Simply Put: **** YOU – “Now the CDC wants everyone to line up for a third round of clot-shot lottery. Note carefully: The Israel data says this will fail and kill lots of people. Aran’s message for the United States and other wealthier nations considering boosters is stark: “Do not think that the boosters are the solution.” That’s right. They’re not. Delta may be more-transmissible but if you’re immune it does not matter how transmissible a virus is. You either can or cannot be infected. It’s binary. If you’re immune then you’re immune. If you’re not then you’re not. If you have had Chicken Pox (I have) you’d look at anyone telling you to take a chicken pox shot as if they had six heads because such a suggestion is flat-out bat****-crazy-level insanity. The idea that somehow Delta “can” break through immunity because it is more transmissible is flat-out scientific fraud and everyone who says that and has any knowledge of viruses and immunity knows it.” – Karl Denninger

All Doctors Know… – “All doctors know these things. Yet very few doctors are saying any of these.” – Bionic Mosquito – SHORT AND TO THE POINT!!!!!

Fear porn incorporated – “Let’s start with this mostly unacknowledged problem: the vaccinated have had the rug pulled right out from under their feet. They were secure in the knowledge that they did the right thing. They dutifully rolled up their sleeves, problem solved, COVID could no longer touch them. Oops! Why, then, is government coming down on the unvaccinated so hard? What’s to be gained by the heavy-handed approach? ” – Terry Paulding

Counterfeit vaccine cards will lead to total government surveillance – “How so? So will go the line of logic. See, see? — they’ll say: Paper passports are prone to fakery. We need something more secure. We need something technologically advanced. Once that electronic bridge is crossed, the once-dim potential for America’s government to track U.S. citizens moves to certainty.” – Cheryl K. Chumley

COVID Propaganda Roundup: Corporate State Declares All-Out War on the Unvaccinated – “The latest updates on the “new normal” – chronicling the lies, distortions, and abuses by the ruling class. “Get vaxxed or don’t eat” is not any kind of choice; it’s an ultimatum, a gun to the head. The elites pass this hideous ultimatum to get jabbed or die isolated in a hole off as “choice” as if threats to sever access to vital resources and the means to participate in the economy are not coercive by definition.” – Ben Bartee

Get Ready for a Nationwide Eldercare Shortage as Biden Forces Mandatory Vaccines For Any Worker Paid by Medicare and Medicaid Money – “…As predicted, and the ‘next step’ will be colleges, universities, students and anyone receiving federal education funding, loans or grants.” – Sundance

Memo to the Vaccinated: Get Off Our Backs! – “Regarding the current push to get everyone to take an experimental vaccine, there is only one consideration: Whose decision is it? I’ll answer that. It’s yours. It’s mine. Do as you wish but don’t tell me what to do. But the reality is quite different.” – George F. Smith

Alessandro Santin, director of the Yale University Research Center in the USA, talks about Ivermectin – “Only since mid-January was it possible to prescribe ivermectin against Covid-19 in the United States. The green light came after the December hearing of Pierre Kory, an intensive care specialist at Aurora Medical Center in St. Luke, I was initially very skeptical, but after starting to use it on my Covid patients, I am convinced that ivermectin can really be a game changer in the fight against Covid19. The world literature is demonstrating the efficacy and safety of this drug at all stages of infection” – Costa del Sol

Most face masks won’t stop COVID-19 indoors, study warns – “New research reveals that cloth masks filter just 10% of exhaled aerosols, with many people not wearing coverings that fit their face properly. N95 or KN95 face masks may be the best way to avoid COVID-19 during crowded indoor events.” – John Anderer – DUH, IT TOOK NEW RESEARCH TO FIGURE THIS ONE OUT, I THINK IT’S BEEN PRETTY MUCH KNOWN SINCE DAY ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are on the verge of an international climax regarding the real COVID agenda – “This dramatic video is intended to motivate Australians to participate in a giant rally on August 21 to save their nation from diabolical tyranny. People in other nations must also do the same to resist this internationally orchestrated plan to use COVID to enslave everyone.” – Steve Jalsevac

French rebel as grocery stores begin demanding COVID passport – “Over the past few weeks, France has extended COVID pass requirements to nearly all basic venues including bars, cafés, restaurants, cinemas, trains, stadiums, and gyms. Supermarkets are the latest addition to this list” – Peter Levinson

Crash! France’s repeated health pass system fails are leaving citizens without the QR codes needed for daily life – Rachel Marsden



‘America is back’? Back in the mire, maybe. What a laughable, hollow slogan Biden’s soundbite has proved to be… – “The narrative was that Biden would be a safe and dependable pair of hands, who would restore respect for the United States globally; with a multilateral focused foreign policy, he would win back allies, unite them against the common enemy of China, and everything would be rosy again.” – Tom Fowdy

Why the Wheels Are Coming Off – “Is that the scent of smoke? What’s that red glare? Must be nothing. If you don’t understand the problem, you can’t possibly arrive at a solution. It’s long been painfully obvious that U.S. presidents would be best served by their closest advisors being anthropologists with long in-country experience in whatever nation the U.S. is engaging.” – Charles Hugh Smith

Biden’s press conference was a feast of disindelible impression that this president is incompetent. Joe Biden emerged from his cave, saw his shadow, and told us there will be three more years of winter. That winter, descending on America’s position in the world, was on public view at Biden’s Friday press conference about Afghanistan.” – Charles Lipsonformation – “Americans are forming the in

Heartlanders Call For Biden To Step Aside – “Is the commander-in-chief unfamiliar with the motto “leave no one behind?” ” – Sarah Cowgill

Three and a Half more Years of Biden-Harris – “Yet, in the days to come, expect mainstream propagandists to close ranks and recover their sense of mission. George Stephanopoulos’s interview with Biden is the kickoff. The MSM exists to serve a statist ideology and corrupt power structure. Biden, degraded and knocked back on his heels, doesn’t help the debauched, liberty-robbing agenda that Democrats are pushing. The Afghanistan debacle has temporarily taken our eyes off debacles-in-the-making here at home. Our nation is flirting with ruin on multiple fronts. Our southern border has evaporated, thanks not to Biden administration incompetence, but it’s very deliberate policy.” – J. Robert Smith

January 6 as Distraction from Afghanistan, Other Crises – “How top officials traded the security and stability of Afghanistan, and by extension, America, to instead promote unfounded fears about white domestic terrorists.” – Julie Kelly

Capitol Police officer who shot Ashli Babbitt exonerated in internal probe – “A Capitol Police memo obtained by NBC News says “no further action will be taken in this matter” after the officer was exonerated for use of force. The Justice Department announced in April that no charges were being brought against the officer. The exoneration by the Capitol Police wraps up the last remaining investigation into the incident.” – Ken Dilanian and Rich Schapiro  -WELL, THIS COP JUST GOT AWAY WITH MURDER. GUESS WHITE LIVES DON’T MATTER. TOO BAD ASHLI WASN’T BLACK, THEN IT WOULD HAVE BEEN A WHOLE DIFFERENT STORY FROM THE MEDIA. BUT THEN AGAIN, MAYBE NOT BECAUSE THEN IT WOULD HAVE BEEN A BLACK ON BLACK MURDER AND THE MEDIA DOESN’T GIVE A RAT’S ASS ABOUT THAT EITHER!!!!

What’s Holding Up International Help For Haiti? – “From government corruption and gang crime to earthquakes and storms, Haiti has been hit hard.” – Keelin Ferris

Smart Cities & the End of the Era of Man – “We understand already that the elites have proposed smart cities and the use of these kinds of ‘hydraulic’ despotisms, as concentrations of power and society. They will control the power source and can control citizens’ access to amenities and rental objects to their smart apartment, based on social credit. Such a proposal is misanthropic and tyrannical in its essence, but is also the best that a single-minded consciousness can arrive at. These kinds of smart cities will have a total size, that correspond to a total human population, a lower number to be sure – but what exactly to be determined by technocratic solutions that represent the sensibilities of the ruling class at the time. Because there are any number of viable alternatives, all of which appear better than the best offer being made by the elites, the civilizational crisis in the west right now is a political crisis and one characterized by irreconcilable differences.” – Joaquin Flores

Afghanistan’s gold at the New York Fed: 1,731 old bars held since 1939 – “Not for the first time, the US Treasury has just gone and frozen the US held assets of Afghanistan’s central bank, the Da Afghanistan Bank (DAB). Chief among these assets are 1731 old gold bars (just less than 22 tonnes) supposedly stored in in Manhattan under 33 Liberty Street. These 1,731 gold bars (if they even still exist) were deposited with the Fed by the Afghan central bank in 1939, and are old US Assay Office gold bars that have cracks, fissures, holes and other imperfections” – Ronan Manly – MIGHT AS WELL STEAL THEIR GOLD, THAT IS IF THEY HAVEN’T ALREADY DONE IT. MY GUESS WOULD BE THAT IT IS LONG GONE!!!!!!!

How and Why the Taliban Won – “Between America’s founding and the present time, America has switched from doing war against military occupiers, to doing war as military occupiers” – Eric Zuesse

Kabul’s Collapse and DC’s Incurable Arrogance – “There is no reason to expect the twenty-year US debacle in Afghanistan to humble Washington policymakers. Korean War fiascos were swept under the rug, paving the way for fresh delusions that led to the Vietnam War. The debacles of the Vietnam War were buried long ago, spurring similar follies in the Afghan and Iraq wars in this century.” – James Bovard

Pollinators, the 4 Biggest Threats They Face, and Why You Should Care – “Besides drought, disease. and supply chain disruptions, another problem that could cause food shortages is a lack of pollinators. 87% of plants require pollination to reproduce. 1/3 of food crops require pollination. In the US, beekeepers have lost 30-42% of their colonies every year since 2006.” – Jayne Rising



The Return of Negative Yields… And What Comes Next – David Stockman

The Fed Says, “Let Me Squeeze Your Dollars…5 Basis Points at a Time” – “The Fed is reminding everyone who the big boy on the block is and it only takes a measly 5 basis points to get reinforce this. Moreover, has anyone noticed it’s Wall St.’s biggest suckups in Congress sticking monkey wrenches in all this legislative bickering over a measly $4.7 trillion? Those thinking the Fed is making a policy mistake to allow the dollar to strengthen simply doesn’t understand the rules of the game. The Fed is inviting a crash. It’s inviting a revolt against the insane commies and traitors currently running the U.S. government.” – Tom Luongo

With prices creeping up, more Americans are turning to dollar stores – “A growing number of Americans are relying on dollar stores for everyday needs, especially groceries, as the coronavirus pandemic drags into its 18th month.” – Abha Bhattarai – WHAT PEOPLE FAIL TO REALIZE, THAT ALTHOUGH THE DOLLAR STORES ARE CONVENIENT WHAT YOU ARE BUYING ISN’T ALWAYS CHEAPER AND IS PROBABLY MORE PER OZ. OR SIZE!!!

A “Summer Chill” Looms For Consumers As Child Tax Credits Fail To Boost Spending – “One can’t help but dread what happens to the US economy – and society – when one day the stimmies, the universal basic income, the emergency benefits and so on, finally come to an end” – Tyler Durden

Why Silver’s Breakout Into a Major New Upleg Is Likely Soon – “Silver is now regarded as the best value hard asset around, and it really doesn’t matter in the long-term whether J. P. Morgan and the other banks try to suppress the price or not. Like gold, it has intrinsic value and, in the situation of high inflation that we are moving into and that has already started, when most asset prices are surging it is illogical to think that silver won’t do likewise.” – Clive Maund

50 Years of Monopoly Money (VIDEO) with Mike Maharrey – Schiff Gold



Micah 7:2    The good man is perished out of the earth: and there is none upright among men: they all lie in wait for blood; they hunt every man his brother with a net.