Health Kulaks – “We are witnessing the Kulakization – in the name of “public health” – of people who object to being told they must submit to an injection with what is supposedly medicine. The reference is to the cohort of land-owning farmers in the early Soviet Union under Stalin, who resisted the forced collectivization of farming. They were framed as a threat to the masses, the people who didn’t have their own plot of land – because they did. Someone will have to do the rounding up – and worse – of those resisting. It won’t be Uncle Joe Biden. It won’t be Dr. Fauci. As you read this, consider that there are people out there – perhaps your next-door neighbors – who are ready to do their bidding. To become the NKVD goon squads of Health. Eager to see the “hesitant” – the refusers – forced to submit, by whatever means necessary.” – Eric Peters

The Pandemic Within a Pandemic – “Modern Medicine Isn’t Going To Tell You What Is Really Causing All The Deaths. When The Public Realizes Vaccination Is Futile, The Public May Confront Themselves With The Real Cause Of The Pandemic.” – Bill Sardi

All of the Evidence Is In: The Covid Vaccine Is a Failure – Paul Craig Roberts

Here Comes Nosocomial DISASTER – “Reasonable conclusions drawn from this data: The vaccines do not prevent health care workers from getting infected; the antibodies are ineffective. When health care workers get infected post-vaccination with Delta they are not becoming infected from the community; they are passing it among each other.” – Karl Denninger

Luciferian elites will continue to steal elections and terrorize humanity until they meet overwhelming resistance – “They sense now is the time to make their final move toward a lockdown technocratic surveillance state. And most importantly, say no to the needle. It will not advance your health in any way, not your physical, mental or emotional health. These injections are meant to keep you sick and dependent for the rest of your life on future Big Pharma products, replacing your natural God-given immune system with their synthetic and totally inferior counterfeit immune system. Get it? Your “protection” and your very existence depends on them. Do you really want that for your life, your children’s lives?” – Leo Hohmann  – THE BIG PICTURE!!!!!!

Escalated Flu/Covid Mass-Jabbing Biowarfare Coming? – “With over 100 million undistributed Biden regime flu/covid doses wanting used before past their expiration dates, its hardliners reportedly will promote booster-jabbing — beginning with society’s most vulnerable to finish them off faster. All jabs destroy health, the more gotten, the greater the damage done. The diabolical mass-extermination plot isn’t moving fast enough.” – Stephen Lendman

The War on the Unvaccinated Accelerates as Non-Vaccinated now Classified as “Domestic Terrorist” Threats: Are You Prepared for What Comes Next America? – Brian Shilhavy

Emmanuel Macron’s Covid ‘health pass’ tyranny reveals the true extremism of globalist faux-centrism – Neil Clark

Lockdowns, Masks and The Illusion of Government Control Over Covid – “Coercive policies have proven not only futile, but perilous” – Brian McGlinchey

Just a ‘pinch,’ or a poke: The necessity of refusing COVID-19 injections – “Right vs Wrong, Good vs Evil appear to be muddied, ambiguous – or are they? As Christians, we are obligated to do our homework, to seek Truth always, and encourage one another, especially our young people, to do the same.” – Lorraine Marie Minten

This Week in the New Normal #2 – “Freedom gets screwed, prisoners face vaccine blackmail, you can be worse than dead and an old enemy returns.” – Off Guardian


Strange Days Ahead – “I guess we had to find out the hard way that Afghanistan is not like Nebraska. Let others be cruel about it (and there’s plenty of that right now, elsewhere). The last ostensible hegemon who tried occupying the place before us was the Soviet Union, which discovered painfully that Afghanistan was not much like its Kemerovo Oblast, either, and shortly after it withdrew its troops in 1989, the Soviet Union commenced to collapse — which prompts one to wonder: How much is the USA of 2021 like the Soviet Union of those years? Well, we’ve become an ossified, administrative nomenklatura of Deep State flunkies as the Soviets were, and lately we’re just as lawless as they used to be, constitution-wise — e.g., the abolition of property rights via the CDC’s rent moratorium… the prolonged jailing in solitary confinement of January 6 political prisoners… the introduction of internal “passports.” The USA is running on fumes economically as the Soviets were. Our dominant party leadership has aged into an embarrassing gerontocracy. Is it our turn to collapse? Kind of looks like it.” – James Howard Kunstler

Are We in a Revolution and Don’t Even Know It?- ” We are in the midst of a revolutionary epoch and probably most don’t even know it. If it is true that two million illegal aliens will cross the southern border with impunity in the current fiscal year, then the Biden agenda is apparently to help erode the idea of citizenship and anybody defined as an American. In just seven months, our southern border has vanished. Apparently, it was an artificial construct that obstructed the migrations of the global community. We are back to a natural, pre-civilizational and Rousseauian idea of freeing migrating tribes from the chains of civilization. And what better way to start than dispensing with unique borders, citizenship, and the idea of a nation state? Socialism aligns foreign policy with the interests of the global oppressed rather than the citizens of a particular nation.” – Victor Davis Hanson

The New World Order, Courtesy of Rube Goldberg – “For those of us who have been paying attention over the last decades, it’s been quite clear that the New World Order – an extension of the concepts of Mayer Rothschild in the eighteenth century and revitalized by the Rockefeller family a hundred years ago – has been in the works since that time and has recently approached fruition. Most of the pieces of the puzzle are in place and the primary goals appear to be on the horizon. First, a collectivist form of rule is nearly complete. Collectivism consists of a gumbo of ingredients – socialism, communism, fascism and capitalism – with whatever recipe works for the particular population it is foisted upon.” – Jeff Thomas

Is Biden’s Dark Winter Here To Stay? – “Promise made; prophecy fulfilled. To suggest that President Biden is mired in crises would be a grave understatement. Since becoming commander in chief, he has ricocheted from one disaster to another without ever entirely quelling the initial problem. It is fortunate for his administration that the Fourth Estate appears all too willing to overlook the blizzards and avalanches of this extended winter.” – Mark Angelides

The Return of Hidin’ Joe Biden – “The White House has announced that Joe Biden, caving under pressure to emerge and speak on the situation in Afghanistan, will return to the White House from Camp David and address the nation at 3:45 p.m. Monday.” – Spencer Brown  – ONCE AGAIN HE WILL BLAME TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Media: You got what you wanted and what you worked for. Happy now? – “Our despicable mainstream media did everything in their vast and coercive power to see Joe Biden elected president. President Trump was a madman, they said, a Hitler, and a host of other ridiculous charges that were patently untrue. He was, and history will show, that he was the best president since Ronald Reagan. But the media hated him because he wasn’t one of their imagined exalted elite. So they lied, cheated, and stole an election in order to put the dementia-ridden Biden in the Oval Office. In seven months, Biden has pretty much destroyed America!” – Patricia McCarthy

Barack Obama’s Fall from Grace – “Talley said “the Obamas are in Marie Antoinette, tacky, let-them-eat-cake mode. They need to remember their humble roots.” The brutal truth is that the Obamas have been in tacky, let-them-eat-cake mode for a long time now.” – Pam Martens

Deja Vu: Chinese Shipping Port Closes, Media Says Covid Is on the Rise…You KNOW What Comes Next – “We already face shortages that nobody official wants to admit.” – Daisy Luther

Heartlanders Say Hasta La Vista To The Terminator – “Whether it’s wearing a mask or getting the jab, flyover folks are fed up with the unsolicited advice of celebrities.” – Sarah Cowgill

Why the West Funds Terrorism – “It is clear that the declared “enemy” in this “War on Terror,” is not what we were led to believe, and increasingly, it is beginning to look like the enemy may in fact be, anyone who resists this global agenda.” – Cynthia Chung

Afghanistan Shenanigans – “It’s long been obvious to anyone paying attention that the Taliban would regain control of the country when occupying western powers withdrew, but I don’t think anyone would’ve put money on it happening this quickly. A few interesting questions have come up about this, like for example how hilarious would it be if after spending twenty years and trillions of dollars and thousands of human lives “fighting the Taliban”, the Taliban suddenly resumed power as a US puppet regime? I mean, what’s going on here?” – Caitlin Johnstone

What Afghanistan’s Saigon moment teaches us about America’s ‘humanitarian wars’ – “According to the US military, 90% of the world’s heroin is made from Afghan opium. In 2000, the Taliban outlawed its cultivation, but after the US invasion, there was record-high production year after year. The US effectively turned Afghanistan into a narco-state.” – Maram Susli  – EXCELLENT ARTICLE ABOUT ARE SO-CALLED HUMANITARIAN WARS, THEY ARE NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Myth Of U.S. Invincibility Has Now Been Completely Shattered – “Nobody is going to respect the power of the U.S. military after this. We spent nearly 20 years and more than 2 trillion dollars fighting the war in Afghanistan. Much more importantly, 2,448 U.S. service members lost their lives and thousands more were seriously wounded. After so much heartbreaking sacrifice, the Taliban have won the war.” – Michael Snyder

America Is Not Suffering Humiliation in Afghanistan Because It Retreated Too Quickly, but Because It Stayed Too Long – “Taliban rule the country even before the US withdrawal deadline” – Marko Marjanović

Make no mistake, the US military will continue to thrive after Afghanistan – “There are too many careers and too much money tied to American power projection. So expect it to shift, not recede from the stage” – Douglas Macgregor

A Strengthening Brotherhood between the Armies of China and Russia – “In general, many Western analysts recognize that the intensification of US steps against China and Russia forces Moscow and Beijing to seek new ways to counter the growing pressure of the United States and its allies.” – Vladimir Odintsov

Hungary, Holdout Of Sanity – ” it’s because Hungary shows that you can be a modern, cosmopolitan Western society without surrendering to the crackpot pseudo-reality of gender ideology. What’s more, Hungary has a government and a society that is not willing to surrender its youth to these malignant lies.” – Rod Dreher

Will $500M for Smart Cities in Historic US Senate Spending Bill Fund Biometric Surveillance? – “Half a billion dollars was written into the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill passed Wednesday by the U.S. Senate to pay cities to experiment with technologies for ‘Strengthening Mobility and Revolutionizing Transportation,’ which could include remote biometric systems, sensors and drones.” – Jim Nash

Sustainable Living: How To Take Control of Your Food Supply – “Food freedom is all about getting creative and using what you have. With a little resourcefulness, you could literally create a backyard microcosm and take control of your very own, homegrown food supply.” – Sara Tipton

Tips To Protect Your Homestead – “When considering homestead security, most think of livestock first. Pesky predators pervade the property, thus securing the stock is a priority. Meanwhile, the overall security of a home may be neglected or completely overlooked, particularly in remote areas with lower crime rates.” – David Andrew Brown


Don’t Fall For Joe Biden’s Big Lie On Inflation – “Let’s investigate Biden’s claim that his proposals will not cause inflation” – Mish.

The New Normal: Afghanistan Falls In Only 20 Days After 20 Years Of US War, Gold & Silver Shrug? – “Not that the fundamentals matter either, of course… There is only one thing that matters to the Cartel: A steady supply of Gamblers in the Rigged Casino. Yup. That’s about it.” – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

USDA to permanently boost food stamp benefits by 25 percent – “The Biden administration has approved a significant and permanent increase in the levels of food stamp assistance available to needy families—the largest single increase in the program’s history. Starting in October, average benefits for food stamps (officially known as the SNAP program) will rise more than 25 percent above pre-pandemic levels. The increased assistance will be available indefinitely to all 42 million SNAP beneficiaries.” – Ashraf Khalil and Josh Boak  – ONE MORE REASON NOT TO WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Incentives Matter – “But politicians often seem to forget this. Or simply ignore it. “Generous” unemployment benefits provide the perfect example. With the US government handing out enhanced unemployment checks, we ended up in a bizarre situation with high unemployment even as job openings hit record levels. Both President Joe Biden and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen insisted that the enhanced government unemployment benefits weren’t incentivizing people not to work.” – Peter Schiff

God Will Stop Evil, Bitcoin, Gold & Silver Explode (VIDEO) with Bo Polny – Greg Hunter

Ted Cruz Just Perfectly Explained Why Congress Shouldn’t Regulate Cryptocurrency – “Politicians who wreck the cryptocurrency industry through their regulatory arrogance can’t say they weren’t warned.” – Brad Polumbo

When The Penny Drops It Will Be You And Your Portfolio On That Kabul Tarmac – Michael Every

Nixon Abandoned Gold in 1971 (VIDEO) with Bill Holter and Andy Schectman – “Bill Holter & Andy Schectman join us to explain what happened, the negative changes since 1971 and how the market is on the verge of forcing us back onto a gold standard.” – Wall Street Silver

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 10.78EUR


Job 11:20    But the eyes of the wicked shall fail, and they shall not escape, and their hope shall be as the giving up of the ghost.