois Governor Advances Medical Tyranny – “Medical tyranny in the US/West is spreading like crabgrass infests lawns. On Wednesday, Dem Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot defied science, international and constitutional law by requiring city workers to be jabbed with health-destroying flu/covid jabs. On Thursday, Illinois Governor Jay Pritzker announced the following: “All (state) healthcare workers, including nursing home employees, all pre-k-12 teachers and staff, as well as higher education personnel and students will now be required to receive” toxic/health-destroying flu/covid jabs. “Employees in all of these settings and higher education students who are unable or unwilling to receive the (jab) will be required to get tested…at least once per week.” What Pritzker called a “measured approach” reflects unacceptable draconian harshness. His mandated protocol has nothing to do with protecting the health and rights of state residents — everything to do with eliminating them. The same goes on steroids for Biden regime mandates.” – Stephen Lendman

From a doctor bewildered at where all this COVID stuff is going – Steve Karp, MD

Australia Created a Police State to Stop COVID-19. Data Show It’s Not Working – “The images from Australia’s lockdown are terrifying, and many people are awakening to the moral horror that is engulfing the Land Down Under.” – Jon Miltimore  – BUT THEN AGAIN, IT HAS NEVER REALLY BEEN ABOUT STOPPING COVID, HAS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What Anti-Science, Trump-Supporting Kook Takes 7X (!) More Vitamin D Daily Than Health Authorities Deem Safe? – “Which heretic dares stray so far from officially approved expert opinion? Then thanks to the Fauci emails leak this June, we found out how much he is supplementing exactly: He is taking 6000 IU every day. The interesting part is that America’s health authority the NIH — that Fauci’s NIAID itself is a branch of — recommends no more than 800 IU per day.” – Marko Marjanović  – AS THE ARTICLE POINTS OUT, THAT AMOUNT WILL NOT HARM YOU. OBVIOUSLY FAUCI KNOWS THAT IT HELPS!!!!!!

Trust The Science? CDC Counts People Dying Within 14 Days Of Jab As “Unvaccinated” – Kelen McBreen


Don’t Take Me for Granted – “Freedom in America, and throughout the world, is in decline. In fact, it has been in decline for many years. Perhaps a little freedom lost in exchange for security and comfort may seem like a fair trade in certain cases. But caution is advised. As the idea of what freedoms are acceptable to give up expands, the air of freedom becomes polluted. Small losses of freedom, whittled away incrementally, add up. You may not notice it from day to day. Yet over time the sum losses have resulted in a world that’s dramatically less free.” – MN Gordon

Democrats Now Say ‘Do Not Vote’ In California Recall – “Why would Golden State Dems not want folks to vote?” – Sarah Cowgill

An Ominous Sign? Exactly 16 Years Later, A Hurricane That Is Similar To Katrina Threatens To Devastate New Orleans – Michael Snyder

Biden Turns Afghanistan Into A Slaughterhouse, Taliban Into A Military Superpower – “A day after at least 13 U.S. soldiers were killed at the Kabul airport, it’s still unclear how many Americans will be abandoned in Afghanistan by the Biden administration. What we do know, though, is that most of the U.S. weaponry in the country will not be recovered. It’s as if Joe Biden himself was the military procurement chief for the Taliban. Until Thursday, there had been no U.S. combat casualties in Afghanistan since February of last year. But a bloodbath that the entire world outside of the White House saw coming arrived, and it became the deadliest day in the country for American troops since 2011, when – yes, that’s right – Biden was vice president.” – I & I Editorial Board

Pentagon: Two ISIS-K targets killed during Friday strike – “Army Maj. Gen. William “Hank” Taylor said Saturday that two ISIS-K targets were killed during Friday night’s airstrike. What they’re saying: “I can confirm, two high profile targets were killed and one was wounded …We will continue to have the ability to defend ourselves … as needed,” Taylor said. “The fact that two of these individuals are no longer walking on the face of the Earth, that’s a good thing,” Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby added. “We believe that we hit valid targets — bad guys who can do bad things and can plan bad missions.”” – Oriana Gonzalez  – BELIEVE THAT WE HIT VALID TARGETS??? THEY DON’T KNOW? WHAT IF THEY WERE INVALID. IS THIS SOME KIND OF JOKE TO SHOW THAT BIDEN IS TOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Civilians were allegedly shot & killed by US forces during Kabul airport bombing mayhem, eyewitnesses tell BBC – RT

The Never Ending Lies About The War On Afghanistan – “The U.S. military has lied for 20 years about the war in Afghanistan. Do not expect it to suddenly tell the truth. Thursday’s suicide bombing in Kabul and the following panic killed more than 150 civilians (some 30 of whom were British-Afghan), 28 Taliban fighters and 13 U.S. troops. Before the attack happened a Taliban spokesperson had told RT that they had warned the U.S. of an imminent ISPK attack.” – Moon of Alabama

Propaganda Is The Source Of All Our Problems: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix – “Afghanistan has been captured by a tyrannical violent extremist group and I hear the group that’s replacing them when they complete their withdrawal is pretty bad too.” – Caitlin Johnstone  – MORE OBSERVATIONS FROM CAITLIN!!!!

Obama Defense Secretary ALREADY Calling For Fresh Military Occupation Of Afghanistan – “We can’t leave the War on Terrorism” – Steve Watson


Terror Attacks in Kabul Suspiciously on Cue… Who Gains? – “Three days before the bloody carnage at Kabul airport, CIA director William Burns held a secret meeting with a top Taliban commander in the Afghan capital. That is only one of several suspicious events this week in the countdown to the dramatic U.S. evacuation.” – Finian Cunningham

As the Left and Right Argue Over Talking Points, They’re Missing The Real Lesson From Afghanistan. – “It is the false “Left vs. Right” paradigm on display. Odious and pestiferous as ever. Neocolonialists are once again saturating the public with the same tired mantras of the Bush era; grandstanding with outdated Ronald Reagan quotes, draped in an American flag with the scent of apple pie. Pitting Americans against each other because “you don’t love your country enough”, “the little people of the world need help and America must save the day!” Leaving out the fact that they “need rescuing” from the disaster we caused.” – Don Via Jr.

The Calm before the Storm: the World Will Soon be Overwhelmed by Afghan Refugees – Dmitry Bokarev

Here Come the Terrorists. Again – “The search for new enemies will continue no matter who is president or which party dominates congress” – Philip Giraldi

Federal government to expand use of facial recognition despite growing concerns – “Ten federal agencies — the departments of Agriculture, Commerce, Defense, Homeland Security, Health and Human Services, Interior, Justice, State, Treasury and Veterans Affairs — told the Government Accountability Office they intend to grow their facial recognition capabilities by 2023, the GAO said in a report posted to its website Tuesday.Most of the agencies use face-scanning technology so employees can unlock their phones and laptops or access buildings, though a growing number said they are using the software to track people and investigate crime. The Department of Agriculture, for instance, said it wants to use it to monitor live surveillance feeds at its facilities and send an alert if it spots any faces also found on a watch list. ” – Drew Harwell  – BETTER KEEP AN EYE ON THOSE COWS AND PIGS THEY MIGHT BE PLANNING SOMETHING. DON’T WORRY ABOUT THE SHEEP, THEY’RE ALREADY CONTROLLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

California Drought, How To Party On The Titanic (VIDEO) – “Climate engineering operations are cutting off the flow of moisture to the US West, how much longer can Californians last without rain? Primary reservoirs are about to run dry, Lake Shasta in Northern California is a case in point. Though there is very little water left in the lake and record wildfires are burning in regions surrounding Lake Shasta, the boat launching and recreating continues unabated. No matter how devastating and dire environmental degradation has become, there are many who are willing to ignore biosphere collapse in order to keep their personal pursuit of pleasure going till the last possible moment. Can the masses be awakened in time?” – Dane Wigington

Homeschooling Surges In Response To CRT And COVID Mandates – “The abolitionist movement is on the rise.” – Caroline Adana


Flush with Free Money, Americans Spent Heroic Amounts, but Inflation Ate it Up – “Pay More, Get Less. Spending on durable goods after inflation down 10% from historic spike. But services surged, pointing to next source of inflation.” – Wolf Richter

Avoid the Herd of Bulls Stampeding Toward the Exit – “If you’re concerned that the equities markets are going insane and that you might need to adjust your plan, you’re not alone. Let’s first shed some light on the insanity…” – Birch Gold

Silver smashes encourage more buying (VIDEO) with Andy Schectman – Arcadia Economics

Eurozone finances have deteriorated – “Under “Whatever it takes” Mario Draghi, the ECB used every trick to cover over the cracks of a failing Eurozone. At the heart of the trickery was bad debt being concealed within the TARGET2 settlement system. It is only by this subterfuge that major banks have been prevented from failing.” – Alasdair Macleod

BEYOND THE HYPER-BUBBLE: Expect Market Distortions To Get MONUMENTALLY WORSE From Here. (VIDEO) – Gregory Mannarino


Isaiah 41:10     Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.