A New State of Segregation: Vaccine Cards Are Just the Beginning – “By allowing government agents to establish a litmus test for individuals to be able to engage in commerce, movement and any other right that corresponds to life in a supposedly free society, it lays the groundwork for a “show me your papers” society in which you are required to identify yourself at any time to any government worker who demands it for any reason.” – John W. Whitehead & Nisha Whitehead  –  A MUST READ FROM JOHN AND NISHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Party of Fear is Relentless – “So they are basing the renewed panic porn on cases generated from a test the FDA just announced was being pulled from the market because it drastically overestimates cases of Covid. I got it. Makes total sense. So, the 7 day average of cases is about 80,000. The last time it was this high was February 17. For some perspective you won’t receive from the MSM and government drone fearmongers, cases are still down 70% from the January high. Now let’s get to the numbers they are not and will not include in their fake news articles designed to scare you into getting the jab.” – Jim Quinn

Chicken Little is real – “COVID numbers need a closer look.” – Brian Spinosa

The Vaccine War: who really has the upper hand? – “I don’t believe governments are telling the truth about how many people have taken the COVID shot. I think they’re lying. Inflating the numbers because they’re desperate; far more people than advertised are refusing the vaxx. If people opposed to the vaccine and/or the mandates could get an accurate count on how many posts and how many videos and how many accounts have been censored by social media, worldwide, because those posts express opposition to the vaxx…people would see how large the resistance really is.” – Jon Rappoport  -GREAT POST FROM, JON, AS WELL AS THE NEXT ONE!!!!!

“If there is no virus, why are all these people dying?” – “I’ve answered those questions at length. I’m going to answer them again. People are always looking for THE ONE. They want THE ONE THING. They’re predisposed (hypnotized, conditioned) to demand THE ONE CAUSE. “If it isn’t the virus, what is it?” There is no “it.” I’ve covered each reason, in detail, in previous articles. Here I’m just giving the summary version.” – Jon Rappoport

NYC Orders Restaurants And Gyms To Demand Proof Of Vaccination From All Customers – “It’s the first program of its kind in the US…” – Tyler Durden  – AND WHO SAID WE WOULDN’T HAVE VACCINE PASSPORTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Big Governments Make COVID-19 a Federal Case – ““War is the health of the state,” as the writer Randolph Bourne put it. Especially a war it can’t win, adds Bill Bonner. And now, with “breakthrough infections,” new “variants,” and vaccinated people still getting sick… Hey, like the War on Poverty, the War on Drugs, and the war in Afghanistan, the War on COVID-19 is turning out to be a career opportunity for the feds… …and a real moneymaker for their main suppliers – the drug companies” – Bill Bonner

Fauci’s Forecast: ‘More Pain And Suffering!’ Really? (VIDEO) – “Fauci has warned that the US faces more pain and suffering with the “delta variant,” as some signs suggest a peak in early states. Meanwhile, the Biden Administration has left Americans totally confused with contradictory information about the shot and breakthrough cases and masks. Is it any wonder skepticism is growing?” – Ron Paul

COVID Vaccine Mandates Strongly Opposed in Europe, U.S. as Vaccine Failures Increase – Barbara Loe Fisher

True US Numbers of Harmed and Dead from Toxic Flu/Covid Jabs – “Through July 30, the Pharma-controlled CDC reported 618,638 irreversible casualties since flu/covid mass-jabbing began last December. Included in the total are 11,940 deaths. The above numbers are a minuscule total of the true toll in the US alone. As explained before, the CDC/FDA Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) greatly downplays numbers of adverse events. It’s part of state-sponsored mass deception. A 2010 HHS study concluded that VAERS captures “fewer than 1% of injuries (including deaths)” from vaccines.” – Stephen Lendman

20,595 DEAD 1.9 Million Injured (50% SERIOUS) Reported in European Union’s Database of Adverse Drug Reactions for COVID-19 Shots – Brian Shilhavy

Israeli scientist says COVID-19 could be treated for under $1/day – “Double-blind study shows ivermectin reduces disease’s duration and infectiousness • FDA and WHO caution against its use” – Maayan Jaffe-Hoffman

Repeat after me: “The PCR tests don’t work!” – “The pandemic is only as real as the test, and test is a dice role.” – Catte Black

On Evidence so Far Vaccines Temporarily Ramp Up Antibodies but Do Not Build Underlying Long-Lasting Immunity – “Does not leave the body with the ability to recognize the virus the way infection does” – Swiss Policy Research

Is there asymptomatic spread of COVID-19? – “Numerous scientific papers offer contrary indications to the mainstream media’s narrative, which promotes the theory of asymptomatic transmission as being a driving cause of the spread of COVID-19.” – Kathy Dopp


Biden’s Rescue Act Targets Americans’ Freedoms – “As the feds launched the deluge of new handouts, Biden declared, “We have to continue to build confidence in the American people that their government can function for them and deliver.” But neither Biden nor other Democratic politicians nor their media allies will admit that the COVID “relief” payments are a response to the horrendous damage previously inflicted by politicians. Addicting citizens to government handouts could be the easiest way to breed mass docility and enable politicians to stretch their power. The bigger the government becomes, the more votes it can buy. At some point, soaring government spending and the taxation to finance handouts becomes a Damocles sword over the entire political system.” – James Bovard

The War on Free Speech Continues – “All lies, all the time, and now we Americans are supposed to believe that the Biden Administration is seeking to benefit us? Online one wag quipped that “The party that believes that men can get pregnant now wants to control ‘misinformation’ on the internet?” Never forget that policies that compel all Americans to behave in certain ways, no matter how innocent in appearance, can also be used and expanded upon to mandate something more sinister.” – Philip Giraldi  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM PHILIP!!!!!

If you tell the truth Social Media Nazis Ban you – “Twitter Suspends Science Writer After He Posts Results Of Pfizer Clinical Test All the latest social media victim did is to post Pfizer’s own written conclusion.” – Paul Craig Roberts

China’s ‘Social Credit’ system has arrived to America – “For example, PayPal has announced an inquisition in partnership with the Anti-Defamation League to research funding for extremism on its payment platform. The intelligence gathered through this research initiative will be shared broadly across the financial industry and with policymakers and law enforcement.” – Simon Black

From Alcohol To American Workers – The Scarcity Of Everything – “Is it time to stock up as we drift into Delta panic? Do you need a stiff drink after listening to President Joe Biden speak for 20 minutes? Are you interested in shooting at tin cans in the backyard? Is it bothersome to see the trash not being picked up in your city? Where is that java fix to get you through the day at the office? Unfortunately, in the post-pandemic economy, the United States is going through a series of shortages when it comes to many consumer goods Americans enjoy. As the late John McAfee told Liberty Nation’s Scott Cosenza on an edition of The Uprising podcast, it might be time for the public to stock up on peanut butter, raisins, and Glock 17s.” – Andrew Moran


America’s ‘Great Leap Forward’ Into Socialism – “If Biden succeeds in getting it all, this would not only be a quantum leap toward European-style socialism. It would cross a divide for America, from which history teaches us there is no return. “A billion here, a billion there, and pretty soon you’re talking real money,” said Sen. Everett Dirksen in the 1960s, when he was leading a badly outmanned Republican minority in the Senate after the Barry Goldwater defeat. Today, we talk not about billions but about trillions, and that $6 trillion in spending Biden is reaching for translates into more than six thousand billion dollars.” – Patrick J. Buchanan

3 New Polls Show That They Are Going To Need To Cart Out Much Bigger Doses Of “Hopium” – Michael Snyder

Fourth Police Officer Who Responded to Capitol Unrest Found Dead Amid Spate of Suicides – Ilya Tsukanov  – SUICIDE OR SUICIDED! SOMETHING DOESN’T SEEM QUITE RIGHT HERE, JUST SAYING!!!!!

US sees ammunition shortage amid record firearms purchases: report – Patrick Reilly  – WOULDN’T HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH ALL THE GANG VIOLENCE WOULD IT. PEOPLE WANT TO BE ABLE TO PROTECT THEMSELVES!!!!!

The ACLU Claims the Second Amendment Is Racist, But Gun Control Has the Real Record on Systemic Oppression – “To date, black Americans are more likely than any other group to suffer the adverse impacts of gun control laws.” – Olivia Rondeau and Hannah Cox

Cuomo violated federal, state laws as he sexually harassed multiple women, NY attorney general says – “Cuomo harassed members of his own staff, members of the public and other state employees, one of whom was a state trooper, the report alleges. He engaged in nonconsensual touching, groping, kissing and hugging, and made inappropriate comments toward numerous women, according to the report.” – Kevin Breuninger and Dan Mangan – HOW IS THIS CLOWN STILL IN OFFICE.  WONDER WHAT BROTHER CHRIS WILL SAY ABOUT THIS ONE!!!!!!

Exit Batman Villain, Stage Left – “Andrew Cuomo is about to fall amid sexual harassment allegations. Let’s not forget he also utterly mismanaged the pandemic.” – Matt Purple

Cuban Govt. Blocks Internet and Ham Radio Signals. Could It Happen Here? – “But, what about here, in the United States? The possibility of a communications blackout was a concern just this year, before Inauguration Day. America has seen a massive erosion of Second Amendment rights for decades now. Freedom of speech – an issue that hits close to home – has ramped up over the past year. Virtually any American voice out there that questions the mainstream media, government-approved talking points is silenced.” – Aden Tate

George W Bush should shut up and go away – “Bush is a mass murderer. He should be sharing a bunk bed with Ratko Mladic at The Hague, not giving interviews on Afghanistan in Maine. By now, George W Bush should have completed volumes one and two of his prison letters. But, as we know, the world is not a just place. So, like all the other American presidents who have avoided the dock despite the crimes they have committed at home and abroad, the former US president remains a free, and, indeed, carefree, man.” – Andrew Mitrovica

A Changing World Order Confronts the United States – “The symptoms are increasingly clear that the United States is losing its ability to be a game changer in world events. It is equally clear that they neither accept nor even necessarily recognise the decline in their status. Some recent examples illustrate the point.” – James ONeill

Are Russia and Israel on a collision course in Syria? – Mitchell Plitnick

The U.S. Will Continue to Confront China and the Chances of Explosion Are Rising – “U.S. provocations in the East are likely to continue and only Beijing knows how much more it will take before there is an explosion.”- Brian Cloughley

US Air Force Develops Bird-Like Flapping-Wing Micro Drones – Inder Singh Bisht

How to Build a Survival Community – Bill White

Obtaining The Seeds Of Survival – “In a total collapse scenario, seeds can be eaten, exchanged for goods, or even replanted for future consumption.” – Bob Rodgers

Do This Now For Fresh Vegetables All Winter WITHOUT a Greenhouse (VIDEO) – “Having fresh veggies through fall and winter without a greenhouse means planting the right vegetables at the RIGHT time, which can be tough because it’s cooler weather vegetables during what is typically the hottest and driest time of year. Here’s how I finally nailed down our fall and winter crops.” – Melissa K. Norris – Modern Homesteading


U.S. Banking System Has a $168 Trillion Nightmare Looming. It Was Ignored in Written Testimony for Today’s Senate Banking Hearing – “Risky derivative bets made by the mega banks on Wall Street, offloaded onto inadequately capitalized counterparties, were at the core of the collapse of the U.S. financial system in 2008. That collapse left millions of Americans without jobs, which led to millions of families and traumatized children losing their homes to foreclosure. The bank bosses got their million-dollar bonuses from the taxpayer bailouts and the Federal Reserve secretly pumped in $29 trillion over 31 months to shore up the failing trading houses on Wall Street and their foreign derivative counterparties. Wall Street banks have rebuilt that derivatives doomsday machine today – a $168 trillion monster concentrated at four mega banks on Wall Street” – Pam Martens

Fake Economic Growth and Stealthy Government Default (VIDEO) – “Peter Schiff explains how rising prices create the illusion of economic growth. And they are also allowing the US government to stealthily default on its massive debt. This is not a sign of a strong economy.” – Peter Schiff

Over 85% of U.S. Manufacturers Report Rising Prices – Mish

Corporate Margins Set To Tumble As Companies Freak Out About Surge In “Bad Inflation” – Tyler Durden

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 10.48EUR


Ezekiel 34:19    And as for my flock, they eat that which ye have trodden with your feet; and they drink that which ye have fouled with your feet.