Dude nails the Covid prediction… (VIDEO) – “This aged rather well. This clip is apparently from a year ago, from Chris Sky.” – Kane   – SHORT 2 MINUTE VIDEO AND YES THIS GUY DID NAIL IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How Real Science became Fake News – Josh Mitteldorf

Want Me To LAUGH AT YOU? Do Stupid Things – “But today, given that the FDA has now formally put a warning on the stabs, if you’re under 50, not at particularized risk from Covid (that is, you don’t have any specific condition that makes it more-dangerous), and you take such a jab or jab your kid(s) and it turns out badly I am going to laugh at you and call you a dumb-ass BECAUSE YOU ARE AND IF YOU DO STUPID THINGS YOU DESERVE TO WIN STUPID PRIZES.” – Karl Denninger  – KARL RANTS SOME MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

COVID Vaccine Deaths and Injuries Are Secretly Buried – “Reports of deaths and serious injuries from the COVID-19 jabs have been mounting with breakneck rapidity. Those who look at the numbers and have some awareness of historical vaccine injury rates agree we’ve never seen anything like it, anywhere in the world. While data can be hard to come by for some countries, the ones we can check reveal deeply troubling patterns.” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

Will Australians ever be free? – “The fanatical pursuit of Zero Covid is a recipe for never-ending lockdown.” – James Bolt

Deprogram Yourself From The Mistaken Belief You Have No Immunity Against Pathogenic Viruses of Any Kind And Must Totally Rely on Vaccination To Avoid Death – Bill Sardi

Letting children catch Covid may be safer than giving them vaccine, say experts – “Rising wave of cases may be better way to build immunity in teenagers than exposing them to potential risks from a jab, says JCVI scientist” – Laura Donnelly

Bizarre Video Shows Woman Removing Mask In-Between Bites of Food (VIDEO) – “She’s outside, she’s almosty certainly been vaccinated, and yet is so terrified, the mask goes back on after each mouthful goes in.” – Paul Joseph Watson

Heart issue myocarditis ‘higher than expected’ in male service members after COVID shots, study – “The study’s authors said all patients were physically fit and had no history of cardiac diseases.” – Nicholas Sherman

Did Pandemic Policy Make Americans More Aggressive? – “Data from the CDC show a sharp increase in the number of Americans experiencing symptoms of anxiety and depression. Are many breaking under the stress? The worst part of COVID may be behind us, but that doesn’t mean we’re driving off into the sunset—at least not without a lot of baggage.” – Hannah Cox

EU’s Covid passport goes live across 27-country bloc, but Ireland left behind due to health system hack – RT


Inside Biden’s new “domestic terrorism” strategy – “The first thing to say about the “strategy”…is that it’s not really a strategy. It’s more of a mission statement or even a press release. It hits talking points, but not real policies. Its watchword is “vague” – in both definition of the problem and proposed solutions (with a couple of noteworthy exceptions, but we’ll get to that.) For starters – who or what IS a “domestic terrorist”? Well, their answer to that is, essentially, potentially anybody. There is a lot of entirely intentional vagueness here. Again and again, we are told that “the domestic terrorism threat is complex, multifaceted, and evolving”. They are keeping their options open.” – Kit Knightly  – VERY GOOD ARTICLE FROM KIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I fear that the sustained and unreasonable attacks on white people in America may become cyclical and spiral out of control – “It should come as no surprise that if the government spends wads of cash to create a commission designed to find something, it’s pretty much guaranteed that that ‘something’ will be found. Indeed, if an agency were formally ordained to find evidence of elves, for example, sightings of those fairytale creatures would begin appearing everywhere. And thus it is with the phantom of racism. Instead of green men, however, the United States has become oddly obsessed with white men, particularly those founding fathers who, armed with quill and parchment, inked the United States of America into existence. And therein lies the quandary, at least for an increasingly disgruntled segment of the population that has a historical beef with the pale face tribe.” – Robert Bridge

Has the Military Lost Middle America? – “The military is not yet a revolutionary people’s army overseen by commissars. But it is getting there.” – Victor Davis Hanson

Pelosi Picks RINO Liz Cheney To Join “Bipartisan” Committee Investigating Capitol Riots – Tyler Durden

America Leader of the Free World? How to Forget U.S. interference in Foreign Elections – “Joe Biden should read up on the history of American political and military interventions, regime changes and electoral interference worldwide. There have been various estimates of just exactly how many elections the United States has interfered in since the Second World War, the numbers usually falling somewhere between 80 and 100, but that does not take into account the frequent interventions of various kinds that took place largely in Latin America between the Spanish-American War and 1946.” – Philip Giraldi

Can the President Kill? – “Last weekend, President Joseph R. Biden Jr. ordered the U.S. military to bomb targets in Syria and Iraq in an effort “to send a clear and unambiguous deterrent message” to Iran. It is apparently the belief of the Biden administration — as it has been with Biden’s three immediate presidential predecessors — that the U.S. has the moral and legal authority to destroy any target outside the U.S. with financial or political or military ties to Iran. Morally, the U.S. can only use force defensively or to repel an imminent attack. When asked for the legal authority for an offensive attack, a Pentagon spokesperson stated that it could be found in Article 2 of the U.S. Constitution. Yet, it is not there.” – Andrew P. Napolitano

Every New Republican Is the Most Evil Republican Ever – “According to the Democrats, Donald Trump is literally Hitler or something, but rest assured that the next Republican to become a threat to their dominance will be Hitler2 because of course he will. Or she. ” – Kurt Schlichter

The System Isn’t There To Protect Us From Criminals, It’s To Protect Criminals From Us – “Iraq war architect Donald Rumsfeld has died. Not in a prison cell in The Hague, not murdered by bombs or bullets, but peacefully in his home, surrounded by loved ones, a week and a half shy of his 89th birthday. The imperial media are giving their fallen master a king’s tribute, with headlines describing the psychopathic war criminal as “a cunning leader“, “a man of honor and conviction“, or simply as “Former defense secretary at helm of Iraq, Afghanistan wars“. There’s been criticism as well, of course; online sentiments about Rumsfeld’s death have not been nearly as worshipful and hagiographic as they’ve been toward other disgusting war whores like John McCain. But in the end all that matters is that he lived a long, full life, without ever having faced even the slightest single consequence for the horrors he unleashed upon our world; without even so much as sustaining any meaningful damage to his reputation.” – Caitlin Johnstone

The Bay Area Has Become An Absolute Paradise For Violent Criminals – Michael Snyder

Media Ignores Major Problem with Gun Deaths In Iowa to Make Pro-Gun Law Look Dangerous – “The journalists in the mainstream media really want you to hate the pro-gun laws being adopted by states like Iowa and Texas, so much so that they’re willing to tell you that a law that hasn’t even taken effect yet is causing massive problems with gun violence.” – Brandon Morse

Joe Biden Is Spearheading The Globalists 2030 Agenda: The UN’s 17 Goals Broken Down Reveals The Unveiling Of World Government And A Haunting Plan To Wipe Out The Rest Of Us – John C. Velisek  – PEOPLE REALLY NEED TO KNOW WHAT THE 2030 AGENDA IS ALL ABOUT. CAN’T BE STRESSED ENOUGH. THE WHOLE UN AGENDA IS AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD IN PDF FORM IN THE SIDEBAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When Leftists Say They Love ‘The Constitution,’ They Don’t Mean The Real One – “The progressive project at its core means subverting the original American Constitution and its promise of securing Americans’ natural rights, replacing it with a different kind of nation entirely.” – Elle Reynolds

Putin’s 18th Annual Tour de Force Q & A – “Once again on Wednesday, Vladimir Putin showed why he towers in preeminence over Western counterparts on the world stage. His 18th annual Q & A marathon answered questions from Russian nationals candidly and forthrightly like all his public remarks — polar opposite double-talk mass deception by Western leaders, other pols, and bureaucrats.” – Stephen Lendman

Boris Johnson Defies Vladimir Putin’s Claim to Crimea – “Britain’s challenge to Russia, a few kilometers off Crimea, could have resulted in a shooting incident that could have forced a U.S. response against Russia. And that raises some serious questions: …Did President Joe Biden or the Pentagon tell Johnson that if Defender were attacked, U.S. forces would have their back?” – Patrick J. Buchanan

World was not on the brink of world war in incident off Crimea, says Putin – “A new war wouldn’t make Russia happy either, the president added” -TASS

Federal Farm Policy Is Corrupt Regardless of the Latest Uproar – “Unfortunately, the vast majority of farm policy corruption is legal – thanks to laws written by politicians. Buying votes is the only farm policy most members of Congress understand. When politicians and political appointees have free rein to set prices and rig markets, only a damn fool would not expect shady payoffs.” – James Bovard

How To Make The Most Of Your Tomato Harvest – “Tomatoes are a summer garden favorite and extremely versatile. If you find yourself stuck on what you should do with your tomato harvest, check out some of these yummy recipes and tips on how to make the most of your tomato bounty.” – Misty Anderson

7 Common Household Items That Make For GREAT Garden Fertilizer – Bethany Hayes


Down the Rabbit Hole in Reverse Repos, What is the Fed Doing? – “The Fed just unwound over 8 months of QE. What’s going on?” – Mish

What Happened To Basel III And June 28th? – ” I must say, smacking gold and silver coming in to and passing June 28th has come as no surprise. In fact, we have lived through so many of these IN YOUR FACE blatant drive by shootings since at least 1996, that no one should have been surprised. By the way, the June 28th deadline is for European banks, the British banks (and others) who are most heavily exposed on the short side, have until Dec. to comply, so we will see…” – Bill Holter

Gold & Basel III’s Trillion-Dollar Question- “June 28th has come and gone, which means the much-anticipated Basel III “macro prudential regulation” to make so-called “safe” banks “safer” has officially kicked off in the European Union (as it will on July 1 for U.S. banks and January 1, 2022 for UK banks). The trillion-dollar question for gold investors is now obvious: What next? The short answer is: Gold will rise, but don’t expect a straight line or zero discomfort/volatility.” – Matthew Piepenburg

Are You Prepared For The Next Big Move In Gold And Silver? – “With regard to Basel Three, while many precious metals market participants were banking on the implementation of the Basel Three Accord’s Net Stability Funding Ratio to smash the London/Comex unallocated, paper derivative gold/silver fraud, I have been skeptical at best. To be sure, at the end of the day, if the B3 Accord provisions were properly administered and diligently enforced, the big banks that are short all flavors of derivative gold (leasing, futures, forwards, OTC derivatives, hypothecation, etc) would be in trouble. I am doubtful l that the provisions will be enforced and will be pleasantly surprise if I’m proved wrong.” – Dave Kranzler

Have the banks run out of silver (VIDEO) with Craig Hemke – “The Basel III date of June 28th has come and gone, with little movement in gold or silver prices. But what’s really going on behind the scenes?” – Arcadia Economics

COMEX Silver Offtake – “The month of July looks to be another month of remarkably strong demand for silver delivery off of COMEX. Today let’s look at the history to provide some perspective.” – Craig Hemke

ALERT! Crude Oil Now OVER $75 A Barrel: We Are In A Full Blown Inflationary Crisis. (VIDEO) – Gregory Mannarino

Consumers Pay Whatever it Takes, Vehicle Prices Go Nuts, Dealers Make Record Profits, Whole Mindset Changed. Is This Inflation Temporary? – “The used vehicle price spike will subside, partially, but the psychological aspects of inflation have set in.” – Wolf Richter

The Gig Is Up When Central Banks Are Running To Gold (VIDEO) with Keith Neumeyer – “Central Banks are running to gold and the climate change initiatives will create a frenzy for silver.” – Rethinking the Dollar

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 11.09EUR


Psalm 32:10    Many sorrows shall be to the wicked: but he that trusteth in the Lord, mercy shall compass him about.