Big Fail – “Is it still lying if you’re senile? Ethics experts and other viziers of morality might puzzle that out now that something-like-truth is emerging about Covid-19 and the vaccines that have set-up about 150-million Americans — and many more folks in other countries — for a premature exit from this world by way of thrombotic organ failure. Hence: did the blunt tip of the “Joe Biden” regime’s spear, Ol’ White “Joe Biden” himself, actually lie Wednesday when he told American’s (and the world) that the Covid-19 vaccines are safe? The “Town Hall” format featuring “JB” was like one of those old carnival tent shows where a microcephalic is brought onstage to perform awesome intellectual feats, like counting from one to ten (skipping the number seven) On the other hand, Dr. Tony Fauci (a.k.a. “The Science”) did not appear to be senile in his Senate testimony this week, just desperate, since the full story of how his long and rather secretive campaign to heroically develop the vaccine-to-end-all-vaccines — which seems to have come to grief in this Covid-19 catastrophe — is just busting to come out” – James Howard Kunstler

Delta variant is one of the most infectious respiratory diseases known, CDC director says – ““This virus has no incentive to let up, and it remains in search of the next vulnerable person to infect,” Walensky said.” – Rich Mendez  – RAMPING UP THE PROPOGANDA!!!!!

An inconvenient truth: Experimental covid injections are what’s driving the spread of “variants” – “There is zero proof to suggest that non-injected people are the ones now functioning as “viral factories” as the government claims. To the contrary, the injected have been marked with toxic chemicals that are mutating into new forms of illness that are sending people to the hospital with “covid.”” – Ethan Huff

The Prevalence of Evil – “The evidence is now overwhelming that we have been systematically and intentionally lied to by “public health agencies” that in reality are captured regulatory bodies serving the interests of Big Pharma, by an incompetent and indoctrinated medical profession, by politicians, and by scum presstitutes.” – Paul Craig Roberts

Here It Comes* – “We deliberately did not look at the thrombotic profile of the trial participants in the vaccines; specifically, we did not pull d-Dimer and troponin tests (both cheap) on the participants before the jab, and then sequentially on intervals (e.g. 3 days, 1 week, 2 weeks) to detect whether we were in fact inducing damage similar to the disease. The drugmakers did not look because quite-obviously they did not want to know; if that showed up in the trials in any sort of statistically relevant percentage of the enrollees it would have instantly shut down the trials and freaked out the thousands in said trials who put themselves at risk. I remind you that in September of 2020 the first scientific paper was published indicating that the “Spike” was quite possibly the direct cause of the serious damage and virtually all Covid-19 deaths. Several papers followed starting in December of 2020, prior to mass-distribution of the jabs, confirming that the spike was directly capable of causing pathology — that is, severe damage — without the rest of the virus being present at all. Failing to halt the roll-out to prove that the vaccines, which all cause production of said spike in your body, would not cause the same effects was criminally insane and grossly negligent given the science at the time. This was not an “accident” since the studies were published and known — it was deliberate blindness undertaken in the interest of speed and money before human safety and indeed human life.” – Karl Denninger  – VERY GOOD ARTICLE FROM KARL, WHO DEFINITELY DOES HIS RESEARCH!!!!!!!!!!!

Unanswered Questions About the Hard Sell – “Why is it that mentioning these facts, raising the questions they prompt – and giving voice to what the answers to them imply – is smeared as “hesitancy”? Would you buy a car from such a salesman?” – Eric Peters

Calls for Mandating Toxic Flu/Covid Jabs – “In defiance of the Nuremberg Code, other international law, the US Constitution, and core medical ethics, calls for mandating health destroying flu/covid jabs persist. Seven healthcare organizations listed below signed off on the following statement: Flu/covid jabs “have been shown to be safe and effective. WaPo joined the mandatory flu/covid jabbing bandwagon, saying: “Stop pleading and start mandating. Over 99 percent of (flu/covid) deaths in June were among the un(jabbed)” — a bald-faced Big Lie.” ” – Stephen Lendman

Monkey Business from China – COVID Part Two? – “A few days ago we learned that the CDC was investigating in Texas, “A case of an unusual virus called monkeypox in a traveler coming from Nigeria.” Just a coincidence? Maybe or maybe not. What if virology laboratories are playing with these pox viruses, research into transmission or vaccines, or gain of function research as was done with coronaviruses in the Wuhan Institute of Virology? Dr. Fauci certainly understands this type of research.” – Brian C.Joondeph, MD

Retraction serves as the new academic censorship – “It’s become a living parody. Every time there is a study or World Health Organization guidance that raises concerns or counters the narrative of COVID fascism, it is retracted and changed the minute it is cited by panic skeptics.” – Daniel Horowitz

‘Pingdemic’ Triggers Widespread Panic Hoarding At UK Supermarkets – Tyler Durden

CDC ‘Corrects’ Number of Reported Deaths After COVID Vaccines by Dumping Foreign Reports – “The CDC revised downward its official number of deaths reported to VAERS following COVID vaccines, but an analysis of VAERS data shows the CDC arrived at the new, lower number, by excluding reports of deaths from outside the U.S.” – Megan Redshaw  – OH, LETS CHANGE HOW WE DO STATS TO MAKE THINGS LOOK BETTER!!!!!!

No Science Is Ever Settled – “What’s even more stunning is that The Science could possibly shift as quickly as the religious Covid-zealots have changed their minds in the last seventeen months: lab leak is tin-foil conspiracy, until Savior Biden was in and it was both permissible and the Consensus View; vaccines are safe and effective and harmless and crucial even for children to take – never mind that we didn’t have children or pregnant women in the trials, or we haven’t monitored long-term effects in a ~6-months old rushed product, with no downside liability for the companies issuing it.” – Joakim Book

Macron is playing with fire – “Forcing vaccines on a sceptical public could breed even more distrust.” – Fraser Myers

Another Uprising: Thousands Protest as Italy Mandates Health Pass, Will Restrict Unvaccinated From Many Activities – Julian Conradson

Jabs Under Duress: How Moscow’s Mayor is coercing compliance – “But don’t worry, if you don’t like it you can just change your job.” – Riley Waggaman


This Biden Proposal Could Make US a ‘Digital Dictatorship’ – “A “new” proposal by the Biden administration to create a health-focused federal agency modeled after DARPA is not what it appears to be. Promoted as a way to “end cancer,” this resuscitated “health DARPA” conceals a dangerous agenda. The direct DARPA connection to HARPA underscores that the agenda behind this coming agency dates back to the failed Bio-Surveillance project of DARPA’s Total Information Awareness program” – Whitney Webb

Biden’s quiet court drive – “President Biden and the Democratic-controlled Senate have installed more federal judges during the first six months of his presidency than any administration since Richard Nixon’s. While Democrats may spend more time talking publicly about vaccines and infrastructure, the rapid pace of both nominations and confirmations shows judges are one of the party’s most urgent priorities.” – Jonathan Swan, Sam Baker, and Hans Nichols

Don’t focus on Biden’s dementia; focus on his substantive statements – “Sure, Joe Biden babbles incoherently — but remember that when he talks policy, he’s repeating what his handlers tell him to say, and it’s scary stuff.” – Andrea Widburg

Jim Jordan: It’s Pelosi who needs to answer questions about Jan. 6 – Bob Unruh

Why Not Award Ashli Babbitt’s Killer the Medal of Honor? – “If the killing of the Air Force veteran in the Capitol on January 6 was a salvific act, why hide the killer? Why not celebrate him? Oh, the Facts! Medal of Honor citations, however, consist of detailed descriptions of the act being celebrated. They detail the enemy, the circumstances, and the danger that the awardee took upon himself to save others. They explain to Americans as well as to the awardee why all of us should ever be proud of him. Hence, detail and transparency are essential to the ceremony.” – Angelo Codevilla

The Whitmer Kidnapping Case Reveals The FBI’s New Counterterrorism Target Is You – “What’s interesting about the revelations from this week is not that the FBI is up to some new, clever gambit to combat the wily insurrectionists in our midst.” – Matthew Braun

Do Whites Have Civil Rights? – “Keep in mind that there is no way to divide the U.S. up geographically that will cure what ails us. Fortunately, we still have a fundamental Constitutional framework of “equal protection of the laws” that can be restored to turn the power of the state away from fomenting discrimination against whites and toward preventing it, just as it was used more than a half century ago against discrimination against blacks.” – Steve Sailer

President Biden ATF Nominee David Chipman Appears to Be in Trouble – Larry Keane

Drought Forces North America Farmers to Turn Food Crops to Hay – Michael Hirtzer, Marcy Nicholson and Brian K. Sullivan

Global Weather Patterns Are Going Completely Nuts – Michael Snyder  – CLIMATE CHANGE OR GEOENGINEERING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


First the Great Reset and Now Happytalism – ““Happytalism” is a very tricky word that hasn’t gotten much attention yet — but we may start hearing about it shortly. It’s a branding term that sweetly refers to the same transhumanist framework of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Great Reset. “Happytalism” is a piece of marketing language that lives together with “green and sustainable development,” “racial equity,” “inclusivity,” “climate justice,” “building back better,” and so on.” – Tessa Lena

The Trillion-Dollar Lie – “Universities built palaces and financiers made fortunes in part through a lie: that student loans can’t be discharged in bankruptcy. But a series of court cases is helping unravel the scam” – Matt Taibbi


Demise at the Hands of the Governing Class – “Aren’t we silly, Dear Reader, fussing over inflation? As if we were threatened by a terrible scourge… As if the Huns were at the gates of the city, ready to rape and pillage all within. Well, we can relax. We have it on the highest authority in the world… America’s Numero Uno… jefe de todos los jefes… …the brightest star in the whole firmament of Heaven (at least according to democratic theory)… …that inflation is nothing to worry about. It’s not going to “get out of hand,” says POTUS.” – Bill Bonner

Inflation Shock: Are You Ready To Start Paying “$40 Or $50” For A Hamburger? – Michael Snyder

America Has Lost the Trade War with China, and the Real Pain Has Yet to Begin – “Whether we like to admit it or not–mostly not–the American economy is entirely dependent on manufacturing in China. America’s short-sighted obsession with increasing profits to fund buybacks and golden parachutes for corporate insiders and vast fortunes for financiers has led to a dangerous dependency that has handed China tremendous leverage, which China is now starting to make use of. (And why not? Wouldn’t the U.S. start using the same leverage if it could?)” – Charles Hugh Smith

Will Cash Soon Be Obsolete? – “Calls for the US to adopt a central bank digital currency (CBDC) appear to be growing. China launched a digital renminbi in April, leading many to worry that the US is falling behind. Other countries will no doubt follow. Arguments in support of CBDCs often relate to cash, since the former would function as an alternative to the latter. For example, many point out that CBDCs would provide a digital alternative for the unbanked, who rely on cash to make transactions. A CBDC, they argue, would enable those left behind by the private sector to finally reap the rewards of financial inclusion. They do not seem to appreciate that many among the unbanked simply prefer to use cash.” – William J. Luther

Price of Existing-Home Rose at a Blistering Year-Over-Year Pace of 23.4% – Mish

Home Sellers Are Coming Out of the Woodwork: New Listings, Unsold Inventories & Supply Rise – “Sales edge up, after sagging for months, amid Crazy Spiking Prices.” – Wolf Richter

“I F..k The Markets Around A Lot” – Merrill Gold Trader’s Chat Exposes “How Easy It Is” To Manipulate Metals Markets – Tyler Durden

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 10.56EUR


Ezekiel 18:24      But when the righteous turneth away from his righteousness, and committeth iniquity, and doeth according to all the abominations that the wicked man doeth, shall he live? All his righteousness that he hath done shall not be mentioned: in his trespass that he hath trespassed, and in his sin that he hath sinned, in them shall he die.