The Jabs Must Be BANNED – “… in those under 18 and strongly discouraged in healthy adults under 50. Those who promoted them in people under the age of 30 in addition must face justice. There was never any science supporting it on a risk:benefit basis. The CDC documents about 35 total Covid-related deaths in people under the age of 18 years all the way back to March of 2020. This table is utterly gob-smacking damnable and is what we get for “Warp Speed” — a litany of serious harms, many of which will wind up as deaths — more deaths in those under 18 than Covid caused.” – Karl Denninger

“Safe and Effective” – Except When it’s Not – Eric Peters

The Tablet That Cracked COVID – “Ivermectin, a broad-spectrum anti-parasitic that also has anti-inflammatory activity, has shown remarkable success in preventing and treating COVID-19. The drug is available over-the-counter in some countries, such as France, and 3.7 billion doses have been administered in the last 40 years, with serious side effects extremely rare,” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

WHO Official Says Mask Mandates & Social Distancing Should Continue Indefinitely – “Because there will always be new variants of COVID.” – Paul Joseph Watson

Psaki Says Biden Admin Partnering with Private Sector to Bribe Kids with Xboxes to Get Vaccinated (VIDEO) – “The WHO is now recommending not giving the experimental Covid vaccine to anyone under the age of 18. But the Biden Admin is bribing poor children at boys and girls clubs with video game consoles. Fauci is also creeping on kids on TikTok and Instagram to convince them to get the Covid vaccine.” – Cristina Laila

Kudos to WSJ editors for publishing op-ed saying ‘politics’ not science behind failure to acknowledge COVID vaccine risks – Children’s Health Defense Team

Freedom vs. The Machine; geneticists and their weapons – “For the past 150 years, genetics has been emerging and taking center stage as the pre-eminent philosophy of life on planet Earth. For most people, philosophy is of zero concern. They refuse to believe it can influence their lives in any way. However, we currently have the RNA COVID genetic treatments called vaccines, targeting billions of people. According to the bought-off experts, these destructive treatments are working, in machine-like fashion, to protect us from a phantom virus. But there has never been a genetic cure for any disease. All attempts to prove that a disease stems from genes have failed. In this sense, genetics is a long con, both scientifically and philosophically.” – Jon Rappoport

New Zealeand Is “One Step Short” of Another Lockdown With NO COVID Cases In the Past 100+ Days – “Just because a country has no cases of COVID-19 in the past 100 or more days doesn’t mean the masses get to move about freely. New Zealand is now reportedly “one step short” of another lockdown to stop the “delta variant” that no one has from spreading.” – Mac Slavo


Joe Biden and the Blessed Sacrament – “Can a person who facilitates killing a class of innocent human beings worthily receive the Blessed Sacrament? In a word: No. There is no ambiguity in the Church’s teaching about abortion. It is the gravest of evils. All humans have the right to live from conception to natural death. It is a core teaching of the Church: “Thou shalt not kill.”” – Andrew P. Napolitano

Biden’s Crime Against the Economy – “I try to keep politics out of my economic analyses, and my approach is non-partisan. But sometimes I can’t avoid it because political policies can have significant economic impacts. Today is one of those times. One of Joe Biden’s first acts as President was to kill construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. Biden’s decision was destructive for a long list of reasons. The immediate impact was to kill about 10,000 high-paying union jobs with benefits in construction, transportation and expert services. The ripple effects were even greater.” – Jim Rickards

23 Republicans Move to Censure Biden for ‘Dereliction of Duty’ at Border – Isabel Van Brugen

With a Few Keystrokes, Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Daughter Morphs Overnight Into an Oppressed LGBTQ4GF150©+ Minority – “By way of neoliberal organ of state Huffpo, the world must now celebrate Andrew Cuomo’s daughter’s announcement that she’s bisexual. Nod your head in admiration of her bravery, peasant.” – Ben Bartee

Border Dem Busts the Real Reason Kamala Is Going to El Paso Border Area – “Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX), a Democrat who has been calling for months for the Biden team to listen to the people in the Rio Grande Valley, to him, and to law enforcement that is overwhelmed, had a few things to say about Harris’ announced trip. He called her visit to El Paso a “politically safe” trip, a “check the box” kind of trip. In other words, she’s not really trying to get answers. If she was, she’d be talking to him and visiting where the problem really is, in his district. But, hey, she’ll get her photo op, media will lap it up, and then they can avoid answering further on it, as the crisis continues, while Cuellar and the others are left having to deal with the mess that remains.” – Nick Arama

VP Harris, What About the ‘Root Cause’ of Urban Homicide? – Larry Elder

Escape From Woke Metropolises – “Last weekend in Chicago, there were 54 shootings, five of them fatal. This was one of the fatal shootings. Warning: it’s graphic: Look at these two dirtbags, just standing there filming it: Clearly, Chicago’s mayor has things well in hand, and has no problem at all facing reality. This is what happens when you elect Woke Democrats to run your city. By the way, Chicago’s DA Kim Foxx was backed by leftist billionaire George Soros, who has been pouring his money into electing progressive DAs in big cities.” – Rod Dreher

Deprogramming of January 6 Defendants Is Underway – “The entire investigation is an attempt to prosecute people based on their beliefs. Those who purge their views and admit their wrongthink will be given mercy. Those who don’t will pay dearly.” – Julie Kelly

TATTOO WARNING John McAfee had ‘WHACKD’ tattoo and once said if he was ever found dead in ‘suicide’ he ‘DIDN’T kill himself’ – “In another tweet from only eight months ago, McAfee also compared himself to Jeffrey Epstein who was also found dead from an apparent suicide in his prison cell.” – Frances Mulraney

John McAfee’s Lawyer Claims No Indication of Suicide (VIDEO) – “Supporters suspect foul play.” – Paul Joseph Watson

John McAfee: America’s last real wild man – “The creator of the first commercial anti-virus software was one of a kind” – Ben Sixsmith

Snowden Says After McAfee’s Death by Suicide That ‘Assange Could Be Next’ – Sputnik News

Green New Deal Illinois Style: Unions Battle Greens Over How to Screw Taxpayers – “Illinois leaps to the forefront of Green New Deal madness. Let’s investigate what’s going on.” – Mish

‘F-15s and nuclear weapons’: Biden brushes off point of 2nd Amendment & undermines ‘insurrection’ narrative in gun control push – “President Biden: “The 2nd Amendment from the day it was passed limited the type of people who could own a gun, and what type of weapon you could own. You couldn’t buy a cannon … If you think you need weapons to take on the govt, you need F-15s & maybe some nuclear weapons.”” – Nebojsa Malic  – FROM THIS ARTICLE AND THE NEXT THREE AFTER; I THINK EVERYONE ALREADY KNEW THAT THIS LITTLE “BS” SPEECH WAS GOING TO BE ABOUT GUN CONTROL AND NOT VIOLENT GANGS AND CRIMINALS!!!!!!!!

Biden’s gun crime prevention speech was equal parts ludicrous and scary – “The real point of Biden’s speech was grabbing guns. (If the filibuster holds, Biden lacks the political might to pass gun-grabbing laws.) His problem is that the cities with the worst violent crime already have gun-grabbing laws. Biden fell back on the old Chicago standby, saying that the illegal guns used to commit crimes in Democrat cities are smuggled in from states with lax gun laws: What Biden failed to explain is why those gun-supplying states don’t also have out-of-control gun crime. Biden also insisted that the only reason to have weapons and ammo is deer hunting:” – Andrea Widburg

Biden’s Gun Control Speech Was A Mistake – “Joe Biden had one real goal in Wednesday’s speech announcing a five-point plan to address the rising violent crime rate in many American cities; reassure voters that Democrats have a strategy that will reduce the increasing lawlessness and reverse the spike in crime that began last year. Instead, the big takeaway from his rambling and semi-coherent remarks was his off-topic warning to Americans that if they want to take on the government, they’ll need F-15s and nuclear weapons. An address that was supposed to show that the president was focused on violent crime turned into a half-hearted stump speech for gun control, and maybe cannon control as well.” – Cam Edwards

Biden’s Widely Mocked ‘F-15s And Nukes’ Speech Is Latest In String Of Gun Control Blunders – Tyler Durden

Putin Warns About NATO Buildup Near Russia’s Borders – “Russia is “willing to participate in addressing global and regional challenges and to expand creative cooperation with all countries on equal terms using political and diplomatic methods.” In developing its defense capabilities to protect the nation’s security, “we are not seeking a determining, unilateral military advantage or a balance-of-forces edge in our favor, all the more so in such a sensitive sphere as strategic stability.” ” – Stephen Lendman

EU Must Establish ‘Direct Contact’ With Putin: Germany’s Merkel – “On Thursday German Chancellor Angela Merkel urged the European Union to seek better relations with Russia – comments which came days after Russian President Vladimir Putin published an op-ed in the German weekly newspaper Die Zeit which called for “partnership” in Russia-Europe relations and not the current climate of confrontation.” – Tyler Durden

The Tables Turn In Africa As Russia Masters Detente – Phil Butler

Why The Air Force’s Plan For Fighting China Could Make Nuclear War More Likely – “If a fight over Taiwan occurs, the Air Force plans to wage conventional warfare against China by flying nuclear-capable aircraft into its airspace—or by launching cruise missiles from outside its airspace from other nuclear-capable aircraft. Either way, Beijing would have no quick way of determining whether the attacking U.S. bombers were carrying nuclear or conventional munitions. Its nascent strategic warning system would not be able to differentiate between a nuclear and non-nuclear attack until weapons actually started exploding on its territory, and China’s highly centralized nuclear command authority might not be willing to wait that long before responding.” – Loren Thompson

Is HAARP Firing Up? FAA Issues Warning About “Electromagnetic Radiation” – “HAARP has fallen out of the news cycle in recent years for inactivity, but there’s reason to believe that it’s being fired back up for “scientific research.” A notice to airmen (known as a NOTAM) was issued by the Federal Aviation Administration on June 17 with the beginning date of June 21 through June 25.” – Tyler Durden  – HIGHLY DOUBT THAT HAARP HAS EVER BEEN SHUT DOWN. IT’S PROBABLY RAMPING UP FOR A FEW DAYS FOR SOMETHING MORE DEVIOUS. PERHAPS FOR THE UPCOMING CYBERPOLYGON EXERCISE IN JULY!!!!!!!

The Digital Financial Complex: Central Bank Digital Currencies, The End of All Democracy? – “The world is currently in the midst of the biggest economic and social experiment of its entire history, with big tech trying to completely digitize our entire lives. Under the pretext of preventing the spread of a disease, we are being pushed to work from home, learn via homeschooling, shop only online, communicate via internet conference platforms, and to have our movement and contact profile recorded via tracking apps. Digitization is also being forced upon us in the financial sector: Bank branches are being closed, cash is being pushed back, and central banks are working on what is by far the most important project of our time: the introduction of central bank digital currencies (CBDC’s).” – Ernst Wolff

Toxic Corporations Are Destroying the Planet’s Soil – “If we turn to India, for instance, that country is losing 5334 million tonnes of soil every year due to soil erosion and degradation, much of which is attributed to the indiscreet and excessive use of synthetic agrochemicals. The Indian Council of Agricultural Research reports that soil is becoming deficient in nutrients and fertility. India is not unique in this respect.” – Colin Todhunter

Bill Gates has radical plans to change our food. What’s on the menu? Ultra-processed foods, patents and monocrops – “If Bill Gates has his way, the food in our future will little resemble what’s on our plates today. Gates and his agribusiness industry partners are proposing to transform our food and how it is produced. ” – Stacy Malkan  – WELL WORTH READING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best Gardening Hats – Features That Matter Most – “The perfect gardening hat is an indispensable tool. It will keep you cooler, protect your skin, and shade your eyes. The important things about sun hats… Brim size, shape, and the material itself. Ideally it will be lightweight and breathable. Remember, they’re not just for gardening. They are also great protection for other activities including walks, hikes, beach, on the water (fishing?), etc..” – Ken Jorgustin


They Are Gaslighting Us! Nightmarish Inflation Is Already Here But The Fed Is Denying That It Even Exists – Michael Snyder

It Always Ends The Same Way: Crisis, Crash, Collapse – Charles Hugh smith

A Fed Lifer’s Five Basis Point Farce – “We start with this gem from NY Fed president John Williams. He claims the Fed must keep injecting $120 billion per month of fraudulent credit into Wall Street because, apparently, this quarter’s likely 7% real GDP growth and 5% inflation are not sufficient to meet the Fed’s goals. You can’t say enough bad things about this knucklehead. He’s the very poster boy for the camarilla of academics and Fed lifers who have hijacked the nation’s central bank.” – David Stockman

The Never Ending Rally – “Oops, he did it again. The second there was any concern in markets about tapering or the potential of earlier than expected interest rate hikes as suggested in last week’s Fed dot plot Jay Powell hurried to assure investors that the dot plot was meaningless and when Bullard dropped a 2022 rate hike bomb suggestion on Friday both Powell and Williams, aided by Kashkari on Friday, immediately put a stop to any such notion this week. No, the buy any dip mentality is so pervasive in the firm belief that the market is bulletproof because it acts that way that by the time this market actually does correct nobody will believe it.” – Sven Henrich

The Government Doesn’t Actually Budget (VIDEO) – “President Biden has proposed a borrow and spend “to infinity and beyond” budget featuring $6 trillion in government spending. That’s the largest amount of spending ever proposed in a presidential budget.” – Peter Schiff

America’s Largest Landlord Just Got Bigger: Blackstone Buys 17,000 Houses For $6 Billion – “Wall Street won’t rest until it become the biggest – and perhaps only – landlord in the US. At least that’s the impression one gets by observing the behavior of the two Wall Street “black” giants, Blackrock and Blackstone” – Tyler Durden  – THEY KNOW THAT THE UN’S 2030 AGENDA DOES NOT WANT PEOPLE TO OWN AND HAVE ANYTHING AND TO HAVE  ALL LIVE IN SUSTAINABLE CITIES. THEY’RE JUST GETTING READY FOR IT AND HELPING TO IMPLEMENT IT!!!!

Here Come Wall Street Rental Communities: What Could Possibly Go Wrong? – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 11.07EUR


Psalm 119:16    I will delight myself in thy statutes: I will not forget thy word.